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21 Unique First Communion Gifts

Give them a gift that will help them remember their First Communion and what a special day it was. Several of these gifts can be personalized for that extra touch that will make it even more meaningful.

21 Unique First Communion Gifts- celebrate this special spiritual day with one of these unique first communion gift ideas.

Engraved Rosary Case

Whenever they pray the rosary they’ll be reminded of your gift when you get them this engraved rosary case. It’s engraved with First Holy Communion at the top, a cross in the middle, with their name and the date at the bottom. It’s an attractive piece that they can use well into adulthood.


My First Communion Prayer Book

Be the one that gives them their First Communion prayer book and you’ll be helping them get into the right mindset for the occasion. This is a sacred time in their religious life, and it will help them to better understand what it means.


Personalized Communion Memory Box

This memory box is specifically designed to hold the different keepsakes they obtain throughout the day. It’s something they can look at again and again and be reminded of the time when they were first able to receive the body and blood of Christ.


Personalized Sideways Cross Necklace

Unlike a traditional cross necklace, this necklace has a sideways look to it so it is different but also a timeless classic they’re sure to cherish. Since this ceremony is all about receiving the body and blood of Christ, it is only fitting to get them a reminder of the sacrifice He made.


Ceramic Picture Frame

There will be many pictures taken on this day, including one that will surely capture the importance of the moment. You can get them this ceramic First Communion picture frame to hold that photograph and keep it nice for years to come, all the way until their confirmation.

Prices Vary

Engraved Valet Box

This valet box makes the perfect storage place for all of the things they acquire on their First Communion day. It is engraved with their name and the date of the ceremony, and there’s also a quote that is styled in a unique way that makes it fun to read and also looks good.


First Communion Complete Gift Set

Make sure they have everything they need with this complete gift set. It includes a decorative communion candle, an armband, a rosary, and more all in one set. It even has a special New Testament missal so they can read passages from it and further prepare for the day.

Prices Vary

Catholic Children’s Bible

Give them a gift that keeps on giving with this Catholic Bible that’s told in a way that kids can appreciate and follow along with more easily. It has far fewer pages yet still includes several stories complete with illustrations to help them picture what they’re reading.


Personalized Cross Ornament

Here’s a great way to help them remember their First Communion each time Christmas rolls around. It looks great on the tree and helps everyone keep in mind that Jesus is the reason for the season, and the reason why communion is such an important part of the mass.


First Communion Boy Figurine

This figurine is part of the Precious Moments collection, and precious doesn’t quite do it justice. It’s absolutely adorable and will definitely be a gift that they’ll love. The little boy has a cute face and is showing the right amount of reverence for this special and important day.


Today I Made My First Communion

With this book they’ll be able to learn more about what makes their First Communion such a big deal, and also includes a captivating story that will keep them reading from beginning to end. It’s a well-reviewed book and something they can turn to when they need it as a refresher.


Personalized Communion Doll

This Precious Moments doll is personalized with her name embroidered on the dress. It’s the sort of gift that can be displayed all the time and makes the most sense if she also has brown hair. There’s also a blonde version so you can tailor it to her hair color and make it more apt.


First Communion Keepsake

This is a special gift that’s described as “shabby chic” and will make a subtle yet pretty piece to hang in their room. It simply says “God Bless” and then has their name underneath in all lowercase letters. There’s a cross at the top to finish off the look.


First Communion Prayer Cube

With this prayer cube they’ll have a simple and handy way to read different prayers that will help them prepare for their First Communion day. These prayers are focused on what it means to receive the body and blood of Christ, and that means they can be used for each mass.


First Communion Glass Pearl Rosary

This rosary may not cost much, but it doesn’t look that way thanks to its silver plating. It gives the appearance of a pearl rosary, and comes with a decorative bag to hold it when not in use. Its colors make it a good choice for First Communion when white is the theme color for purity.

Prices Vary

First Communion Bracelet

She can wear this bracelet during the ceremony and then it will always hold a special place in her heart. It’s sure to go well with the rest of her outfit, and has the words First Communion with a cross on the silver plate shaped as a heart.


Personalized Picture Frame

This is a unique picture frame that has the frame mounted to a decorative background. You have several customizable options, including the color of the frame itself, and the color of the background board. Their name is printed on the background with calligraphy stylings.


First Communion Purse

This purse is sure to complement the rest of her outfit for her First Communion, and will become a keepsake that joins the other items worn on the day. It is white and looks very fancy and delicate and will pair up nicely with her dress, while holding a rosary or other light things.


Canvas-Wrapped Artwork

This fully customizable piece of artwork can be canvas wrapped so it doesn’t even need a frame and will make a great piece in their room. It includes their name, the name of the church where the ceremony took place, and the date, as well as a touching quote.


Custom First Communion Wall Art

This beautiful custom First Communion wall art will look great on the wall, and they keep it up all the time as a reminder of how they felt when they made their first communion. It’s a great gift that never goes out of style and can adorn a spot in their room and eventually a spot in their own house.


Hand-Stamped Personalized Bookmark

This personalized bookmark is something they can use long after their first communion. It’s stamped with a cross, their name, and the date of the ceremony. Whether they use it to keep their place in the Good Book, or use it with their other readings, it’s a thoughtful and useful gift.


First Communion Cross Earrings

It’s all in the details with these First Communion cross earrings. If she already have a bracelet and a necklace you can complete the look with these subtle earrings that are sure to catch the eye and be the perfect finishing touch. They can also be the earrings she wears to church each Sunday.


2 DIY First Communion Gifts


A Sweet First Communion

Make them this sweet treat and they’ll really There’s a secret compartment in the middle of the jar where you can stash some cash or a gift card and they won’t know it’s there until they open the candy jar later. Or you can tell them about it so they get even more excited for the gift.

“I Hope” Carousel

This carousel is full of special message from you that all start with “I hope..” where you send them your best wishes. You then include pictures from their First Communion and it becomes a thoughtful and creative gift that will surely stand apart from their other gifts.


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