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48 Gorgeous DIY Gift Tags You Can Make at Home

These DIY gift tags will give your gift the finishing touch that shows you care. From bright and cheerful to metal and everything in between, take the extra time to craft them a handmade gift tag and they’ll definitely notice.

Instead of buying generic gift tags, make your own unique DIY gift tags instead with these super simple tutorials.

Heart Candy Gift Tags

Candy hearts will show them just how much you care, and make the perfect gift tag for a Valentine’s or anniversary gift. They resemble the classic chalky candies, and you can customize them with your own message to make it extra personal.

Stamped Wooden Gift Tags

These stamped wooden DIY gift tags are sure to make a good impression with them, and feature a cupid on it. Anytime you give them a wooden gift tag rather than ordinary paper or card stock you’re going the extra mile and it’s sure to be noticed and even kept as a keepsake.

Polaroid Style Gift Tags

Show them which picture you really love with these Polaroid style gift tags. They make it so you don’t have to write any names on the tags, since the tag itself shows you who it’s for. It’s easy to make as well, the hardest part will be picking out just the right picture for the project.

Hashtag Gift Tags

See if you can get your gift to trend with these hashtag gift tags. You can make whichever hashtag you want, and even tie it into the gift that you’re giving. Try #CallMe if you’re giving them a smartphone, or #DateNight if you’re giving them a packet of date night coupons.

Faded Photo Gift Tags

These photo gift tags have a faded look to them, so they’re great for pictures that are begging for that retro or vintage look. You can put them on just about any gift, any time of the year. Great for birthday gifts and even Christmas gifts, anytime you need a finishing touch.

Candy Gift Tags

Get them to smile when you give them a candy with a special gift tag on it. Each of these gift tags is perfectly paired with a specific brand name candy. It’s a way to turn an ordinary candy bar into a thoughtful gift, and perfect for a last minute gift idea.

Glitter Names Gift Tags

Everyone loves their own name, and when they see it all sparkly from the glitter they’re sure to get even more excited for the gift. You can make customizations to the tags as well, and use their favorite color for the glitter so that it’s personalized further.

Wood Veneer Gift Tags

Even if your wrapping paper leaves something to be desired, you can still wow them with these wood veneer gift tags. They give it that wooden look, which has a classic feel to it, and is something that will catch their eye and show that you spent some time on it.

Tassel Gift Tags

Tassels generally make things look prettier, and such is the case with these gift tags. They’re tassled up, and looking great. Be sure to use their favorite color for the tassel and you can bet that they’ll hang the tassel up somewhere in their room once the gift is opened.

Glitter Dipped Gift Tags

Dipping gift tags in glitter is a great way to make them stand out, and this tutorial shows you how to make them without getting glitter everywhere. The best part is that they leave part of the tag undipped so you can still fill out the to and from sections.

Quill Paper Gift Tags

The unique designs on these quill paper gift tags will have them wondering just how you found the time to do all of this. The secret is in the step by step instructions provided. Mix and match the colors to go with the wrapping paper or to contrast with it.

Embroidered Felt Gift Tags

With these embroidered gift tags you’re free to send your own message. Here they’ve gone with a simple x and o to symbolize hugs and kisses, but you’re free to put their initials or their name if it fits. It’s all done on felt for a tag that’s soft to the touch and different from the rest.

Photo Gift Tags

These beautiful photo gift tags will capture a single moment and put it right on the gift. It’s a special way to share a photo, rather than just sharing it on social media. There’s something about a printed photo that shows that you really think it’s a great shot.

Slider Gift Tags

These slider gift tags will make it easy to pick out which gift is for which person. There’s plenty of space on them for you to write out who it’s for and who it’s from. The biggest challenge is figuring out what color you want them to be.

Marble Clay Gift Tags

These clay DIY gift tags look like they’re made of marble when you finish decorating them. If you know someone that loves to get new things they haven’t seen before, this is the way to go. The process is actually quite easy thanks to the step by step directions.

Watercolor Gift Tags

The soft pastel colors used in these watercolor gift tags will give a gift that certain feeling, and you’ll know when you have the perfect gift for them. You can change up the colors to form a rainbow of your choosing, or go with a polka dot effect.

Manly Man Gift Tags

What’s manlier than a metal gift tag? We haven’t figured that out, but until we do you can use these metal gift tags to adorn even the manliest of gifts. You stamp their name into the tag, and it’s easier than you might be thinking when you follow the instructions.

Aluminum Handmade Gift Tags

A simple piece of aluminum can becomes a metallic gift tag made by hand by you at home. It’s fun to write your own message into the tag. Here they’re showing Love You but you can really put whatever you see fit and even add in an icon as well.

Coffee Stained Gift Tags

The antique look of these gift tags is actually caused by a coffee stain. You can make them look like something out of an old time movie with just a cup of coffee and the included instructions. Great for any gift that would benefit from a vintage add-on.

Sweetie Pie Gift Tags

This sweetie pie gift tag works best if you’re giving them a pie as a gift, but can also be used for other gifts as well. Here they’re putting it on a jar of blueberries, perhaps with the hopes that the blueberries will be made into a pie that they both can enjoy.

Fabric Gift Tags

Use up some leftover fabric and make gift tags out of them. These tips show you how to do it without making it look cheap or thrown together. In fact, these gift tags will end up making your gift look even better, and no one will know it’s your excess fabric that’s being used.

Geometric Heart Gift Tags

These geometric heart tags are the way to go if you’re in love with a straight-laced person that likes all their ducks in a row. The hearts look as if they’re little puzzle pieces, of that they’ve been wrapped up many times by a ribbon. They have a very interesting look to them.

Pressed Flower Gift Tags

Use real flowers in these gift tags by affixing them right to the tag. You can purchase hand-pressed flowers or you can press them yourself. These are gift tags that just about anyone will love, but they go over best with people that love flowers, gardening, and nature.

Wooden Gift Tags

Your imagination is the key with these wooden gift tags, because you can make just about anything with them. Here they’re showing you how they made a house with them, but you can also make mountains, a pipe, or any other 2D design you can think of.

Instagram Photo Prints Gift Tags

Put your Instagram pics to good use with these photo prints gift tags. They let you use all of those great photos you’ve taken over the year and make them into gift tags that are as individualized as the gifts themselves.

Made with Love Gift Tags

Let them know that your handmade gift was actually made with love when you give them these Made with Love gift tags. Making a gift yourself shows that you care enough to take the time out of your day, and it only makes sense to also hand make the gift tags.

Paper Pops Gift Tags

Use these paper pops as gift tags and you’ll really blow them away with how great their gift looks. They’re easy to make but they look great and can give your gift that extra pop that it needs to catch the eye. Write a simple message in the middle of the pop.

Letter and Number Gift Tags

You can choose any number or letter for these gift tags. Great for when you have a series of gifts and want them to open them in a specific order, or if you just want to use their initial instead of their whole name. They’re striking tags that can’t be missed.

Thank You Gift Tags

When you want to say thank you there’s only one way to do it, with these Thank You gift tags that look great. They come in many different scripts so you can pick and choose which one is right for the occasion and the recipient to really make the gift stand out.

Punch Word Gift Tags

These punch word gift tags are really cool because some of the words on the tag are not punched out while one is. This puts the emphasis on the punched out word and you can use any phrase you want, not just the ones they’ve shown in the tutorial.

Gift Card Holders

Trust us when we say that there’s no better gift tag than one that’s a gift also. You can use these gift card holders as gift tags and slip a smaller denomination gift card in them as a nice little add-on to the actual gift. Gift cards are thoughtful when they’re attached to a gift.

Holiday Gift Tags

Celebrate the holidays in style with these holiday gift tags and you’ll be amazed at how great they make your gift look. Gift tags can make all the difference, all you have to do is put a gift tagged gift next to one without a gift and you’ll see how much better it looks.

Thanks a Latte Tags

This gift tag only works when it’s attached to a latte. You can get one of those Starbucks bottles found in stores, or attach it to a hot latte that you just picked up from the coffee shop. It makes a quick and easy gift that lets them know they’re appreciated.

Donut Gift Tags

Donuts may not be the perfect gift to give, unless they’ve got this gift tag attached to them. It reads “Donut know what we would do without you. Thanks!” It also comes with instructions if you want to make the donuts yourself at home but you could also just buy some.

Monogram Gift Tags

These monogram gift tags are the perfect touch to a gift bag or other gift. It’s as personalized as it gets when you put their initials on it, and the fancy script makes it something they’ll likely set aside to keep. It’s the little things that count, and this one counts a lot.

Vintage Valentine Day Gift Tags

These old style Valentine’s Day gift tags will give your gift that extra visual appeal, making it even more special to the recipient. They have a vintage look to them, and the one pictured reads cherish, but you can also put any word you want, so you can tailor it to your relationship.

Photo Transfer Gift Tags

The wooden base on these photo transfer gift tags sets them apart from other photo tags, and gives it added perceived value. They’ll never believe that you made it yourself at home but the secret it it’s not that hard once you have all the materials assembled.

Hand-Stamped Gift Tags

Hand stamping a gift tag sounds like a lot of work, but it’s really not difficult and you can come up with a really great looking gift tag in no time at all. This is the sort of tag that will get noticed, so be prepared to field questions about how you made it and how long it must have taken.

Salt Dough Gift Tag Ornaments

This is a gift tag that doubles as an ornament for the Christmas tree. It’s made out of salt dough and can be made into just about any shape you want. Here they’ve gone with simple circles, and then decorated them according to the gift recipient.

Felt Heart Valentine Gift Tags

These felt heart Valentine gift tags are really heartfelt. You can make them out of their favorite color as long as you have the felt for it. You can also make them in a range of colors if you’re giving them out to a group of lucky Valentines.

Woodgrain Gift Tags

These linocut gift tags are made to look like wood grain, and they’ll give your gift that extra feeling of sophistication or even rustic charm depending on what you’re going for. Whatever the case, they’re sure to get noticed and give your gift that certain charm.

Fabric Scrap Gift Tags

Take your unused scraps of fabric and turn them into gift tags with the help of this tutorial. Gift tags don’t have to be store bought, and when it’s this easy to make them look great, there’s no reason to buy them. Make your own quickly and easily and still have it turn out nice.

Neon Color Block Gift Tags

These neon gift tags are made out of a single block of color so they will definitely stand out against the wrapping paper and they’ll easily be able to tell who the gift is for. You can choose between lines or polka dots to make sure they’ll love it.

Embossed Metallic Gift Tags

When you want to make a gift tag that is more durable than the rest, go with these embossed metallic gift tags. You can even keep them after the gift has been opened and save them for giving next time.

Neon Spirograph Gift Tags

Dust off that old Spirograph and make these neon-colored gift tags with it. They look amazing and you’ll have just as much fun making them as you did when you were a kid. The cool part is you get to cut around the doodle so it has a really sharp look to it.

Fun with Watercolors Gift Tags

Have fun with watercolors when you make these watercolor gift tags. They’re a bit different than the other watercolor gift tags we featured near the top of this page, and have a two tone look with a spot on the bottom to write out the to and the from.

Anthro Penmanship Gift Tags

These gift tags are made to look older than they actually are, back when penmanship actually mattered, and people took the time to hand write messages. They use a piece of lined notebook paper, another piece of Americana that is quickly becoming obsolete.

Stitched Gift Tags

Stitch the gift tag right to the gift and there’s no chance it will fall off. It gives the gift a clean, elegant look and if you have the right gift for this tag you’ll know it. Even though it looks so prim and proper it’s not hard to make and you’ll be done in no time.

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