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33 Epic Gift Baskets for a Guaranteed Father’s Day Win

Save yourself the headache of wondering what to get your Dad this year and check out this list of Father’s Day gift baskets instead. There truly is something for every Dad in here, from chocolate filled hampers to BBQ baskets, your father’s special gift is right here.

Father's Day Gift Basket

Fit for a King Father’s Day Gift Basket

Treat your Dad like the king he is with this epic gift basket. All presented in a gorgeous leather tray, he’ll find some delicious gourmet foods including toffee popcorn and honey roasted peanuts. There’s also a bottle of chardonnay and a Cabernet Sauvignon, both of which go with the treats perfectly.

Price varies

Dan the Sausageman’s Mt. Rainier Gourmet Gift Basket

Every man loves meat and this gift basket from Dan the Sausageman will be perfect for the carnivore in your life. As well as summer sausage and a garlic red pepper one, he’ll find cheeses, mustard and an assortment of sweet goodies to round the feast off.


For the Master of the Barbecue

This awesome Father’s Day gift basket is perfect for any king of the barbeque. It not only contains the tools needed for a great grilling, like tongs and a cutting board, there’s also some delicious snacks, condiments and marinades which will complement a BBQ perfectly.


Fathers Are Forever Gourmet Food Gift Basket

If you want to get the father figure in your life something different this year, an edible gift is ideal. And this one doesn’t just come with tasty treats which he’s sure to love, there’s also a meaningful book included and a sentimental message on the basket it comes in.

Prices Vary

Ultimate Gift Basket

The perfect gift for any man who loves enjoying meats and cheeses. Included inside this gift basket are three delicious variations of summer sausage, as well as three different cheeses, crackers, pretzels and some mustard. Everything he needs to create a tasty meat and cheese feast.


Snacking Favorites Fathers Day Gift Basket

His eyes will grow wide as he receives this on Father’s Day this year. It looks super impressive and it tastes even better. He’ll find all of his favorite gourmet foods inside, such as salami, summer sausage, choc chip shortbread and a cocktail mix to wash it all down with.

Prices Vary

Father’s Day Gift Basket

Do you want to buy your Dad something other than the standard t-shirt or mug this year? He’ll love this meat and cheese crate which is jam packed with sumptuous sausage and heavenly cheeses. There’s also some crackers thrown in there to really make up the perfect edible present.


Father’s Day Sweet Treats Gift Baskets

We all think that men prefer savory foods over sweet but this isn’t always true. Show Dad just how sweet he is with this delicious basket which contains some tasty brownies and cookies. With four flavors of both cookies and brownies as well as a blondie, he’ll want to tuck in straight away.


Meat and Cheese Gift Set for Men

This gift has everything you need to give Dad the perfect present this Father’s Day. Original beef sausage, Monterey Jack cheese and some water crackers make a delicious snack, but if you want the full package, there’s also some smoked almonds, chocolate and even some tea.

Prices Vary

Father’s Day Cake Pops

Cake pops are a lovely present to give someone to show them how much you care. Dad will appreciate the thought behind these Belgian chocolate dipped ones and they’ll also be lovely to eat. If you’re lucky enough, he might even share them with you.


Father’s Day Beer Gift

It’s a massive cliché that men love beer but it is true in a lot of cases. And if your dad fits this stereotype, he’ll love this beer gift basket. Inside a steel bucket, he’ll find three different types of his favorite drink as well as some snacks which will go with them perfectly.


Wine Country The Connoisseur Gift Basket

Beautifully presented in a brown wicker basket and tied with a green bow, this Father’s Day gift basket is filled with some delicious snacks straight from the Wine County. There’s a perfect mix of both sweet and savory gourmet foods such as sea salt caramels and veggie sticks.


Father’s Day Basket

When it comes to Father’s Day baskets, this one has an amazing assortment of sweet and savory foods. It’ll contain all of his favorite foods, such as pretzel twists, sour apple hard candies and some Earl Grey tea which he can use to wash it all down with.


Father’s Day Berries

If you want a Father’s Day gift which isn’t generic but not quite as extravagant as a gift basket, this selection of chocolate covered juicy berries will be perfect. The oversized berries are dipped in tasty Belgian chocolate and then decorated with chocolate drizzle and candy appliques.


Father’s Day Gift Tower

This is the perfect gift for a snack loving father. He’ll wonder what’s inside this impressive gift basket tower and when he opens it and discovers what it contains, he’ll be in heaven. Popcorn, peanuts, and nougat are just some of the yummy goodies inside.


Great Arrivals Birthday Fishing Gift Basket

If your Dad or father of your children is really into his fishing, he’ll love receiving this Father’s Day gift basket. It has got all of the necessary items needed when he goes on a fishing trip, including fish hooks and a fish themed mug.

Prices Vary

Buffalo Bills Beef Jerky Sampler

The perfect snack for any time of day, this camo cooler is full of packets of beef jerky. It contains 12 packets of Buffalo Bill’s jerky, all in different flavors. And when he’s finished all the snacks, he can use the cooler for his next hunting or fishing trip.


GiftTree Golden Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket

Not only does this gift basket look extremely expensive, it’s filled with delicious gourmet foods which are so tasty to eat. There’s a wide selection of treats included inside this hamper, like champagne gummy bears, and eating them will make your dad feel super fancy and extravagant.

Prices Vary

Happy Father’s Day Gifts Baskets

This gift bucket is guaranteed to show him how appreciated he is; it’s filled with useful things which a Dad shouldn’t be without. These items include aftershave, wallet clip, travel mug and a bottle opener. The bucket can also be personalized with a special message to show him how much you care.

Prices Vary

Father’s Day Chocolate Gift Basket

It’s not just moms who want chocolates on their special day, dads do too, and this gift basket is guaranteed to satisfy that cocoa craving. There’s a heavenly assortment of tasty cookies, caramels and truffles, all of which Dad will love sinking his teeth into.


The Metropolitan Gourmet Gift Basket

This Father’s Day gift basket is sure to deliver sophisticated flavors with the gourmet foods which are included. They’re presented in a keepsake leather tray and include treats like honey roasted peanuts, crème caramels and lemon drops – Dad is sure to enjoy every last mouthful.

Price varies

The Man Can Gift Basket

Gift baskets are a great present to give to people but if you don’t want to give Dad an edible one for Father’s Day, why not give him a pamper hamper? The Man Can is filled with 100% all natural skincare products which are perfect for men.

Prices Vary

Catered Cravings Sweet and Salty Snacks Gift Basket

Your father won’t believe his eyes when he sees this waiting for him on Father’s Day. The Sweet and Salty gift basket is just what it sounds like, a basket which has been filled to the top with a variety of sweet and savory foods.


Father’s Day Junk Food Bucket

We constantly hear how bad junk food is for us, but indulging every now and again won’t do us any harm. And is there any better time for Dad to have a treat than on Father’s Day? This Junk Food hamper will let him get stuck into all his favorite tasty treats.


Father’s Day Savory Cheese and Nuts Tower

These gorgeous gift boxes have been specifically designed for your old man on Father’s Day. Inside the boxes, there’s a delicious mix of cheese and savory snacks which Dad will love getting stuck into while he relaxes in front of the TV with a cold beer.


Fisherman’s Gift Basket by Fishy Gifts

When Dad goes on one of his regular fishing trips, you want to make sure he’s got everything he needs while he’s sat beside the lake for hours. To stop you worrying, why not buy him this Fisherman’s Gift Basket for Father’s Day? Then you can rest assured that he’s well equipped.

Prices Vary

Father’s Day Chocolates

We always buy Mom chocolates for her birthday or Mother’s Day, and Dad doesn’t want to miss out. If he has a bit of a sweet tooth as well, he’ll love receiving this box for Father’s Day. There’s a delectable assortment of both milk and dark chocolates included inside.


Gourmet Mixed Nuts Gift Tray

A selection of nuts next to Dad’s armchair makes a great snack for him, and the best part is that they’re healthier than junk food. He’ll enjoy being able to dip in and out of this nut assortment which includes candied pecans and whole almonds.


Heart-Healthy Father’s Day Gift Basket by Well Baskets

If Dad has had a bit of a health scare recently, a gift basket filled with junk foods probably isn’t a wise choice for his Father’s Day gift. But this one is filled with heart friendly, healthy foods which still taste delicious but will be a little kinder on his body.

Prices Vary

Premium BBQ Gift

This is a necessity for every man who thinks he is King of the Barbecue, whether that’s the dad of your children or your own father. Inside the red basket is everything they need to have the best BBQ ever, including marinades, coffees and some Cajun flavored pretzels.

Prices Vary

3 Must-do Diy Gifts for Him

Diy Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is a popular snack for men but if you don’t want to buy the processed store-bought kind, here is a tutorial for you to follow so you can make your own. There’s also some great tips to ensure you get the best homemade beef jerky.

Diy Citronella Man-dles

Have you ever heard of Man-dles? If not, they’re basically a more manly version of a candle so they don’t smell all sweet and floral. This tutorial from Hello Glow will show you how to make some citronella ones for Father’s Day this year.

Diy Leather Mason Jar Sleeve

Turn Dad’s mug or favorite glass to drink out of into something a bit more manly looking with this handmade leather sleeve. Not only does it look impressive, it’s a lot easier to make than you think. Just follow the simple steps within this tutorial and you’ll have your own one in no time.

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