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43 Gifts Your Whole Family Can Enjoy

Quality time is different for every family. For some it’s outdoors time, for some it’s vacations, for some it’s dinner time every night, and for some it’s family game night. Whatever your family flavor, there’s something on this list for your family to enjoy together.

When it’s time for family time you can count on these gifts to make things even better. It’s a nice gesture to buy a gift the whole family can get excited for, and these gifts are some of the best around. From classic games that everyone can play, to new games that will get people talking and teach you something new about your family members, there’s something here for every family.

Family Tree Photo Holder

This is the perfect gift for sentimental parents or grandparents. It’s a tree crafted from bronze, with four matching bronze photo frames. It’s over a foot tall a foot wide. Put your family memories and portraits here. A great accent piece for a living room or an office.


Indoor Snowball Fight

Woohoo! Snowball fight! This fun family game is for families who live in warmer climates that still want to pelt each other with snowballs. What makes this game special is that there’s no water, anywhere. It’s a pack of forty three inch wide snowballs. The directions are simple. Get them out, and start throwing.


Holiday Film Collection

This 4-disc DVD collection includes twenty classic holiday films. Sure, the latest generation or two of holiday movies are fantastic. Home Alone and Polar Express are awesome, but you can’t let your kids grow up without sitting them down in front of The Miracle on 34th Street.


Vintage Popcorn Popper

Family movie night is not complete without a fresh batch of hot buttered popcorn. This vintage popper does it the old fashioned way. It sits on the stovetop and has a wood-handled crank arm to keep the kernels from burning on the pan. Teach your kids that the best popcorn comes from a pan, not a bag in the microwave.


Zombie Car Stickers

This is a funny little take on the family stickers you see on the back window of minivans and SUVs all over the country. It’s a cute family of zombies. There’s a zombie mom, dad, two zombie teenagers, two zombie toddlers, and an undead cat and dog. Give your kids a laugh every day, every carpool with this one.


Cards Against Humanity

If you’ve never played this game with your family, you have to get it. Now. Open it up and play it right away. You need to have a family with good sense of humor, though. Everyone has to be willing to blush and laugh at themselves. This is a fun way to get to know your pops in a brand new way.


Wooden Family Birthday Plaque

This is a nice way to keep track of family birthdays. It’s a 16X8 wooden frame that reads “Family Birthdays” with all the months of the year written across the bottom. There’s a hook under every month, and personalized tags on rawhide strings for everyone’s birthday. Give this to yourself for Christmas so your kids never forget your birthday.


Super Family Pajama Set

This set of pajamas is specially designed for a family full of superheroes. It’s got blue plaid plants with a blue t-shirts. The shirts read Super Dad, Super Mom, Super Kid, and Super Baby. Put these under the tree, open them first, and then spend the rest of the day in Super Family Mode.

Prices Vary

Magnetic Picture Collage

Pictures on the fridge. Just about every family has them. They’re the best way to keep your family photos close at hand, because everyone’s life passes through the kitchen, no matter how busy. The problem is that the pictures always fall off—but not anymore. This keep them perfectly in place until you decide it’s time for them to come down.



Buy up properties. Put houses and hotels on them. You can go high-volume and low-rent, or you can go high-rent and low volume. You can learn how to make, save, and spend money. But you might go to jail. Directly to jail, without passing go and without collecting two hundred dollars.


Deluxe Croquet Set

Here’s a classic, mellow game to play outside on the lawn on a nice, lazy afternoon. This croquet set includes all you need to get it going. It’s got mallets, wickets, balls, end-posts, and a book of rules. Keep your family active and engaged during barbecues and other outdoor events.


Badminton/Volleyball Combo Set

This is another one for the family that loves their outdoor games. It’s a combo badminton/volleyball kit that includes a net, a volleyball, four badminton racquets, four shuttle cocks, and one-hundred eighty feet of boundary lines. Watch out, though. The badminton can get intense. Don’t let the little rackets fool you.


Bocce Ball Set

Bocce is the game favored by old men across Europe. They gather at parks and play the game for hours on end. The thing is, it’s not the game they’re after. It’s the conversation and the companionship. Keep your family together and enjoying one another. The game is just an excuse to talk, laugh, and play.


Ozark Family Cabin Tent

This large, deluxe tent is a godsend for the family that likes to take extended car-camping trips. It’s got three rooms—a central family room, and two bedrooms on each end. There’s an entrance in each room, and each room has windows. It sleeps up to ten people comfortably.


The Elf on The Shelf

Santa knows who’s been naughty and nice, but he needs help. That’s where his elves come in. Not only do they make toys up at the North Pole, but they also go out and check up on the kids around holiday time. This holiday tradition is a worldwide bestseller, and comes in boy and girl versions.

Prices Vary

1980’s Retro Candy Box

The whole family will enjoy this. Everyone loves candy. Even families who don’t have candy around the house as a rule tend to let all that go around the holidays. This box comes with a selection of thirty different candies that were popular in the 80’s, like Jolly Ranchers, Sweet Tarts, and Nerds.

Prices Vary

FroYo/Ice Cream Maker

This a yummy way to teach kids that not everything comes from a grocery store or specialty shop. Make an afternoon of it with this combo frozen yogurt/ice cream maker. It makes up to one and a half quarts of your favorite cold dessert in twenty minutes or less.


Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

This one is great for families with younger children. Sunday breakfast could not be more fun than waffles shaped like Mickey Mouse. Mix up the batter, pour it in the waffle press, and minutes later take out delicious, golden brown waffles. Pour on the syrup, and have at it. Repeat as necessary.


Family Karaoke Pack

Find out who’s got talent with this Karaoke pack for the whole family. Load up the classics and watch Mom and Dad take it old school, or let the kids show ‘em who’s boss with the attest pop hits. This kit connects to your TV, and includes three CD’s filled with songs to get you going.

Prices Vary

Foosball Table

Every family game room needs a foosball table. This game is deceptive. It’s very simple, but it sucks you in. Before you know it, you’ve spent an afternoon together. No TV and no computer, just good old-fashioned fun. Family and friend will love this high-quality, competition-sized table.

Prices Vary


This is a classic game that never gets old. Twist yourself into a pretzel and fall onto the floor laughing. That’s the main idea with Twister. You can play competition twister for bragging rights, or you can do it just for fun on a random evening. Twister always wins.


Samsung Curved 4K TV

First televisions got flat. Then they got even flatter. Then the quality of the picture got crisper and cleaner. Now, the best viewing experience is no longer flat. It’s a curve. Give your family years and years of next-level viewing pleasure with this next generation fifty-five inch television.

Prices Vary

Nintendo Wii

Ten years ago, the Nintendo Wii change home gaming. It gave people a way to play video games in the comfort of their own home. What makes Wii special is that it’s active. You play games and sports with partners or with an online community. Get this game and get your family off the couch.


Playstation 4

The PS 4 is a great way to keep the family together by giving the kids something they love—video games. They’ll appreciate it if you meet them halfway. They’ll probably teach you a thing or two about gaming. But who are we kidding? We know you’ll be up past midnight eating cereal and perfecting your moves.

Prices Vary

Giant Jenga

This is a jumbo take on the classic family game. It Jenga as you know it, but instead, it’s made from pieces that are almost eight inches long, three inches wide, and two inches high. The Jenga stack reaches close to three feet tall. Clear out the furniture and have fun with this one.


Viper Dart Board Set

A pub-quality dart cabinet is the perfect way to finish off a game room. This one has a sisal fiber dartboard with a removable number ring. It’s got built in scoreboards, a game manual, and two sets of steel-tipped darts. The cabinet is made from solid pine and has a dark mahogany finish.


Scrabble Deluxe

Scrabble is the go-to game for families with a literary, bookish bent. This deluxe kit comes in dark mahogany box with matching solid wood tiles and tile holders. The board is mounted on a lazy susan and comes with a gold-toned hourglass-style timer. Get your family word-nerf on with this great kit.


Life Size Bowling

This inflatable game takes the phrase “be the ball” to a whole new level. You get in the seven-foot ball and start running. Streak down the alley, knock down the pins, then slide right out and see who can do better—it’s as simple as that. This one is great for backyard summer fun with the family.


Apple TV

The television of the future will be completely integrated with computer applications. You’ll watch shows on your TV the same way you stream videos on your smart phone. With the Apple TV, the future is now. You connect it to your flatscreen via your HDMI cable, and use the Siri and the remote so earch for your favorite shows.

$149.00 and up

The Big Grid Family Organizer

Families with kids are busy, busy, busy. Sports practices, after-school activities, work schedules, regular homework, and special projects can get overwhelming. This family organizer helps keep families on track by making it easy to plan and track all your family events. Decrease stress, and include some family fun time in the schedule.

Prices Vary

Chalkboard Table Runner Set

This table runner has chalk-ready material set into a burlap table runner. Most families use these for special occasions like birthdays or graduations, but we think these would be great to use all the time. You can draw pictures, leave messages, or play play tic-tac-toe at every family meal.

Prices Vary

Lego Wii U Starter Pack

This Wii starter pack is the perfect way for families with younger kids to explore world of Wii. This game interacts with the LEGO world to stimulate the imagination and provide hours of family fun. Everything in this kit is compatible with other LEGO Wii products. Buy this, then build up the fun over time.


Original Weber Kettle Grill

Outdoor grilling doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need a fancy gas-grill with all the bells and whistles. All you really need it one of these. The standard black grill, a bag of charcoal, and your grilling meat of choice. All the rest is fluff. Get your family a Weber Kettle, and you’re all set.


Emergency Clown Nose

In case of emergency, break out the red nose and start goofing off! Every family needs a way to relieve stress, and this whimsical gift does the trick. It’s a red clown nose in a medicine jar. It’s there, ready for use whenever needed. It’s the healing power of laughter.


Personalized Family Pillow

This handcrafted family pillow puts the whole family on the couch. You can customize it your family size, and everyone will be there with room to spare. Include extended family, pets, or even friends. This pillow is made from cotton and flax.


Six Person Picnic Set

Family meals can happen anywhere. In parks, at outdoor concerts, or even out in the back yard. This picnic set fits into an integrated, insulated backpack. It comes with a blanket with a waterproof base, and plates, cups, and plastic flatware to accommodate up to six people.


Family Fishing Fun Pack

Fishing is not about catching the fish. Well, that does help, we’ll admit. But it’s more about getting outside and spending the day away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This pack includes two rods and reels, prespooled with fishing line to make it easy to get started.

Prices Vary

Intex Outdoor Pool

Bring the swimming pool to your backyard with this above-ground pool kit. This pool can be set up and ready for eight thousand gallons of water in an hour. It’s made from durable, laminated PVC sidewalls. It comes with a filter system, a maintenance DVD, and a water volleyball set.

Prices Vary

Allwood Vacation Cabin Kit

Here’s a robust project for the whole family. It’s a wood cabin kit designed for lakefront, beachside, or mountain property. It could be used as a pool house, or a guest house—anything you can dream up. Its one hundred sixty-two foot floor plan does not need any interior finishing. The entire thing can be built in a day.


Family Game Pack PS 4

This PS 4 Family pack will get you started in the wide, wild world that of Playstation. This set has all the family classics adapted to the world of video games. Play Monopoly, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Risk, and more. Re-imagine family game night with this fun set.


Canadian Rockies Adventure

Experiences last a lifetime and enrich the soul. This one week multisport adventure in the Canadian Rockies will be a life-changer. You’ll see the majestic mountain landscape and wildlife up close and personal. The trips includes hiking, mountain biking, dogsledding, day trips along the Icefield Parkway, and luxurious soaks in restorative hot springs.


“We’re Going to Disneyworld!”

No family gift list can be complete without including a trip to Disneyworld. The land of Mickey is all about the family. Choose a centrally located hotel, and visit all four Disney Theme Parks in one week. There’s Walt Disney World, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom. You’ll be exhausted, but glad you did it. And so will your kids.

$2,241.00 and up

6 DIY Gifts for the Whole Family

Hershey’s Christmas Tree

Everyone loves two things: chocolate and kisses. And around the holidays, everyone loves Christmas trees. This gift combines all three in one yummy package. It’s a twenty-five step process that yields a tree of Hershey’s kisses. Make one for ever family member, and on Christmas morning, they’ll all be smiling.

Rootbeer Reindeer

This is about as simple as it gets. You just need a half dozen brown pipe cleaners, a pack of googly eyes, red paper and glue, and you can transform a six-pack of root beer into a sleigh full of merry Christmas reindeer.

Paper Plate Clock

Keep everyone in the family on time with this family clock. This tutorial has a generic print plate, but you can change it up and make this into a festive holiday clock that everyone can enjoy. All you need is a holiday themed pate, a simple clock, a pen, and some velcro. It takes less than an hour.

Holiday Welcome Mat

When your family comes to visit for the holidays, you can surprise them before they even get inside with this welcome mat. This three-step process is easy. You’ll need a natural fiber doormat, painter’s tape, scissors, newspaper, and your imagination. In one afternoon you’ll have a gift the family can enjoy for years.

Emergency Cash

This funny idea is sure to make everyone laugh. It’s emergency cash–who doesn’t need some of that? This one is originally designed as a graduation gift, but as we all know, cash is versatile. You take a couple of twenty dollar bills, put them against a fancy background in a glass picture frame with the title “In An Emergency–BREAK THE GLASS” It’s perfect.

Wood Art Bricks

These wood bricks are a smart and attractive addition to any garden or patio. You’ll need two bricks, acrylic paint, modge podge, and paper letters (unless you want to paint them yourself). The best thing about this idea is that it’s good for the whole holiday season. One side of the bricks can say “Merry Christmas” and the other can say “Give Thanks”.


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