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24 Ermahgerd-worthy Dog Clothes for Small Dogs (Cute and Comfy)

Have you ever looked at a dressed-up dog and thought ‘ermahgerd, how cute is that’? Small dogs just lend themselves to wearing sweet little outfits, so we have found some of the cutest and comfiest dog clothes around that are perfect for small dogs whether they’re going out (there’s a tuxedo and the sweetest little dresses) or staying in (because all dogs should wear pajamas, right?)

The best dog clothes.

Russell Dog Button Up

Made from lightweight flannel, this yellow plaid shirt will keep a dog looking smart and sassy with a hint of country cool, and is available in XS to XXL sizes.


Cozy Fall Jacket

If you thought dogs couldn’t get any cuddlier, you were wrong, because this gorgeous fleece jacket comes in pink or beige and adds another snuggly layer to your best furry friend.


Whippet Sweater

Handsome is as handsome does, or wears in this case, because this dog sweater is the epitome of suave while keeping a whippet’s or a greyhound’s neck super warm and cozy.


Funny Raglan Shirt

Drake fans will adore this raglan shirt which features a line from ‘God’s Plan’, but even though they’re lyrics from a song, it’s probably true of 99% of pooches.


Dusty Rose Knit Dog Sweater

If ever there was a reason to buy dog clothes, this sweater is it! Handmade from chunky high quality yarn, it’s warm and cozy while still allowing pups the freedom to move.


Light Grey Dog Hoodie

XXS or XXL, this super cool gray hoodie will make any pooch stand out from the crowd – it even comes with hook and loop pockets to stash their treats in!


Lyon Dog Jacket

The height of sophistication, this beautiful winter coat is made from Italian wool with a faux lamb fleece lining to keep your best friend warm during the cold winter months.


Panda Hoodie

If there’s anything cuter than a dog in a hoodie, it’s a dog in a panda hoodie. Handmade in a beautiful blue 100% cotton fabric, it’s the perfect sweater for tiny dogs.


Dachshund Sweater

This dachshund sweater is absolutely beautiful when made in fall colors, although there are other colors available, and it’s made especially for pups with longer bodies like the wonderful wiener.


Dog Tuxedo

If you want a dapper dog then look no further than this adorable tuxedo, which comes with a shirt, bow tie, and removable jacket for a more informal look.


Princess Kiwi Dress

Chihuahuas are perfect for dressing up, and if you have a four-legged lady in your family, this dress will be perfect for a special occasion – it’s even decorated with a string of pearls!


Sassy Sleeper Dog Pajamas

Pooches need pajamas too, and this set is particularly gorgeous as it comes with a magenta and lime striped design, and is made from super soft stretch ribbed fabric.


Flamingo Dog Dress

She may be small in stature but she will be massive in style when she’s wearing this absolutely gorgeous flamingo dress, which is edged in lace for a very girly look.


Ewok Dog Costume

If you thought that fluffy dog looked like an Ewok before, just wait til you see them in this fabulous Star Wars outfit which adds an Endor vibe to teddy-like pups.


Cinderella Dog Dress

Your dog SHALL go to the ball, or maybe just chase it instead, when she’s wearing this stunning Cinderella type gown as she stars in her very own furrytale.


9 Diy Dog Clothing Ideas

No Sew Five Minute Dog Sweater

Don’t ruin those expensive dog coats when they’re just rolling around in the mud, make a stash of these quick and easy alternatives out of old sweatshirts, which need no sewing at all.

Diy Doggie Dress Shirt Collar

Give your dog a whole new wardrobe by making use of old dress shirts (thrift shops are great for these) and turning the collars into smart accessories any dog will rock.

Button Up Dog Shirt

Humans aren’t the only ones who can look smart – dogs can too, and with this incredible tutorial you can create a super cool shirt by following the free pattern included.

Dog Pajama Pattern

This tutorial includes a free template so that you can create a pair of cute doggy pajamas using nothing more than a human’s t-shirt, a pair of scissors, and a needle and thread.

Upcycled Dog Jacket

Download and print the included adjustable pattern, and you will be able to turn a discarded windbreaker or quilted jacket into a sweet and practical dog coat complete with applique label.

Doggy Pleated Wool Coat Pattern

This has got to be the cutest dress coat ever, and it can be made at home by downloading the free pattern and setting your sewing machine to work on those adorable back pleats.

Water-Resistant Dog Coats

There can’t be many dogs who enjoy going out in the rain, so have a go at making them their own adjustable raincoats using laminated linen and this Martha Stewart pattern.

Homemade Dog Dress

This dog dress is tutu cute and can be made with any patterned fabric (or plain if you prefer), and a sassy little frill around the bottom in a glittery, iridescent material.

Dog Onesie

Baby clothes are wonderful for making dog outfits because they’re just the right size for little pups. This shirt is made using a onesie and even comes with a cute little banana applique.

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