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25 Most Expensive (And Legendary) Valentine’s Gifts for Him

Sometimes, the best way to show your love is with a gift with a hefty price tag. If your boyfriend is worth every dollar in the universe, you should definitely think about picking him up a Valentine’s present from this collection of unbelievably awesome gifts.

The Life Size Tyrannosaurus Skeleton

Let’s face it, most of us go to the museum for the dinosaur fossils. If your loved one is a fan of paleontology, this life size replica of Stan the Tyrannosaurus Rex is the Valentine’s gift that will make him happier than ever before. 40’ in length, this museum quality skeleton is simply incredible.


Super Bowl MVPs Authentic Helmet

Are they a super sports fan? There are so many awesome and exciting sports gifts available on the internet, but not many are as cool as this one. Signed by some of the biggest names in the game, football lovers will be over the moon to open up this helmet in February.

Prices Vary

World’s Largest Pac Man

Anyone that likes to play arcade games will feel lucky beyond their belief to unwrap the world’s largest Pac Man game. That’s right, standing at 9’ tall and boasting a 108” LED screen, this brilliant piece of technology has been created by Bandai Namco and really summarizes the magic of this classic game.


Tiny House on Wheels

It’s always good to have a spare of something, even houses. If your man could do with a place to build a man cave or special den, this house on wheels is the way to go. With room for everything he needs, solar power, a shower, bath and even more, this awe-inspiring gift will make him smile.


The Hydro Powered Jetovator

Everybody wants to have the ability to fly, but unfortunately not many people get the chance. With the help of this fantastic hydro powered Jetovator, the lover in your life will be able to float around at 25’ above the water thanks to the power of the included water jet nozzles. See it in action right here.


Eagles Greatest Hits II Autographed Album

If your other half is the biggest Eagles fan in the entire world, this is the Valentine’s gift that they will never forget receiving. This vinyl LP of their greatest hits volume 2 look absolutely awesome inside its frame. The best part is it has been signed by everyone involved in this musical masterpiece.


Portrait of Sacagawea by Robert Schoeller

Say hello to this beautiful portrait in time for February. Featuring a direct descendant of the woman herself, the portrait showcases Sacagewea and her child, and has been created by the world-renowned artist Robert Schoeller for the anniversary of the Lewis and Clark expedition. A one of a kind present.


Rolling Stones Autographed Guitar

When their cool, hit track ‘Start Me Up’ was released, the Rolling Stones decided to commemorate this brilliant song by signing this lovely looking Squier by Fender guitar. Encased in a frame, fully authenticated and great to look at, it is the ultimate way to own a bit of rock’s history.


The Personal Submarine

What is the best way to say ‘I love you’? With a submarine! If you are looking to splash the cash, invest in this 2-person submarine that will take them to new and exciting depths. With the ability to dive up to 1,000’ under the surface, it is the kind of gift that can change their life.


The Chainmail Sharkproof Suit

Used by marine biologists since 1978, this shark proof suit is ideal for anyone that has an interest in these brilliant creatures. Constructed from chainmail and featuring protection for the entire body, this suit will keep its owner safe and will look great wherever it rests.


Hot Tub Boat

Say hello to the future! Electric powered and ready to help him relax, this boat is unlike any other. Take it out on the water and enjoy the benefits of a 6 person hot tub that boasts a built in Mp3 player with a waterproof speaker and much more.


Maurice Richard Signed Photo

This Valentine’s Day, treat your man to something he will really love. If he is a huge fan of the NHL, you can get him this extremely rare collectible. Autographed by Maurice Richard and featuring a picture of the legend himself, this authenticated frame will truly show your love for your hockey fan.

Prices Vary

The Authentic 1966 Batmobile

Does the man that you love dream of driving the Batmobile? Make this unlikely dream come true by purchasing the authentic 1966 Batmobile. That’s right, this road legal, highly detailed and simply incredible car looks identical to the one seen on the big screen and will make him feel just like Bruce Wayne.


Famous 60s French Vintage Car Citroen

Renovated in recent years by a skilled enthusiast and specialist, this 1960’s Citroen 2CV will make a wonderful addition to your partner’s vintage car collection. In a stunning condition both inside and out, this mechanically sound car will make them smile from ear to ear.


The Museum Quality 1/8 Scale 1961 Yankee Stadium

Is he a Yankee fanatic? If so, you’re in luck. Handmade and hand assembled from over 10,000 parts, this 1/8 scale model of the world famous Yankee stadium has been made using original blueprints and is of unparalleled quality. With built in, working lights, it will become a great conversation piece.


The Outdoor Billiards To Dining Table

Summer is made for spending time outside. Ensure that your family and friends have access to the ultimate outdoor fun when you buy your boyfriend one of these tables! With exceptional build quality and gorgeous details, the full size billiards table can convert into an enormous dining table ready to entertain.


The Human Bowling Ball

Bowling is a fun game; throwing balls at pins is oddly satisfying and is perfect for friendly competition. This inflatable version of the great game sees players climbing inside their own bowling ball and hurtling themselves at the pins! Ideal if you are looking for a unique Valentine’s gift.


Tibetan Buddhism Bead Necklace

Are they spiritual? Or do they simply have an interest in collectible beads? Either way, this genuine ancient Tibetan bead necklace is perfect for them. Simply incredible to look at, the necklace is believed to provide protection to its owner according to the Buddhist faith and will definitely bless the recipient in more ways than one.


Signed Original Stella Floral Cosmic Painting

A one of a kind gift to give, this signed painting is ready to go to the art lover in your life. If they have a passion for creativity, this beautiful painting is full of emotion and expression and has been brought to life by Stella Floral.


Tiny House Luxury

Introducing Oculus North; this miniature house allows your other half to live wherever he wants to in comfort and style. Fully insulated and full of all of the amenities of a modern house, it is suitable for every single season under the sun and even comes supplied on a trailer, ready for moving anywhere.


The Personalized Whac-A-Mole Game

With a lifetime guarantee, this whac-a-mole game is ready to change his life. Full of colorful artwork, the game lets users add their own choice of heads to the moles, allowing them to whack anyone! Complete with storage space, built in speakers and so many more features, it is incredible.


Los Angeles Lakers Legends Signed Lithograph

Nobody can deny the awesomeness of the L.A Lakers. If you have been on the hunt for the ultimate gift for your lover, consider getting him this lithograph that comes with signatures of 5 of the best players to ever grace the court. Supplied with a full page of authenticity, it is worth every cent.

Prices Vary

SALVATOR MUNDI by Manuel Granai

One of the very best copies of Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Salvador Mundi’ is available for purchase right now. Painted in extremely high detail, this hand painted portrait has been created using the best paints and products around by Manuel Granai. Get it for your boyfriend now and you will never look back.


The World’s Most Versatile Massage Chair

Wow, get a load of this! If getting him his own personal masseuse is not feasible, this chair will more than make up for it. The multiple functions that this chair can offer will leave your man with the ability to relax, stretch his muscles, treat ailments and much, much more.


Men’s Diamond & Ruby Ring

Handmade and jaw dropping, this gent’s cocktail ring is truly incredible. A wonderful touch for your boyfriend this Valentine’s, the ring has a strong gothic appeal to it and benefits from a 2.00 carat diamond, rubies and even more precious metals and stones. If you are looking to make an impression, this is how.


3 Diy Gifts for Him

Diy Wallet Surprise Notes

Coupons for couples are a great way to make your other half special. On the following page you will find cool printables that will allow you to give your loved one a series of coupons that will make them happy. Whatever it is that they want, they can get it with these.

Diy Letter Shaped Collage Ideas

If home décor is something that they are into, these picture letters are the gift to make them this Valentine’s Day. Simple to make, this fun project will have you turning simple wooden letters into stunning collages that he will adore for years to come!

Diy Best Date Night Jar

Would you like to know how to create the best date night jar? Look no further. With all of the information you could need on the following page, you will be able to compile a collection of awesome date ideas in a jar that you can give to him on the 14th February.

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