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42 Frak-Worthy Gifts for Geeks

What the frak does frak mean, anyway? This lovely word was added to the English language in the late 1970’s by the writers of the seminal Sci-Fi television series Battlestar Galactica as a family-friendly version of four-letter word we all know and most of us love. This gift list is for people who already know that little tidbit of pop culture trivia.

Geeks have their own vast world of things they love, so if you’re on the outside like me you may wonder wha gifts for geeks to get them. Wonder no more and tap into that inner geekiness with this list.

Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

This wireless speaker connects to your cellphone, laptop, or tablet. A powerful magnet in the spherical speaker is repelled by electromagnetic coils below, causing it to hover in the air. It’s black with a blue luminescent strip around the center. It’s like a mini-musical Death Star.


3-D Printing Pen

This magical gadget heats and generate a thermoplastic substance that hardens seconds after leaving the tip. Is fits in the hand like an oversized pencil or laser pointer. Artists can access blueprints online or plug it in and go for it. It plugs into a regular wall outlet and heats up within one minute.

Prices Vary

Phone Charging Purse

This gift is tailor-made for Ladies of Geek, business women on the go, or overbooked moms who always forget to charge their phone overnight. It’s a fashionable black crossbody bag outfitted with a battery pack and USB port that has enough power to fully recharge a dead smart phone. Finally, someone invented something useful.

Prices Vary

Bike Lane Light

Bike commuters often complain about not having a lane of their own. This ingenious rear bike light solves that. It uses a laser to project two red lines on either side of a bicycle, creating a virtual lane than moves along with the rider. Cars can’t miss it.

Prices Vary

Death Star Waffle Maker

The Force is with you. No matter where you go or what you do, it connects you to everything and everyone in the universe. It’s even connected to your food. This waffle maker is a reminder to use the Force for good because you’re a powerful Jedi who can literally eat the dark side for breakfast.


Captain America Backpack

The reboot of the Avengers franchise has rekindled America’s love for one of its greatest comic book heroes, Captain America. This backpack will let the comic aficionado in your show love for Steve Rogers, the skinny kid who always got sand kicked in his face. Until a government program turned him into a superhero. Every geek’s dream.

Prices Vary

Chromatic Spectrum Clock

This super cool clock is mesmerizing. No numbers, no hands, just sixty LED lights that display the time in one of six animation patterns chosen by the user. Watching the clock takes on a whole new meaning with this gizmo. It can be mounted on the wall or set on any flat surface.


Ewok Hooded Scarf

The Ewoks might be small, but they’re as fierce as their big cousins, the Wookies. We all saw how they stood up to the storm troopers on the forest moon, Endor. This cute scarf is for the pet-loving Star Wars fan in your life. Or maybe a furry cosplay enthusiast. It’s brown, with cute, black, fur-lined ears.


Periodic Table Blanket

This gift is right for the chemistry nerd in your life. It can function as a picnic blanket, a throw blanket, or a wall hanging. But we have a better idea. The recipient of this gift can put it on their dinner table, and they’ll be the envy of geeks everywhere. They’ll have a periodic table cloth.

Prices Vary

RC iPad Viewing Stand

iPads and tablets revolutionized personal electronics. There’s one issue with them that hasn’t been completely solved, however: if they’re not in your hands or in your lap, they’re inconvenient. This is a step in the right direction. It’s a rotating stand with a remote control. The tablet junkie in your life will rejoice.


The Robotic Bartender

Every geek in the world wants to walk over to the home replicator and say “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” in an English accent like Captain Jean-Luc Picard. This robotic bartender might not be able to materialize drinks out of thin air, but its close. Touch the screen, choose your drink, and it makes your favorite libation to order.


Talking Yoda Statue

There’s much more to this little green guy than meets the eye. This is Yoda, ready to train a willing Paduwan in the ways of the force. He’s loaded with one hundred fifteen phrases and responds to simple voice commands. He can also show off light saber skills: he spins, strikes, and parries, thanks to tiny hidden motors.


Star Trek Phaser Remote

This gadget takes the cake. It’s a faithful reproduction of the handheld phasers from the original Star Trek. It’s designed to translate your hand movements into TV commands. A pull of the trigger mutes the sound and a flick of the thumb changes the channel. Careful giving this gift, because you’ll probably never get to control the remote again.

Prices Vary

Short Range Widescreen Projector

For years widescreen projectors had one major limiting factor: distance. Tech junkies who wanted projection quality images had to have tons of space to get a good picture. This projector eliminates that issue. It projects a perfect image of up to fifty inches wide from a distance of one foot. Hallelujah!


The Geek Dad

Geekism doesn’t always run in the family, but when it does, world domination is virtually inevitable. This book is for the Brainiac Dad who wants to pass the Power of Geek to the next generation. It’s written by an engineer, and filled with hands-on, fun activities that will pull kids away from the computer screen.


Digital Camera Binoculars

Sometimes gadgets show up that remind us that the future is already here. In fact, it arrived twenty years ago, and most of us didn’t notice. But the geeks did, and they’ve been waiting for products like this to hit the market. This camera/binocular combo takes perfectly clear pictures from up to one hundred feet away.

Prices Vary

Video Recording Cap

This nondescript black baseball cap is for the geek with a James Bond fetish. It has a tiny video camera embedded in the front. It records 720p high def video takes still photos. It’s controlled by hidden buttons on the brim and has a battery that with enough power for seventy minutes of recording.

Prices Vary

Dr. Who Scarf

The Doctor travels through space and time in the Tardis, battling bad guys with his faithful crew of companions. A dozen actors have played the good doctor, but the one that sticks in the public conscience is Tom Baker—mostly because of his huge scarf. This is a replication of that scarf. It’s twelve feet of pure, heartwarming geek.


Hogwarts House Lounge Pants

Muggles just don’t understand. The house you pledge allegiance to is of utmost importance. It reveals your character, your style, and your purpose in live. Give these lounge pants to the Harry Potter fan in your life. Make sure you know them, though. You would never want to give a true Gryffindor lion a Slytherin Serpent.


Star Wars Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are cool, and this is one of the best iterations of the messenger bag we’ve seen. Its sleek design evokes The New Generation series, complete with the Starfleet logo on the flap. It comes in command red, ops yellow, and science blue, the signature uniform colors.

Prices Vary

Jon Snow Sword

One reason geeks and super nerds feel connected to the Jon Snow character from Game of Thrones is that he’s an outcast. We’re not saying all geeks are outcasts. We’re simply recognizing the fact that their immense brainpower sometimes puts them on the outside looking in. This stainless steel sword will let them feel their power.

Prices Vary

Darth Vader Toaster

Yes, you read that correctly. This is a Darth Vader toaster. It looks just like Darth’s head, and it makes two pieces of toast that say “Star Wars” on one side. It’s got an adjustable dial so you can go all the way to the dark side.

Prices Vary

Schroedinger’s Cat Decision Maker

The universe can be entirely random. Things aren’t always what they seem, especially at the quantum level, where the math allows for completely contradictory answers to coexist. This decision maker acknowledges this contradiction. Ask it a yes/no question: if the cat comes out alive, the answer is yes. If it’s dead, the answer is no. No more agonizing.


Dr. Who Tardis Mug

This is another one that will let the geek in your life show love for Dr. Who on a daily basis. They can sip their morning coffee or afternoon tea from this lovely replica of the Tardis, the time travel device the good Doctor stole from his home planet. This mug has a heat-conserving lid and holds seventeen ounces of liquid.


Ladies of Star Wars Playing Cards

This one is for the lovely and talented Woman of Geek in your life. Everybody thinks poker night is a guy’s thing, but we know that’s just because the right deck of cards hasn’t been invented. Until now. This deck contains fifty-five total cards, depicting Star Wars women of all sizes, shapes and species.


Geek Magnetic Poetry Kit

“Meet me at the refrigerator at midnight. We’ll settle this once and for all,” said the Geek Parent to their rebellious offspring. This kit contains over two hundred tech-inspired words and phrases. Leave messages, have contests, or make jokes. This gift is a fun blend of the old and the new.


Mini-Photo Printing Camera

Here’s another one for the Women of Geek, the Estrotechies, and the Ladies of the Lab. These mini-cameras print pictures within seconds, come in a lovely range of pastel colors, and are small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. We know that not all nerdy girls restrict themselves to black and chrome.

Prices Vary

Artisanal RPG Dice

It doesn’t take a gamer or a geek to recognize that this set of dice is a thing of rare beauty. This set of ten is carved from elegant black Scottish soapstone. It contains 4dF, 4d6, 5d6, 1d20, and 10d10.Don’t worry—gamers know what all that means. These will be cherished forever.


World’s Smallest Quad Copter

Miniaturization is the name of the game. Nanotechnology is going to revolutionize everything from medicine to entertainment. This little copter isn’t microscopic, but it does fit in the palm of your hand. It’s remote controlled, flies for up to ten minutes on one charge, and can hover, flip, and roll.

Prices Vary

The Projection Clock

Holographic technology is right around the corner. In the meantime, clocks like this will keep the tech-hungry happy. This baby is American made by Atomic Clock in Boulder, Colorado. It gathers real-time data and projects the time and temperature onto a ceiling or wall up to six feet away.


Battelstar Galactica: The Game

We had to include at least one Battlestar Galactica gift in this list. It’s only fair, since that’s where we got the name in the first place. This board game is fun for the whole family. Each player takes on the identity of one of the characters of the show, and gets to battle the Cylons to save the human race.

Prices Vary

The Hundred Greatest Classics Audio Book

This is a handheld book nerd joyfest. It contains one hundred of the world’s greatest classic books. They’re all preloaded, so there’s no downloading hassle at all. It has a total of six-hundred hours of entertainment, including fifty classical music favorites. It comes with an adapter that hooks up to a car stereo system.

Prices Vary

Super Tall Lava Lamp

Lava lamps did not go away when the psychedelic sixties gave way the heavy metal and disco of the 1970s. They were simply forgotten for a decade or two. This two foot tall replica of the classic lava lamp will take your geek back in time. They can meditate on the groovy colors, then invent something that changes the world.

Prices Vary

Studio Series Colored Pencils

This gift is for the geek in your life with an artistic bent. It’s a set of studio-grade colored pencils, which will give them countless hours of expressive bliss. It contains thirty pencils in luminous colors. Their soft-core lead makes for smooth, consistent output. The set comes with an artist’s eraser, a metal sharpener, and a reusable case.


Bombay Black Leather Journal

Journals make great gifts for any intelligent, reflective person. This one is a convenient, 4X6 inch wraparound, made from genuine soft black leather. It’s got a flap that’s secured with a leather thong and has over two hundred pages of parchment-grade paper inside.

Prices Vary

642 Things to Write About

This is a journal of a different flavor. Created with the young, aspiring writer in mind, it’s got six-hundred forty two writing prompts to get them going. This is a thoughtful gift for a freethinking teenager who wants and needs to express themselves in writing.


Turntable & Speaker Combo

Ah, the joy of vinyl. Not all geeks are retro geeks, but the ones who are will really appreciate this turntable and speaker set. This turntable is a true old school belt driven model and includes a pre-amp. Don’t look for a USB connection, because there isn’t one. When we said retro, we meant it.


Lego Tie-Fighter

Get your family geek on ahead of the release of the new Star Wars movie with this Lego set. It’s got a First Order Special Forces Tie-Fighter, and comes loaded with juicy extras: four minifigures, a cockpit that opens, and spring loaded shooters that really fire. May the Force be with you.


Star Wars Chess Game

Okay, okay, we admit Star Wars is muscling out some of the other potential gifts here, but we can’t help it. The Star Wars franchise revolutionized the world of entertainment, and we’re simply trying to keep up. This chess set pits the Rebel Alliance against the Empire. The fate of the universe is at stake with every move.


Catapult Kit

This is a neat gift that runs counter to all the tech gadgets and SciFi choices you’ve seen so far. It’s an all-natural, wooden catapult kit. This is a mindful gift for the child of a family who’s on the Waldorf or Montessori track. They’re not so into all the guns and battle stuff, but this one will surely be welcomed.

Prices Vary

The Family Saucer

Alien families need a way to get to the mall, the grocery store, and drop the kids off at school. This lovely sculpture set shows you how they do it. In a flying saucer, of course. It’s made from aluminum and bronze, and includes the saucer and an alien mom, dad, and kid.


Stop Motion Camera

We found another one for the geeky family who’s not sold on computer tech and SciFi action and adventure. It’s a stop-motion camera kit that will allow the patient, creative genius to recreate the magic of this iconic genre. This is for people who want to do it the old-fashioned way.


8 DIY Gifts for Geeks

DIY Vulcan Sign Hand

Show off the sign of the Vulcan race with this hand sculpture. It’s the signature sign of Spock, one of the most beloved characters from Star Trek and sure to be well-received by any self-respecting Star Trek fan.

Death Star Ring

Wear this fashionable Death Star ring to the new Star Wars movies and it’s sure to be noticed. They’re sure to be featured at least a little bit in the new films, so it’s totally relevant, but also gives a nod to the previous films.

Creeper Finger Puppet

Do they love Minecraft? If they do they probably are well aware of those Creeper figures that play a big role in the game. Knit them these finger puppets and they’ll think of you each time they have fun acting it out.

Pac-Man Paper Beads

Pac-Man is one of the most popular video games of all time, sucking quarter from pockets in the 80s and wasting plenty of man hours with the Google doodle in more recent times. These paper beads make great earrings for girls, or can be made into a keychain for guys.

Homemade Light Saber

Just when you thought we might leave a light-saber off the list. We would never do such a thing. Here’s a DIY gift for the Jedi in your life that we guarantee no one else will have. All it takes is an antique flashlight, a piece of plumbing extension pipe, some LED lights, and a tube of epoxy.

Comic Strip Bangles

Here’s a DIY project for a geek dude to make for a geek girl to show her how much he really cares. Geek dude: gather a plastic bottle, a pair of scissors, some glue, and a comic book you’re willing to sacrifice for the girl you love. In less than an hour you’ll have a bracelet she’ll frakin’ love.

RPG Dice Earing

We know you’ve got your first set of RPG dice lying around somewhere. Well, not just lying around. You’ve been carefully saving them for just the right moment. This is it. You can show that special someone how much you care by turning your cherished dice—two of them at least—into a cool set of earrings.

Comic Book Lamp

This project turns and ordinary old lamp into a comic-book collectors dream. You’ll need a lamp, old comic books, a can of spray paint, a hot-glue gun, and some glow-sticks. The glow sticks are what make this one awesome. The lamp powers them up, and when you turn it off, they glow—making a perfect kid’s night light.

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