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Diy Science Experiment Gift Kit for Kids

One day, I got home from work to find my dresser an absolute mess. My little ones had found mommy’s ‘paint’ and had transformed my area into a piece of ‘artwork’. Now that they’re older, they’ve taken their science experiments and art projects outdoors, thankfully.

Diy Science Experiment Gift Kit For Kids

Their most recent science experiment was this one with vinegar, dish soap, baking soda and some other fun stuff.

And if you want to make a thoughtful diy gift for kids, this makes a super fun one! They’ll love the reactions all of these cool science experiments make.

Why They’ll Love These Diy Science Experiment Kits

While I do see the usefulness of some apps and video tutorials, I make sure to still encourage play time outdoors with my kids, especially when the weather is nice.

Diy Science Experiment Gift Kit For Kids
Diy Science Experiment Gift Kit For Kids
Diy Science Experiment Gift Kit For Kids
Diy Science Experiment Gift Kit For Kids

This Mentos geyser experiment is always a hit! The other experiments are a whole lot of fun too.

Diy Science Experiment Gift Kit For Kids

How to Make the Best Diy Science Experiment Kit for Kids

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Supplies needed:

For vinegar, baking soda and soap experiment:

  • small bottle of vinegar
  • small bottle of dish soap
  • small jar of baking soda

For Mentos Geyser Experiment:

  • 1 bottle of soda drink
  • 1 package of mentos

For Skittles and water exploration:

  • a few packages of skittles

For Cornstarch quicksand:

  • 4 cups cornstarch


  1. Put all the items into a large box.
  2. Decorate the box as you wish.

To make vinegar, baking soda and soap experiment:

  1. Pour some vinegar.
  2. Squeeze some soap.
  3. Dump a scoop of baking soda and stir.
  4. Watch the reaction.

To make Mentos geyser experiment:

  1. Drop the whole pack of Mentos into the bottle.
  2. Stand back and watch the geyser spray!

To make Skittles and water experiment:

  1. Place the Skittles in a circle around the inside rim of the plate.
  2. Pour warm water in the middle of the plate until it reaches all the candies and just barely covers them.
  3. Wait and watch beautiful Skittles rainbow appear.

To make cornstarch quicksand:

  1. Put the cornstarch in a bowl.
  2. Add water slowly (about 2 cups) and mix as you add it.
  3. Place your hand into the mixture and move it around.
  4. Try to grab the mixture and pull it upward.
  5. Drop a plastic toy animal into the cornstarch mixture and then try to get it out.
  6. Record what it feels like.


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