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38 Creative Diy Birthday Gifts for Every Family Member and Friend

Far from being a ‘cheap’ option, DIY birthday gifts are unique, thoughtful, and always a labor of love. Suitable for every level of maker, from beginner to expert, these ideas will result in some superb gifts that will truly touch the hearts of those who receive them. From bath gifts and art gifts, to pretty and practical ones, there’s no end of ideas for you to try.


Diy Beer Bottle Opener

Rustic and inexpensive to make, this bottle opener makes a fabulous DIY birthday gift for anyone who loves their beer – it even catches the bottle caps for them!

Diy Water Resistant Phone Pouch

Give someone’s phone a safe haven around the pool this year with a homemade water-resistant phone pouch that can be made in any color scheme you think they’ll love.

Diy Sandalwood Lemongrass Beard Balm

If you know a mountain man (or just someone who loves his beard) this Sandalwood Lemongrass beard balm makes a delicious-smelling gift using all-natural ingredients to keep it nice and soft.

Marbled Clay Ring Dish

Lost rings are a nightmare, so save someone from hours of searching with a home-made marbled dish that’s just the right size for jewelry and other trinkets – pretty and practical.

Diy Homemade Heating Pad

Heat pads make very welcome gifts, especially in the winter, and this one is simple to make using fabric, rice, and a sewing machine – add lavender oil for a soothing scent.

Birch Bark Candles Diy

Birch bark is wonderfully malleable, which makes it a great medium to work with when making these gorgeous autumnal candles. The same method can be used to make cinnamon candles, too.

Simple Gathered Half Apron Tutorial

This half-apron wouldn’t look out of place in a country kitchen, and with a little sewing know-how you can produce one (or more) as birthday gifts, but keep one for yourself!

Diy Blanket Scarf

DIY birthday gifts are all well and good if you can sew, but for those who can’t, this no-sew blanket scarf makes an excellent choice, because who doesn’t need a scarf?

Mystery Braid Bracelet Tutorial

These intriguing bracelets have no ends, giving them the name ‘mystery bracelets’, and by following the tutorial you can make one or more as gifts for everyone on your list.

Diy Gilded Agate Coasters

Add the Midas touch to plain Agate slices by painting the edges with gold colored nail polish, giving them a gilded, elegant look – you could even experiment with different colors.

Diy Gold Glam Tray

Take one plain tray, add some painter’s tape and your favorite color of spray paint, and turn them into this elegant tray which will complement any home.

Diy Glitter Watch

Everything’s better with glitter, and by adding the sparkly stuff to an inexpensive, plain watch strap you can have a dressy watch that’s fun and useful at the same time.

Pineapple Solid Sugar Scrub Diy

These miniature scrub bars are adorable, and so easy to make you’ll be gifting them to everyone. Using a pineapple ice cube tray, they’re the perfect size for all over buffing.

No Sew Wire Headband

No-sew DIY projects are handy if you can’t stitch, and these headbands use wire and fabric glue, so are super simple to make and wear.

How To Make A Diy Photo Memory Match Game

Matching games are always fun, and this home-made version uses photographs to really personalize it to the recipient. Choose people, places, and even vehicles and animals for a gift they’ll love.

Diy Bath Bombs!

Make bath time laugh time with some home-made bath bombs that are completely child-safe (great for adults, too) using mostly ingredients you’ll find in your kitchen cupboards.

Ultimate Diy Busy Board

Babies love to explore, and this DIY busy board will keep them entertained for hours as they investigate the knobs, switches, and keys included in this exciting project.

Diy Geode Bath Bombs

Taking bath bombs to the next level, these gorgeous geodes are part bomb and part melt, and they look sensational. Make them in different colors for a riot of color.

Diy Hatch a Dinosaur Soap

These soaps are THE coolest DIY birthday gift for any dino-mad child. Clear glycerine soap is transformed into prehistoric eggs which house tiny plastic dinosaurs just waiting to be hatched.

Simple Diy Kids Tent

Tents are part of childhood, and one of the best home-made gifts you can give to them is a tepee. This simple but sturdy one will last through hundreds of adventures.

Diy Projects

Polymer clay can be used to make hundreds of gifts, but this ring bowl is useful as well as pretty, and can be made in a variety of colors.

How To Finger Knit A Holiday Garland

If you’re looking for a special gift to give to someone in business, this business card holder is it! Made from suede and gold-leaf, it’s butter-soft and unique to look at.

The Perfect Gift: Etched Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoons become fabulous kitchen décor when you burn a pattern into them, and this tutorial shows you how to use a pyrography set to do just that.

Homemade Cookie Butter

Get someone salivating with a set of cookie butters that you’ve made yourself. Fully adaptable for any cookie – from Oreos to chocolate-chip – this recipe will really satisfy a sweet tooth.

Whipped Grapefruit Mint Sugar Scrub

This face-scrub is SO pretty, and works like a dream to exfoliate the skin. Using all natural ingredients, the grapefruit zestiness will get her day off to a refreshing start.

Easy Skinny Leather Bracelet Diy (3 Ways!)

You don’t need to be skilled in jewelry making to create one or more of these leather bracelets – all you need is leather cord and a few bits of hardware.

Diy Wooden Crystal Necklace

Rustle up a quartz-inspired wooden necklace using the steps in this handy guide, and you’ll have a unique DIY birthday gift to give to someone you love.

Spa And Pampering In A Jar

Give someone a spa in a jar with this superb birthday gift idea, which comes with downloadable labels for you to print at home, ready to give to a special lady.

Lavender Soap

With just three natural ingredients, this goat’s milk lavender soap not only looks charming, but, thanks to the lavender, will relax and even help the recipient drift off into a deep sleep.

Diy Handmade Leather Keychain

Leather is one of those materials which is both manly and durable, which makes this DIY project perfect for dads, hubbies, and brothers. Personalize for a finishing touch.

Homemade Aftershave Lotion

Give skin a treat with a home-made after shave lotion, using coconut oil and witch hazel to soothe and soften. The addition of a favorite essential oil adds the finishing touch.

Men’s Aftershave Lotion Recipe

This men’s aftershave lotion is chock-full of natural ingredients to really treat his skin. With sandalwood and cypress (among others) to fragrance it, it has a distinctly manly scent, too.

Diy Magnetic Wristband

Make a magnetic wristband for the DIYer on your gift list this year, and they will never have to fumble around blindly for dropped screws again! Suitable for men or women.

Diy Bottle Cap String Art Tutorial

How long is a piece of string? Well, in the case of this bottle cap string art…very long! Follow these steps to make your very own string art picture.

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