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38 Easy Christmas Gifts for the Most Difficult People on Your List

Pleasing even the most difficult people on your gift list this year is a simple task with these little tricks. Appeal to their interests, engage their sense of humor or find a gift that will impact their day-to-day life. If you can do that, you can impress even the pickiest of gift-getters. Check out these 38 easy Christmas gifts to do just that.

Sometimes people can be absolutely impossible to shop for. If you have one of those people on your list this Christmas, here are some easy gift ideas that they will never see coming.

Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

If the difficult person on your list has ever expressed even the mildest interest in music, see what happens when you gift them this beautiful mahogany Ukelele. With this instrument in their lap, they will learn to let their walls down and go with the flow.


Sense with Sleep Pill – Sound Machine

Maybe that difficult person on your list is so cranky because they are sleep deprived. Never underestimate what a good night’s sleep can do for someone’s mood. This sleep aid sound machine tracks your sleep cycle and wakes you gently at just the right moment.

Prices Vary

Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp

If your difficult friend doesn’t absolutely fall in love with this Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp then they are not human. This is a gift that will suit every person from every walk of life. It is totally functional and utterly exquisite.


Kikkerland Magnetic Hourglass

As each shred of magnet falls through the slender glass opening, attaching on to other pieces of shredded magnet that have fallen before them, a sense of peace and calm washes over you. Give this gift of hypnotizing meditation to anyone who is too uptight holiday season.


Lifelike Cat Face Bag Zipper Case Coin Purse

Some of the most difficult people I’ve ever met were cat people. There is just something about the judgmental attitude of a cat that other difficult people connect with. Just like their furry creatures see the good in their owners, the people on your list who are hard to shop for will see the good in this cat face coin purse.

Prices Vary

GoPro Hero 5 Black

Reserve this gift for only the most deserving of difficult people on your list, as the GoPro Hero 5 Black is a device unlike any other. The images one can capture on this camera in nature, on the road, or in their own backyard are truly awe-inspiring. Watch as difficult dissolves into appreciative in no time at all.


Jolly Rancher 5-Pound Bag

Practically everyone has a sweet tooth to appeal to. This 5-pound bag of assorted Jolly Rancher flavors is the gift that keeps on giving. These hard candies last what seems like a lifetime without every loosing that sweet and tart flavor we have all grown to love.


Anywhere Travel Guide Cards

Sometimes picky people just need a little bit of a push. These Anywhere Travel Guide Cards will give even the most difficult person on your list that supportive nudge. Each card has an inspiring or motivating prompt that will encourage that person to step outside their comfort zone.


Mustache Ornament

If the most difficult person on your list has even the slightest hint of a sense of humor, this gift is going to go over just fine. Here is a Mustache Tree Ornament that they can hang year after year, putting a smile on their face.


Men’s Fold Beanie Hat

The difficult person on your list only needs two things to qualify as a recipient of this next gift: they need to have a head, and that head needs to get cold from time to time. Viola, they qualify! This Men’s Fold Beanie Hat comes in practically every color and looks good on just about anyone’s chilly noggin.

Prices Vary

NFL Turban Twists

The secret to navigating around a difficult person’s desires is to find the sports team that they are passionate about. If you are apt enough to pinpoint their favorite NFL team, then that is your window! These NFL Turban Twists will appeal to any woman with a favorite team.

Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler

Difficult people have got to eat, too, right? Paninis, hamburgers, bacon, eggs, and more- you can grill just about anything on this super easy-to-use Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler. Flip the reversible plates around from grooved-edge to smooth-edge to have yourself a hot meal in no time.


Dance and Embrace Spirit Candles

When you give the difficult person on your list this set of candles, just tell them to be patient and trust you. Tell them to light the wick, let them burn and wait. The day will come where the wax melts low and revealed are free-spirited dancing figurines who can show anyone how to enjoy life.


Bar Earrings

There is nothing wild or exclusive about these Bar Earrings. They are simple, tasteful, and generally appealing. For any girl or guy that shows in interest in jewelry, trust me when I say that you can’t go wrong with a modest pair like these.


Hangry Kit

Have you ever considered the fact that that difficult person on your list might be suffering from hanger? The anger that comes with being hungry is intense! Never put yourself in harms way of Hurricane Hanger again by always having some sugary snacks on hand with this Hangry Kit.

Prices Vary

DIY Bracelet Kit

Not even the coldest person could turn down a handmade gift. Order this DIY Bracelet Kit and get to work making personalized and heartfelt bracelets for every difficult person you know. This kit comes with materials and instructions to guide you on your way.

Prices Vary

Beach Please’ Tote Bag

This darling tote bag can be used for carrying groceries, lugging around books, or most obviously, partying at the beach. The color of this bag is neutral and its versatility is vast, which should give you piece of mind that whoever receives this bag will be happy to have it.

Prices Vary

Polaroid Digital Instant Print Camera

If you’re having any trouble at all deciding what to get a friend for the holidays, you’re problems have just been solved. This Polaroid Digital Instant Print Camera is a gift that literally anyone would love to receive. Take a photo, filter it through Instagram, and print it out. It’s as easy as that.


Unisex-adult Kigurumi Onesie Unicorn Pajamas

Much like your unique friend that is hard to shop for, Unicorns are a rarity that only the luckiest of people have a chance to see. Show your friend how special they are with this majestic Unicorn onesie. With this onesie, they can be difficult in bed or difficult around the house. Help them realize how truly special they are.

Prices Vary

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Lotion

Taking care of your skin in a task that every person should make a priority. This routine has little to do with your preferences or opinions, and everything to do with how much you care for your face. Guy or girl, this collagen-enhanced lotion will be a great addition to any daily routine.

Prices Vary

Ryan Gosling Pillow Case

If anyone tries to tell you that they don’t think Ryan Gosling is a total babe, then they are flat out lying. He’s cute, he’s charming and he’s talented. No matter how difficult the person on your list is to shop for, they will melt at just the sight of this Ryan Gosling Pillow Case.

Prices Vary

The Fine Life Bottom Dispensing Loose Leaf Tea Infuser and Coffee Brewer

Too make that difficult person on your list less difficult, all you need to do is give them a gift to make their life a tad bit easier. This tea and coffee dispenser allows them to brew their loose-leaf beverage in the machine, place on top of their cup, and dispense their favorite drink just like that.

Prices Vary

Amazon Gift Card

Did you know that you can purchase Amazon Gift cards? This may be the most hassle-free gift to give to difficult people. They can pick and choose whatever it is that makes them happy, all the while remembering that it was you who made this possible


3-in-1 Air Cleaning System

Who doesn’t love clean air? Especially for those friends living in the big city, this 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System will prove to be extra useful. The Hepa filter is a master at catching mold, dust, and pollutants that might breeze through your home. Everyone would be better off with one of these in their home.


Cordless Electric Water Kettle

Have you ever heard the phrase “a watched pot doesn’t boil?” Well, not in this case. The Cordless Electric Water Kettle boils water in seconds making life so much easier. Control all 6 setting with just a tap of your finger and you’ll have hot tea or instant noodles in a jiff.

Prices Vary

Amazon Gift Card

Did you know that you can purchase Amazon Gift cards? This may be the most hassle-free gift to give to difficult people. They can pick and choose whatever it is that makes them happy, all the while remembering that it was you who made this possible.


One-Size Galaxy Dress

Clothing shopping for another person is always a risky move. It can be difficult to know what will fit or if they will like what you choose. If you have a trendy or nerdy girl on your gift list, this Galaxy Dress is a safe bet. It fits an array of body types and the galaxy pattern is hard not to love.

Prices Vary

Thick Knitted Winter Warm Infinity Scarf

With so many colors and patterns to choose from, there is definitely a Thick Knitted Winter Infinity Scarf that even the most difficult person on your list will love. There are understated colors, sports team colors, and vibrant colors. This wrap-around scarf will keep any woman trendy and warm all winter long.


The Cosmopolitan Nail Polish Set

There aren’t too many girls or women out there who don’t enjoy having their nails painted. This Cosmopolitan Nail Polish Set is an easy gift to give someone that is hard to read. With 24 colors in this set, she is going to love most, if not all of them.


Pure Lavender Essential Oil

Every person in our society can benefit from the healing properties of Lavender Oil. It helps alleviate stress and anxiety, aids in the healing process of burns or rashes, improves sleep, alleviates headaches and then some. Lavender Essential Oils are a great gift for literally anyone on your list.

Prices Vary

Stainless Steel and Bamboo Insulated Mug

Sip slowly at home or secure the lid to take on the go, this Stainless Steel and Bamboo Mug is a great addition to anyone’s mug collection. This mug is double insulated, which keeps beverages hotter longer and the eco friendly bamboo is smooth to hold in your hands. There is nothing to complain about with this mug.

Prices Vary

Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash

In the beauty and skin care world, people swear by this gentle face wash. The combination of Tea Tree Oil and Awapuhi combat breakouts and give your skin a fresh glow. Just a small pump per day is all it takes, which means that this face wash will last for months.


The World’s Strongest Coffee, Deathwish

Perhaps that person on your list is so difficult to please because they are never impressed. Well, here is a gift that will surely stop them in their tracks. Deathwish is the world’s strongest coffee but still delivers a smooth flavor with hints of cherry and chocolate.


Fat & Juicy Bloody Mary Mix

Vegetarians are always difficult people to buy for. Yes, they follow a clean way of life but the good news is they still like to drink. This extra spicy Bloody Mary Mix will loosen that vegetarian right up and put them in a great mood for the holidays.

Prices Vary

Opal Gem Soap

Imagine unwrapping these luminescent Opal Gem Soaps. Awe, marvel, and disbelief are sparked when trying to consider that these are just every day soaps cut in the shape of gemstones. They smell like a garden of flowers and look like a chest of treasure. They are truly special gifts that anyone would enjoy.


Magic Hour Agenda

This is the perfect gift for young people on your list who value organization and their studies. You can’t go wrong with giving them a special place all their own to fill in events, homework assignments, and upcoming tests. You win by giving a great gift and they win by being ready for anything.

Prices Vary

Fresh and Clean Soy Candles

Lemon Grass, Olive Blossom, and Fresh Linen are the three scents that come in this Fresh and Clean Soy Candle Set. Candles are just about the easiest gift to give because who doesn’t love candles? These scents appeal to all olfactory systems across the board filling each room with mellow aromas.

Prices Vary

2 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

Decorative Tassel Wall Hanging

Sometimes the best way to please a difficult person is to tug on their heartstrings. Instead of buying them a gift, create something special for them. This Decorative Tassel Wall Hanging is an easy DIY gift that incorporates bright colors and fun shapes sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Knit Socks

If you’re having trouble deciding what to buy for that difficult person on your list, then make something for them instead. This Knit Sock patter guides you step by step making this an easy project to tackle. The recipient will be moved that you went to such lengths just for them.

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