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24 ROFL-worthy Friends TV Show Gifts for 90’s Nostaglia

Whether they loved Friends the first time around or are watching it with fresh eyes, this collection of ROFL-worthy gifts from this beloved TV show will have them exclaiming ‘Oh. My. God’ in a suitably nasal voice. They can learn how to make not-so-fine Margaritas like Ross, peep through a replica of Monica’s yellow frame, or show off their knowledge in a game of Trivial Pursuit – whatever you choose, they won’t even be sorry.

The best gifts for fans of the Friends tv show.

Friends TV Show LEGO Central Perk Building Kit

Recreate the world’s most famous coffee shop with this awesome LEGO building set, which includes, of course, all six of the Friends friends, along with Gunther and his shockingly white hair.


Friends Best Friend Shirts

They can show their appreciation for the hit 90s comedy with a soft cotton t-shirt which has been pre-shrunk for the perfect fit, and displays the iconic Friends logo.


Friends Quotes TV Poster

Printed on satin white paper, every memorable Friends quote and catchphrase is brought together in one brilliant poster, which can be ordered in a choice of sizes, and arrives ready to be framed.


Yellow Friends Peephole Door Frame

Make them smile every time they look through their peephole by giving them this yellow frame to go around it, which looks just like the one gracing Monica’s apartment door.


Do Not Disturb Friends TV Show Socks

Friends is the perfect show to binge watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon, and with these socks everyone will be warned to keep quiet until the credits have rolled.


Friends Limited Edition Central Perk Dark Roast

Coffee and comedy will get anyone through anything, and this 25th anniversary dark roast whole bean blend comes in a cute ‘friends-embellished’ foil pack to keep them laughing as loudly as Janice.

Prices Vary

Friends TV Show Picture Hanger

Hang your photo on this Friends themed hanger before wrapping, and you really will be there for them wherever they decide to place it, every time they look at it.


Friends Forever: The One About the Episodes Book

If you’re looking for a special Friends TV show gift, the Friends Forever book is a celebration of arguably the world’s best-loved comedy, and features behind-the-scenes glimpses and beautiful color photographs.


FRIENDS Guess Who Game

Breathe new life into Guess Who by downloading and printing these PDF files, which feature both well-known and lesser known characters from Friends, and can be fitted to an existing Guess Who game.


Friends Coasters

Every Friends fan has their own favorite phrase from the show, and you can choose two or four from this collection of coasters with classics such as ‘Pivot’ and ‘We were on a break!’


Marcel Friends Monkey Plush

Who could forget the biggest star of all in Friends? No, not a young Monica…we mean Marcel, the adorable Capuchin monkey who stole Ross’ heart (and his remote control).


Friends TV Show Floor Plan

If 495 Grove Street, New York is more familiar to them than their own home, this floor plan of apartments 19 and 20 will make a superb piece of memorabilia.


The One With The Colors Colored Pencils

Totally wasted on kids, these Friends-inspired coloring pencils are each embossed with text which relates to the hilarious show and corresponds to the individual color – like ‘we were on a grey-k’!


Save the Drama for Your Mama Shirt

Rachel was always stylish, and now you can get a t-shirt just like hers with this ‘save the drama for your mama’ tee which she wore in The One Where Ross is Fine.


I'll Be There For You Cassette Tape Enamel Pin

Chandler’s mix tape ft. Janice ‘Oh. My. God’ Hosenstein might not have impressed Monica, but this cute enamel pin in the shape of a retro cassette will certainly impress any Friends fan.


Friends TV Show Trivial Pursuit

Test their knowledge of all things Friends with this Trivial Pursuit edition, which contains 600 questions on seasons 1-10 and is perfect for travel as there’s no board required.


Friends Central Perk Mug

Celebrating 25 years of everyone’s favorite comedy, this Central Perk mug will make a fun and functional Friends TV show gift for those who love their coffee (Gunther not included).


Urban Outfitters Friends Sweatshirt

The simple logo from Friends is recognizable everywhere, and wearing this crew neck t-shirt will have strangers offering a casual ‘how you doin’?’ (in an Italian accent, of course), wherever they go.


Friends Tea Towels

Many Friends episodes involved food, from Rachel’s meat and cream trifle to Joey’s refusal to share his, and both those episodes are captured on this pair of fun Pottery Barn tea towels.


The One with All the Recipes Unofficial Cookbook

Give them the means to throw their own Friends-themed dinner party with this fun recipe book, which features classics such as Ross’ Not-So-Fine Margaritas, Engagement Ring Lasagna, and Thanksgiving Turkey For One.


I'll Be There For You Friends Coasters

Everyone will sing along when they place their glasses on these natural stone coasters, which come in a set of four and feature the first line of the Friends’ theme song chorus.


Friends Character T-Shirt

Casual and comfy, this t-shirt, which features the names of all 6 of Friends’ beloved main characters, is perfect for dressing down and is available in a range of color and style options.


They Don't Know That We Know Friends TV Show Shirt

Possibly the most confusing (and funniest) line from all ten seasons, ‘they don’t know that we know they know we know’ is immortalized on this fun and colorful short sleeved tee.

Prices Vary

Central Perk Candle

Things haven’t been the same since the last ever episode of Friends, but this candle will certainly cheer things up as it’s infused with the smell of the famous Central Perk.


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