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39 Good Gifts for the Geekiest Dads – Nerdy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Stop worrying over what to get your Dad this year for Father’s Day and dive head first into this list. It’s filled with geeky items which are perfect for fans of sci-fi, superheroes or anything which falls under the umbrella of “geek”. If this sounds like something your Dad would love, his Father’s Day gifts are in here, waiting to be discovered.

Father's Day Geek Gifts

Moon MOVA Globe

Give Dad the Moon for his Father’s Day gift this year. Alright, it’s not the real thing but this accurate MOVA globe is a good alternative. It uses solar technology to gently rotate, eliminating the use for batteries or cables. It’s a great centerpiece for any dining table or work space.

Prices Vary

Black Walnut Desktop Edison Lamp

This is a lovely alternative design to the standard table lamp. Made from black walnut, the Edison bulb sits on top the 7” x 3” wooden block, giving it a different look and feel. Dad can place this on his desk and his colleagues will continuously ask where it’s from.

Prices Vary

Learning Resources Anatomy Models Bundle Set

Perfect for all science geeks, this set of four anatomy models will be ideal for learning all about how the human body works. Every model is accurate and contains all the correct pieces in the right places, so you can get stuck in and see how every part of the human body works.


Brain Specimen Coasters

These glass coasters will be such a talking point whenever anyone comes to your house and you offer them a drink. They have been printed with brain slices which when stacked together, make up a complete brain which is an awesome sight to look down on.

Prices Vary

Realm of The Elves

For all fathers who are fans of the LOTR series, this candle would make an excellent gift for them. With scents of fruit notes and lush greenery, it smells exactly how you would imagine the realm of the elves to smell. And as a bonus, it’s made from soy and is eco-friendly.


Albert Einstein Computer Sitter Bobblehead

Give Dad some genius inspiration the next time he’s sat at his computer with this Albert Einstein computer bobblehead. He’ll stick to the top of the monitor screen or a shelf and Dad can look at him when he needs moments of inspiration or a new genius idea.

Prices Vary

Space Explorer Patch

Dad can add this to his backpack, coat, or even a hat and show off his childhood dreams to everyone. It irons on so it’s easy to attach and it adds a touch of geekery to any item of clothing. Who needs to actually go to space to be called a space explorer?

Prices Vary

Star Wars Music Box

This would look amazing on any shelf or desk in your Dad’s world; everyone will ask him about it when they see it. Made from birch plywood, this hand cut and laser engraved music box has the Millennium Falcon on the top and Star Wars lasered into the wood.

Prices Vary

Build-On Brick Mug Coffee Cup

A perfect way for Dad to pass time while he’s at work; this mug is no ordinary one, as Dad can use building blocks or even LEGO pieces to design his mug however he wants. And the best thing is he can change the design whenever he wants to.

Prices Vary

Harry Potter Music Wooden Box

Is Dad still pining after that Hogwarts letter he never received when he was 11? Well, you might not be able to get him access to the Wizarding World as a Father’s Day gift, but you can get him this awesome music box. Crank it up to listen to Hedwig’s Theme from the magical series.

Prices Vary

Stance Star Wars BB8 Socks

Give Dad’s feet some Star Wars style with these amazing BB-8 socks. Made from a cotton blend, Dad can slip his feet inside this officially licensed pair and always be reminded of his favorite film series. They fit a men’s size 9-12 so Dad should be able to get into them comfortably.

Prices Vary

American Tourister Star Wars Hard Side Spinner

If your Dad does a lot of travelling, whether it’s for work or on holidays with your mom, this suitcase will be the perfect travel accessory for him. Inside, there’s plenty of space including a large mesh pocket on one side and straps which will hold all his luggage in place.

Prices Vary

Granvela Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Perfect for the father of your own children, this gaming keyboard will be a great addition to the late night gaming sessions he has after the kids have gone to bed. He can replace all of the switches by himself and there’s 9 backlight modes which all look super cool.


Albert Einstein USB Flash Drive

Why not store all of your documents and good ideas inside Albert Einstein? Ok, not the real man because that’s pretty impossible but have a look at this USB drive which is shaped like the genius himself. Fill up all 8GB with everything and anything.

Prices Vary


Ideal for Dad to keep on his desk at work, this little puzzle will keep his hands and brain busy at the same time. Brainstrings sounds simple; group the buttons of the same color together by sliding them along the puzzle, but you mustn’t get the bands inside all tangled up.


Chemist’s Spice Rack

Spice racks are a great accessory to keep in your kitchen but they look so dull sometimes. This chemistry spice rack looks amazing and will keep your cooking space interesting. There’s space in here for 14 different herbs and spices to use in all your meals.


Sundial Compass

This beautiful brass sundial is small enough for Dad to keep in his pocket or on a shelf at home. It comes presented in a lovely teak box which has a brass anchor sitting on the lid, and the box is also velvet lined which will keep the amazing sundial safe at all times.


LYMFHCH Moon Phase Astronomy Space Watch

When you need Father’s Day gifts, this moon phase watch is definitely something out of the ordinary. Watching the different lunar phases is something we all like doing and this watch not only looks good but you’ll always know where in the moon’s calendar we are.

Prices Vary

elago AirPods Strap for Apple AirPods

Air Pods are amazing but there’s a high chance you could lose them as they’re not attached to a cable. Well this Air Pods strap will change all that. They have a tangle free design which means they’ll always be free of any knots which you usually get in headphones.


Solar System Crystal Ball

This would be an excellent addition to any room in the house and it would get so much attention whenever visitors see it. Inside the clear crystal ball is a 3D laser engraved solar system, complete with their names. It also has 6 light modes, making it always look different.


Travel Cord Roll

When travelling a lot, remembering to bring every cord and charger you need can be difficult. But with this travel cord roll, you won’t need to worry again. Fill it up with every cord you’ll need for your trip, close it, and they’ll arrive safely with no knots.


Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition

Give Dad a blast from the past for Father’s Day this year. He’ll remember the NES from his early days and this classic edition console will look exactly as he remembers it. There’s a lot of pre-installed games included too, including Super Mario Bros, Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda.


Antique Book Wood Facial Tissue Dispenser

We all need tissues every now and again, but tissue boxes aren’t exactly pleasing to the eye. This tissue dispenser will look much better placed on a coffee table or work desk, and when you run out of tissues, you’ll have a lovely stack of books to look at until you replace them.


Dinosaur Never Forget Iron on Embroidered Patch

This would be an excellent patch for Dad to add to his cap or work bag. It features a dinosaur with an asteroid going over its head and the words “Never Forget”. It’s the perfect accessory for any dinosaur loving dad, he’ll love receiving it on Father’s Day.


elago Keyring Headphone Splitter

This is a gift for you as much as Dad because with this awesome gadget, you’ll be able to share your music with him. Pop this device into the audio jack and then plug in two sets of headphones, one for you and one for Dad. Now he can get up to date with modern music.


Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit

Great for beginners who want to get into model making, this kit will allow you to build a catapult. It comes with all the pieces pre-cut, making them ready to assemble with the glue provided. Dad can build this with your help and then display it wherever he likes.


NASA Logos Iron on Patch

Add a touch of space fashion to your clothes with this awesome NASA iron on patch. You don’t need to be a real astronaut to wear this, you can just be an admirer of them and of all things space-y. They’re super easy to apply and you’ll find them quite addictive.


Segreto Living Room With Sweet Hedgehog Succulent Pot

Does Dad take pride in his garden? If he’s got a lot of free time, he might enjoy turning his outdoor space into a paradise, so it makes sense to buy him something for it. And this cute plant pot will fit right in, no matter what he decides to plant in it.


Periodic Tableware Laboratory Beaker Wine Glass

Give your nightly glass of wine a scientific touch with this super cool lab beaker wine glass. It looks like it’s come straight from the lab and you’ll be able to pour out the exact amount you want. Science is so much fun, isn’t it?


Academy da Vinci Clock

Not only does this make a great decorative Father’s Day gift for a shelf or desk, you can also use it to tell the time if you want to. It’s a model based on Leonardo da Vinci’s sketch, and, as the heavy pendulum is the power source, you won’t need any batteries or power cables.


Edu-Toys Leonardo Da Vinci Paddle Boat

Da Vinci had a lot of great ideas, and this paddle boat was one of them. Based on drawings and sketches found in one of his books, this model has snap together assembly which means you won’t need any glue. It’ll be available for display in no time.


Build Your Own Marble Coaster

Made from Baltic birch plywood, this is a great activity which your husband and your children can do together. Powered by a hand crank, they’ll need to build a mini roller coaster, using the instructions in graphic novel form, for their marbles to go down.


Carina Nebula Space Duvet Cover Galaxy Bedding

We all have fantasies about sleeping under the stars, but snuggling in a nice warm bed is a lot nicer. Why not bring the two together with this beautiful bedding set? It’s covered in a print of the Carina Nebula, perfect for all lovers of the stars.

Prices Vary

Ice Orb Levitating Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Not only will this super cool speaker sound amazing, it looks so sleek and smart as well. It’s designed to give 3D surround sound, and the orb floats above the magnetic base – it definitely doesn’t look like a traditional speaker. It also has NFC, making it easy to pair with other NFC devices.

Prices Vary

Harry Potter Black Cauldron Ceramic Soup Mug with Spoon

Serve your soup in a Harry Potter cauldron and you’ll feel like you’re at Hogwarts, stirring up a potion. All black, this cauldron mug also comes with a lid and a spoon so you can keep your liquid of choice warm and be able to stir it at all times.


Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle

Remembering to drink enough water isn’t always at the forefront of our minds; sometimes things get in the way and we forget. Now you won’t have an excuse with this bottle. It connects to a downloadable app and it actually glows when you need to have a drink.

Prices Vary

23andMe DNA Test Ancestry Personal Genetic Service

Give Dad the gift of knowing where he comes from this Father’s Day with this DNA ancestry kit. It’s so easy to do; simply provide a saliva sample in the comfort of your home and send it back. All that’s left to do is wait for the results and find out where your DNA leads you.


PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

The older generations can still be a bit wary of modern technology such as smartphones. Keep Dad’s mind at rest with this Smartphone Sanitizer. Pop your device inside and the UV light will keep it clear of any unwanted bugs or germs it’s picked up.


Marvel Comics Retro Thor’s Hammer Patch

Perfect for fans of Norse mythology or the Marvel comics, this iron on patch of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir will be well received. It would make a great addition to any clothing garment such as hats or bags and adds a personal touch to them.

Prices Vary

5 Creative and Geeky Diy Gifts

Diy 8-Bit Afghans

A great way to perfect your crochet skills, this tutorial from Geek Mom shows you how to turn simple granny squares into awesome geek pictures. Follow the instructions and you’ll be able to make Spiderman or even the TARDIS. A great alternative Father’s Day gift, especially when your budget is tight.

Diy Dr. Who Journal Cover

If your Dad is a fan of the sci-fi series Doctor Who, then he’ll love getting this homemade journal for Father’s Day. Take an ordinary journal and give it a Dalek makeover, using materials and colors you know Dad will love. It’ll be one of his favorite presents ever.

Diy Geek Dishes (LOTR, Star Wars, Zelda)

These homemade geek dishes are perfect if you’ve got some extra time to spend making Dad’s Father’s Day gifts this year. The instructions are really clear to follow and the best part is that you can choose Dad’s favorite geekdom and add it to a plate.

Diy Tetris Shelves

We’ve all played Tetris and know how addictive it can be. If your Dad loves the game, why not add it into his home décor with these Tetris inspired shelves? Follow this tutorial from Geek Home and you’ll soon have a set ready for Father’s Day.

Diy Etched Super Hero Glasses

Everyone has a favorite superhero, right? Make Dad one of these awesome DIY etched glasses and he’ll have something to remind him of his favorite one. Simply find the image you want, add some etching cream and you’ll soon have a lovely new glass for your Dad.

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