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13 Woof-worthy Dog Gift Baskets and Boxes

There are so many cool toys and treats around for dogs these days that it can be hard to know which one to choose. Guess what? You don’t have to, because these woof-worthy dog gift baskets and boxes contain all manner of brilliant dog-themed toys, treats, and even bandanas to give a dog even more street cred. But if you wanted to tailor a hamper to one particular dog, why not have a go at making one yourself?
Dog Gift Basket Ideas

BarkBox Subscription Box

Everyone loves getting mail, and dogs will be no exception when they see BarkBox coming through the door every month, as it’s filled with toys and treats tailored to each dog.

Prices vary

Goody Birthday Box

The old saying ‘every dog has its day’ is certainly true with the Chewy Goody Box, because it’s full of birthday toys, treats, and something to wear to celebrate for your dog’s day.


Wufers Cookies Box

If you know a poorly pooch, this cookie box will go a long way towards making them feel better as it’s crammed with delicious dog-safe cookies to stop them feeling ‘ruff’.

Prices Vary

Woofables Dog Gift Basket

No matter the season or holiday, this cute gift basket will contain two appropriately-themed treats, along with 1/2lb of dog biscuits, training treats, and a giant biscuit bone to get their teeth into.


Pampered Pup Dog Gift Box

With every item being planet-friendly, the Pampered Pup Dog Gift Box is the perfect way to spoil that special dog, with treats, toys, and even organic, Fair Trade balm for their paws.


Little Monster Dog Gift Basket

Dogs should be treated to the good things in life, like this Little Monster Gift Basket, which will surprise them with five toys and five treats to keep them entertained and full.


American Classic Food Gift Set

Fast food for dogs? Absolutely! This 5-piece play set contains a whole selection of American Classics like hotdogs, burgers, and even a milkshake which are perfect for keeping them entertained.


Goody Box for Small Dogs

As easy as one (bandana), two (toys), and three (treats), the Chewy Goody Box contains six awesome items for your dog to play with, eat, and wear with pride.


Best Friend Dog Gift Basket

Why not treat a deserving dog (aren’t they all) to an extra special dog gift basket which is jam packed with brilliant toys and treats, including a Bark Daniels Whiskery plush?


3 Diy Dog Gift Basket Ideas

Diy Epic Dog Gift Basket

Dog gift baskets don’t have to be bought pre-made, and they’re incredibly easy to put together; simply fill a decent-sized basket or box with toys, treats, and fun things to wear.

Classic Diy Gift Basket Using a Dog Bowl

Half the fun of putting together a DIY doggy gift box is choosing what to put in it, and this blog post has some great ideas to inspire you to do your own.

Diy Gourmet Pet Gift Basket

This gift crate has been put together for dogs in a shelter, and whether you want to follow suit, or make one for your own beloved friend, there are some great ideas here.

More Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers:


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