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39 Best Dog Toys of 2018 for Pups of All Sizes and Bite Strengths

When it comes to your pet pooch, you want the best for him. We’ve compiled this list just for you dog owners out there, because it’s got the best dog toys of 2018 in there. It doesn’t matter how big your dog is, the perfect toy for him is right there.

Dog Toys

HelloPet Interactive Dog Puzzle Toy

Improving your dog’s intelligence is key to being a good dog owner. It stops them being bored but it also keeps their attention away from chewing your furniture. This nontoxic rubber ball is 100% safe and will dispense a treat when your canine friend has figured it out.


KONG Goodie Bone Dog Toy

Your dog won’t be able to get enough of the red KONE goodie bone once they realize what it does. In the ends of the bone, there are holes where you can push little treats in which will encourage your pet to play with the toy.


Titan Busy Bounce

If you’ve got a really playful puppy who likes to get stuck in, you’ll know how much of an annoyance it is when they destroy a toy they’ve only just received. This Titan Busy Bounce is made from durable rubber which should withstand their playtimes, and you can even hide treats in the centre.


Nerf Dog UltraPlush Trackshot Arrowhead Launcher

Children and adults alike love playing with Nerf products so why should your dog miss out on the fun? This arrowhead dog toy can be launched up to 75 feet which your pet will love, as they can go hurtling off after the toy and get plenty of exercise.

Prices Vary

wowowo Classic Plush Mallard Duck

Plenty of dog toys are shaped like cute animals and shapes but this one is the cutest of all. The fuzzy duck will attract your dog’s attention and when they grab it with their teeth, a loud squeaking sound is made which will make your pet really curious.


Chuckit! The Whistler Balls

Do your dogs go running off after their favorite toy but come back without having retrieved it because they can’t find it? Well don’t worry about that anymore because The Whistler Balls whistle as they’re flying through the air, making sure your dog always knows where they are.


Nerf Dog Competition Stick

Play with your furry friend using this, the Nerf competition stick. It’s made from a mix of plastic and rubber, both of which are durable and strong enough to withstand games of tug of war, throwing, and retrieving. It also floats so you can take it with you to the beach or river.


KONG Extreme Dog Toy

Every dog needs a favorite toy which they can take with them everywhere. The KONG can help your dog with a number of things, such as separation anxiety and boredom. It’s hollow as well so you can stuff it with any KONG treat or snack.

Prices Vary

Chuckit! Launcher

Taking your dog to the park and throwing a ball for them is such a simple thing to do, but sometimes your arm gets tired and you can’t throw the ball far enough. That’s when you need the Chuckit! Launcher which will throw the ball about 3x further than you can on your own.


Chuckit! Paraflight Dog Toy

Playing with a Frisbee is a fun thing to do in the summer but you don’t want your dog to ruin yours. Why not get him his own so he can join in with the game? This lightweight doggie disc is designed to fly far and can be used on either land or water.


Nylabone Holiday Dura Chews Dog Chew Toy

We all know that a dog’s breath isn’t the freshest, especially just after they’ve had their food or a snack. This Dura Chews from Nylabone come in 3 different flavors, including a peppermint one, and are designed to give your doggy cleaner teeth and fresher breath as they chew and play.

Prices Vary

HARTZ Dental Duo with Edible Bacon Flavored Center

Everyone loves bacon, even dogs. This Chew ‘n Clean toy has a delicious bacon center which will encourage your dog to gnaw through the hard exterior. While they’re doing this, the toy is gently massaging their gums and cleaning their teeth to make them clean and fresh.

Prices Vary

Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Gift Set

Forget throwing balls with your arm or with a launcher…you need the Nerf Dog Blaster! Load it up, aim and fire. Watch the tennis balls included in this set fly over 50 feet. Your dog gets all the exercise he needs and you’ve had loads of fun doing it.


Nerf Dog Nylon Flyer

There’s nothing more enjoyable than taking a Frisbee to the park and throwing it about with your friends and family. But now your dog can have his own one with these Nylon Flyers from Nerf. Lightweight yet durable, they’ll withstand the tugging and chewing your pet will subject it to.


Nylabone Big Turkey and Sweet Potato Chew

Never again will your pet have to miss out on the delicious taste of a turkey dinner. This Nylabone is designed to keep your dog entertained and stop him chewing on your possessions. It has the flavor of turkey and sweet potatoes which your dog will just love.


Nerf Dog 3-Ring TPR Tug

The simple design on this dog toy is sure to keep your best friend entertained for hours. The bright colors will capture his attention as soon as you give it to him, and the different textures will keep him interested in it, stopping him from destroying anything of yours.


Nerf Dog Squeak Rubber Football Dog Toy

Dogs just love playing with balls but a lot of the ones designed for humans just fall apart when a canine gets hold of them. Introducing the Nerf Dog rubber football which will withstand the extensive chewing and tugging which your pet will put it through.


Nylabone Dura Chew Wishbone

Have you ever tried to wrestle a dog and brush their teeth? It’s not easy work; dogs just don’t want toothbrushes anywhere near their mouths. Trick them with this flavored toy – it’s wishbone shaped which gently cleans their teeth and gums which leads to fresher breath.


KONG Wobbler Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

The wobbling action on this toy will keep your furry friend amused while they try and get the treat out of the middle. It’s easy enough to refill, twist off the top and fill it with their favorite doggy snack, then give it to your pet and watch them figure out how to get their reward.


Nerf Dog Trackshot Toss and Tug Ring

Perfect for throwing for your dog to catch and also playing tug of war, this lightweight and durable ring will quickly become your dog’s favorite toy. Take it everywhere with you for a sure fire way to keep your dog entertained and able to get her daily exercise.

Prices Vary

Nerf Dog Tire Treat Feeder Dog Toy

Made from 100% non-toxic rubber, this tire toy from Nerf has been designed to last. The durable material is also lightweight so you and your dog can fling it around as much as you like, plus you can slip treats or food inside the toy so your pet can try to get them out, fuelling their curiosity.


Hartz Dura Play Bone Dog Toy

This pack of three dog toys means you can have one in the house, one in the yard and one waiting in the car for those trips you take with your best friend. In an assortment of bright colors, they bounce and also float so your puppy will never get tired of playing with it.


Nerf Dog 2-Handle Tug

You take one end and let your dog pick up the other…then pull! This 2 handled tug toy from Nerf is the ultimate thing needed to play tug of war with your pet. As you both pull on the ends, it’ll squeak which will just make your dog want to play more.


Goughnuts TuG Interactive Toy

If you’ve got a larger dog, finding toys which are strong and durable enough to take their rough playtimes is difficult. Enter GoughNuts, the chew and tug toy which has been designed for big dogs and their owners to have fun and play safely together.


Nylabone DuraChew Ring Dog Toy

Keep your dog busy by buying them this DuraChew ring, which has a delicious flavor which your pet will adore. They’ll keep going back for more and it’ll quickly become their favorite, meaning they’ll leave your furniture alone! The ridges and bumps in the rubber will also clean their gums and teeth, too.


Nylabone Big Chew Durable Toy Bone

It’s typical to see dogs in cartoons or books with bones to chew on, so they’re usually the shape we all know. This toy has been knotted at the ends to give your dog something bigger to sink their teeth into. It stops their aggressive chewing and cleans their teeth at the same time.

Prices Vary

Nerf Dog Crunchable Rubber Ball

The two different textures on this toy will keep your dog interested, whether they’re a puppy or an adult. Inside the durable rubber case is a chewable crunchy material which your dog will love. It’s lightweight enough for you to throw it and your dog will keep going back to it time and time again.

Prices Vary

Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Monster Dog Chew

If you’re looking for a treat to reward your puppy for being a good boy, this might be just the thing. This Dura Chew Monster Bone has a tasty chicken flavor which is excellent for dogs, and while they’re eating, it will be cleaning their gums and teeth, too.


Nylabone Dura Chew Axis Bone Dog Chew Toy

This bacon flavor chew toy is designed in such a way that your dog can chew on it from every angle and still get a good mouth clean. It’s long lasting so you won’t find yourself having to buy another one every week, and it’ll keep a restless pet busy.


Nerf Dog Spiral Squeak Football

You definitely won’t lose track of this orange and black striped football while it’s hurtling through the air. It’s made of lightweight material so it’ll go far, your dog will get plenty of exercise running to fetch it and bring it back again, and the squeaker noise will keep your dog’s interest for weeks.


Nerf Dog Tire Infinity Tug Durable Dog Toy

Dogs love a good game of tug of war and this Infinity Tug Toy from Nerf is the perfect toy for their favorite game. Available in blue or red, the tire tread helps both you and your dog grip it better and the strong rubber can withstand their pulling and chewing.


Nylabone Dura Chew Peanut Butter Flavored Bone Chew

Who doesn’t love peanut butter? While dogs can have the actual food stuff, this chew bone has the flavoring of it to satisfy their taste buds before you have a chance to go to the store. It’s excellent for cleaning their mouths while satisfying their need to chew.

Prices Vary

PetSafe Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude Dog Toy

When you go to the park, does your dog bark at and chase the poor squirrels? Save the tree critters from harassment with this Busy Buddy shaped like their favorite thing to chase. It’s tough enough to stay strong against their chewing and throwing, so it’ll last your pet for months.

Prices Vary

Nerf Dog LED Bash Barbell Light-Up Toy

Nerf Dog brings you this interactive toy which is perfect for your best friend. The heavy duty and food grade rubber will withstand all weathers and is water resistant. Inside the ends of the balls are lights, which will light up and keep your dog interested in the toy.


Hartz Frisky Frolic Latex Squeakable Toy

Who said dog toys had to be boring and generic? These ones definitely go against the grain; they’re brightly colored and in the shape of funky characters. You get all 3 in a set so your puppy can investigate them all and choose their favorite one to throw about the backyard.


Nerf Products 2-Ring Strap Tug

You take one side, give your doggy the other, and start pulling. This blue and green toy from Nerf Dog is great for owners wanting to play and interact with their pets, all while giving their dog the exercise and playtime they so desperately need.


Nylabone Dura Chew Pork Chops & Applesauce

Is there anything nicer than pork chops and apple sauce? This durable rubber toy is in the shape of a chop which might trick your dog into thinking that they’re eating the real thing, especially as it has the delicious flavor of a pork and apple dinner.

Prices Vary

Nerf Dog Trachshot Launching Frog

Keep your dog in good shape with this amazing Trachshot toy by Nerf Dog. It can be launched up to 75 feet and the bright color will make sure that you and your dog will never lose track of this toy. Also, the shape of it means that it will fly through the air with ease.


Chuckit Fetch Wheel Toy for Dogs

There are so many games which can be played using this one toy. Whether you choose to play fetch with your pet or just let your dog decide what he wants to do with it, he’ll love throwing it around and having the best time.


10 Irresistible Dog Diy Dog Toys and Chews

Diy Fourth of July Dog Treats

Your pet pooch doesn’t have to miss out on this year’s 4th of July celebrations. Just because he can’t have the delicious human food doesn’t mean he can’t have his own treats. This tutorial contains three different ideas which will definitely treat your pet on this special holiday.

Diy Easy and Cheap Dog Toy

Dogs love their toys but sometimes they can get a bit rough with them, and replacing all of their chewed up ones with brand new toys is expensive. Follow the steps here to create an easy and cheap dog toy which has a hidden surprise in the middle.

Diy Doggy Ice Lick with Toys

Keeping your dog cool in the height of summer isn’t easy; sometimes they’re just too tired from the heat to get to their water bowl. Make this doggy ice lick which is just water with added chicken broth. Freeze some dog toys inside the ice block to give them an incentive to start licking.

Diy Handmade Pet Toys

Whether it’s for their birthday or Christmas, your puppy will love this super cute handmade toy. All you need is an old sweater, felt and a squeaker and you’re good to go. It’s inexpensive so you’ll be able to make them another one as soon as they ruin their current one.

Diy Butter Dish Treat Puzzle Video Tutorial

Dogs don’t need really expensive toys to keep them happy, they just need something which is going to grab their attention. Why not make this treat dispensing toy yourself, using an old food container and some treats? It’s a great way to recycle, and your puppy is happy.

Diy $2 Dog Toy Fishing Pole

You usually see these type of toys available at the store for cats but there’s no reason why dogs wouldn’t love them too. Make this DIY one at home using this tutorial and you’ll be able to create a new game for him every day by switching the toy on the end of the pole.

Diy PVC Pipe Treat Puzzle

Whether you’re frugal, or you just don’t want to pay loads for a new dog toy which will be destroyed in minutes, you need to read this tutorial. It tells you how to make some DIY treat dispensing toys using PVC pieces and doggy snacks.

Diy Ball Dog Toy

Your pet pooch means as much to a family as any other member in it so he deserves to be treated every now and then. This tutorial shows you how to make two different dog toys, both of which are super easy to make and are really cheap too.

Diy Sweet Potato Indestructible Dog Toy

When this toy says it’s “indestructible”, it just means that it’ll take your dog longer to pull it apart than a store bought toy. But when they DO destroy it, you’ll be able to make another one for them easily, and it won’t cost you much, either.

Diy Homemade Fleece Dog Toys

Don’t spend your money on those simple dog toys you see at the store; follow this tutorial from Patty Whack Dogs and make some at home, instead. You can experiment with the colors and textures to find the perfect combination for your pooch so they’re guaranteed to love it.

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