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16 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

It seems that everyone gives out the same candy hearts and kids’ cards for Valentine’s Day. If you want to do something that will stand out from the crowd, whether for your own kids or for all their friends in the classroom, a do-it-yourself gift item is the way to go.

16 easy to make DIY Valentine's Gifts for kids.

Rock Candy

With two mini peanut butter cups, a box of conversation heart candies, and some easy items from around your home, turn a typical Valentine’s Day gift into a rockin’ DIY gift idea. It’s inexpensive and easy, but it’s a great way to show kids and teens how much they rock!

Friendship Bracelet Valentines

Cards and candies are the typical Valentine’s gifts, so a fun DIY friendship bracelet is a great way for kids to show their friends and classmates how special they are. If your child can do a braid, she can make a unique friendship bracelet for each of her classmates in no time.

Message In A Bottle

This clever DIY gift is a great way to show your kids how much they mean to you. A ball jar is labeled with your child’s initials and favorite designs, and filled with sweet treats and a special message (with “I Love You” instead of “S.O.S.”).

Valentine Crayons

Anyone who has kids knows how easy it is for used crayons to collect. Here’s a great way to recycle them as darling gifts for your little ones: mix the crayon stubs up, melt them down, and create new multi-colored crayons in custom shapes for Valentine’s Day.

Matchbox Valentines

Candy is always appreciated on Valentine’s Day, so put a unique spin on the usual candy boxes for your child. Matchboxes are easy to dress up, and they’re the perfect size for holding a handful of treats for this sweet holiday.

Sugar On Top Bear Felt Plush

An adorable felt bear with a soft swirl of sugar on top makes a great gift for kids this Valentine’s Day. Customize your colors and follow the easy pattern for a cute and personal gift for kids of all ages.

You Are As Cute As A Button

Use spare buttons, pins, or magnets to make a darling Valentine’s Day gift your kids will love. It’s a neat spin on the typical kids’ valentine cards, and a ton of fun to make.

Bee Mine

Use a simple pattern and craft supplies from around the house to create a “Bee Mine” card, complete with a lollipop. It’s blast to make, and hit with the kids.

Dino-Mite Treat Bags

Dino-Mite treat bags are an easy DIY idea that’s great for kids of all ages. It’s as easy as packing the kids’ favorite treats, choosing a printable valentine print, and having fun assembling each treat bag.

Bucket Of Sweets

Recycle old bottles and their holders to make a bucket of sweets that’s perfect for kids this Valentine’s Day. Fill each jar with candies and treats, and dress up the jars and holders to celebrate the season.

Marshmallow Pops

For a cute take on tasty but time-consuming cake pops, make a bundle of delightful marshmallow pops for Valentine’s Day. In just a few minutes, turn a batch of marshmallows, white chocolates, and some sprinkles into an edible treat that’s way better than your standard Valentine’s Day candies.

Peg Doll Valentines

A hand-painted peg doll makes a delightful DIY gift for kids this Valentine’s Day. Paint each doll to look like your child’s favorite super heroes or storybook characters, or go above and beyond to personalize them for classmates.

Scratch Off Valentines

Scratch-off activity cards make sweet gifts from parents to kids. Activities can be friend- or family-oriented. It’s a unique gift that’s full of surprises!

Dip-Dyed Mittens

In most places, Valentine’s Day weather is still mitten-worthy. Does your child have a favorite old sweater she’s too big for? Repurpose it to say, “Be mine!” with a pair of dip-dyed DIY mittens.

Felt Fortune Cookies

A no-sew felt project is as stress-free for you as it is fun for the kids. Each felt fortune cookie contains a special Valentine’s Day message.


If you’d like to give your kids something besides candy for Valentine’s Day, a bottle of bubbles with a homemade heart wand is the perfect alternative. This DIY gift is easy to make, and best of all, your kids will love it.

For kids, Valentine’s Day is all about sharing candy and treats with friends and family. With creative do-it-yourself gifts, you can choose to put your own spin on old favorites (such as candy hearts and Valentine’s cards), or create something completely unique for your kids that fits in with the spirit of the season.