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39 Funny and Thoughtful Father’s Day Shirts for The Best Dads Ever

As with most annual occasions, you don’t want to be buying the same gift every year. If you think that you want to get the special men in your life something different this time around, check out this list of Father’s Day shirts. It doesn’t matter what he’s into, you’ll find something for him in here.

I Make Cute Babies T-shirt

This is the perfect Father’s Day gift for you to give to the father of your children. Made from 90% cotton and in a light grey, this t-shirt declares “I Make Cute Babies” across the front of the tee. He’ll wear it while he’s out with his children so people can see it for themselves.


Hilarious ‘Dogs on Bikes’ Shirts

These have been a bestseller this last year and dads can’t get enough of these super soft and hilarious tees of Dogs on Bikes! 15 breed designs are currently available, including- black lab, boston terrier, corgi, golden retriever, french bulldog, beagle, english bulldog, yorkie, chihuahua, jack russell, shih tzu, husky, dachshund, rottweiler and pekingese.

World’s Best Farter, I Mean Father T-Shirt

If someone lets off a fart in your family, you can be certain that it was Dad. And this t-shirt is proof of that. Not only does it let everyone know how much of a good farter he is, it also shows them that he’s a great father too, and no amount of gas will change that.


This is What An Amazing Dad Looks Like T-Shirt

When it comes to Father’s Day shirts, this one says it all. You can choose from 5 different colors which means you’re guaranteed to get one he will love. Everyone he passes in the street will know how much of an amazing dad he is just by the tee he’s wearing.

Prices Vary

Reel Cool Dad

Is your dad a bit of a fisherman? If he loves lazing by the lake for a couple of hours hoping to catch some fish, he’ll love this fishy pun tee. With the phrase “Reel Cool Dad” and a rod and a fish, Dad will love wearing it while he’s out with his fishing buddies.

Prices Vary

Star Wars Rogue One Darth Vader #1 Dad T-shirt

Rogue One was a massive hit in 2016 and with most men absolutely loving the Star Wars franchise, your dad or father of your own children will wear this tee with pride. Not only does it have Vader on the front, it also says #1 Dad.

Prices Vary

Fifth Sun Star Wars Yoda Best Dad Ever T-shirt

This official Star Wars merchandise tee is ideal for the Star Wars loving father in your life. As well as a picture of Yoda on the front, there’s also the words “Yoda Best Dad Ever” printed across the chest which any fan of the franchise will love.


My Pull Out Game Is Weak Fathers Day Shirt

Whether you’re a new dad or one who’s been in the game for years, this t-shirt is sure to raise a few smiles from you and any friends or family who read it. The soft jersey knit tee has the words printed directly into it which means there won’t be any fading.


Baby Daddy T-Shirt

The perfect gift for your husband’s first Father’s Day, not only will this tee tell everyone that he’s a dad but when he’s out with you and your children, they’ll know that he’s spoken for. Baby Daddy is the best title he’ll ever get so this t-shirt will become his favorite item of clothing.


A Sons First Hero a Daughters First Love Dad T-Shirt

If you’re looking for a more meaningful and thoughtful gift this Father’s Day, buy him this tee and make him feel all emotional. The bond between a dad and his children is priceless and this shirt explains how they’re different for sons and daughters.

Prices Vary

Daddysaurus Rex Shirt

In a range of colors and sizes, this tee is a must have for any dino loving dad. With the words “Daddysaurus Rex” and a picture of a T-Rex on the front, he’ll love the dinosaur pun and might even start making his kids call him that instead of regular ol’ Dad.

Prices Vary

My Favorite Daughter Gave Me This Shirt

A daughter’s first love is her daddy and if he is a decent dad, he’ll be the one who shows her how she should be treated by a man. If she thinks the world of him, this t-shirt is the perfect Father’s Day shirt for her to give him and he’ll wear it with pride.

Prices Vary

Marvel Hulk Father’s Day Incredible Dad T-Shirt

Comic books and superhero movies are big business now and Dads are getting to relive their love of them through their children. Buy this tee for your children’s Dad this Father’s Day, he’ll love being called an Incredible Dad and having The Hulk across his chest.

Prices Vary

Yes I Do Have A Beautiful Daughter T-Shirt

We all know that Dad’s like to protect their little girls and when they bring home their first boyfriend, your Dad will be watching and waiting to pounce. This Father’s Day shirt will say everything he wants to warn him about, your new beau will be quaking in his boots.


Let’s Taco ’bout Our First Father’s Day Shirt Set

Who doesn’t want cute tacos on a tee for Father’s Day? As well as a t-shirt for your husband, there’s a matching baby vest for your newest bundle of joy. He’ll be beaming with pride, pushing his baby down the street in matching t-shirts.

Price varies

Fart Loading Please Wait T-Shirt

Available in black or white and 3 different designs, at least one of these t-shirts is likely to apply to your father. Made from 100% brushed cotton, your dad will love receiving one of these for Father’s Day this year, it’s a perfect gift.

Prices Vary

Father Son Pizza T-Shirt Set

Pizza is a delicious thing and incorporating it into everyday life is a must. If the father of your babies loves a slice or two, he’ll want to wear this tee every day. And to make it just that little bit better, this shirt also comes with a matching one for your child to wear.


Best. Dad. Ever. T-Shirt

Everyone thinks that their Dad is the best, but if you truly believe that and you want to show him off to the world, he needs this t-shirt for Father’s Day. Whichever of the 5 fabric colors you choose, the simple writing will stand out making it easy for passers by to read.


Just An Ordinary Demi-dad Shirt

Anyone with toddlers or young children will have seen the Disney film Moana and sung the song this t-shirt design is based on. Perfect for newer Dads, this bright blue tee will grab the attention of anyone who sees it and will raise a smile from fellow Moana fans.


The Grandfather T-Shirt

Father’s Day isn’t just about biological Dads. It can be used to celebrate the other influential male figures in our lives, included our Grandads. Buy him this t-shirt this year and show him just how much he means to you, it’ll probably make him smile a bit too.

Prices Vary

Gun & Son Of a Gun Matching T-Shirt Set

You’ve heard the saying “Son of a Gun”, haven’t you? Well now you can turn that phrase into a cute matching t-shirt set for your boy and his Daddy. With a choice of 3 colors, this set would make an adorable gift for your other half’s first Father’s Day.

Prices Vary

Best Buckin’ Dad Ever Shirt

Does Dad like taking part in hunting season? Gift him this tee for Father’s Day, it needs to be a part of his hunting gear. There’s a choice of 5 colors with “Best Buckin’ Dad Ever” on the front, along with a picture of a stag. He’s sure to love it.

Prices Vary

Papasaurus Rex Men’s V-Neck T-Shirt

Ideal for a dad or even a grandad, this Papasaurus Rex t-shirt will quickly become his favorite item of clothing. Make sure you get it in his favorite color and then watch him wear it day in day out, proud of his new title.

Prices Vary

The Man The Myth The Legend T Shirt

Show everyone just how legendary your father is with this epic tee. Choose from 3 fabric colors for the shirt and watch his face when he opens it. He’ll enjoy people knowing his kids think he’s a legend…isn’t that what we all want from our children?

Prices Vary

Papa Bear Shirt

If you’re looking for something different for a Father’s Day gift, look no further. As well as a protective bear’s face on the front, you can also have the year he became a dad printed underneath in Roman numerals. Not only does it look cool, it’s sentimental too.

Price varies

If Dad Can’t Fix It, We’re Screwed T-Shirt

Historically, men are known as the ones who can fix things and do the DIY around the house. If your dad is a typical manly man, this tee is a must for his Father’s Day shirt this year. Show Dad that even though you’re grown up, you still need him for some things.

Price varies

Super Kid, Mom, or Dad Family Tees

Perfect for family photo shoots, this set of matching t-shirts has something to suit every member of your family. Super Dad, Super Kid and Super Baby are included in this adorable set, and you can even get a matching dog bandana so your canine pal doesn’t have to be left out.

Prices Vary

Dad By Day Gamer By Night T-Shirt

Before he had kids, your husband had a whole other life. And if that pre-kid life included playing video games, chances are that he hasn’t been able to give that up. This tee will reveal what he gets up to when the children have gone to bed.

Prices Vary

Best Papa Ever T-Shirt

If you didn’t have Dad in your life when you were growing up, you might have had your Grandad step in to fulfil that role. Show him how much you appreciate that with this lovely cotton blend tee. He’ll wear it whenever he gets the chance.


The World’s Greatest Dad T-Shirt

Every Dad thinks that he is the world’s best father and if you agree with him, this tee will make a perfect gift for him this Father’s Day. It comes in 5 different colors so you don’t have to worry about him not liking it, just choose it in his favorite color and you’ll be safe.

Prices Vary

My Little Girl Will Never Have Daddy Issues T-Shirt

It’s natural for a Dad to want to protect his little girl, even when she’s a grown woman. The real test will be when she brings her first boyfriend home, will Dad go over the top and lose it? He won’t have to with this tee, it does the talking for him.

Prices Vary

World’s Best Step Dad T-shirt

When you remarry, one of your biggest worries is that your new husband and children won’t get on. If you’re lucky enough that they do and your children want to buy him a tee for Father’s Day, this one will do the job perfectly, especially if he’s also got kids of his own.

Prices Vary

You Can’t Scare Me I Have Two Daughters T-shirt

We’ve all heard that having a daughter is challenging, especially when they hit those dreaded teenage years. But what if you’re blessed with two of them? After dealing with their hormonal mood swings, nothing is likely to scare you and this tee says it all for you.

Prices Vary

Awesome Dads Have Tattoos and Beards T-Shirt

Whether you’re married to a bearded and inked man or your own father is one, this tshirt is an ideal Father’s Day gift. Let’s be honest, the beard makes a great comfort blanket (as long as he looks after it) and his tattoos are perfect for young children to practice their coloring.

Prices Vary

Copy Paste Dad and Me Shirts

A nod towards your nerdy husband, this computer themed father and child unisex t-shirt set is super adorable and is a perfect gift. It works even better if your child looks just like his Daddy, even though you carried him for 9 months and birthed him!


Best Father Premium Dad World’s Greatest No.1 T-Shirt

Buy him this tee along with a bottle of his favorite bourbon and you and the kids will be in his good books for weeks. Not only does it look like the label of his favorite tipple, it also has some really cute meaningful words to describe him as a dad.


Walking Dad Shirt

Perfect for fans of the hit TV show or the graphic novels, this shirt has a play on The Walking Dead printed across the front along with a silhouette of a zombie dad and a baby. And if you’ve been a parent for long enough, you probably know exactly what that feels like.

Prices Vary

Rad Dad T-Shirt

Simple and straight to the point, the big block letters on this Father’s Day shirt are easy to read and passers-by will know what type of dad your husband is. Or you could buy it for your own father to show him that even though you’re an adult, you still think that he’s pretty awesome.


3 Easy Diy Father’s Day T-Shirts

Diy Father’s Day T-Shirt

Making sure that the special dads in your life feel appreciated on Father’s Day is important but sometimes money restrictions stop that from happening. But don’t worry any more, this DIY tee will mean more to him than any store-bought item. It’s so easy to make and perfect for the kids to get involved with.

Diy Rad Dad T-Shirt

Get creative with the kids this Father’s Day and make him a t-shirt which will be 100% unique. Follow this tutorial and you’ll soon have an amazing tee which your husband is bound to love, especially once he knows that the children helped and put their own stamp on it.

Diy Father’s Day Handprint T-Shirt

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a new baby or older children, everyone will love making one of these for Dad on Father’s Day. It’s a great way to remember how small their hands were one day and you could even make it a yearly tradition to see how much they’ve changed over the years.

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