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60 Cutest Dog Costumes of All-Time – Funny Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

Getting dressed up is so much fun, especially when it’s in fancy dress and you can pretend to be someone you’re not. But why should your pet miss out? Check out the amazing ideas in this list of dog costumes, and your pooch will be the best dressed in show!

Dog Costumes

Gimilife Disney Stitch Pet Custume

Every Disney lover’s dog needs this costume for their pet. Made from high shorn velvet and sponge fleece, your pooch will feel super comfortable dressing up as that mischievous alien from the movie Lilo and Stitch. Let’s just hope your dog is a little better behaved!

Prices Vary

Wonder Woman Dog Costume

Wonder Woman was one of the biggest movies last year, mainly because Diana is such a badass female! Now you can dress your dog up like this superwoman, complete with gold crown and cuffs…oh and not forgetting the all-important truth rope of course.

Price varies

California Costumes UPS Pal Pet Costume

Fed up of your usual UPS delivery man? Recruit your puppy to take his place with this awesome dog costume. The unmistakeable brown uniform complete with the logoed hat, it also has two outstretched arms carrying your important parcel. Super cute, you won’t want to go back to your regular delivery guy.


Rubies Costume Company Walking Teddy Bear

We’ve all seen the movie Ted, right? And after watching it, you wanted your very own walking and talking teddy bear? Well, we can’t help with the talking part but with this costume, you’ll be able to turn your dog into an adorable walking stuffed bear.


Lobster Hoodie Costume

Whether it’s for Halloween or just because you fancy taking a lobster for a walk, this costume is a must have for every doggy wardrobe. It’s made from fleece so your pooch will always be warm, and there’s even a little hole for their leash so it won’t mess up their outfit.

Prices Vary

Pandaloon Panda Pet Costume Set

Panda bears are absolutely adorable. They just sit around all day, eating bamboo and looking super cute…it’s no wonder that you’d want to dress your pet up as one. Made from soft plush, this costume has a hood with ears and a stick of bamboo in its hand.


Rubie’s Puppy Latte Pet Costume

Have you ever gone to the coffee shop, ordered an iced latte and wondered if it’s possible to dress your dog up as one? Us too! This costume makes that possible, with a Puppy Latte coffee cup body and a hat complete with foam whip and a straw.


FanQube Cowboy Knight Rider

Give your dog his own partner in crime with this costume. Ideal for smaller dogs such as pugs or corgis, this outfit is made from soft and breathable cotton, meaning your dog will always be comfortable while making up imaginary adventures in the Wild Wild West.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Costume Star Wars Darth Vader

If you’re a fan of the Star Wars movies, this costume is a must for your pet. Dress him up as Darth Vadar, the Dark Lord of the Sith. The removeable cape means you can take it off when your pet needs to run around, and the hat adds that finishing touch.


Rubie’s Pet Costume Mexican Serape

Your dog no longer has to miss out on those fancy dress parties you throw. Choose this Mexican Serape costume for your pug or French Bulldog and they’ll be the best dressed of the night. Complete with a rainbow poncho and a sombrero, your pup will look mex-cellent!


Bantha Pet Costume

Make your pet feel as though he’s on Tattoine with this Bantha costume. The huge and hairy animals with their twisted horns are often ridden by Tusken Raiders which this outfit also comes with. It’s the perfect Halloween outfit for a Star Wars fan’s dog.


Dracula Vampire Dog Costume

Sometimes simple is best, especially if your dog isn’t the biggest fan of dressing up. Ideal for Halloween or any spooky soiree, you can now dress your pet up as Count Dracula, the most famous vampire of all. It comes complete with a cape, tuxedo shirt and a blood red cumberbund.

Price varies

Rubies Mr Claws Pet Lobster Costume

Red and glittery, this lobster dog costume would make a perfect addition to your doggy wardrobe. It fastens with straps under the neck and belly so you know it’s not going to slide off easily, and the hood, complete with eyes and a typical lobster “moustache”, makes it unmistakeable.


Rubie’s Despicable Me 2 Minion Pet Costume

By now, everyone knows what a Minion is, right? Made famous by the Despicable Me movies, the yellow creatures with blue overalls are so cute that we all want one. While that’s not possible (yet!), you can dress up your dog in this outfit and turn him into your very own Minion.


California Costumes Holy Hound Dog Costume

Who doesn’t want to dress their dog up as a Holy Priest? This outfit will get everyone talking, whether you’re going to a fancy dress party or taking your dog out around the neighborhood. It comes complete with the pointed hat and a detachable stole.


Rubie’s Captain America Pet Costume

First appearing in comic books in 1941, Captain America is a superhero from Marvel who will more recently be recognized from the Avengers movies. Turn your dog into his favorite superhero with this awesome costume; all he’s missing is the famous shield that Cap isn’t often seen without.


Fake Arms Nurse Dog Costume

Take your doggy along with you to the Halloween party this year in this paw-some nurse outfit. In a gorgeous baby pink, this outfit has a printed syringe on and is finished with black lace. There’s also fake human arms attached and a cute little hat to complete the look.

Prices Vary

Pet Aviator Hat and Scarf Set

Let your dog take to the skies with this cute aviator costume. The brown fur lined hat and goggles is typical of old school pilots and the red scarf finishes the look. All you need now is to make your doggy his very own aeroplane and he’ll be off!


Bumble Bee Pet Sweater

Bees have a bad reputation when all they want to do is buzz around, pollenating the flowers and making honey. This bumblebee dog costume will make all bumblebees cute again. The stripy jumper has a hood to slip over your dog’s head, complete with little antennae.

Price varies

TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane

Having a real lion as a pet just isn’t feasible, no matter how much you want one. But with this realistic lion’s mane, you can turn your dog into the king of the jungle. Suitable for larger dogs, this headpiece is easy to clean and would make a perfect doggy costume for Halloween.


Midlee Leprechaun Costume

Bring the luck of the Irish to your household by dressing your puppy up as a little leprechaun. The green and gold outfit goes on like pants do and is fastened with Velcro straps, as is the hat. The sewn on human arms give it a comedic feel as well.

Prices Vary

Animal Planet Butterfly Dog Costume

When we were children, we all wanted to sprout wings and fly. While your dog will never be able to lift off the ground, you can at least give him the wings and fulfil your childhood memory through your pet. This simple costume is made up of foam wings and an antennae headpiece.


FanQube Fancy Guitar Player

When it comes to dog costumes, this one is definitely one of the best. Made of cotton material, your dog will always feel comfortable while dressed up as their favorite rock star. Complete with curly wig and guitar, he’s sure to steal the spotlight when you’re out and about.

Prices Vary

King of Bones Dog Costume

We all know that dogs rule a family so give yours the regal treatment he deserves with this cute dress up costume. It comes with a tunic which has chainmail effect arms, a furry cape with white lining and of course, a golden crown to really make him feel like the King.

Prices Vary

Star Trek Captain Kirk Dog Costume

A must have for any Trekkie, this dress up costume will make your dog look like Captain Kirk himself. When he’s wearing the instantly recognizable yellow shirt with the Star Trek emblem, your pet would look right at home on the starship, USS Enterprise.

Prices Vary

Rubies Costume Company Sushi Costume

Sushi is delicious whether you choose the meat or fish version, or the vegetarian ones. While it’s not acceptable for you to eat your dog, you can make him look good enough to eat with this adorable nigiri costume which also has a headband with the Japanese sun pattern on.


Rubie’s Costume Ewok Star Wars Costume

Ewoks are utterly adorable. They look like walking and talking teddy bears who live on the forest moon of Endor. If you love all things Star Wars, then you need this costume. You’ll be able to make your pet look like Wicket W. Warrick or Teebo.


Zelda Wisdom Rasta Dog Costume

This canine costume is made up of a one piece tie dye shirt and a Rastafarian cap complete with dreadlocks. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Rasta yourself or just admire their lifestyle, this dog costume is something your doggy needs in his dressing up box.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Pineapple Pet Costume

Tropic like it’s hot! Ok, so our pineapple puns might not be the best but this costume definitely is. Made up of a padded bodysuit with a matching hat, this outfit is super glittery and guaranteed to get the attention of anyone who’s walking past your dog while he’s looking “pine”!


Bro’Bear Pet Peacock Costume

Suitable for both small dogs and also cats, you could have both of your favorite animals matching in this beautiful peacock costume. These birds are renowned for their gorgeous colors and this outfit doesn’t disappoint – just look at the blue and green hues as well as the detailed tail.

Prices Vary

Zack & Zoey Werewolf Costume for Dogs

If you’re already thinking about your dog’s Halloween outfit for this year, then this couldn’t be more perfect. Werewolves are a common choice for human outfits at the spookiest time of the year, but your pet will stand out among them as the only woofy wolf in the neighborhood.


Queen of Bones Dog Costume

You know the story of Alice in Wonderland, when Alice finally meets the Queen of Hearts? While we can’t deliver that costume, there is an alternative out there for your pup. Meet the Queen of Bones in all of her blue and gold finery, topped off with a shiny crown.


Paddington Bear Inspired Dog Costume

If you’ve ever read or seen Paddington Bear, then chances are that at some point in your life you wanted your very own Paddington. With this dog costume, you’ll now be able to turn your furry friend into him! Don’t forget his marmalade sandwiches and famous brown suitcase.

Price varies

Rubies Costume Company Thor Pet Costume

The famous Norse god Thor was made even more famous by the Marvel Comics. Based on the Nordic mythology and beliefs, Thor protects his home Asgard with the help of his hammer Mjolnir. Dress your dog up to look just like this famous god for the fancy dress party you’ve got coming up.


Unicorn Pet Sweater

Unicorns are such magical and mystical creatures, it’s no wonder they’ve risen in popularity in the last couple of years. Now your puppy can join in with this hype by dressing up in this adorable unicorn sweater which has a rainbow trim and a matching horn.


Rubies Costume Cupcake Dog Costume

Let your dog “bake you happy” in this tasty looking cupcake costume. The bodysuit has a brown bottom half which looks like the cake case and then a white frosting adorned with sprinkles. The hat is just the cherry on the top of this amazing doggy outfit…literally.


Rubie’s Pet Prisoner Costume

Never mind the dog house, send your puppy to the jail house if he carries on misbehaving! This prisoner dog costume is a paw-fect outfit for your puppy to wear on special occasions, a photo shoot, or at Halloween when the kids come knocking for their candy.


Animal Planet Stegosaurus Dog Costume

Your dog will be the most roar-some out of all the pets in the neighborhood when he’s wearing this costume. Keeping a real Stegosaurus as a pet isn’t going to happen any time soon so fool your family and friends by dressing your dog up as a dinosaur.


Rubies Costume Company Business Suit

Your pooch will look the business in this smart attire. Pop him in the bodysuit which has a navy jacket with a white shirt underneath and a red tie to finish off the look. Everyone will take him seriously and listen to what he says because he’s wearing a suit so he must be smart, right?


Animal Planet Peacock Dog Costume

Peacocks are known for their gorgeous tails and that’s definitely the showpiece in this costume. In a beautiful blue, this doggy outfit will make your pet stand out at any party or special occasion where he wears it. The hood has eye details and a beak, bringing the whole costume to life.


Goldfish Costume

Who knew goldfish could walk around on dry land? Made of fleece, this goldfish costume is suitable for the winter as it’ll keep them warm while they’re strutting around the neighborhood. It even has fins coming out of it, giving it that finishing touch to make it look more realistic.


Dogloveit Japanese Kimono Style Dog

Give your dog a touch of the Oriental with this floral kimono outfit. Available in black or white, this traditional Japanese costume has beautiful pink flower detailing, much like the cherry blossoms which Japan is famous for. There’s also a huge pink bow on the back which just adds to the femininity.


Rubies Costume Company Star Wars Jedi Robe

“Use the Force!” You can now dress your pet up as a Jedi, made famous, of course, by the legendary Star Wars franchise. To complete this outfit, fashion your puppy his very own lightsaber and he’ll be set to go and fight the Dark Side.


Rubie’s Pink Fifties Girl Pet Costume

If you’re one of those people who dress in that timeless 50’s fashion and you don’t want your dog to miss out, this dog costume is perfect. The pink poodle skirt and striped t-shirt is so typical of that decade, everyone will know the look you’re trying to achieve.


Pilgrim Boy Costume

Perfect for Halloween, this Pilgrim Boy costume is made up of a black bodysuit which has some amazing detailing, an oversized white collar and sleeve trims, plus a large buckle in the center of the outfit. There’s also a black hat with more buckle detailing, finishing the outfit off.

Prices Vary

Taco Pet Costume

Forget Taco Tuesday, now it’s all about Taco Dog Day with this delicious looking costume. It looks like a real taco, with the golden corn shell containing lettuce and ground beef in the middle. All that’s missing is the cheese and guacamole…although we wouldn’t recommend adding them to your pet!


Police Dog Pet Costume

Put your paws up! Policeman Puppy is here to make sure you’re on your best behaviour. This is the ideal costume for you to put your dog in for Halloween because it’s not scary to the little kids in your neighborhood who come looking for their Trick or Treat candy.


Rubies Costume Company Hula Girl Pet Costume

Get into the tropical mood with this adorable hula girl outfit. Your pet will look like she belongs on the island of Hawaii when she’s all dressed up in the grass skirt, there’s even a coconut bra to finish off the look! Pop the lei around her neck and she’ll be good to go.


Rubies Costume Company Wolverine Pet Costume

Wolverine is one of the X-Men who you’ll know from the Marvel comics and movies. As well as his fast healing abilities, he also has sharp canines and retractable claws on each hand. Your dog can take care of those features, you just need to bring the Wolverine costume!

Prices Vary

Rubies Green Lantern Costume

If you think of your puppy as a hero, you’ll need a superhero costume for this Halloween. Why not go for one that’s a little less well known (although he did have a movie in 2011) and go for the Green Lantern? Using his ring, he gains superpowers which he uses to defeat the supervillains.

Prices Vary

Hot Dog Costume

This has to be the most literal example of a hot dog. Dress your puppy up as your favorite fast food snack and enjoy people’s reactions to the hilarity of it. Complete with a bun, hot dog sausage and mustard, your pooch will love this outfit.


Rubies Costume Pinata Pup Dog Costume

Before every party, you always secretly hope that there’s going to be a piñata and you end up disappointed if there isn’t. Bring your own one along (although this one won’t give out sweets!) The colorful headpiece and bodysuit will fit in with any social gathering you bring your dog to.


Star Trek Spock Dog Costume

Every Star Trek fan needs the ability to turn their pet into Mr Spock. This costume is perfect for smaller dogs such as a Jack Russell or a Boston Terrier. It’s made up of a blue bodysuit which has the Star Trek emblem on as well as a hat with Spock’s famous black hair and ears.


Mogoko Fancy Style Adorable Blue Shark Costume

Jaws the movie gave a lot of people a fear of sharks or the sea in general. Turn your friendly pooch scary for the day by dressing him up in this shark costume. OK so it’s not exactly terrifying…but your dog will definitely look adorable in it.


A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger

For a lot of us, A Nightmare On Elm Street was the first horror movie we ever watched, and Freddy Krueger still gives us horrible dreams now. If you’re looking for a scary dog costume for your pet on Halloween, you can’t go wrong with this one of Freddy himself.


Pirates of the Caribbean Costume

Aye matey! This costume is guaranteed to make your dog look ship shape in time for that fancy dress party you’ve got coming up. As well as the Captain’s hat, there’s also a pirate bodysuit and a cape. There’s even a human type arm attached to the bodysuit with a hook on the end.


Rasta Imposta Under Dog Costume

No one expects the underdog to win but you can turn that into a positive thing with this outfit. UnderDog is the latest superhero to blast onto the scene and save your neighborhood from petty criminals and villains. His blue cape and red shirt with a big U on makes him pretty hard to miss.


Gold Fish Dog Costume

When you need to choose a costume for your doggy to wear for a fancy dress party or photo shoot, you can be almost certain that no one else’s pet will show up wearing this. Think outside the fish bowl for this outfit and dress your pooch up as a goldfish.


Batman The Brave and the Bold Costume

The Caped Crusader and Dark Knight is a popular choice when dressing up as someone but did we all forget about his trusty companion, Ace the Bat-Hound? You’ll be able to have your very own Bat Dog with this costume, it even comes with a cape just like Bats and Ace had.


7 Easy and Unforgettable Diy Dog Costumes

Diy Dog Fairy Costume

Turn your puppy into a mystical fairy, complete with shimmering wings. The instructions in this tutorial are so easy to follow, you’ll soon be making different colored wings to go with every outfit she already owns. They’re the perfect accessory to add to your dog’s costumes.

Diy No-Sew Monster Dog Costume

If you can’t sew, don’t worry too much. Here is a tutorial for a no sew monster costume which will suit your puppy perfectly. There’s both written instructions and pictures so you’ll always know what the costume should look like at every stage.

Diy Spider-Dog Costume

This is the perfect outfit for your dog this Halloween; he’ll be the best dressed on the block. The best thing about making the costume yourself is that you can tailor make it to fit any size or breed of dog so no canine has to miss out on being a Spider Dog.

Diy Chia Pet Dog Costume

If you’re a child of the 80’s, you’re sure to remember Chia Pets, the terracotta animal shaped pots which you grew chia in. Turn your doggy into a real life one with this amazing costume. It’s made from eco-friendly materials too so you can create it knowing you’re not causing harm to the planet.

Diy Poop Factory

Dogs make a lot of mess and if you’re the only one in your house who cleans it up, you’re probably sick of it. Get your own back on your dog by making this Poop Factory costume for them and embarrassing them at a fancy dress party or on Halloween.

Diy No-Sew Pirate Dog Costume

Take to the high seas with this costume – the best part is that it’s a no sew! Made up of a stripy bodysuit, pirate sword, red bandana and even a golden hoop earring, your dog will look the part when you’re at that pirate themed party.

Diy Sushi Roll Dog Costume

Easy to make and costing at least half of the price of a store bought one, you can follow this tutorial to make your dog a sushi roll costume. Your pet will be the only pooch in the neighborhood who is dressed as nigiri and that’s not a bad thing.

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