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23 Epic Easter Basket Ideas for Adults

Easter baskets for adults can be hard to find as the Easter bunny tends to favorite the younger generations. Check out this jampacked list of gift ideas, baskets and towers that are aimed at adults. Whether they love chocolate bunnies, a bottle of Prosecco or even popcorn, it’s all here.

Diy Dad's Easter Stache Idea

Easter Care Package

Send an Easter care package this year and ensure your loved ones have the best spring time ever. This indulgent basket has been developed by experts, and is full to the brim with gourmet treats and candies including but not limited to jelly beans, Starburst, popcorn and, of course, lots of chocolate.


Classic Easter Basket

Get this beautifully decorated, and lovingly filled gift basket that is the definition of spring, and share the good times this Easter. Containing everything one might imagine and hope to receive on Easter morning, you can expect to find candies, chocolates, marshmallows, and even a stunning stuffed bunny. Perfect.


Easter Gift An Easter Party Care Package

Send your best wishes with this cool care package, designed specifically for spring. This Easter basket for adults, kids, and just about anyone in between is bursting with the tastiest and most sought after Easter treats available. All nestled in a beautifully decorated box with a holiday greeting printed on the side.

Prices Vary

Double Bunny Easter Basket

The recipient of this wonderful Easter basket will definitely be hopping for joy when they receive a basket that is quite literally jam packed with goodies, and even 2 cute and cuddly stuffed bunnies. You can expect to find a whole hoard of chocolates, candies and treats buried inside.


Happy Easter Brownie Gift Box

Chocolate is the main treat associated with Easter; but sometimes it can be easy to forget that chocolate is a delectable ingredient that can help conjure up some of the best baked goods around. This Happy Easter cookie and brownie box is the perfect spring gift for the lover of all things baked in your life.


Bunny Treats Chocolate and Candy Easter Gift Basket

Tickle their taste buds pink with this sweet looking chocolate and candy Easter basket for adults. With the basket, and the entire contents radiating the color, it is the perfect gift choice for the lover of pink and has been filled with candy, treats, chocolate and even an adorable stuffed bunny.

Prices Vary

Happy Easter Gift Tower

If you want to go big, opt for an Easter tower. This fun and exciting gift basket is the ideal present for anyone to wake up to Easter morning. With 5 awesome boxes included, all filled with a variety of delicious and tasty treats, you can give some one the generous gift of indulgence this spring.


Hippity-Hoppity Easter Gift

Bippity boppity boo, as if by magic this Hippity Hoppity Easter gift is here, ready and raring to make someone’s morning that extra bit special. It’s treats galore inside this cute and creative tin, with candy, chocolate and even popcorn. The gift that keeps on giving.


Easter Gift The Best Bunny Treats Easter Care Package

Say Happy Easter to the best bunny you know and give them this jam packed care package, full of treats to wake up to on Easter morning. Delivered in a cute and keep sake bunny gift box, this care package is all about the inside as it is filled with candy, chocolate and treats.

Prices Vary

Easter Popcorn Tin

Not everyone loves to receive hoards of chocolate and candy; make their Easter extra special with this gift basket for adults, overflowing with delicious popcorn. With the option to choose which flavor combination you want, you can truly personalize the experience to suit the recipients tastes.

Price varies

Easter Gift Tower Lake Champlain Chocolates

Give the gift of luxury this Easter when you send someone this delicious and well presented tower of treats. Supplied in a tower of tremendous boxes, this spring gift is popping with treats. With Lake Champlain foil wrapped flowers included, and a ton of other candies and chocolates, you can’t go wrong.

Prices Vary

Look What The Easter Bunny Brought Me

This unbelievable gift basket really will have the recipient shouting “look what the Easter bunny brought me”. Edible treats are not all you can expect from this gift, of course, there is a whole host of different candies and chocolates, along with a stuffed bunny and even fun and exciting games to play.


Lindt Easter Gift Basket

Lindt chocolates have been an Easter classic for a long time thanks to their delicious chocolate bunnies. This Easter basket for adults is filled with an array of awesome and tasty Lindt chocolates, treats and even a stuffed bunny. All presented in a beautiful Easter basket.

Prices Vary

Easter Celebration Popcorn Tin

Celebrate Easter in style with this epic popcorn tin. With a mix of sweet and savory flavors included, the tin is overflowing with delicious popcorn. The white chocolate coated corn has been mixed together with pretzel chocolate candies, salted pretzels and even awesome rainbow sprinkles for that final magical touch.


Tropical Breezes Spa Gift Basket for Women

Give someone the gift of a little me time with this ideal gift basket for adults, that is perfect for women who need a little time to indulge and relax. Filled with a mix of body lotions, soap, chocolates, truffles, and a whole lot more. The perfect way to show someone you care.

Prices Vary

Easter Bunny Gift Tower

The Easter bunny has really done it this year with this gift tower. Whatever sweet things you want this spring, you can be sure that they have been included in this tower. With chocolate, marshmallows, popcorn and too many other treats to name, this really will give them something to get excited about.


Easter Orchard Fruit Basket

Easter is about sweet tastes, not just chocolate. This beautifully decorated Easter basket for adults has been filled with lovely fresh fruit, chocolate, candies and a whole lot more, all brought together tastefully by gifting experts. A perfect center piece for any Easter party.


Easter Champagne & Chocolates Gift Basket

Champagne and chocolates is the definition of indulgence. This Easter gift basket brings together that indulgence, just in time for spring. Boasting a bottle of champagne, and a whole host of tasty and delicious treats, you can sit back and relax this Easter with a glass of bubbly.

Price varies

Ultimate Easter Gift Basket

This really is the ultimate Easter gift basket for adults. The basket itself is bright and colorful, and summarizes all that is spring; however, inside is where the fun really begins. Full to the very top with all kinds of candies, chocolates, marshmallows and even a stuffed, cuddly bunny.


Healthy Wishes Gourmet Sugar Free Gift Basket

Whether you just want to look after your teeth, or have a specific dietary requirement, this sugar free Easter gift basket is the perfect way to enjoy Easter without ruining your diet or your health. Taste is not compromised, so you can be as involved in spring time festivities as you want.

Prices Vary

Easter Candy & Toys Basket

Wake up on Easter morning to a full on basket of toys and tasty treats. A solid milk chocolate bunny, games, toys and other candy and sweets are well presented in this awesome, keep sake basket. The fun games and toys included allow for spring time fun.


Easter Delight Easter Baskets

Say Happy Easter in a meaningful way with this fun Easter basket for adults. Overflowing with tasty treats that can keep the recipient occupied and indulging for a lot longer than Easter morning. This best selling basket is a perfect gift for anyone that indulges.

Prices Vary

Easter Sweets & Treats Basket

Spring is here, which means it’s time to exchange some sweet treats and love. This wonderfully filled basket is the perfect way to show someone just how much you care this Easter. With loads on offer including marshmallow Peeps, cookies, jellybeans and a ton more.


7 Adult Diy Easter Basket Ideas

Diy Grown Up Easter Basket

Follow this link to get some inspiration and ideas to create a beautiful home made Easter basket for adults that will be well received without a doubt. With chocolate, wine and other lovely goodies included, you can make a personal and heartwarming gift to say Happy Easter without breaking the bank.

Diy Hoppy Easter! Adult Easter Basket

Not everyone loves to get chocolate for Easter. Personalize the experience with this DIY, Hoppy Easter gift basket to make someone very happy this spring. Simply turn a 6 pack of their favorite beer into a well presented basket, and throw in some tasty treats on top.

Adult Easter Basket Inspiration

Gather all of the inspiration you need from the following website, and make the best DIY Easter basket around. Perfect for adults, this particular basket has been filled with bath bombs, hand cream and more. The carrot seeds ensure that this is the gift that keeps on giving.

Diy Easter Basket for Him

Make the Easter basket that is bound to put a spring in your mans step. With a small shopping list, an hour of your time and a bit of creative knowledge, you too can create this loving basket that is full to the brim with his favorite stuff, and most importantly, beer!

Diy Grown Up Easter Basket with Wine

Bring a bit of class to your spring gift with this homemade Easter basket for adults. Grown ups will love to receive this lovingly decorated basket. The following article will break down just how to make this awesome gift that includes a bottle of wine, chocolate and your effort. Lovely.

How to Build an Awesome Adult Easter Basket for Him

Give him the Easter Sunday you know he will love with this awesome DIY gift basket. The following website gives you all of the information you could possibly need to keep him happy, and will fuel you with a ton of inspiration and motivation. Easy to put together, he will definitely love it.

Diy Dad’s Easter Stache Idea

Make an Easter basket (or should I say Easter stache) with this cool and easy to follow article. Fill a cool looking basket or gift bag with his favorite treats, snacks and goodies to show him just how much you care. Then use the free printable tack to top off his stache.

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