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30 Edible Valentine’s Gifts for Him and Her

Valentine’s Day is all about the chocolates, flowers, romantic candle lit dinners, and exchanging meaningful gifts. This year get your special someone a gift you can both enjoy right there on the spot—something delectable and yummy. Your Valentine is gonna wanna eat you up when they’re done with the gifts on this list.

Edible gifts work on multiple levels, and these edible Valentine gifts for him and her are just what I was looking for to make this year’s extra special.

Chocolate X-Box Controller

Who says video games are just for guys? Many a lady have dished out late-night butt kicking sessions on the X-Box. This Valentine’s Day we give you a challenge: get this gift for both of you, then play your favorite video game. Winner gets to eat the controller.


To the Woman I Love

Guys, you’re going to totally win Valentine’s Day when you give her this box of chocolates. Why? It spells out “To The Woman I Love” all in chocolate. When she’s done showering you with kisses you get to help her eat her way through the box. Wow, you’re lucky.

$ 30.00

Edible Candy Bra

She’s going to love this because she gets a sex Valentine’s Day tickle the whole time it’s happening. He’s going to love it because not only does he get a nice tasty treat to start with, he gets an even better tasty treat when he finishes the job. Which is, of course, eating the bra.

Prices Vary

Valentine’s Tea Blend

For those of you who want to keep it cultured and retain a modicum of respectability this Valentine’s Day, we offer you this box of teas chosen specially for the occasion. It’s a delicious chocolate tea with subtle rosebud accents from Harney and Sons, served up in a sumptuous red tin.

Prices Vary

Edible Body Icing

If an edible candy bra isn’t enough to satisfy his oh so sweet tooth this Valentine’s Day, cover yourself in body icing and let the real games begin. As if you’re not delicious already, you’ll be absolutely irresistible when you’re covered in chocolate.

Prices Vary

Rum-Infused Chocolate Covered Cherries

Mmmmmmmmmaraschino cherries infused with Captain Morgan Rum for the win! Arrgggg! This perfect combination will shiver your timbers all night long. This Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be boring—throw on Pirate of the Caribbean and buckle some swashes already.

Prices Vary

Endless Love Bouquet

This bouquet has enough love and chocolate to last a lifetime. Or at least until next Valentine’s Day, when you can get your sweetheart another one, because they loved this first one so very much. It’s got strawberries, pineapple, grapes, and gourmet Belgian chocolate pops.

$ 325.00

Candy G-String

Does he need any more incentive than your obvious inherent hotness to put his money where his mouth is? Cut straight to the “heart” of Valentine’s Day and put on this edible thong. If he doesn’t know what to do, he’s hopeless, but we think he’ll get the idea pretty quick.

Prices Vary

Chocolate Covered Raspberries

For some people this combination—chocolate and raspberries—has no equal in the entire world. Others are good with strawberries or blueberries, but if your sweetheart like chocolate covered raspberries, you have to get them this for Valentine’s Day. They’re heaven in a box.

Prices Vary

Gourmet Belgian Apples

The list keeps getting better. Nothing could be more yummy and wholesome than a big, juicy Belgian Apple dipped in sinful Belgian Chocolate. It doesn’t matter who gets these for whom—it only matters that they make the Valentine’s Day gift list and they get eaten forthwith.

Prices Vary

Milk Chocolate Heart

Keep it classic this Valentine’s Day with a three pound, solid milk chocolate heart. It’s one hundred percent kosher! You can start eating it together as soon as you open it. Meet your sweetheart in the middle for a sweet chocolate kiss to remember.


Valentine Tic Tacs

Who knew Tic Tacs had a special Valentine Mix, complete with romantic messages like “Be Mine” and “Hug ME” printed on a full box of pink, red and white mints? Now you know, so now you have to get these for Valentine’s Day and slip them in your sweeties pocket when they’re not looking.

Prices Vary

Chocolate Covered Roses

Only one thing could possibly be more classic than the three pound milk chocolate heart that made the list, above, and that’s this trio of chocolate covered roses. It’s got romance and love written all over it. Guys, get this for your girl—chocolate is and aphrodisiac, after all.

Prices Vary

1970s Retro Candy Assortment

Children of the 70’s rejoice! The Candy Man is here, and he’s bringing you back all of your favorites for Valentine’s Day. He’s got Zots. Did you hear that? He’s. Got. ZOTS. Plus Smarties, Jolly Ranchers, Sugar Daddies, Fruit Stripe Gum, Bubble Gum Cigarettes, and all your favorites.

Prices Vary

Rice Crispie and Oreo Cookie Box

Rice Crispie cakes and Oreos covered in chocolate with icing that says “I Love You.” Words fail when we think about how delicious this box of goodness is. And how lucky the couple who gets this box is going to be. The only sad thing is that’s it’s only going to last five minutes.

Prices Vary

Kissable Body Shimmer

You thought we’d gotten all the kissables out of the way and moved on to more traditional edible fare? Ha! Hardly. Cover each other in this light pink “lover’s fairy dust” and see who can get clean first. The rules are no hands, no water, and no soap. GO!

Prices Vary

Giant Hershey’s Kiss

Half a pound of Hershey’s Kiss, all in one bright red foil wrapper. If you always wanted one of these for Valentine’s Day when you were a child, but never got one, the time is now. Buy it for your sweetheart with plans to eat it yourself. It’s okay because we said so.

Prices Vary

Sweetheart Boxes

These sweetheart boxes are deceptive. They look like traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, but when you open them up, you’ll find they’re filled with edible and totally kissable delights for your body. Body paint, honey dust, crème brulee body soufflé…RAWR. They come in both chocolate and strawberry themes.

$ 10.00

Valentine’s Day Macaroons

Ah, the Macaroon. Get this one along with the box of Valentine’s Blend tea and your Valentine’s Day will be proper as any country church mouse or English gentleman. We won’t tell anyone that these fabulous meringue cookies are made by the decadent Frenchmen across the Channel.

$ 39.00

Sweetheart Bouquet

Move along, nothing to see here—only Valentine’s Day perfection. Just a bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries full to bursting in a bright red keepsake container. No great shakes—unless of course your special someone likes it old fashioned. Then, it’s like we said: perfection.

$ 77.00

Pail Of Hearts

In the same vein as the Sweetheart Bouquet, this bundle of joy belongs in the Valentine’s Day pantheon of greatness. Sixteen heart shaped cookies of various styles of chocolate—fudge buttercream, for instance—come packages in a reusable keepsake pail. It’s delicious and romantic, and everyone wins.

$ 37.00

Dinner for Two Gift Basket

Your Italian themed Valentine’s Day dinner, should you choose to accept it, comes ready for you in a basket, complete with dessert. You won’t have to plan, think, or do any shopping. Bring your kitchen knowledge and the rest will come easy—this is the answer for busy couples.

Prices Vary

Heart-Shaped Pasta

On the other hand, you might be the type who wants to take all day to make slow-food Italian dinner from scratch. This heart shaped pasta can be the center-piece of your handcrafted meal. Baby, you can do it—take the time, do it right, you can do it baby!

Prices Vary

Naked Winery Dinner for Two

The Naked Winery has the awesomest mission ever: they want to cut the divorce rate in America in half by asking couples to turn off the TV and have a glass of wine together nightly. That means every single night. You can be at the leading edge of this trend: start it this Valentine’s Day. Unplug and enjoy.

Prices Vary

Roast Leg of Lamb

Between the dinner-in-a-basket and the slow food, hand cooked meal from scratch comes this: a beautiful leg of lamb seasoned and ready to put in the over. You’ll have to do the rest of the work for this Valentine’s Day dinner, but you can let Neesvig of Wisconsin do the real “leg work” for you.

Prices Vary

Happy Ending Fortune Cookies

Lead your sweetheart to the happiest of all endings this Valentine’s Day with this hilarious gag gift. It’s a bag of Valentine themed, adult fortune cookies—you might get something like “Wild Card-Tonight is Your Choice” or “Tonight you will experience a massage like no other.”

Prices Vary

Rice Crispies Picture Sheet

We’re back to Rice Crispies again, but only because this one is impossible to resist. You send a digital photo to the makers, and they put it on a sheet of Rice Crispies. Make it a romantic picture of the two of you, make it a provocative picture that’s supposes to heat things up—if it’s digital, they can do it.

$ 44.95

Red Wine Box of Brownies

Step back, because forty ounces of sheer chocolate decadence is coming your way. That’s two pounds of brownies, folks, delivered to you or your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day in a faux snakeskin red wine box. An honest to goodness tower of chocolate power.

$ 29.95

Personalized Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Chocolate chip cookies to the rescue! A twelve inch wide chocolate chip cookie with a personalized Valentine’s Day message written in white and pink frosting—we can hear the “ooooohs” and the “aaaahhhs” already. You don’t need to think this one through very long: you either have a chocolate chip cookie lover, or you don’t.

$ 29.50

Gourmet Dinner Cruise

You have reached the mountaintop—and it’s a romantic dinner cruise for two from Cloud9 experiences. Linen napkins, the finest china, fresh-cut flowers, gourmet meals, the lights of the city, the sound of soft jazz playing in the background—the stage is set of the best Valentine’s Day ever.

Prices Vary

10 DIY Edible Valentines Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Edible Confetti

This DIY confetti is supposed to go on cakes and whatnot, but we have a much better idea. We think you know what we’re thinking—shower your Valentine with love, affection, and…confection! And then eat it with gusto. Right off of them.

Cinnamon Butter

Keeping up with the small—and we do mean small—nod to traditional decorum, we present you with a delicious DIY recipe for cinnamon butter. Make it for Valentine’s breakfast this year, and slather it on the toast you serve next to the heart shaped pancakes you got up early to make.

You Complete Me Cookies

Sometimes the most romantic ideas are the simplest ones—and that’s the case here, with these “You Complete Me” cookies—they’re hearts, split in half, then decorated with icing and sprinkles. Three simple steps so sugar cookies for you and your sweetie to snack on this Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate Souffle

DIY’ers live by the maxim “actions speak louder than words” and “try, and try again.” You’ll see what we mean when you have a look: the soufflé was a fail, but this awesome chocolate soufflé topper is too cute to pass up. The simple stencil turns anything you bake into a special treat for the occasion.

Valentine Pie

It’s called “Strawberry Sweetheart Sweetheart Pie” and it’s a must for Valentine’s Day. This DIY recipe shows you how to make the filling and the heart-shaped crust. In thirteen easy steps, you’ll have a delicious pie with a flaky, buttery crust.

Sexy Truffles

No one will know all the truffle you went through to make these cookies this Valentine’s Day—but they will gladly devour them in an instant because they are so delicious and they look like they’re made in a professional bakery. This instructional includes the cookie recipe and all the right decorating tips.

Champagne Cupcakes

There’s no way an edible Valentine’s DIY list is going by without including some cupcakes, no sir. These ones are strawberry with Lemon Buttercream Frosting. This easy to follow tutorial has a recipe and step by step instructions for cute cupcake toppers, as well.

Hot Chocolate Jars

Since Valentine’s Day falls in February, a lot of places are still ch-ch-ch-chilly. These red velvet hot chocolate jars will keep the cold out until Spring finally comes along in March. This crafty recipe uses cake mix for the hot chocolate, and the jar is decorated with a piece of red string.

Valentine Mints

Making Valentine’s Day mints seems like a daunting task, but it’s not! It’s simple and easy if you follow the instructions provided here. This excellent DIY shows you how to make mints that are cute, mini, and glittery, all in less than an hour.

Mini Raspberry Bundt Cakes

If you’re looking for a unique recipe for a Valentine’s Day treat, go no further—enter Mint Raspberry Bundt Cakes. They take half an hour to prepare and half an hour to bake, but they’ll disappear in minutes, even if it’s only you and your Valentine sweetheart eating them.

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