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28 Unforgettably Hilarious Father’s Day Cards – Unique and DIY Cards for Dad

It’s common knowledge that ALL dads appreciate a good corny joke, they just have to get everyone rolling their eyes, cringing and laughing, though that’s what we love them for, right? So you just know that he’s going to appreciate these super funny Father’s Day cards – which will you choose this year?

Once Upon A Time Card

You Are Hands Down My Favorite Parent

Let your dad know just how special he really is with this super funny “you are hands down my favorite parent – please don’t tell mom” card, guaranteed to give him a big grin on Father’s Day morning. The card can even be sent straight to him with a lovely message from yourself, inside.


Muggle Funny Father’s Day Card

While you may not be able to get hold of his (rather belated) Hogwarts acceptance letter, you can still bring magic to Father’s Day with this hilarious, yet lovely, Harry Potter themed card. It reads “if I had to be born to a Muggle family, I’m glad it’s one where you’re my dad”. How sweet.


Dad Jokes Card

Dads and jokes go hand-in-hand, we all know that, whether said jokes are any good are not is a subject we will save for another day. However, regardless of how funny he THINKS they are, everyone still ends up laughing. So grab your lovable stand-up comedian this rather suited card.


Well Done Dad I’m Amazing

Congratulate him this Father’s Day by celebrating his greatest ever achievement, which is, of course, you. This wonderful card is like giving him a well-deserved pat on the back for raising such an awesome human being, it reads: “Well done Dad, I’m amazing” – which he’ll proudly display like a 1st prize trophy.


I Forgive You

It’s perfectly OK to have flaws; after all, everybody has them – though that doesn’t mean you can’t put the blame on your ol’ dad for yours. Whether it’s a big nose, weird toes, or a quickly receding hairline, have a good joke about it with this humorous card.


Inadvertently Inherited

From Cheeky Kumquat comes this seriously comical card for all of those incredible step-dads out there – they couldn’t possibly be forgotten – and we’re sure they love a good laugh just as much as the next guy, and they (and your mom) are certainly going to get it with this card.


Nailed It Dad Card

This card will bring back one of his favorite moments in life: conceiving you! Okay, this is getting pretty TMI, and no one wants that image in their heads, do they? Though let’s face it, a little recognition for that, urm…steamy night of passion wouldn’t go amiss, as hey, you wouldn’t be here otherwise!


Donald Trump Father’s Day Card

Oh wow, this is really the ultimate high of the parenthood journey. All fathers should really aim for this dad-defining certificate, an A-OK and thumbs up from Donald Trump himself – why else would anybody put themselves through years of temper tantrums, walking on LEGO and sleepless nights?


Amazing Daughter Funny Dad Card

Show your appreciation for his amazing fathering skills; after all, he’s raised you, and there’s no better way to congratulate him for that utterly brilliant achievement, than this awesome and hysterical Father’s Day card (from his favorite daughter). The insides are left blank so you can think up and write your own heartfelt message.


One Perfect Child

While Father’s Day may not be a competition against your siblings, it is kind of necessary to remind him that you are, of course, the perfect child – and you’ve never stepped a foot out of line, not once. Or this could just be a nice, gentle bribe to aid him into forgetting the times you have.

Price varies

Dad Well Done I’m Awesome

Show your pops just how clever and delightfully witty you are with this cool (just like you) card, from KellyConnorDesigns. The seller also has a cute matching mug listed for a complete gift, to remind him on the daily, whenever he sips at his tea, just how awesome his beloved daughter is.


Not Paying For My Wedding

Whether it’s a running joke between you and your dad that you’re embarrassingly single on yet another Father’s Day, or you’re just not the type to enjoy the hassle of ever getting married, you’re both sure to get a big laugh out of this unique and amusing card.

Price varies

Worlds Greatest Farter Card

A dad isn’t truly a dad unless he spends the day unashamedly letting out his famous, gruesomely stinky butt trumps and then blaming it on the poor dog (just think how he feels!), so this hilarious “world’s greatest farter/father” card is the perfect choice for that super smelly man in your life.


Favourite Financial Burden Dad

Don’t forget to thank him for all of the times he’s reluctantly given in after lots of promises that you’ll help with the chores, or behave at school, and reached for his wallet, whether it’s for those hundreds of bags of candy, your monthly phone bill, or y’know, your general (expensive) upkeep.


Things Dad Was Right About

It’s time to pluck up the courage, swallow down the pill of pride, and finally admit that your dad was actually right about all those things as you were growing up, like keeping things tidy is actually important, as is knowing when to stay quiet, saving your money, and taking a shower everyday – who knew?!


Amazing Daughter Card

Let your feelings out and show your pa how incredible you think he is with this lovely colorful card which reads “awesome dads raise awesome daughters”, which is obviously true. It’s also kind of like bigging your own ego up too, and there’s nothing wrong with that now, is there?


Happy Farter’s Day Card

Encourage him to freely let out his farts and laughs with this ultra funny “happy farter’s day” card – it’s bound to get him cheekily chuckling away as he opens it up and realizes what it says. If you’re looking for a card that’s…unique, this card is surely it, as everyone definitely parps differently.


At Least You Don’t Have Ugly Children

What could be worse than having and raising ugly children? The utter embarrassment would be unreal! Just kidding, though this card is super funny, for sure. The card says: “Dad, no matter what life throws at you, at least you don’t have ugly children” which will certainly brighten him up on the darkest of days.


Sleep Thief Father’s Day Card

For new dads who’re currently going through the joy of those endless sleepless nights with their adorable newborns, this card is perfect. What’s that saying ‘If you don’t laugh you’ll cry’? Well, that’s how it feels when you’ve got a baby that never sleeps, though this Father’s Day card will bring a welcomed funny moment.


Favorite Pain In The Ass

Why not shamelessly admit that you’re knowingly a pain in the ass this Father’s Day (though that’s what kids are for, right?). Everyone is sure to get a few laughs out of it, especially you, as you always get away with being a huge pain – we’re sure he wouldn’t have you any other way, though.


Hot Dad Alert

For a wife to her husband, this neat card is great for showing appreciation to her sexy, lifelong parenting partner. The front of the card reads “hot dad alert” and even has a cute heart stamped inside for that extra sweet touch that you don’t get from store-bought items.


Raising a Proper Lady Card

If your dad has a great sense of humor, he’s sure to love this utterly hilarious card which plays with the fact that you’re a proper lady. If you and your pops openly swear around each other, it’ll create no problem at all, only those belly-laughs that everyone enjoys making their dad do.


I’m Not A Crackhead

In this day and age, this is probably actually something to be proud of, so tell him just how great a dad he is for teaching and not allowing you to become a full-blown crackhead – that’s not a route anyone should go down – so he’s done a good job.

Price varies

Thanks For Putting Up With My Shit Card

It’s time to put your hands up and admit that yes, you are in fact quite the handful and you’ve got a little bit of a potty mouth but hey, that’s probably why he loves you…ahem. Make a joke and laugh about it together, with this whimsical card.


I Was The Worst Teen

With age comes maturity and so, when you look back at your younger teenage years it can often come with guilt that, on reflection, you actually kind of treated your parents like dog poop. With this card you can say sorry for everything and we’re sure he’ll understand, forgive and forget.


Your Dilf Game Is Stronge

Show your hot husband just how much you still have heart eyes just for him with this incredibly funny card. On the front of the card it has written: “your DILF game is strong” (if you’re unsure what DILF means, we’d recommend googling it, though maybe with the NSFW block on.)


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