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50 Epic Christmas Gift Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

50 Epic Christmas Gift Ideas- that won’t break the bank.

Stumped for Christmas gift ideas? We’ve got your back. Here are 50 of the best Christmas gifts you can give this holiday season, just in time to come out the big gift-giving winner.

Sushi Making Kit

Making your own perfect sushi rolls is easy with this sushi making kit. It helps you load up the rolls, roll them, and slice them into perfect pieces every time.

Make sushi the easy way and you’ll eat it more often.

3D Game of Thrones Puzzle

For a fan of Game of Thrones you can’t go wrong with this 3D puzzle that outlines the map of that world. They’ll be able to follow along more accurately when they watch the show, and have a better understanding of where things are taking place.

Light Saber BBQ Tongs

These BBQ tongs look like they were pulled right out of the movie. They look like a light saber, but they’re functional tongs that can be used to flip burgers and turn chicken breasts on the grill. Perfect for the Jedi level griller.

Zombie Plan Charm Bracelet

What if you could keep a reminder of your zombie plan with you at all times? That’s the idea behind this charm bracelet, which has charms for each piece of survival gear you’re going to need to fend off a brain-seeking pack of the undead.

All Edges Lasagna Pan

Everybody gets to have an edge on their lasagna with this endless edges lasagna pan. One cool features is its S-shaped pattern which means you can omit certain ingredients on each strip, allowing everyone to have a customized experience.

Portable Table Tennis Set

This tennis set is ready for a game whenever and wherever you are. If you’ve been looking for a way to have a table tennis set without taking up a bunch of room, this could be your ticket to a game of fun and skill without a hogging up space.

Just Right Coffee Mug

If you’re tired of burning your lip on coffee that’s just too hot, or having to beat the clock before your coffee goes cold, this mug solves your dilemma.

It cools ultra hot coffee to the perfect sippable temperature, and then holds it there for hours.

Electric Corkscrew

Stop struggling with that bottle of wine and get this electric corkscrew. It does the hard work for you so you can get to the part that is the most fun: the drinking. No more wrist twisting, as this goes to work and makes life a little easier.

Touchless Faucet

Turn your kitchen faucet into a touchless wonder so you don’t have to turn it on with your hands anymore. Great for when you’re working with raw chicken and other items that can cross contaminate other foods and lead to extra clean up.

Christmas Story Leg Lamp

You can’t get much more epic than a Major Award, and this leg lamp is pulled straight from A Christmas Story, one of the most popular Christmas movies ever, so it’s sure to spark a conversation this holiday season.

Water Shooting Helicopter

Last year’s hot toy was a remote controlled mini helicopter. This year they’ve done one better and outfitted it with a water gun, so you can have your copter sneak up on an unsuspecting victim and unleash a blast of water on them.

Multitool Phone Case

This phone case is one of the most helpful we’ve seen. It contains plenty of tools without taking up much more space than a regular phone case. Whether you need a screwdriver or other tool you’ll find it in one of the handiest spots around.

Micro Amp

This 1-watt amp is highly portable and can give you just the boost in sound you’re looking for. Great for impromptu guitar sessions, or any other time you need a little extra power and you don’t want to lug around a full sized amp.

Shaken Chemist Mixology Kit

You’ll be able to mix up drinks the same way Walter White would with this mixology kit. It includes a mixing flask which turns out to be a great way to mix drinks thanks to its spill-resistant design. There’s also a notebook full of delicious drink recipes.

Pet Fountain

Give your pets this pet fountain and they’ll end up drinking more water. Helps keep them hydrated by enticing them to have a drink more often throughout the day. They’ll love it and it keeps them out of your bathroom and kitchen faucets.

Pizza Stone

This pizza stone is the perfect gift for the pizza lover, as it bakes in extra goodness and far surpasses baking your pizza on an oven rack. It provides the same taste as having a stone pizza oven, but without the big cost of ownership.

Lego Ghostbusters

They’ve done a great job detailing the Ecto-1 and all of the respective Ghostbusters so that you can have a great time reenacting the epic scenes from this classic movie. All four Ghostbusters are included, complete with proton packs.

Guitar Trainer

No matter where you are it’s always a good time to train on the guitar with this Pocket Strings guitar trainer. It shows you where to put your fingers for different chords so you can help implant them into your muscle memory and play without thinking.

Door Swing

For rainy days you’ll be glad you have this door swing. It provides the outdoor fun of a swing set but without having to go outside. Sturdy enough to work just like a normal swing, this attaches to your door and lets kids swing right through it.

Mr. Beer Brewing Kit

After brewing your first batch of beer with a Mr. Beer brewing kit you’ll start to see the appeal of making beer from scratch. You may even get into homebrewing as a hobby, but this is a great place to start even if you just make one batch.

Sun-Protecting Chair

Take these chairs with you to events where it’s Bring Your Own Seat and you’ll not only have a comfy place to sit, but you’ll be protected from the harsh rays of the sun and stay cool in your own personal shady spot.

Ultimate Survival Kit

Bear Grylls has assembled this ultimate survival kit so that you have everything you could possibly need to spend an extended time lost in the woods. A great gift for hunters, hikers, and anyone else that may find themselves in a sticky situation.

Kinetic Light Newton’s Cradle

An ordinary Newton’s cradle is just alright, but now that they’ve added kinetic lights to it it becomes epic. The lights can work in a number of different ways, and it’s fun to play around with this set and see how many ways they can light up.

Laser Cut Wood Picture

Take one of your favorite pictures and make it truly pop when it’s laser cut into a wooden canvas. The finished product has amazing detail, and will really bring to life the picture that you choose. It’s an heirloom piece that can stay in your family.

R2-D2 Projection Alarm Clock

Have R2-D2 help you wake up with this projection alarm clock. In the movies he was always using projected holograms to relay messages, so it’s only fitting that he’s able to display the clock using a projection.

Tennis Ball Cannon

Your furry little friend will get an even better workout from playing fetch with you when you’re able to launch a tennis ball 75 feet. The cannon does a great job of making balls soar, without minimal effort from you.

Inflatable Beer Pong

This is a way to take your beer pong playing to new locations, including swimming pools and lakes. It’s inflatable, and once it’s blown up it has all of the necessary spots to hold the cups in place so you can start playing quickly.

Cotton Candy Maker

With this mini cotton candy maker you call the shots on how much cotton candy you can make, and you don’t have to pay the exorbitant prices for it that you find at carnivals and sporting events. Makes delicious cotton candy just like you remember.

Clever Travel Kit

This travel kit lays flat, so it’s easy to load up and easy to store. It’s also great to have all of your toiletries laid out for you for easier finding and retrieval once you’re at your destination. A great gift for the frequent traveler in your life.

Hands-Free Dog Leash

Your jogging just got a lot more easier when you don’t have to hold the leash anymore. This unique system makes sure you don’t get tangled up in the leash and you don’t have to worry about losing control of your pup.

Ice Cream Making Ball

Just by kicking around this ball you’ll be making ice cream. Now they really have thought of everything. It’s great because you and the fam can burn off some calories playing ball, and then get them back with some ice cream for a break even.

Perfect Grip Wrench

Stop fumbling for the right sized wrench when you have this perfect grip wrench that automatically adjusts to the bolt that you want to put on or take off. It replaces a big set of different sized wrenches, freeing up space.

Solar Panel Charger

For long hikes in the woods and other times when you’re away from an electrical outlet, you can use this solar panel charger to get emergency juice to your most important devices. A great choice for adventure lovers and travelers.

Bed Butler

This gift turns just about any bed into your own personal bedtime concierge with all of your most popular items right at arm’s reach. The remote, the TV Guide, your favorite book and more rests snugly at the side of your bed.

Roll Up Piano Keyboard

When you want to play piano but you don’t want to lug around the full-sized version, this roll up model is just the ticket. It is truly a portable piano and is great for practicing while away from home or just to use for fun.

Pizza Chair

Give pizza the ultimate props when you get this pizza chair. There’s just no way to explain why they’ve made a pizza chair, but if you love the stuff there’s no better place to have a sit down. Looks like a slice of pepperoni pizza.

Ninja Turtles Visual History

Take a tour of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when you look at this book containing a visual history of how they came to be. No Turtles fan would be complete without an extensive knowledge of the earliest days of TMNT.

Cards Against Humanity

If you haven’t played Cards Against Humanity yet, you’re in for an epic night. This is the game your mother warned you about, and they already have multiple expansion packs you can buy to keep the game fun and interesting.

Stan Lee Cologne

Stan the Man Lee has put his name on a scent and you can now smell like him if you want. No other comic book creator has dreamt up more successful characters than Mr. Lee, so smell like a champion. ‘Nuff said.

Jellyfish Mood Lamp

This jellyfish mood lamp is truly mesmerizing, and sure to eat up several minutes throughout the day as you gaze at the realistic movements they make. No real jellyfish are in the lamp, so you don’t have to worry about taking care of them.

Target Practice Alarm Clock

This is the alarm clock that makes sure you’re awake enough to make an accurate shot before turning it off. No eye-closed hand smashing of the Snooze button here. Once you aim and turn the alarm off, you may as well get up and get going.

Party Plates

The next epic party you throw will be even more epic because people will be able to eat and drink without having to put down their plate. When they eat they have a free hand and when they drink the plate gets moved to that free hand.

Full Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Start the morning off right with this breakfast sandwich maker that cooks up a full breakfast sandwich all at once. There’s just no substitute for a filling breakfast, and with this you have one that’s portable and ready quickly.

Snowball Blaster

Take snowball fights to the next level with this snowball blaster. It shoots snowballs up to 80 feet so you can be a virtual snowball assassin with this thing. It makes the snowballs too, so no more numb fingers getting in the way of the fun.

Glow Tie

There’s really no rhyme or reason to this glow tie, other than it’s a tie that glows. If you know someone that would get a kick out of having it, it’s sure to be a great Christmas gift they’ll always remember, and it clocks in under $50.

Smartphone Holder for Guitar

Get this for the guitarist in your life and they’ll be thankful because they’ll finally be able to download tabs for songs and have them right where they can see them. It’s the right choice if they’re still learning how to play and need some help.

Super Mario Chess

The world of Mario and Luigi comes alive in this Super Mario Chess set. Battle it out on the grand stage against none other than Bowser and is band of loyal minions. Each piece is hand-painted and detailed to look just like the video games.

Dog Biscuit Maker

When you start making your own dog biscuits, you’ll reach epic status, as far as your furry friend is concerned. This is a way to sidestep all of the fillers and other chemicals found in store bought dog biscuits and give them something more pure.

Michael Jordan: The Life

There’s no sports star more epic than MJ, and this book chronicles his life in a way that no other book has to date. You can relive some of his biggest moments and see how he became so great and how awesome he actually is.

Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

This cereal bowl keeps the crunchy stuff away from the milk so you don’t have to worry about things going soggy. Cap’n Crunch doesn’t have to turn to mush before you eat it anymore when you have this never soggy bowl.

10 Epic DIY Gifts for Christmas

Pour Over Coffee Stand

When you want to give a coffee lover the perfect gift, look no further than making them this pour over coffee stand. It makes coffee by pouring water through a filter and watching it cascade down into the waiting cup.

Rice Krispies Treat Penguins

Blow them away by serving up a batch of these Rice Krispies Treats penguins. Take a regular Rice Krispies treat, dip it in chocolate, and then decorate it until it looks like a super cute penguin. They’ll ask for them again for sure!

Holiday Hostess Gifts

Holiday parties are on the horizon, so arm yourself with this great set of bowls that have been customized so that they see you’ve made something special for them. It’s better than showing up empty handed and they’re sure to love these.

Give Back Gift Sack

Every year kids can load up the give back gift sack with toys they no longer play with to make room for this year’s haul. Old toys can be donated so that you’re really getting them into the spirit of giving, and not just receiving.

Copper Pipe Tray

Serve them breakfast in bed this holiday season on this copper pipe tray and it’s something they’ll remember forever. It’s a stunning tray that can be used to serve food, or to hold up a laptop so they can do work in bed.

Scrabble Tile Coasters

You can customize these tile coasters to say whatever you want, which makes them extra special. If you know someone that loves playing games, especially Scrabble, this makes a very thoughtful gift.

Lego Workstation

Give them a great place to work on that Lego project so that you can keep it contained. Nothing is worse than stepping on an errant Lego block in bare feet, and this work tray helps make sure it all stays in one place.

Paper Christmas Village

Create a whimsical Christmas village easily and without the high cost found in stores and online. Here they’ll show you how to make the perfect looking house and other buildings that will tie everything together nicely.

Monogrammed Etched Ornaments

This is sure to become their favorite ornament. It has their initial etched right into it. Don’t be afraid if you haven’t done a craft project like this before. They walk you through all the steps so you get good results the first time.

Soda Crate Advent Calendar

This is the perfect way to count down the days till Christmas, and no one will know that you’ve upcycled an old soda crate. Since it’s a soda crate it will be extra sturdy, and this is a gift they can use year after year to get geared up.

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