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26 Homemade Christmas Gifts for Kids

Having trouble locating some great DIY Christmas gifts for the little ones this year? We’ve found some of the best homemade gifts that are fun to make, and even some that the kids can help you with.

26 Homemade Christmas Gifts for Kids- homemade monster hoodie towels, games, toys and my favorite, marshmallow shooters!

When it comes to kids it doesn’t matter if the gift is store bought, just that it’s fun, and you’ll be covered with any of these gifts.

Pop-Up Puppet

This is a cute little puppet that pops up out of a cone, and you can control her with a stick at the bottom. You could also make them in various characters with a bit of adjustment to the original instructions and some additional materials.

MP3 Player Pocket Pillowcase

Here’s a pillowcase for a kid that always seems to be listening to their MP3 player or songs on their smartphone. It has a special compartment to hold the player so it doesn’t get sat on and they’ll always know where it is. You can use the fabric of your choice to customize the look.

Holiday Finger Puppets

These finger puppets will help them get into to the spirit of Christmas and they’ll be able to act out several of the most well known holiday stories, including Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Frosty the Snowman. These are simple to make, but look great once you’re done and they can play with them this year and next.

Magnetic Paper Dolls

This gift gives the classic fun of paper dolls a twist and magnetizes them so they can play with them on the refrigerator or on a cookie sheet or other metallic, flat surface. You end up with plenty of dolls and a lot of different clothes to go on them for lots of fun and play time.

Monster Hooded Towel

Capture the fun of Monsters University with these hooded towels. They’re in the form of some pretty silly looking monsters, and they double as a towel so post-bathtime can be a good time. Kids will like getting eaten up by the monster and it helps them not be afraid of them anymore.

Superhero Cape

These superhero capes can be customized with the initial of the kid so that they feel special and can embrace their own superhuman abilities. There are plenty of other ways to personalize them as well, with their favorite color combination and custom fitting it to their size.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox comes alive in this stuffed animal that you make from scratch with just some basic materials.

Basically you just need the fabric, scissors, glue, cotton, and your sewing machine and they walk you through the pieces you need and how to put it all together so it comes out looking like a great piece.

Flower Babies

These little flower babies are a lot of fun to take on trips, and that’s why they were created. If you do a lot of traveling in the car these are great for them to take along. They also include instructions for how to make a building set out of marshmallows and toothpicks.

Play Workbench

This workbench looks just like a real one, but is only made for play. They can pretend to use tools and make their very own creations, all with their own pint-sized version of an actual workbench. The great part is this can be put together using inexpensive materials, and even the play toys don’t cost much.

Felt Toolbox

If you don’t have the wherewithal to make the big workbench above, you may want to take things down a lot peg and just give them this felt toolbox. It features some of the most commonly used tools so they can get a knack for what fixes what.

Gift Card Bear

This is the best way to give a gift card to a kid because it also gives them a stuffed animal bear at the same time. The bear is easy enough to make, and it comes with a pocket so that you can slide the card right into it as if the bear is holding the card.

Christmas Book Bingo

Regular Bingo might not be very fun for a kid, listening to letter and number combinations can be a bit tedious. But when it’s a Christmas version like this one it becomes more fun because you’re listening for things like candy canes and wreaths. A great way to keep the kids busy during a holiday party.

Rollie Pollie Bean Bag Chairs

These bean bag chairs are made from scratch and can be made in two different sizes to accommodate kiddies in all sizes up to six years old. The neat part about this project is that you can choose to fill them with any filling you want, you can make it really soft or repurpose old pillow.

Rainbow Sparkle Play Dough

This is a recipe to make the best knock-off Play-Doh, and it makes it in many different colors, with glitter infused into each one. This is a gift that is fun to actually make with the kids, and they’ll have a newfound appreciation for this toy since they helped create it.

Grab Box Advent Calendar

This is a great Advent calendar because they get to reach into a big box and pull out one gift each day. The gifts themselves can be big, small, or any size in between, the fun is the mystery of what you’ll pull out of it. The large size of the grab box adds some novelty to the season.

Little Wooden Dolls

These dolls are nice because you can make them according to the structure of your family, with a doll representing each person. That’s because you paint them by hand and can adjust hair color and clothing as needed.

Make this really fun for them by adding everyone they know in their extended family.

Upcycled Handlebar Bag

This is great for any kid that spends lots of time on their bike, because it holds their gear for them securely on the bike’s handlebars. They can put supplies in their bag, which is made from socks and empty water bottles, so it actually an eco-friendly gift as well.

Cozy Car Caddy

Here’s a cool place for them to hold their Hot Wheels cars, it will keep them all nice and new, and opens up to reveal a piece of road that they can use to race their cards down. It all folds up for easy storage so when it’s cleanup time you’ll be all set.

Indoor Jungle Gym

Watch their faces light up when they see that you’ve transformed a corner of a room to an indoor jungle gym. No matter what the weather is like outside they’ll have a blast indoors with this fully functional jungle gym. The kit includes everything but the lumber, which you can easily get locally.

Matching Superhero Game

Here’s a fun spin on a classic game. It has superheros on it, and features fun sayings as well. They simply have to turn them over, remember who was where, and try to match them up the next time they see them. They even come with their own pouch for easy clean up and storage.

Play Tent

This play tent is pretty big sized and lets them do all of the favorite indoor activities under the protection of a tent. It’s great for indoor camping trips, nap time, story telling, and anything else they feel like doing. It’s something you can keep up all year long for them to relax under.

Marshmallow Shooters

Have a lot of fun with them and get into what looks like a mini snowball fight with these marshmallow shooters. They shoot mini marshmallows as far as possible using just the lungs. Nobody gets hurt because they’re marshmallows, and it’s something they can do indoors or out.

Skateboard Sling

If they’re into skateboarding they’ll love to carry around their board with this sling. It is like a specialized backpack that only holds the board, and makes it really easy to carry. It’s super light weight so they’ll only be weighed down by the weight of the board.

Dinosaur Lamps

Dinosaurs have a pretty much universal appeal for kids ages 6-8 so you can’t go wrong with these lamps that not only light up their room at night but also show off some of their favorite creatures. They show you how to make three distinct lamps, T-Rex, triceratops, and brontosaurus.

Superhero Fort Kit

This kit comes with everything they need in order to build an awesome fort and play superhero. Consider pairing this gift with the superhero capes that we showed you above. They make a great combination, and this is the sort of imaginary fun that fuels a kid’s day.

Interactive Gift Wrap

Don’t forget to wrap their gift up nice, and here is the perfect way to do it. It’s interactive gift wrap that lets them color their own wrapping paper, race a car across the gift, or decorate a Christmas tree. Of course that will only fend them off for so long, and soon they’ll be asking to open it.


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