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35 Must-Have Tools Your Dad Needs This Father’s Day

Many dads are of the handyman variety and as such love nothing more than tinkering away around the house, doing odd jobs here and there. This list of tools will give you an excellent selection of Father’s Day gifts for men of this type who won’t be interested in the normal type of presents.

Rotary Took Kit

Craftsman Drilling and Driving Kit

For the handy man dad this set of drill bits and accessories is a splendid Father’s Day gift. You’re saving not only money but also time on purchasing this 100 piece set which has the standard bits used in most household build projects. Includes 22 drill bits, 9 nut drivers and much more.


RAK Universal Socket Grip

This clever set has a universal adapter wrench attachment for power drills, and ratchet wrenches which automatically adjust to grip hex nuts, eye and lag screws and much more. Made from stainless steel and self-adjusting, the device comes with a power drill adapter turning any drill into a power screwdriver.


Zanlure Multifunctional Fishing Fingerless Glove

For a father that likes to go out on the water or fish from shore, this glove will be a great help to his craft. This multi-functional glove, which is also fingerless, is ideal for hiking or survival outdoors and have an associated flashlight to aid working in the dark.

Prices Vary

Ontel SpeedOut Damaged Screw Extractor & Bolt Extractor Set

This screw extractor can remove any stripped screw in 10 seconds or less and is made of 100% carbon steel. Working with any drill and any screw size or bolt, the device works on wood and machined screws as well as philips, flat, hex or painted over screws.


Victorinox Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool

This intuitive Swisscard is an exceptional multi-tool that leads the way in compact tooling. Made in Switzerland and now with a new mini-Led light, there are 13 tools on board including a blade, scissors, rulers and tweezers. Complete with a lifetime warranty, this is the real deal.

Prices Vary

Stud Finders Center-Finding Stud Finder

For DIY enthusiasts, this multi-scanner stud finder is a must have. With an LCD backlit display and an audible indication, this detector can find studs up to 38mm, and a metal bar or pipe up to 3 inches deep. Handily the device also indicates the presence of live AC wire.

Prices Vary

Topeak Mini Bike Tool

This terrific bike tool is used by amateurs and professionals alike and is made from high quality materials and components. Tested to ensure quality and durability, this elegant 1 piece super light folding tool is made from hardened steel and extruded aluminum, weighs 92g, and comes in its own bag.


Car Vacuum

Get your dad some help to sort out the car mess you leave behind with this powerful 106w car vacuum. The strong motor and robust turbine leave nothing behind and you can reach every spot with the 16ft long power cord, elastic hose and nozzle set.


All in 1 Grill Cleaner and Seasoning Tool

Help your father rock that BBQ with this handy tool. Designed to be used to keep your grill clean, it can also add a savoury layer to a hot grill and prevent sticking. Using lemon halves will allow easy cleaning or you can attach something else to bring the flavor direct to the BBQ.


Apollo Tools Household Tool Kit

This packed set covers just about every basic tool a handy man could want in his arsenal. Including a 4.8V cordless screwdriver, this collection has been chosen for its usefulness in everyday household and DIY tasks and will make those chores that little bit easier.


Portable Fidget Spinner Tool

Behaving like a fidget spinner, this handy tool with its six heads not only keeps hands busy during any work downtime but will also provide you with 6 different screwdriver bits, and the internal ceramic bearings ensure that everything rotates and moves at the same time.


Electronics Repair Screwdriver Set

This portable precision universal screwdriver set for electronics contains 28 magnetic screwdriver bits of Chrome Vanadium. An extendable shaft and a quality container all add up to making this a great Father’s Day gift. Specially designed to be portable and work with all


Yosoo Flexible Extention Screwdriver

Sometimes it’s not easy to fit a drill bit into a small gap or to certain types of screws. This rather strange looking device will allowed continuous use of the drill to even the most awkward of places by snaking its way round. A different way to look at an age old problem.


Lansky BladeMedic

This diamond tapered rod is ideal for fast reconditioning or maintenance as three or four strokes on the tungsten carbide face will restore your knives to proper working order. The serrated knife sharpener gets inside the smallest of serrations and the device is the ideal size to take with you anywhere.


The Tick Key

Ticks can be an annoyance after a day’s hiking or time spent in the fields, but with this tick remover getting rid of them has become a lot easier. Removing the whole head and thereby stopping the risk of infection, this is the perfect tool to carry with you in a tick infested area.


RHX Multi Tool Carabiner

One of the issues with multi-tools is that they get easily lost as they are not attached to anything. Fortunately, this carabiner style tool has the advantage of being clipped onto your side and thereby keeping your favourite tools at close range. Cleverly designed but yet stylish looking.


CHANGKU Emergency Survival Kit

Some fathers like to go outdoors and test themselves against the wilds, but what if they get into trouble? This terrific little survival pack will come to their aid and help to ensure they make it back to their families again. With 11 different functions, this is one multi-tool people will crow over.

Prices Vary

Magnetic Pickup Tool

When dad is engaged in DIY there comes those moments when you hear his cry and he’s dropped a screw or a significant bit of metallic equipment. Cut out his frustration by purchasing him this handy magnetic tool that will pick up and retrieve items for him.


Cardboard Tool Kit

What to do with all those leftover boxes after any seasonal holiday or house move? This excellent cardboard kit will turn these accidental toys into a creative adventure. With 28 reusable plastic “Scrus” and a Scru-Driver, the imaginative possibilities are endless. Suitable for 1 or 2 makers, aged 6 plus.


Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level

At some point every father will need to be kept on the level and with this triple attack device it won’t be a problem. There’s a fine-tuned tape measure, a triple positioned levelling bubble and a new laser level to provide perfect results. Supplied with a back-up battery for continuous use.


Laser Measure Morpilot Laser Tape Measure

This advanced laser measuring device comes in an IP54 housing to protect it and has enhanced measuring capability due to its 2 bubble measuring system. There’s a target card and glasses included in the set and an LCD backlight ensures you know what’s going on whatever the lighting.

Prices Vary

Ratcheting Wrench Set Ratchet Wrenches

This 22 piece ratcheting wrench set has a mirror finish and is made from extremely strong chrome vanadium steel. The 72 tooth ratchet gears need only a 5 degree working swing arc meaning that operating in confined areas has never been easier. Full box ends mean no rounding of bolts or nuts.

Prices Vary

Nite Ize Gear Tie ReusableRubber Twist Tie

This clever little Father’s Day gift will allow your handy man dad to secure little odds and ends as he works, without resorting to lots of tape or clamps. With strong wire inside the rubber coating, these little fixers won’t lose their shape and can be used indoors or outdoors in thousands of different ways.

Prices Vary

CH Hanson Magnetic Stud Finder

This stud finder is small and compact and will easily fit into any handy man’s pocket. There’s a 2 way level for ease of use and no batteries are required for this device. Powerful magnets allow it to be used hands-free but there’s also a soft grip for when it has to be handled.


Beard Shaping & Styling Tool

Beards are not something that just grows on a man’s face, but rather creations that need to be respected, cared for, and sometimes tamed. This beard shaping tool will give you perfectly symmetrical lines in no time at all and without an expensive trip to the barber.


LED Headlamp

This head torch will light up the way and then some more. There’s a set of 5 high performance LED bulbs to give you a visual range of up to 500 feet even when it’s pitch dark. The headlamp is powered by rechargeable batteries (included) and give 8-10 hours of working time before recharge.


Drill Till

Gardens, whilst being great to look at, can be a source of extremely hard work in order to get them into shape. Reduce that work with this all-in-one gardening tool which can be used for tilling, weeding, planting or digging. Protect your back and knees thanks to the extension rods provided in this kit.


The Chef’s Portable Multi-Tool

If your dad is a traveler or camper, or maybe just a part-time chef, then this handy multi-tool would make the perfect gift. Made from rust resistant stainless steel, this cheeky gadget even has a cheese grater, zester and garlic crusher featured amongst the tools it contains.


Premium Tool Pen by Mininch

This clever tool pen has stowed within it 16 different bits making it the most intuitive and convenient screwdriver tool available. Ergonomically designed and made from aluminum, a magnetic cap keeps the tool portable and pocketable as you’ll never know just when you’ll need it next.

Prices Vary

Tac-Force LED Tactical Rescue Pocket Knife

One can never tell when a knife will come in handy to cut someone free or be used to cut away excess material. This spring assisted folding knife has a rapid one handed deployment and will lock securely into place with a liner lock. A light is also available on the knife.


ZenNutt Magnetic Wristband

Often when working, screws, nuts or bolts can get away from the handyman as he needs more than 2 hands to hold everything. This magnetic wristband keeps everything in place and leaves your hands free. A practical and thoughtful Father’s Day gift for any handyman.

Prices Vary

Bungee Cord Garage Organizer Storage Tool

The key to happy working is often said to be a tidy mind but maybe it’s more of a tidy garage. This hook will help keep your garage tidy by storing cords, ladders, hoses and even bikes up off the floor, allowing the workspace to be easily accessible and less cluttered.


Multi-Tool Box of Wonders

These clever tools are designed with an animal incorporated into every tool to make them more aesthetically pleasing than your average tool without losing any of the functionality intended. Ultra thin and made in stainless steel, this is a multi-tool set with a difference. Made in Portland, USA.


Bristle Free Grill Brush

Grills can be the hardest things to clean but that was without this innovative design. Featuring two continuous springs to get the grease and food off your grill, there are no rough edges to cut you or dangerous metal bristles which can fall out into food. Made in Pittsburgh, USA.


3 Helpful Homemade Diy Tools

3 Homemade Diy Tools

Sometimes it can seem you are paying out for every new tool you need or you will have to bodge it with something unsuitable. Check out this blog video which will show you how to make some tools of your own without the need to spend large amounts of money.

Diy Drill Press Vice

One of the most important tools a wood worker can have is their vice. With this video you can see how to make a wooden vice of your own without breaking the bank to get all the parts. Instructive and with great demonstration technique, this video will help you create your own vice.

Diy Saw Horses

For large DIY projects it can be great to have large saw horses available to hold and support your long wooden planks. This blog will show you in great detail how to plan and make these items to such a standard that they will last for years.

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