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32 Unforgettable DIY Baby Shower Gifts

There’s nothing like a handmade gift to show how much you care, and these DIY baby shower gifts are sure to be the talk of the shower. Don’t worry if you’re not very craftsy, the instructions provided will be all that you need to make sure your gift is appreciated and looks just like the pictures.

For your next baby shower, make them one of these DIY baby shower gifts that they’ll love instead of buying a generic gift from the store!

Handmade Baby Bonnet

Baby accessories are expensive, which means you could end up spending a lot of money on a simple baby bonnet. Instead, make this super cute baby bonnet yourself.

Because it uses two fat quarters, no measuring and cutting is needed, and you only need to know basic sewing skills.

DIY Woodland Mobile

Mobiles are fascinating to small children. Instead of spending a fortune on a mass-produced mobile, make one yourself. This one uses small wooden animal figures for a rustic look, but you could very easily change out the animals for other shapes. You could even paint them if you wanted to!

Fashionable Baby Headbands

There’s nothing quite as cute as a headband on a baby girl. At your friend or loved one’s baby shower, make sure her new baby has all the fashionable headbands she needs. Not only are these headbands cute, they are easy to make and won’t leave grooves in the baby’s soft skin.

Elephant Applique Onesie

There are so many things you can do to a onesie to jazz it up. However, the new mom-to-be isn’t likely to expect this elephant applique onesie! Using a simple pattern and stitching technique, you can customize this onesie for a little boy or girl.

Yarn-Tied Baby Blanket

There are a lot of crochet projects for baby blankets, but they aren’t always washable. Instead, give this yarn tied baby blanket a try. The blanket is easy to make, it is extremely soft to the touch, and it’s washable!

Rainbow Baby Toy

Choosing the right toy for a baby can be more difficult than it sounds. Combine a soft toy with a rattler by creating this unique rainbow baby toy. You can even customized it by sewing the baby’s name on the back.

Thing One and Thing Two Crocheted Hats

Attending a baby shower for twins? The mom-to-be is likely to receive a lot of useful gifts like diapers, blankets, and bottles.

Instead, gift something that will bring a smile to her face with these cute Thing One and Thing Two crocheted hats.

Knitted Baby Booties

Few things are cuter than a tiny pair of baby shoes. If you want to take it a step further, give these knitted baby booties as a gift. They are extremely easy to knit, even for a beginner, and they have super cute fringe that you aren’t likely to find on booties in the store.

Reach for the Stars Wall Art

Looking to help the new mom in your life decorate her nursery? Whether she’s having a boy or a girl, this wall art will look great on any wall. The 3D sequined stars turn this print into something truly special.

Baby Washcloth Bento Box

Not all great gifts have to be completely handmade. Instead of sewing or knitting baby items, assemble washcloths, socks, and more, and place them in this cute bento box. It’s the perfect idea for the mother who loves sushi, but hasn’t been able to eat it while she’s pregnant.

Baby Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are making a big comeback, and that goes for babies too! Their easy construction makes them extremely simple to knit. They are completely functional, meaning they’ll keep the new little one’s legs warm, but they are also adorable.

Angel Wings Photo Op

Photographers and parents have really been going above and beyond when it comes to unique infant photography. Provide the new parents with these handmade angel wings at their baby shower and they can be used as a prop in newborn photos.

Soft Book for Baby

It’s never too early to start teaching a child shapes, numbers, colors, and words. Unfortunately, traditional books aren’t always baby-friendly. This handmade soft book is great for babies because it teaches them basic shapes, but it doesn’t have sharp corners. It’s also easy to wash.

Baby Congratulations Card

No baby shower gift is complete without a card. However, impersonal cards are likely to get tossed in the trash, while heartfelt cards get saved as mementos. Because this card is handmade, it doubles as a gift. It’s an especially good idea if you plan to give the new parents a gift card or money.

Handmade Door Muffler

There’s nothing worse than disturbing a sleeping baby. To ensure the new little one isn’t awoken from a deep slumber, make these door mufflers. They secure the latch on any door with doorknobs so the clicking sound doesn’t disturb the little one sleeping inside.

Natural Baby Shampoo

Finding baby products that aren’t full of harsh chemicals and strange additives can be nearly impossible. Instead of settling for a bottle of shampoo from the store, make your own. Because it uses simple ingredients, it is completely safe for baby, but it’s great at cleaning fine baby hair too.

Natural Baby Wipes

Baby shampoo isn’t the only product full of harmful chemicals. Not only can commercial baby wipes be hard on baby’s bottom, they are also terrible for the environment. Encourage your friend, co-worker, or sister to use reusable baby wipes with this homemade cleaner formula.

Hand Sanitizer Jacket

Keeping clean and staying germ free is extremely important for every parent. Help the soon-to-be new mom keep her hands sanitized at all times with this hand sanitizer jacket. It clips easily onto any diaper bag, so clean hands are always within arm’s reach.

Diaper and Wipes Travel Pouch

Keeping all those baby accessories organized can be a nightmare for a new mother. Help her keep all of her baby’s things organized with this diaper and wipes travel pouch. It can easily be slipped into any diaper bag, but it will fit into most purses too.


Many new moms are forced to sacrifice their sense of fashion for fear that the new baby will ruin any jewelry that they wear. With chewellery, the new mom in your life can look great, even while toting a new baby around because it is made out of safe-to-chew beads!

Footed Baby Pants

Baby socks are cute, but they don’t always stay on for very long. Make sure the new little one’s feet are always toasty warm with these cute footed baby pants. They make a great gift for the mom who is scheduled to give birth during the winter months.

Green Eggs and Ham Plate

Commemorate the birth of a new child with this cool Green Eggs and Ham plate. Simply tear the images from the Green Eggs and Ham book that you like and use dishwasher safe Mod Podge to secure the images to the plate.

Crystal Decanter Lamp

Not everything in the nursery needs to look like it came straight out of the baby aisle at the store. Re-purpose an old crystal decanter into a lamp and you’ll give the gift of stylish lighting that will look great in any nursery, or any other room in the home.

Crossover Baby Bib

Bibs are a necessity for any new mother, which means she can never have too many! Using old fabric scraps, you can quickly and easily create one-of-a-kind bibs in no time. Because they are so easy to make, the new mom doesn’t have to feel bad about throwing one out either.

Pacifier Bunny

A pacifier is a great way to soothe a baby. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to keep that pacifier in his or her mouth. Make using a pacifier easy with this cute pacifier bunny. The mustache even makes it possible to remove and replace the pacifier for easy cleaning.

Elephant Tail Hanger

Hang clothes, towels, and blankets in style with this cute elephant tail hanger. It’s sure to be a hit at the baby shower! If you’re feeling especially creative, you can create a set by painting other jungle animals, like giraffes and lions.

Circus Animal Cookie Marquee Light

Looking for a handmade gift that will be used in the nursery for many years to come? Gift this animal cookie light as a gift. Not only will it provide soft lighting in the baby’s room, it is also one of the items that’s likely to stick around when the baby turns into a toddler.

Pom Pom Rug

Being a new mother means spending more time on your feet than ever before. Make those hours of standing more enjoyable for any new mom with this cute pom pom rug. Because the yarn colors can be customized, it will fit perfectly into a little girl or boy’s room.

Button Stool

What about furniture? A new nursery needs plenty of it! A stool makes a great gift because it can be used as a seat, but it can be used as a small table too. This tutorial shows you how to transform a basic stool into a cute button.

Painted Toy Crates

A new baby means lots of new toys. Help the new parents keep all those toys off the floor with these painted toy crates. Because they use basic wooden crates, they are extremely affordable, but the custom paint job makes them look like a million bucks.

Swinging Branch Shelves

Don’t like the look of traditional shelving? Make these swinging branch shelves instead. They are great at storing stuffed animals, but they do it in such a cute way that they’ll end up looking more like artwork than storage shelving.

Plush Toadstool

This cool plush toadstool is a great gift for any baby shower. Not only will it add a decorative element to the nursery, it also makes a fun toy. Because it uses colors like red, white, and brown, it makes a great gender-neutral baby gift.

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