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29 Darling Easter Baskets for Your Baby’s First Easter

When our children are babies, we want to celebrate every first milestone and holiday with them, and even if they’re too small to enjoy chocolate eggs, we don’t want them to be the odd one out among their siblings. These first Easter baskets for babies will be ideal for the small members of your family.

Personalized Blue Chevron Pattern Easter Basket

Easter Bunny Basket

You don’t want your youngest to feel left out while their older siblings are off filling their baskets with chocolate goodies. Get them this adorable white furry bunny basket with erect pink rabbit ears. It also has a handle small and chunky enough for your baby’s small hands.

Prices Vary

Blue Bunny Easter Basket

Lop eared rabbits are so cute and this basket looks like one. A perfect Easter basket for babies, it has blue gingham floppy ears which your baby will love grabbing onto. The handle is the ideal size for small hands and it can be filled with baby friendly goodies.


Prextex Plush Easter Basket Set

This is ideal for small babies who can’t eat solid food yet. Instead of buying them edible eggs, this Easter basket is filled with a furry egg and chick. Remove them and there’s plenty of room to put other things in. There’s also a plush bunny hugging the outside of the basket.

Prices Vary

Personalized Blue Easter Basket

Get them this personalized Easter basket for their first Easter and they can use it for years to come. It doesn’t matter if they’re too small to join in with the egg hunting, they’ll love having their own Easter basket to play with while watching everyone else have fun.

Prices Vary

Hippity Hop Floppy Ear Easter Bunny Basket Bucket Bag

Personalized Easter baskets make a great first Easter gift for babies. In a gorgeous pastel blue, this bunny basket has floppy ears. The left one would be where the embroided name of choice would go, although you can choose no personalization and buy it as it is.

Prices Vary

Personalized Easter Basket

Available in pink or blue, these rabbit baskets have gingham ears which can be personalized with your child’s name or even monogrammed. The cute pink nose really makes it look bunny like and they’ll enjoy filling it with their favorite toys while everyone else hunts for chocolate.

Price varies

Easter Basket for Kids Easter Bunny Bag

Made with an eco-friendly material, this Easter basket is available in 4 colors; pink, blue, green and purple. There is a personalization option so there won’t be any arguments over whose is whose anymore, and all your children can have matching baskets in their favorite color.

Prices Vary

Easter Bunny Burlap Bag

This burlap style basket is simple but still gorgeous. The basket itself is brown but the standing up ears can be colored in your choice of blue, pink, green or white. It’ll be the perfect size for babies to hold and fill with whatever they like, maybe some edible eggs or alternative Easter gifts.

Prices Vary

Personalized Easter Basket Bucket

A great Easter basket for babies, this pail style bucket will last for years. Choose from a selction of 5 bucket colors such as mint green or red and then decide on the bucket design. Add your child’s name onto the front in a font of your choice, making it personal to them.

Price varies

Gund My First Easter Basket Baby Playset

When babies are too small to eat solids, it can feel like they’re being left out of things, especially at Easter when all that’s available are chocolate eggs. Get them this first Easter basket; it’s made from plush and is filled with cute Easter themed sensory toys.


My First Easter Basket Baby Gund

Sensory toys are eggscellent for babies, they can help their development. This first Easter basket for little ones is made from super soft plush and is filled with 3 soft toys. There’s a rattling bunny, crinkling egg and chirping chick, all of which will be a big hit with your baby.

Prices Vary

Egg Hunter Easter Personalized Petite Tote Bag

Available in both blue and pink, these egg hunter tote bags have a cute patchwork design. You can personalize them too so your child’s name will appear under the words “egg hunter”. It’s got a reinforced strap which makes them perfect for holding all those goodies!


Plush Easter Basket For Baby

Everything at Easter is better oversized and this basket is no eggsception. Inside the plush basket, you’ll find a 15” bunny, 11” chick and a 6” Easter egg. They’re also super soft, and when the toys have been taken out, you could fit up to 30 eggs inside.

Prices Vary

Monogrammed Easter Bucket

This burlap basket will last for ages, meaning your baby will be able to use this for years and years, all through their childhood. With a pink handle and pink trim, you can choose the font and thread color you’d like your child’s name to be in.


Personalized Chocolate Colored Plush Bunny Basket

This cute bunny basket is available in either boy bunny or girl rabbit design. The brown rabbit has a blue nose and bow tie while the girl one has a pink hair bow and tutu. It can be personalized and your child’s name would be embroided on an ear in your choice of font and color.


Pink Tutu Easter Basket with Matching Headband

If your child enjoys dancing or ballet, this Easter basket will be perfect for them. It’s pretty and pink, with lots of sparkly material making the tutu surrounding the bottom of the basket. The handle and trim are made up of pink sequins, adding to the sparkling of this basket.

Prices Vary

Easter Bunny Burlap Bag with Handles

Made from environmentally friendly burlap material, this would make an ideal first Easter basket for babies. The soft material is safe for them and the fluffy bobtail on the bunny’s silhouette is a great sensory experience. You can choose between green or pink for this basket, depending on your baby.


Mud Pie Baby Girl Easter Tutu Basket

Pretty in pink, the tutu on this basket is made from delicate tulle layers, giving it the look of a real tutu. It has a pink ribbon trim and the handle and lining are made from a soft felt. Your child will feel like a princess carrying this around with them this Easter.

Prices Vary

Ear Stand Up Easter Basket

You can have this basket in 5 colors, whichever one is your child’s favorite. The bunny silhouette, inside of the ears, and lining of the basket, will be in your chosen color while the outside material is brown burlap. There’s even a fluffy bobtail to give the rabbit a finishing touch.


Personalized Easter Egg Basket With Pastel Liner

Made from white wicker, this old school basket will make a perfect Easter gift this year. The drop-down handle is made from strong willow and the lining is an Easter egg print. Add your child’s name to have it embroided onto the outside of the lining, so everyone can see whose basket it is.


Easter Fun Personalized Blue & Green Soft Easter Basket

This soft Easter basket is available in two color combinations; pink and purple or blue and green. The fabric on the outside of the basket has two patterns which are chevron and polka dot, keeping it interesting. And there’s the option to add your child’s name onto the colored strip across the front.


Easter Basket for Kids Bunny Bag for Easter

Celebrate your little blessings this Easter by getting them this super cute basket to put their edible treats and goodies in. It’s super easy to carry and is available in 7 colors, guaranteeing that there’ll be at least one color which will suit your child.

Prices Vary

Easter Chick Embroidered Easter Basket

While a lot of us associate rabbits or bunnies with Easter, a lot of us forget about the chick. Eggs are symbolic of Easter and chickens come from eggs so it makes sense to use them to celebrate this season, and these adorable chick baskets are “eggscellent”.


Kids Easter Egg Baskets by Bearington Collection

You’ll be hard pushed to find another Easter basket that is as fluffy as this one. In the shape of a rabbit’s head, it’s made from super soft and fuzzy plush and has pink satin lined ears and bows which makes it a perfectly snuggly first Easter basket for babies.


Pink Tutu Personalized Easter Basket

This gorgeous pink plush basket has a matching tutu dress made from layers of tulle which complete the look. You can choose to have a name embroided on the front in a choice of over 20 different thread colors so your little one’s basket can never get lost.


Duck Easter Egg Basket

In a gorgeously spring like yellow, this duck shaped basket will be an eggscellent first Easter basket for babies. With flappy wings, orange feet and beak, it will be an instant hit with your children and they’ll be really eggscited to fill it with Easter goodies.

Prices Vary

Easter Characters Personalized Plastic Beach Pail & Shovel

2 gifts in 1, you get to give your children an Easter basket as well as a bucket and spade for all your trips to the seaside in summer. Choose between pink and blue and then decide on a cute Easter themed decal to go on the front of the bucket.


3 Memorable Diy First Easter Keepsakes

Diy Baby’s First Easter Footprint Craft

There’s no better way to remember your child’s first Easter than by doing footprint crafts. You’ll always be able to see how small their feet once were. This tutorial shows you how to turn their tiny footprints into a picture of a rabbit, perfect for Easter.

Diy Footprint Easter Craft

Follow this tutorial and you’ll be able to make paper plate footprint rabbits with your children this Easter. Once they’re dry, you can paint on eyes, a pink nose, and then add some colored pipe cleaners for the whiskers. A great way to while away the Easter break.

Easter Straw Painted Baby Chick Hand Print Craft

Use your child’s handprints to make these gorgeous chick prints. Follow the instructions within this tutorial over at The Keeper of the Cheerios and use the pictures to decorate your home for Easter or maybe even send out as Easter cards to friends and family.

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