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31 Awesome Gifts for Drinkers, Drunks & Boozehounds

It’s easy enough to buy for the alcohol lover in your life because they will pretty much be happy with anything alcohol-related. Of course you can get them a specialty item based on what kind of alcohol they drink whether that be beer, whisky, or wine, and they’ll appreciate it even more. Here is our selection of the best alcohol-based gifts you can buy.

31 Awesome Gifts for Drinkers- these are great gift ideas for anyone that likes to drink.

Chillsner Beer Chiller

This beer chiller is designed to go right into the beer bottle, keeping the beer nice and cold without watering it down. Even though it’s shaped like an icicle it is made from stainless steel, so you’re able to reuse it again and again. It creates an airtight seal and you drink right through it.


Pumpkin Tap Kit

If you’ve brewed up a batch of pumpkin ale this fall there’s no better way to enjoy it than through a pumpkin. This tap kit turns a pumpkin into the perfect beer flowing vegetable and adds some authenticity to the brew. You can use a watermelon as well, so this is something you can use all year long to keep the good times flowing.


Whiskey Stones

Whisky stones are a much better way to keep your drink chilled than using ice cubes. For starters they don’t melt, so you can sip your drink at your pace, without worrying that it will get watered down. They’re also reusable, just pop them back in the freezer when you’re finished and they’ll be all set for the next time.

Prices Vary

Cork Pops Nicholas Portside Flask

This is a great flask to bring with you on the boat because it’s nautical themed and made to look like a port hole. It has a window so you can Inside and see if you are running low and also to remember what it is you’re drinking. It is made to keep the contents inside so it doesn’t leak.


Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glasses

These salt shot glasses are made of 100% percent pure salt, so they won’t last forever but they will be one fantastic way to take your tequila shots. All you need is a lime to complete the package, and you can simply lick the glass to get 100% pure grade Himalayan pink salt. Patron!

Prices Vary

Wine Pearls

When drinking a white wine it is common that you can’t drink it fast enough before it starts getting warm and not tasting as good. These pearls are made of stainless steel, so you freeze them and then add them to the glass, keeping it cool without watering it down. This means you get the taste of the wine without any water added and without any effect on the taste.


Homemade Gin Kit

Did you know you can make your own gin at home, the same way that beer crafters make their own home brews? This gin kit comes with everything you need for your first batch of gin, and it has the steps for what you need to do make it come out great. You do need to add a bottle of vodka to the kit, which becomes the base for the gin.


Stoneware Growler

If you hang out at your local microbrewery long enough, you are going to want a growler to take home larger amounts for drinking it in a more relaxed atmosphere. It’s a way to take a piece of the microbrewery with you, and many of them sell their own branded ones. This keeps your beer in the dark, and is made of high-quality materials.


Personalized Pub Glasses

These glasses feature not only the name of your own fictitious brewery, but also the year that it was established, and the town where the headquarters are located. You can personalize this with all of your own information, making it a great gift for anyone with an at-home bar.


Margaritaville Machine

Make your own slushed drinks just like they serve in restaurants across the country with this Margaritaville machine. The consistency of the drinks comes out just right, which can be tough to achieve when you’re using only a blender. This machine has only one purpose, and it fulfills it well.


101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die

If you’ve ever wondered if you been trying the right whiskies, you know, the ones you need to try before you die, this book will spell it out for you. It’s recently been revised and updated to include new offerings that have hit the market, so you’ll be on the cutting edge of which ones you should try and which ones you can leave alone.


Mr. Beer Brewing Kits

The Mr. Beer brewing kits are one of the most popular brewing kits on the planet, and that’s because it provides the home brewer with everything that’s needed to complete a batch from start to finish. This includes those who’ve never made their own beer from home, so this is a great starter kit to get into the hobby.



The Kegerator is the ultimate in keg dispensing awesomeness. It is a refrigerator that is designed to hold your keg, and also to dispense it from the top. It basically turns your home into a fully functional bar, able to serve up ice cold beer from the tap. The ones made by Edge Start are high quality, and will provide years of reliable use.


One-Handed Bottle Opener

Here’s a special opener that lets you open your beer in one hand, while the other one does whatever it is you’re doing. Standard bottle openers require you to hold onto the bottle in one hand, and the opener in the other. This means you normally have to stop what you’re doing and open your bottle. But no longer, and now you’ll have a hand free.

Prices Vary

Puff’s Preserves Boozy Jam

These jams are a great way to get the flavor from different types of alcohol, without necessarily getting the alcohol. That’s because each of them is themed with a different liquor or beer, such as whisky, beer, or champagne. But the alcohol cooks off in the process so it’s non-alcoholic.


Jägermeister Shotmeister

Get your your Meister shots in the coolest way possible with this Jägermeister Shotmeister. It’s a standalone machine that dispenses perfect shots of Jägermeister so you don’t have to eyeball it to see if it’s right. The shots come out ice cold, so you get Jägermeister the way it was meant to be enjoyed, every time.



The iFlask might be one of the most incognito ways to have a drink, because it is made to resemble an iPhone, so no one thinks you are storing your favorite beverage in it. You can take this pretty much anywhere because people bring their smartphones everywhere they go these days so you’ll never look out of place.


The Ultimate Bar Book

This bar book walks you through everything you need to know about mixing drinks, and includes instructions on how to make more than 1,000 different cocktails. If you’ve always wanted to become a master bartender, this is how you start, by learning all of the basic recipes and tips on how to put them together.


Crazy Cooler

The Crazy Cooler is a motorized cooler on wheels that takes away the need to lug your big heavy cooler everywhere. This is great for a trip to the beach in the summer, or for tailgating. Surely you can’t remember a time when you needed to carry a cooler that was so heavy you thought you would break your back. This is the fix.


Stanley Classic Flask

This classic flask from Stanley is like the ones you might have seen your grandfather use. That’s because they’ve been around for generations, and will likely stand the test of time. It has a wide mouth on it so you can easily take a drink and get enough liquid in one sip.

Prices Vary

Wall Bottle Opener

This bottle opener mounts to your wall so it is just like the kind that they have behind the bar. It is angled to give you the perfect leverage to easily de-lid your bottle and get you to your beverage in record time. It is also designed to be used with just one hand, making it very convenient.


Drink Dispensing Driver

It can be tough to make it through 18 holes without a tasty beverage by your side, and this drink dispensing driver comes in handy when you are out on the links and nowhere near the clubhouse bar. Fill it with your favorite mixed drink, or use it to hold liquor for shots. Just be sure not to mistake it for your real driver.



The Brewbot is a way to get your smartphone in on the brewing action. It walks you through the steps of how to brew your beer, and gives you precise readouts of how your batch is doing, and when you should take the next step in the brewing process. It’s a way to not only take away the guesswork, but also to add precision to your results.


Beer Saver Silicone Bottle Caps

These bottle caps are made of silicone and are able to create a tight seal on the top of your beer bottle so you can drink it at your leisure without feeling the need to drink it before it gets warm. Most of the time, when you pop open a glass beer bottle, it’s a race against the clock before it’s starts to warm up.

Prices Vary

Doomed Crystal Skull Shotglass

This crystal skull shot glass looks really cool once you put the shot into it. It doesn’t look like much when it is empty because it is clear, but once you add some whiskey or other brown liquor into it, you get to see all of the features it has and it looks pretty awesome.


Craft Beer Glassware Set

Get this glassware set that contains different classes for all the different types of beer you might be drinking. Some beers taste better in certain glasses, or they are always served up in the same sort of glass at the bar. In order to recreate that scene at home you need to have the proper glassware, and this set has you covered.

Prices Vary

BACtrack Breathalyzer

This breathalyzer will help you make the right decision when it comes time to get yourself home. It should be part of the repertoire of anyone that likes to go out for a night on the town. You want to make sure that you are under the limit before you get behind the wheel and preferably you should have a designated driver before you head out.


Ice Shot Glass Mold

This ice shot mold makes frozen shot glasses out of water or juice so you can drink your shots on ice. Make them from lemon juice for tequila shots. It will make four shot glasses at once, or you can fill the mold with different contents so that everyone can have their choice of glass.


Portable Beer Pong Table

If you are serious about beer pong, you’ll want a portable table that you can take anywhere, so you can start up the game with no problem. Of course if you keep it in one place it works just fine too, and it is easy to fold away when not in use. It’s also easy to clean, which is an important factor.


Barbuzzo Ice Luge

There’s nothing quite like taking a shot from an ice luge, and this one is a pretty good model, letting two people drink from it at the same time. It’s easy enough to use, you just need to fill it with water, and then pop it in the freezer and it will form to the right shape for taking shots or drinking beer from.

Prices Vary

Hopside Down Beer Glass

This beer glass is shaped in an upside down manner, so it looks like you’re drinking from the bottom of the bottle. But really it is more like a wine shaped glass, it just gives the optical illusion of an upside down bottle. Space is created between your hand and the beer so the bottom stays cooler longer as you hold it.


9 DIY Gifts for Drinkers

DIY Beer Cap Clock

Take caps from their favorite brand of beer and make this DIY beer cap clock for them. If they’ve ever used the phrase “Beer o’clock” when you ask what time it is, now they’ll actually have a clock that backs them up on that.

Jute-Wrapped Bottles

These bottles are wrapped in jute, so they’re easier to hold on to, which can be a good thing when you’ve had a few already. They add a bit of decoration to an otherwise plain bottle, and are sure to be a big hit with drinkers.

Chalkboard Drinking Glass

When you get drunk it can be hard to know which glass is yours. But when you have these chalkboard drinking glasses you can clearly write each person’s name on them. And after you wash them they’re ready to reuse.

Beer Bottle Cap Keychain

This keychain uses a cap from their favorite beer so they always have a piece of it with them. It’s hard to describe the affinity for beer that a beer lover has, but suffice it to say that any gift with the logo on it will be well-received.

Wine Lover’s Corkboard

This corkboard may take a little forethought to make because you’ll have to collect the corks. Chances are though that they go through wine on a pretty consistent basis, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long to amass enough of them.

Pant Leg Wine Bags

These wine bags are made out of old jeans, providing just enough cover so that they can’t see the wine bottle inside. When you are a wino you don’t really care about the wine bag anyway, it’s just getting in the way of the wine.

Beer Bottle Candle Holders

These candle holders are made out of old beer bottles, and are a great decorative feature to add to the home of your favorite drunkard. It’s a good way to use up some of the empty bottles they create, and adds a little ambiance to the home.

Make Them Some Feijoa Wine

This is one gift that will be worth the wait for them. The instructions make it seem like you need a lot of supplies, but when you do finally assemble everything the actual wine-making process is mostly a matter of waiting.

Making Spirits Brighter

Here’s the best way to doctor up that gift of booze you’re giving them this year. It is a simple tag with a sly play on words that says Making Spirits Bright. Since spirits are the name of the game for them, they’ll love that you got them what they really want.

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