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100 Greatest Mail Order Foods of All-Time (YUM!)

Food is a touchy thing to give, with a reputation for making wonderful gifts-and terrible ones. People tend to err on the side of caution and hold the latter opinion these days, which is a shame, because food can be something that is easy to get, easy to give, and very, very, easy to enjoy.

100 Greatest Mail Order Foods of ALl-Time- I want to try each and every one of these!

Boston Coffee Cake

There are some recipes, no matter how classic they are, that some people/companies just have down to a delicious pat. This Coffee Cake is one of those cases.

Custom Energy Bars From Youbar

Don’t act like you knew you could customize your own bar, because you didn’t until now, and neither will the recipient of your miraculously spot-on snack.
Prices Vary

Goode Company Pecan Pie

When a pecan pie comes in a wooden box that says “Made in Texas” you eat it. No questions asked.

Linda’s Gourmet Latkes

Did the idea of Latkes for a present ever occur to you? If it did, bravo, if not, seek out Linda?s. You might just end up quite pleased you kept an open mind.
Prices Vary

Pop! Gourmet Popcorn

Decadent or light, fancy or simple, POP! makes some downright entertaining and tasty popcorn flavors out there. They also have a surprisingly impressive visual appeal too.
Prices Vary

Greenberg Smoked Turkeys

If you want an amazing tasting turkey for your holiday celebrations, and instructions on what to do with it when it comes home, go Greenberg.
Prices Vary

Greyston Bakery Brownie Box

Just in case you were running out of ideas of where you might possibly find brownies, here you go.

Hancock Gourmet Lobster Mac & Cheese

Yes, there are 2 gifts on this list pertaining to Lobster Mac & Cheese. This one happens to have been on a Throwdown! with Bobby Flay-a testament to its taste, fresh or frozen.

Healing Cooler

A colorful cooler filled with 6 nutritious, freshly pressed fruit juices, provides a refreshing change from a bouquet of colorful flowers. Each bottle of juice provides some healthy benefits-something everyone needs!

John & Kira’s Fig Tower

Have a good chuckle over the name, and then check the fig tower out. A perfect gift for someone who likes desserts that stray from the classics.

Le Bon Garcon Handmade Caramels

3 very different flavors fill the boxes of Le Bon Garcon Caramels-salted, mango-passionfruit, and macadamia nut.

Olive & Cocoa Aussie Licorice Crate

Australians are known for many things, one of which is licorice. Random, but many things down under are random. All randomness aside, Licorice fans will rejoice in the fresh flavors bursting this crate.

Nudo Olive Oil

Straight from the ground, Nudo Oil is a tasteful (pun very much intended) food gift that is useful to the receiver long after they have gotten it, and extremely delicious.

Paulette Macaroons

You eat with your eyes first is one of the truest sayings out there in regards to food, something all of us can agree on. Playing off of this, Paulette Macaroons packages their tasty deserts so beautifully, it’s almost a shame to take them out the box.
Prices Vary

Sprinkles Cupcakes Mix

Don?t take offense if cupcakes made from this mix draw in more compliments than yours-it is, after all, from the first cupcake bakery in the world.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky, sweet, satisfying, goodness all smooshed into one pudding, placed in a box, and sent to one lucky human being-personal messages can be included.

Jeni’s Ice Cream

It takes a lot to make an ice cream parlor stand amongst all the others, so much so that it wouldn’t make sense to try and list how it manages it. In short, Jeni’s ice cream is delicious, and made with a fiery passion. It also defies the laws of physics, because amidst this flaming passion, it doesn’t even melt.
Prices Vary

Rick’s Picks Sampler

Pickled items are a practical food gift to get for a special foodie in your life. They aren’t like baked goods, which you could make with some ease on your own if you had to, and it’s harder than you might think to find good pickled gifts.

Mcclure’s Pickles

Focusing on the pickle aspect of pickling, McClures pickles are tasty enough, and classy enough, to maybe, just maybe, make it ok to bring pickles instead of wine to the party.

Dean & Deluca’s Best

The best of the best, this collection blends together Dean & Deluca’s favorite, tasty, food items into one flavorful package.

Sephra Chocolate Fountain

Whats classier than having your own Fondue fountain? Being selfless
enough to give a Fondue fountain as a gift-thats class.

Allen Brothers USDA Prime Ribeye Steaks

You have a steak lover in your life, and the most obvious gift (steak) really isn’t a gift at all? Or is it?
Prices Vary

Legal Seafoods Lobster Package

If you’re landlocked, having great seafood can be a challenge. And there is absolutely no way you would ever get it shipped to you, or to someone else. Yuck, right? It turns out that with a little help from the right sources, good seafood may not be as far away as you think.
Prices Vary

Dean & Deluca Spice Rack

Spices are attractive, and a beautiful spice rack can-no pun intended-spice up just about any kitchen.

Lobster Mac & Cheese

Yes dear, I did cook this. Do really think I could get this by mail? Of course not, don’t be silly. Impressive a dish as this is, its almost more impressive that it can be shipped.

Mr. Beer Home Brewing Kit

Home brewing is wonderfully satisfying and enjoyable-not to mention you get to reap the benefits!

Root Beer Brewing Kit

Brewing your own beer doesn’t have to be just for adults-brewing Root Beer can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Di Bruno Abbondanza Gift Box

Fans of Mediterranean food, rejoice in this abundance of tasty eats that can be shipped straight to you. And let’s be honest-it’s a better alternative than buying a ticket to Greece.

Adagio Teas Tea Of The Month Club

A spot of tea is a welcome thing on anyone’s doorstep. For 1 year this ?club? will send a new tea to the recipient to enjoy at the beginning of every month. A tea lover?s dream!
Prices Vary

Adagio Teas Holiday Tea Chest

The holidays simply beg for tea, with chilly temperatures urging people to cozy up inside and stay warm. A chest full of teas would be a wonderful well-timed gift to give to someone else-or yourself.

Peets Coffee Holiday Grand Sampler

Coffee is everywhere, and you don’t want to hand over a bag of every day beans as a gift. So go ahead, and give a unique sampling of different kinds of Coffee to the folks who love the drink, need a boost, or both. So pretty much everyone these days.

Lobster Gram

If you simply cannot get on the mail-ordered seafood bandwagon, trust in that it doesn’t get much fresher than live lobsters being shipped to your door…alive…if that wasn’t clear.
Prices Vary

Cocoa Indulgence

We hesitate to indulge in sweet things by our own doing, so make the choice a little easier on someone and give the sweet stuff to them instead?it?s rude to refuse something right? Obviously, the recipient has no choice but to indulge.

Ghirardelli Gift Tin

Classic (and not-so-classic) chocolate squares are all packed up snug and tight in this holiday gift tin, just waiting to surrender up their delicious taste to whoever gets them.

See’s Candies Nuts And Chews Mix

The box may come with a guide, but the curiosity of biting into a tasty chocolate and not knowing what you?re going to get is half the fun.
Prices Vary

1980’s Retro Candy Crate

Some candy is next to, if not entirely, impossible to find these days. It lives on only in our happy childhood memories…and this Retro crate, which comes jam-packed with treats from the 80’s.

Hale Groves Naval Oranges

The holidays signal a time when many places begin to get colder, and colder, and colder. There is one place though, that winter can’t touch. A place where fresh oranges are available to you as if you lived amongst groves of oranges, not piles of snow and ice.
Prices Vary

Micromac Intense Gourmet

Small things are not to be underestimated. These micro macaroons pack big flavor into lovely, tiny, packages.

Hershey’s Holiday Favorites

They may not be the fanciest chocolates in the box, but you really can’t go wrong with Hershey’s.

Lindt Snowflake Gift Bag

A festive bag filled to the brim with a whopping 75 delectable Lindt truffles.

La Sense Beef Filet Mignon Steaks

A pleasantly surprising gift, these steaks can impress and please someone right at home-reservation fuss and muss not included.

Jelly Belly 50-Flavor Gift Box

50 flavors of beloved beans, all sectioned out into little trays, ready for you to enjoy and combine at will.

Cushman’s Honeybells

Citrus fruits all wrapped up nicely are a unique and refreshing gift during the (rich) food-laden holidays.
Prices Vary

Personalized M&Ms

Graduation day looms, and you dont want a sheet cake with the graduates faces printed on it. What to do? Personalize M&Ms, of course. Nothing makes people feel better than receiving special acknowledgment on one of the worlds favorite candies. Great for birthdays, weddings, or just to make any day special as well.

Wolferman’s English Muffins

Even fans of this popular breakfast food may be surprised with all the things one can do (or give) with an English Muffin.
Prices Vary

Harry & David Royal Riviera Pears

Don?t scoff at the idea of handing over pears as a gift. When they’re tasty and beautifully presented, they can be downright desirable. Go pears!
Prices Vary

Shari’s Berries Dozen

Chocolate dipped berries are a fairly fail safe gift-unless you accidently sit on the box. Or place them under a tree in a home with a dog. Avoid those disasters, and you’ll make someone very happy.

Zingerman’s Weekender Gift Box

“Weekender” doesn’t pertain just to the weekend, as you may have guessed. This popular gift box is filled with goodies that are great for anytime of the day, week, or year.

Igourmet A World Of Jam

Jam here, jam there, jam, jam, everywhere! For centuries, people have been giving and enjoying tasty jam all over the world-let’s keep up the tradition.

Centerville Pie Company Chicken Pot Pies

Many people may wonder why, if you’re going to give food as a gift, don?t you make it yourself? Nothing can beat that homemade touch, but if your touch is more of a punch, or you just don’t have time, even homey foods like Chicken Pot Pie can be enjoyed when gotten from somewhere else.

Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes

Delicious crab cakes available for all the land-lubbers out there.

Clandestino Banana Bars

Bananas are recognized as an extremely health beneficial food. Made with bananas from Ecuador (known for having the best of the fruit) Banana Bars will help fuel you and your family no matter what your activities may be.

Corn Maiden Foods Tamales

Healthy yet tasty, tamales from Corn Maiden will satisfy both your mind and your body.
Prices Vary

Nonnie Waller’s Pound Cake

Just the cake, no extra frill or fancy packaging to distract from deliciousness. These Pound Cakes come in only a plain white bakery box, which only enhances them even more.

Eli’s Cheescake

There has been more than one instance in the world of food where plain and simple has proven better than fancy and complex. There is a time and a place for both, but when it comes to cheesecake, Eli’s is keeping simple and tasty.

Omaha Steaks The Elegant Gift

Delicious steaks and sweet lobsters put the elegant in this gift.

Hickory Farms Summer Sausage And Cheese Gift Box

The name says it all. A box…filled with cheese…and sausage?Unless you hand this over to a vegetarian, nobody will object to this gift.

Destination Dinners

Food is about much more than simply eating…it can open our eyes to different cultures and parts of the world like nothing else. Each Destination Dinner is more than simply dinner, it’s a full on travel experience.
Prices Vary

A Taste Of Elegance Gift Basket

Beautiful and delicious treats make this a very likeable gift. What really sets it apart from other things like it? Its basket is made from banana leaves, and that just sounds plain impressive.

Bon Appetit Gourmet Gift Basket

It?s not a box, it?s not really a basket, so what is it? Well, it’s a hamper, and a downright good looking hamper at that. Not to mention it’s filled with gourmet foods.

The Ultimate Chocolate Experience

“Ultimate” is a bold word to use, especially when referring to something as popular and widespread and chocolate. However with 6 boxes make making up a looming, decadent, tower, this gift may have actually earned the title.

Build Your Own Murray’s Cheese Crate

This gift assortment is unlike others. Instead of having pre-determined foods in it, you get to build your own crate up with foods you know you (or someone else) will enjoy.
Prices Vary

Edible Arrangements Delicious Fruit Design

There are plenty of arrangements to be made for the holidays but, thankfully, a bouquet of artfully carved fruit isn’t one of them. Edible Arrangements has that one under control for you.

Dark Mint Chocolate Hearts

In terms of gifts to display affection, it doesn’t get much more classic than a chocolate heart. Try spicing things up a little by adding a minty twist to them.

Christmas Gift Basket Classic

Overflowing with goodies, this basket doesn’t try and distinguish itself from typical holiday flavors. All the tastes and snacks we enjoy with Christmas get crammed into one luscious package here.

Around The World Beer Bucket

Unite and delight beer lovers from all corners of the globe with a bucket that celebrates the bounty and variety of beer across the world.

Giant Gummy Bear

Get this for someone, anyone, and enjoy the look on their face when they see before themselves the candy that fills kids dreams. 1,000 times the size of a regular gummy bear, this behemoth bear weighs 5 pounds and is larger than a football.

Orvis Squirrel Brand Mix

We may try and keep squirrels away from some food items, but there’s no inhibition for humans when it comes to diving into this savory, spiced, blend of nuts.

Mrs. Fields Classic Cookie Tin

The key word here is classic-not classy, not elegant, not gourmet- just classic, and that’s what you get with this tin. Classics are classics for a reason, and they are hard to go wrong with.

Dancing Deer Classic Brownie Sampler

Dense, rich, and deeply satisfying, these will please any and all Brownie folks in your life.

Chocolate Lover’s Gift Tower

Chocolate is hard enough to resist as it is, but pile it into a tower and call it a gift? Any hope of resistance is futile.

479degrees Popcorn

Designer dogs maybe, but designer popcorn? You bet it’s out there. Sleek packaging and unique flavors set 479Degrees Popcorn away from the rest.
Prices Vary

Anna Shea Chocolates

Yet another resource to better your chocolate selecting repertoire. Includes a bounty of colorful bon bons as well.
Prices Vary

Avocado Of The Month Club

Oh yes, Avacados do make lovely gifts, and pleasantly unusual ones at that.
Prices Vary

Bellocq Chai Gift Set

Serve to a crowd, give as a gift, or enjoy it yourself. Any way you choose to use it, Chai tea will bring a little extra warmth and flavor into your life.

Brooklyn Piggies Gourmet Pigs In A Blanket

You can make anything “gourmet” these days, even pigs in a blanket-they?re not just for kids you know.
Prices Vary

Callies Charleston Biscuits

Callies offers up something that few food companies have these days-a small team of bakers, no machinery involved in the process of making biscuits, and everything is totally and lovingly handmade.
Prices Vary

Fran’s Chocolates Coconut Gold Bars

It?s a gold bar. It equates to richness. Rich chocolate coating, coconut filling and crunchy almonds make these candy bars a “gold” rush we can all get on board with.

Fran’s Chocolates Salt Caramels

Salt making sweet things taste sweeter/better is a concept that is not so strange to most of us anymore, but if anybody in your life needs to be enlightened, caramel and salt are the way to go about it.

Cherry Moon Treasures

If you want to stray from your typical holiday food gift baskets, these are a good place to start. While still including some favorites, they add in some more unusual treats as well.

Personalized Pop Tarts

The sheet cake just ain’t cutting it anymore. It’s time to make a loved one feel special by printing their face on a Pop Tart instead of a cake.
Prices Vary

Fox & Obel Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough

You don?t have to go through the hassle of preparing the dough, but you do have to cook it, which means this isn’t a food gift you’re totally removed from creating yourself.

Svannah Bee Company Honey

Honey may seem set in stone, but it’s far from it. From the packaging you put it in, to the physical form, consistency, and flavor it takes on, honey is really delightfully versatile-and versatility is always a good quality when looking for a gift.

Tondo Fruity Balsamic Four Bottle Set

4 sleek bottles of fruity balsamic vinegar will provide a splash of fresh flavor to a wide variety of dishes-a wonderful way to mix up your recipes a bit.

Wakaya Perfection Organic Ginger Powder

Organic and healthy this ginger powder provides a good alternative to salt and pepper, adding depth and flavor to your dishes.

Wicked Whoopie Pies

Look at one-just one-of these pies and try to resist it. If somebody likes sweets, they will love these. The pies speak for themselves.

Zabar’s Bagels & Nova Brunch Box

New York is known for their bagels, but most of us can’t just waltz into the city, buy a bagel, and waltz back out again. The solution to this problem? The Brunch Box.

Zabar’s Babka & Rugelach Crate

Just like New York, if not more so, popping over to Russia to grab a Babka just isn’t always possible. Once again, Zabar’s swoops in and saves the day with a tasty food filled crate.

Tabanero Hot Sauce

You don?t need to crave high Scoville units to enjoy hot sauce. Tabanero brings heat and a hint of sweetness into your culinary world-without roasting your eyebrows off when you so much as open the bottle.

Skillet Bacon Jam

Bacon is sweeping the nation, and people can’t get enough of it. Not sure how else to expand your bacon experiences? Try spreading bacon jam on some of your sandwiches.

Pacific Coast Classic Dried Fruit Tray

The Pacific coast is lucky to have such delicious-not to mention healthy-snacks at their fingertips. The dried fruits, almonds, and pistachios that make up this tray aim to bring us a bit of that tastiness.

Seabear Smoked Salmon

For one month out of the year you can catch a great meal with SeaBear Salmon. Their holiday Sockeye Salmon from Alaska’s Copper River is available to be reserved for the month of December.

Zingerman’s Bacon Of The Month Club

A new kind of bacon. Sent to your doorstep. Every month. Is there anything else to be said, other than whenever this shows up at your bosses? house, hello promotion!

Georgetown Cupcakes

Gourmet cupcakes are a feast for both the eyes and the body. Their looks enhance the flavors before they even hit your tongue, while the sweet (sometimes savory) taste itself is sure to be loved.
Prices Vary

Lou Malnati’s Chicago Pizza

If you have had pizza in Chicago, you will never forget it. This is a double edged sword because than you will be forever tormented for the rest of your life with the memory of its flavor. Tormented, that is, until you discover a new means of acquiring it.

Bear Creek Gift Box

A box filled with glorious, juicy, pears and good crunchy snacks is a welcome present at any time, but this one is particularly well suited to the holidays!

Around The World Wine Chest

Drink the wine, enjoy the foods, and keep the lovely travel-themed chest.

Vineyard Select Wine Basket

Can?t make it to wine country for the holidays? Bring wine country to you, all wrapped up in a basket full of wine and gourmet treats.

Artisan Cheese Hamper

Delightful, tasty, handcrafted cheeses get tucked up alongside gourmet foods for pairing in this holiday hamper.

Dean & Deluca Sweet Indulgence

Feed your inner child and rejoice in being young-at-heart by chowing down on some unique gummy treats.