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11 Gifts for the Fantasy Football Lover

If you’re trying to find a gift for the fantasy football lover in your life you’ll soon see that it’s all about catering to their needs each Sunday.

11 Gifts for Fantasy Football Lovers- your football fan will love these.

1. Draft Sharks Membership

If you want to own your league, it’s nice to have a little help from the guys over at Draft Sharks. Featuring up-to-the-second news and recommendations for who to pick up, and who to let go, you’ll have a decided advantage to those fumbling with mainstream news sources.


2. Fathead Wall Decals

Nothing comes close to the vivid detail and high quality used to make Fathead wall decals. They have all of the NFL’s hottest players, so you’re sure to find your favorite in a lifelike rendering ready to bust off of your wall and make a big play.


3. NFL Recliner

With so many games to watch each Sunday, you have to have a comfy place to sit, and why not make it a recliner with your favorite NFL team’s logo on it? Of course it also makes a great chair for the offseason, when you’re watching the Draft, etc.


4. 3D HDTV

If you thought movies looked good on 3D the real action is in watching sports, specifically football. The ruggedness of the game never looked better than when it appears to be coming into your living room.


5. NFL Sunday Ticket

Right now DirecTV has a monopoly on the NFL and is the only place where you can watch every game each Sunday, with a cool interface that allows you to preview all of the games on one screen, and select which ones you want to watch.


6. Actual Tickets

The only thing better than following the games at home is being at the actual game and watching it first-hand, as it happens. ScoreBig allows you to choose your price and seating area and then matches you with tickets that meet your request.


7. Any Given Sunday on Blu-ray

The speech that Al Pacino gives on inches is something that will stir up any die hard football fan, and in fantasy football who wins and loses can come down to hundredths of a point. Pacino never looked better than he does on Blu-ray.


8. NFL Game Rewind

With all of the games happening all at once, it can be hard to catch all of the action. Wrap-ups on ESPN can only do so much, and Game Rewind is handy because it allows you to go in and quickly find the game you want to watch, and also skip to the most important parts of the game.


9. Personalized Jersey

Since players can come and go so quickly in FF it’s best to just get your own jersey so you can still support your favorite team without necessarily pledging allegiance to any specific player. It can be hard choosing between getting a replica or the official jersey, and it really depends on how rough you’re going to be with it.

$50 and UP

10. Game Day Party Supplies

Hosting an NFL party for your fellow fantasy players can be a ton of fun, so make sure you’ve got what you need to do it in style. After all, playing fantasy football is all about creating that air of supremacy. Try this inflatable beer cooler, which can be used and reused at future parties.

11. iPad or Nexus 10

With so many stats to keep track of, and everything being updated in real time, a smartphone is just too small, and a laptop is too cumbersome. A tablet is the way to go and the two best ones for fantasy football tracking are the iPad from Apple and the Nexus 10 from Google. Just the right size with an HD screen on each.


8 DIY Gifts for Fantasy Football Fans

Football Jersey Koozies

These koozies are the perfect pick for the fantasy football player in your life. Be sure you find out which players are their favorite so you can make them look like the actual jerseys they wear. Make up their whole fantasy team if you feel ambitious.

Football Strawberries

These strawberries are chocolate coated and decorated to look like footballs. If you make these up on football Sunday you’ll be their favorite person for sure. They not only look great, but they taste great too!

Football Shaped Burgers

Wow the crowd that gathers on Sunday to watch the games and keep track of the stats with these football shaped burgers. Of course they taste just as good as a regular burger, they just have the novelty of looking like a football.

Gameday Glasses

When they pour a cola into these glasses they really look like footballs thanks to the brown color. These are the perfect glasses to use when watching a game and having a nice cold beverage along with your snacks.

Frozen Footballs

If their fantasy team wins they’ll eat these frozen footballs as part of the celebration. If they lose they can use this as a treat to help dull the pain. Either way they’ll be glad that you made them, and it’s a nice sweet item to follow up salty snacks with.

Four Seasons Sign

For a football fan there really is four seasons, and one of them is football. It consumes them throughout the season as they watch their fantasy team vie against others. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Football!

Football Soap

Since they’ve got football on the brain all season you might as well go along with it and make them this football soap. When they’re washing up in the shower it will remind them to check in and set their lineup for the week.

Football Tart

Here’s the new Sunday favorite! Make it once and they’ll want you to make it again and again. It may look a little complicated, but they show you all of the steps so you can be sure that it will turn out great when you make it.


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