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25 Hilarious First Father’s Day Gifts for New Dads – Gifts to Make Them Laugh

Father’s Day is a chance to celebrate the love between dads and their kids, and their first one is a day they’ll want to remember – have a look at this list of first Father’s Day gifts to find fun ideas for new dads that will make them smile.

First Father's Day Gifts for New Dads

Daddy’s Survival Kit Pint Glass

Every dad knows that sometimes the only way to celebrate after getting a crying baby to sleep is to have a cold beer. This pint glass can be personalized with Dad’s name, so he can raise a glass to getting more sleep this Father’s Day.

Prices Vary

New Dad Uh-oh T-Shirt

Customized with the year their little one was born, new dads will wear this t-shirt with pride – or at least until they have to change it after getting covered in spit-up. It also makes a special keepsake to bring back memories of their first year of fatherhood.

Price varies

Copy and Paste Baby Matching T-Shirt and Bodysuit Set

For new dads who love messing about with computers, this cute set with a matching t-shirt and bodysuit will make their day. They’re 100% cotton too so that both Dad and Baby keep their cool even when there’s a user error – after all, babies don’t come with a manual.

Prices Vary

Full and Low Battery Matching Set

This humorous matching set is the perfect first Father’s Day gift for the sleep-deprived dad, available in a variety of colors and sizes. His battery may be running low, but knowing that his little one is happy is all he needs to be able to power through.

Prices Vary

Dad’s Mini Baby Bodysuit

This adorable bodysuit for his mini-me to wear will bring a smile to Dad’s face on his first Father’s Day. Maybe he hopes they’ll follow in his footsteps or maybe he has different dreams for his little one – but right now he probably just hopes that they’ll sleep through the night.


I’m a New Dad Matching T-Shirt Set

Proud new dads can let the world know their exciting news with this t-shirt. His life has changed forever, and doesn’t he know it – but in case he ever forgets, the matching bodysuit makes sure there’s no mistaking that it’s his new arrival who’s the boss.

Price varies

Happy First Father’s Day Emoji T-shirt

Why send a card when you can give him a t-shirt? This fun emoji design lets Dad know that it’s his day, and he can keep it for years to come to remind him of a time when hours of cuddles made up for the hours of missed sleep.

Prices Vary

Dad Level T-Shirt

Becoming a new dad requires strength and patience and sometimes he might not have a clue how he’s scoring. This t-shirt will remind him that he’s doing great looking after his growing family – he’s caring, fun and to his little one he’ll always be a winner.

Price varies

Achievement Unlocked Fatherhood Shirt

As a first-time dad or a dad again, there’s a new role to play – a guy who puts his kids before himself and who’s always there to dry tears and give hugs. Dads deserve to be recognized for everything they do, and what better way than with this cool t-shirt.

Prices Vary

Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA

Tell a new dad something he wants to hear on Father’s Day with this tongue-in-cheek book “Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada”. Written by Jimmy Fallon, it helps to champion dads’ campaigns to make sure that their kids know their name first. Because that means they love Dad more, right?


First Time Dad Mug

New dads survive on caffeine and late-night cuddles, so give him this fun mug on Father’s Day to drink his brew while he’s got his little one in his arms. With the year that his baby was born printed on it, it’ll be a special keepsake, too.

Prices Vary

Sleep Deprived T-shirt

If it wasn’t obvious by his bloodshot eyes, this t-shirt will give it away, so anyone he meets knows to approach this new dad with caution. New parents might not get a lot of sleep after their little one arrives, but the special moments with their baby (even at 2am) make it worthwhile.

Price varies

Let the Adventure Begin Father’s Day Shirt

New dads know that their life will change when their little one arrives – there’ll be ups and downs, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming, but it’s also fun and rewarding with new experiences every day. This t-shirt recognizes the adventure of parenthood, making a great gift on Father’s Day.


Mom Says You’re Welcome Baby Bodysuit

A new dad doesn’t want anything but a whole day spent with his little one on Father’s Day – and how could he resist, especially when they’re wearing this adorable bodysuit? Available in 14 different colors, it’s a cute and surprising gift idea for doting dads.

Prices Vary

New Dad Please Give Me A Drink T-Shirt

New dads are kept on their toes, having to come up with new ways to get their little ones off to sleep and hold it together after another sleepless night. So on Father’s Day, it’s time for Dad to relax in this t-shirt and have a drink or two.

Price varies

You Can Do This Dad Baby Bodysuit

A funny first Father’s Day gift for new dads who need a helping hand getting their heads around everything a new baby brings, this cute bodysuit provides guidance for Dad on how to get his little one dressed when he’s left alone to get the job done.

Prices Vary

Keep Calm It’s My First Father’s Day T-Shirt

Playing on the popular “Keep calm…” slogan, buy this t-shirt for your partner, son or friend who’s celebrating his first Father’s Day this year – he’ll wear it with pride, especially if he’s managed to remain calm through the ups and downs that fatherhood brings.


My Boys Can Swim Boxers

Whether he’s a new dad or a dad-to-be, these boxers play on the feelings of fatherhood that are often experienced, but less often spoken about – not the joy of becoming a parent, nor the fear of what’s ahead, but the pride knowing that he has strong swimmers.


What Not Tired Feels Like T-Shirt

New dads often can’t find the words to express their tiredness, so this t-shirt does it on their behalf. Adjusting to sleepless nights in the first few months with their new arrival is a struggle that all parents face, and they can show their support with this t-shirt.


I Have to Change What? T-Shirt

Dads with new arrivals in 2018 are still coming to terms with how life has changed – they may not have accepted that a good night’s sleep is now just a memory (and will be for years to come), and as this t-shirt suggests, they may even still be protesting about changing diapers.

Price varies

Funny Captain And First Mate Matching T-shirts

With a nautical theme, these outfits make cute first Father’s Day gifts for a new dad and his little sailor. While the first few months with a new baby might not be plain sailing, the cuddles, first smiles, gurgles and giggles make it worth every struggle.

Price varies

Threadrock Copy and Paste Matching T-Shirt Set

New dads who are self-confessed computer geeks will love this matching t-shirt and bodysuit to wear as they introduce their carbon copy. The set makes a thoughtful gift for a friend or colleague who’s just become a parent, and it’s available in a range of colors.

Prices Vary

Daddy’s Diaper Duty Device

Know a new dad who always tries to get out of changing diapers? He’ll have no excuse with this diaper changing ‘device’ – the fun apron-style tool belt has pockets for diapers, lotion, shampoo and more, leaving both hands free to tackle the task ahead of him.


Promoted To Daddy Est 2018 T Shirt

Becoming a dad involves taking on lots of new responsibilities. This fun t-shirt shows that he’s up to the job, and he can be proud to wear it on Father’s Day knowing that he’s loved and appreciated for everything he does for his growing family.


This Guy Is An Awesome T Shirt

In case he needs to be told one more time, this t-shirt lets a new dad know just how great he is. Becoming a parent can be overwhelming and sometimes he might wonder whether he’s getting it right – this gift will remind him that he’s a brilliant dad without any doubt.

Price varies

3 Funny Diy Father’s Day Gifts for New Father

Diy Scratch Off Lottery Ticket

Dads are notoriously hard to buy for, so if you find yourself struggling for gift ideas this Father’s Day, check out this video on how to make a scratch-off card and lottery ticket – he might not win any money, but all dads will agree that having their kids around them is worth much more.

Diy Caution Extremely Hot Apron

Dads love to be in charge of the grill, so read this post on how to make him a Father’s Day gift that’s both fun and practical – his own apron. Customize it with a witty transfer and then watch as the compliments roll in at the next family gathering.

Diy Funny Spatula Father’s Day Gift

If Dad is king of the grill, have a look at this post with a fun gift idea for Father’s Day. You can go for a light-hearted pun or a heartfelt message to let him know you appreciate more than just his burger flipping skills.

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