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91 Best Etsy Christmas Gifts for Men of 2016

Welcome to the list of the best Etsy Christmas gifts for men. We are sure you will find something that is perfect for the man in your life. These gifts are all of high quality and high value.

Etsy is known for their handmade gifts so check out this list for a unique and stylish gift for the man in your life!

Compact Dopp Kit Bag

If you are looking for a dopp kit bag with exceptional quality and something long lasting, then you have found it. This bad from Etsy is a one of a kind bag that is rugged and full of class and style.


Handmade Wooden Watch

This unique wooden watch is perfect for the common watch wearer. It is made with a genuine high quality Japanese quarts movement. This design is ideal for men and it features a quality wood band.


Personalized Poker Set

This poker et includes everything you need in a professional set, even down to the personalization of the case. It comes with chips, cards and dice to all of the games you need.


Men’s Scarf

This soft and warm scarf will be an ideal gift for a boyfriend, husband or a father. It is made from merino wool, mohair and acrylic yarn and will definitely keep you warm and stylish in the cooler months.


Vintage Motorcycle Print

For the motorcycle lover, this vintage motorcycle print is the perfect gift for a man cave. The art is professionally printed on high quality paper archival and can be easily mounted anywhere.


Wasabi Glycerin – Shaving Soap

This soap is made with a wasabi fragrance that smells bright and fresh. It is an incredible handmade soap that has the feeling of being unique as opposed to any other mass produced soap.


Vintage Dress Shirt

Made by the Gitman brothers, this is an all cotton button up shirt that is perfect for any occasion. This shirt can be worn to work with a tie, or let hang out over some jeans for a nice dinner in the city.


Gold Tie Clip

This golden tie clip is a vintage chain made from gold toned metal. The bottom is actually marked swank which means that it was made by that company at some point between the 1930’s and 1960’s which gives it a historical appeal!


Dark Gray Tassel Beanie

This beautiful hat is a unique creation from this inventor on Etsy. This hat is extremely fashionable but also useful in the cold. Very exclusive because nobody else makes this hat. Your man can be one of only a few in the world to have it!


Wooden Docking Station

Every man needs a docking station for the essentials of everyday life. This docking station fits your cell phone, wallet, watch, sunglasses and anything else that you need on a daily basis.


Personalized Golf Balls with Case

Ideal gift for the avid golfer. This customized case and customized golf balls will be a perfect gift for someone who simply loves the game of golf. Maybe will even give them some incentive not to lose so many balls now that they have his name on it!


Wine Barrell Dartboard Cabinet

Two amazing things combined into one. The beauty of a vintage wine barrel and the fun of playing darts on a dartboard. This set is complete with closing doors on the Napa Valley originated wine barrel.


Vintage Nylon Nike Running Shorts

Vintage running shorts from the 1980’s. Nike was just beginning to gain real traction in the fitness apparel world during the 80’s so this gift is perfect for anyone who loves the Nike brand and vintage apparel items.


Men’s Lava Onyx Bracelet

Men’s Onyx bracelet is a unique bracelet that has been handmade with gemstones and talismans. This bracelet is a perfect choice if you want a gift that brings meaning and significance to the man in your life.


Minimalist Wallet Card

For the man who hates carrying around a bulky wallet everywhere he goes. This minimalist wallet is a perfect gift. the beautiful design is eye catching and the wallet is perfect to slip into your pocket without feeling like you are carrying a dumbbell.


Leather Suspenders

These suspenders make any outfit look even more attractive. They come in many different sizes and fit best with pants that have a center belt loop in the back for the suspender clip.


Rosewood Wayfarer Sunglasses

These sunglasses come with quality polarized lenses and offer 100% protection from UV. They are made from birch wood which is known to be very durable and the outside layers are made from Rosewood.


Winter Wool Sweater

There is no article clothing better for bundling up in the cold months than a wool sweater. This sweater guarantees you are cozy and warm with every wear. The sweater also has a funnel neck that can be turn into a v-neck for an added stylish appeal.


5 Slot Watch Roll

Ideal gift for anyone who values their watches and has many of them. This watch roll has space for 5 different watches to fit in nicely. This roll will keep the watches protected and clean while you are not wearing them.


Matte Black Earrings

These black stud earrings are a great modern yet casual look for any man. They are formed from polymer clay and sanded using 3 different grits of sandpaper. Great gift for the modern man.


Personalized Golf Ball Marker and Divot Tool

Golf ball marker and divot tool personalized to your liking! These tools are used around the green during a round of golf. They are very stylish and with the personal touch it is sure to bring a smile to any golfer!


Astronomy Whiskey Flask

Perfect gift for the person who loves science and also loves a good drink now and again. This astronomy flask is very unique and works like a charm to keep drinks cold or warm.


Coral Neck Tie

A simple coral colored necklace that can go with many different styles and colors of shirts. This tie is of high quality and 100% cotton. Perfect for anyone who needs a change in their usual tie line-up.


Handcrafted Men’s Sheepskin Slippers

These men’s sheepskin slippers are handcrafted. They are an ideal gift for the man who enjoys downtime but also enjoys being comfortable while he does it. These slippers come in varying sizes.


Rustic Wall Bottle Opener

A bottle opener that you will never misplace! This bottle opener goes right onto the wall and is a great gift for a bar area. These bottle openers are made to give off a rustic look, like one you might find on an old pirate’s ship!


Gift set of 6 Straight Razor

These beautifully designed straight razors allow for a very easy shave. They provide a shave like you were using a straight razor, but there will be no sharpening or stropping needed.


Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag

This messenger bag comes with the option of picking the right color that you desire. These bags are great for carrying anything that you may need throughout the day. Whether it is a laptop or a few books, the bag will handle it!


California Beer Flight

Perfect gift for the craft beer lover. This beer flight is of the state of California but they come in a variety of states. This beer flight is great for any man who enjoys trying different kinds of beer.


Money Clip

The money clip is handcrafted in brass metal and inlaid with turquoise and exotic hardwoods. It has a stylish look while giving you the comfort of carrying money around without your bulky wallet.


Eat Sleep Fish Key Chain

Great small gift for the man who loves to fish. This keychain explains the ideal lifestyle of anyone who loves to get out on the water to relax and catch a few fish on their downtime.


Beer Cap Map of USA

This beer cap map of the USA is a fun way to show your taste for different beers. Every time you finish one, you can put the beer cap into the map until you have all 81 spaces filled!


Men’s Valet Stand

A men’s valet stand can be hard to come by these days. This stand is made in Italy and it folds down to three pieces for easy storage. Great for hanging clothes to dry or for better organization.


Tiki Torch Kit

Tiki torches are an awesome way to bring flair to your outdoor parties. These tiki torches give you the feeling of being on a tropical island while you are in your backyard. This gift gives you the tools to make a tiki torch from a wine or beer bottle.


Biker Jacket – Men’s Leather Jacket

Men’s leather jacket that is comfortable and affordable for the man in your life who loves to ride his motorcycle, or just loves a nice leather jacket. Made with premium lamb leather.


Hand Knitted Elf Hat

Great hat for the winter. This had is unique and it looks great and it is always nice and warm for the cold weather. made from acrylic and wool and can be made from a variety of colors.


Navy Bow Tie and Suspender Set

Subtle bow tie and suspender set. This set contains two necessities for every man. Suspenders and bow ties are very formal and come in handy for days that we must look the part.


1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Model

Model of a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle. This model is 1/18 the size of the regular car. This is a great gift for any fan of vintage cars. Chevy Chevelle’s are one of the more famous cars ever made!


Iron Man Suit Blueprints – 16×24

Great gift for the marvel lover! This shows the blueprints to the Iron man suit. Any true marvel and iron man would love this gift due to the real factor it gives. Having this hang on your wall is extremely unique and interesting.


Avengers Wooden Sign – Set of 5

Each sign is 10 inches by 10 inches and there are a total of 5 signs of the Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and the Avengers Logo. No true Avengers fan would be without these signs!


Crochet Pattern – Beanie for Men

Stylish and appealing beanie, this hat is any man who enjoys hats and more importantly, likes to always look good. Even when the cold months come in, the man in your life wants to look his best so do him a favor and give him a great hat to wear out!


Vintange Mens’s Slip on Tassel Loafer

Loafers are getting more and more popular with men. Men like to look their best but they do not want the hassle of putting their shoes on and having to tie them. This vintage pair of Allen Edmonds are a great mix of comfort and convenience.


Red Leather Drop Crotch Leather Pants

For the modern man who wants to add some style to the normal jeans and tee shirt wardrobe, these pants will definitely change it up. These leather pants are not for everyone, but they look great on those who can pull them off.


World Map Cufflinks

These cufflinks are more than just boring old cufflinks, they show the map of the world. They are high quality silver plated cufflinks for men that will enhance any outfit they accompany.


Men’s Tie – J.Crew Inspired Mint

This trendy skinny tie is made entirely from silk. it measures 58 inches long and 2.25 inches wide and it is a unique tie for anyone looking to make a good first impression!


Complete Beard Oil Sampler Set – Set of 8

This set of 8 contains everything that you need to keep your beard looking fresh. It comes with everything from a beard conditioner to all natural oils to keep your beard clean rejuvenated!


Lemongrass Soap

Reviews for this lemongrass soap are amazing. The smell is intoxicating. It is a mix of scent green tea and creates the aroma of being at a spa which is very relaxing. Each bar is different but the swirls should be very consistent.


Wood Toothpick Holder

This toothpick holder is a unique gift for the man who always grabs a toothpick on the way out of a restaurant. They are easy to use and they work, but we never seem to have them at home. Well know you can and you can store them properly!


Men’s Elegant Rubber Gloves

These rubber gloves are not your typical set of rubber gloves you may thinking of. These are made from a very fine grained leather with a smooth finish and luxurious feel. The process is all handmade so you get a perfectly made pair every time.


Vintage Golf Club Bottle Opener

Great gift for the man who enjoys a few drink while out on the course. This bottle opener has a vintage 5 wood on it which gives a history feel to it. It is made from various types of wood and can actually be found in some bars.


Levi 501 Jeans

It is true that we really can never have enough pairs of jeans. These jeans are a pair of Levi 501 jeans, which are known to be comfortable and stylish. This pair comes in a variety of sizes.


Customizable Sports Teams Print

These prints are an amazing piece to hang on a wall. They are not bright or in-your-face kind of signs, they are subtle and fit into a more classy space. They are customizable for many different teams.


Circuit Board Silk Necktie

The circuit board neck tie is a unique tie that can match with many different outfits. These ties will certainly be a conversation starter for people wondering what is on your tie!


Saint Laurent Men’s Dress Shirt L

Beautiful button up men’s dress shirt that is a universally loved gift by any man no matter his style or preferences. Amazing solid blue color that goes well with any outfit!


Game of Thrones Whiskey Decanter Set

Personalized whiskey decanter set from game of thrones. This set is luxurious and very appealing to look at even without any alcohol in them! They are made from high quality European glass and can hold up to 17 ounces.


Chess Board Made of Maple and Walnut

Beautiful chess board made of maple and walnut. This makes playing chess even more fun knowing you are using such a delightfully appealing board. It measures 16 inches by 16 inches.


Leather Driving Gloves

Fashionable men’s driving gloves. Perfect gift for the man who loves to drive race cars, loves to have a secure hold on the wheel, or even just loves a nice pair of gloves! These gloves are fashionable and useful.


Unique Funny Bookmark

Funny bookmark for the book lover in your life. This bookmark shows legs coming out from under the page where you stopped reading. Funny gift that will surely bring a laugh.


Pipe Stand & Tray – Vintage 1960’s

Vintage pipe stand and tray. Great gift for someone in an older generation, but works the same for anyone who enjoys to smoke from a pipe. This set comes with one walnut glass and a metal pipe holder and tray.


Golf Towel

Handmade golf towel! The stylish black and white contrast will add color to any golf bag. The size is standard with most golf towels, able to hang down on the bag without getting too close to the ground.


Bullet Bottle Opener – Made by Veterans

Handcrafted .50 caliber bottle opener which is made by military veterans. What better way to support the troops than by purchasing a useful tool they have created. These bottle openers are professionally power coated, not spray painted.


After Shave Travel Kit

Perfect small travel aftershave kit for when you are on the go. There are nine carefully selected botanicals were chosen and created this after have toner to refresh and revive skin.


Men’s Summer Shorts

100% Cotton black shorts. These shorts are comfortable to wear with a classic fit and minimalist design. The garments are made of natural fabrics. Great gift for any man who values his appearance.


Beer Garden Sign

Great gift for the beer guy in your life! This one of a kind beer sign was hand painted onto a reclaimed wood. It gives off a rustic backyard feel. It is a great sign for a man cave or in the backyard.


Leather Cowboy Boots

Leather cowboy boots for the main who is able to pull it off! Not everyone is able to wear these boots and look good, but if the man in your life can do it, these boots are the ones to do it with!


Handmade Shaving Stand

Ideal shaving stand that is able to hold all of the needs for your shaving game! This stand will keep your shaving supplies neat and tidy which will make shaving that much quicker and easier.


Fedora Hat

Fedora hat for the modern man. The hat is made of wool felt and comes in a grey color with a decorative ribbon. This fedora hat will go great with a formal attire and is great for any man who loves fashion.


Black Beard Brush

A beard maintenance set is not complete without a beard brush. The wooden body of the brush is the perfect size and the bristles are stiff enough to penetrate the beard without being too rough on the skin.


Sailboat Folded Book Sculpture

This sculpture was created by a folded book and made it to look just like a sailboat. The creativity and the care that was put into this sculpture is unmatched.


Macbook 12 Inch Case – 100% Merino Wool

Your macbook will never lose its style even when you put it away. This macbook cover made with wool and horse leather will assure your macbook is safe and sound when you are not around or when you put it away in a bag.


Mini Walnut Clipboard

The sturdiness of a well put together clip board and the beauty of a walnut table. This clipboard combines everything you would want. It is hard to bring excitement to a clipboard but this one does the trick!


Black Feather Boutonniere

The feather boutonniere consist of black feathers and a black ribbon stem. It is also accented by a gold wire wrap. This set comes with 5 feather boutonnieres but that can be added or subtracted easily.


Vintage Shoe Shine Kit

Vintage shoe shine box that is an ideal gift for any man of the older generation or a man who loves vintage products. This shoe shine box is useful and very appealing and brings a style from the 1950’s.


Engraved Watch Display Case

Beautifully made engraved display case for all of your watches. This case is design is almost done as well as the watches that will go inside of it. The case holds up to five watches and includes a lock and a key.


Men’s Linen Shorts

Men’s linen shorts which are made from 100% linen. They are great for outdoor activities as they are lightweight and have a relaxed silhouette with a slim leg. They are also pre washed so there is no need to worry about them shrinking after the first wash.


Genuine Military Water Canteen

Vintage 1980’s water canteen based on a military water canteen. It is a aluminum flask with a lid and strap attached to the flask’s cover. Authentic Romanian army item.


Vintage Elegant Handkerchiefs

Handkerchiefs are on the most elegant features and they have seem to become almost extinct in the past years. This is a great gift for the man who wants to bring back what he is used to: the handkerchief.


Personalized Grilling Set w/ Bamboo Case

A grilling set that is personalized to the user. It holds enough room to place the necessities of your grilling tools. Great gift for the man who loves to grill but has a hard time finding somewhere to put all of his tools.


Large Square Copper Bowl

Unique hammered copper bowl was hand forged by a blacksmith. It is extremely attractive with a pleasant marbled texture and a beautiful finished polished edge. It features pure copper and it is also covered with a protective clear coat.


Geometric Pocket Square

Not so subtle pocket square to bring out any suit or outfit. Pocket squares are very formal and they look great, why not include some flair into your pocket square? Great gift for the man in your life.


Mid Century Coffee Table

Thin man mid century coffee table. This coffee table is vintage from the 1980’s but fits perfectly into the modern home. The table consists of a full length top and spaces cut into the table for magazines and remotes.


Air Force Challenge Coin Money Clip

This money clip comes with the air force logo. Having the air force logo protecting your money assures you that your money will always be safe. This coin is a 14 karat gold plated clip.


10 DIY Mens Christmas Gifts

Stamped Metal Bar Tags

These metal bar tags are great for labeling drinks or labeling anything else that they can fit onto! Never get mixed up again on what you put where with these simply to make do it yourself tags!

Multi-Colored Bow Tie

Bow ties are getting more and more popular and any man would love a bowtie as a gift! This bowtie has simple detailed instructions on how to make the perfect multi colored bowtie in the comfort of your home.

Leather Keychain

Sick of having an average old keychain that is mass produced in a shop? Well know you can give the gift of a unique leather keychain that is a rarity! These key chains are simply to make and they look amazing!

Hanging Watch Holder

This do it yourself watch hanger is an interesting and innovative way to store your watches. For the man that loves watches but can never find a way to organize them, this do it yourself tutorial is an incredible gift!

Men’s Bracelet

A bracelet designed specifically for men, this do it yourself project is easy and fun to make. You can make your own personal touch depending on who you are making the bracelet for!

Beer Glasses & Carrier

Wooden beer glass carrier is an extremely cool invention that takes the place of the normal six pack carrier. You are able to personalize the carrier however you see fit. The instructions are easy to follow and will take time and precision, but the end product is amazing!


Great gift for storage! This do it yourself peg board has options to hold any of your tools and utensils. great for a garage or shed where tools are normally held. Simple to make and lasts forever!

Army Guy Bowl

This bowl is made completely of the army guy action figures that everyone played with as children. This do it yourself project has easy to follow instructions and the end product is a beautiful and different bowl for any use.

Camera Strap

Great gift for the photographer in your life. A touch of personalization and this do it yourself camera strap is for sure to bring a smile and years of use to whoever you give it to!

Golf Towel

Make your own golf towel! No golfer should be without a proper towel for cleaning ad preparation before a shot. This tutorial is simple to follow and a perfect gift for a father, husband or boyfriend who loves to golf!

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