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60 Dinosaur Toys and Gifts for Dino Obsessed Kids and Adults

No matter how old they are, dino-obsessed kids and adults will still get a thrill from any new prehistoric plaything or display thing. Dig into this list to find incredible dinosaur toys, games, and even blankets and bedding to keep them warm at night, or add some foliage to their homes with a T-Rex who holds their succulents in his back.

RAWR-worthy dinosaur toys and gifts for the dino obsessed.

Jumbo Dinosaur Set

Why give one dinosaur toy when you can give five? This bumper set includes mighty giants such as the Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, and the most famous of all – the mighty T-Rex.


Dinosaur Plate and Utensils

Little ones will love eating dinner when it’s served on this dino-themed green plate, and what’s more, there’s a set of cutlery with dinosaur bodies which you can get to go with it.

$15.00- $20.00

Dinosaur CRAYONS

Made from eco-friendly soy wax and non-toxic pigment, this set of six crayons have been created in the shape of some of history’s most fascinating dinosaurs to spark kids’ creativity.


Melissa & Doug Wooden Dinosaur Stamp Set

Young artists can really bring their drawings to life with the Melissa and Doug wooden stamp set, which includes 8 dinosaur rubber stamps, 5 colored pencils, and a 2 color ink pad.


Dinosaur Earrings

How utterly adorable are these earrings? Bought as a single or in pairs, these sweet little dinosaurs – which are handmade from polymer clay – come in either a T-Rex or Triceratops design.


How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday?

With enchanting illustrations and silly rhyming verse, How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday follows the dinosaurs’ journeys as they go from naughty to nice on their special days.


Dinosaur Blocks

Wooden blocks have a variety of playtime uses, but this set will also teach kids all about dinosaurs, including how big they were, when they lived, and where in the world they came from.


Dinosaur Throw Blanket

Give your child a sleepover with a difference with this super soft Sherpa fleece blanket, which is covered in full color images of the world’s most famous dinosaurs, along with their names.


Dinosaur Mugs

Those with a keen interest in the giants of old will really enjoy taking their morning coffee from one of these earthenware mugs, which depict one of 5 favorite dinosaurs.


Dinosaur Nightlight

Spinosaurus has found himself a new stomping ground – your child’s bedroom! Created in a fun origami style design, this nightlight will cast a cozy glow as they drift gently off to sleep.


Dig a Dozen Dino Eggs Kit

Hugely educational and a lot of fun, this set of 12 eggs can be excavated with the tools included to discover a tiny dino in each one, along with highly informative cards.



With real dinosaur fossils included, your young paleontologist can dig to their heart’s content as they excavate the brick in search of the 15 genuine specimens, which includes a real dinosaur bone.


CamelBak Dinosaur Water Bottle

100% BPA, BPS, and BPF free, this super cool spill-proof water bottle has been designed with small hands in mind, and comes covered with a selection of magnificent dinosaurs.


RC Dinosaur Robot

Fearsome and fun at the same time, this ferocious T-Rex comes with a heap of sound effects, and can sing, dance, and even shoot sucker bullets when anyone gets in his way.


Dinosaur Terrarium Kit

Give kids their own Jurassic World with this light-up terrarium, which comes with soil, seeds, sand, and everything else needed to help it grow, along with a fearsome dinosaur figurine.


LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs Set

Your kid can be a dino-biologist as they build and rebuild this awesome LEGO kit, which can transform into three different dinosaurs complete with orange eyes and posable joints and head.


Wild Republic Triceratops Plush

Are you looking for a dinosaur toy they can cuddle? This lovable Triceratops is a super soft plush in shades of pretty pink and purple, and measures a huggable 12 inches.


Boley Dinosaur Transport Truck Carrier

Any truck which can transport 14 dinosaurs at once has got to be pretty awesome, and this smooth rolling semi (which doubles as a carry-case) comes with a cargo of ferociously realistic dinos.


100 First Dinosaur Words

Forget ‘ball, cat, and mat’ – this book of first words will teach your little one to learn 100 dinosaur words, including names, and dino-related words such as ‘moss’ and ‘egg’.


Dinosaur Chart

Offering a plethora of information on all things dino, this infographic poster is the result of more than 500 hours of research and contains drawings and facts on over 100 prehistoric species.


Dinosaur Menorah

Celebrate Hanukkah the (very) old way with this incredible dinosaur Menorah, which features a ferocious T-Rex on a heavy golden stand, and space for nine 9mm candles (including one on his head).


Fingerlings Untamed T-Rex

Just like the giants of old, Scratch will react to sound, movement, and touch, but unlike the oldies, this one will cling to their finger and become their very best friend.


Nachosaurus Snack and Dip Bowl Set

This is ‘nacho’ average dinosaur! Perfect for holding delicious chips on his back, this helpful ‘saur also comes with a fun feeding dish which can be used for sauces and dips.


Velociraptor Garden Sculpture Set

Scare the bejeebers out of the neighbors and passers-by with a life-like velociraptor sculpture. Made from steel, this scary scaler can lurk in the bushes, just ready to pounce on intruders.


Dinosaurs Play & Learn Puzzle

This 100 piece puzzle builds into an awesome full-color world map which can be brought to life with the 21 stand-up dinosaur figures which can be moved around the continents.


Jurassic World Chomp n Roar Mask

This. Is. Awesome! Your child can don this mask and be transformed into Blue (everyone’s favorite velociraptor) from the Jurassic World movie, with realistic sounds, tracking eyes, and terrifying chomping jaws.


Dinosaur Duvet and Pillowcase Set

Put your own little monster to bed in this fun bedding set, which makes it look just like your kiddo is being eaten alive! But don’t worry, Rex is only yawning.

$119.00- $149.00

Dinosaur Tea Party Board Game

Play a fun game of identity-guessing with the Dinosaur Tea Party game, which sees players trying to guess the identity of the dinos in disguise with a series of revealing questions.

Prices Vary

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs

Knowledge-hungry readers will be ecstatic with the Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs, as they flick through the pages learning facts and figures, and facing some incredible pop-up predators and other related pics.

Prices Vary

Count the Dinosaurs Puzzle Book

Make numbers fun for 2-5 year olds with this colorful book, which uses dinosaurs to encourage counting and sorting, and also color recognition as they sort the red from the green and more.


Dinosaur Snuggie

Dinosaurs weren’t known as the cuddliest of creatures, but this dino Snuggie blanket with sleeves will quite literally wrap your child up in softness in a very un-ferocious and un-predatory way.

Prices Vary

Walking Dino Kit

This absorbing wooden walking dinosaur kit can be built – piece by piece- into an incredible T-Rex or Triceratops which will actually walk when kids clap their hands or make other loud noises.


Melissa & Doug T-Rex Giant Stuffed Animal

What this T-Rex lacks in ferociousness, it makes up for in huggability! Standing more than 2 feet tall, this plush cuddle monster features beautiful blue and green coloring and stands by itself.


Dinosaur Promise Rings

Made from sterling silver or gold-over, these rings are perfect for geeky romantics as the women’s ring features a dinosaur which has been cut out of the matching man’s version.


Color Your Own Dinosaur Pillowcase

Whether winding down at night or keeping them amused in the mornings, this pillow case features a black and white Jurassic scene which can be colored in using the included washable markers.


On a Scale of One to T-Rex

Like charades only louder, ‘On a Scale of One to T-Rex’ is a fun and frantic game where players must act out their scenario as loudly or quietly as the card dictates.


Dinosaur Socks

Most people wouldn’t want to find a dinosaur on the end of their feet, but kiddos will LOVE these scary quarter socks, which come in a pack of three.

Prices Vary

Giant Dinosaur Sprinkler

Have this dino standing tall (6ft to be exact) in your yard this summer, and he’ll keep the kids entertained as he sprays them with water to cool them down.


The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs

Have them uncover new and startling secrets about the prehistoric predators who once walked the earth in this extraordinary book by paleontologist Steve Brusatte, which spans more than 200 million years.


Lego Dinosaur Fossils Set

With more than 900 pieces, this LEGO set builds into a stunning trio of dinosaur skeletons which each come with a display stand, along with a human skeleton and paleontologist mini-figure.


Dinosaur Slippers

They really will be Walking with Dinosaurs when they’re wearing these absolutely awesome and incredibly comfy dinosaur feet slippers, which come in sizes small to X-large, and include ferocious looking claws.


Dinosaur Necklace

Available in sterling silver, and gold or rose gold fill, these shiny discs can be engraved with the dinosaur of your choice, along with optional engraving of their name or other short text.


Dino Egg Cups

Usually a dinosaur + a cracking egg = RUN, but these dinos are fully hatched and ready to hold onto those fully cooked breakfast eggs, keeping them steady for dunking soldiers.


Dinosaur Play Mat Set

Let their imagination run as wild as the dinosaurs with this incredibly detailed play mat, which is made from a durable carpet material and includes 9 dino action figures to bring it to life.


Dinosaur Cars

Totally awesome, the 6 cars in this set are combined with incredibly realistic soft-body dinosaurs to create hybrid motors which use a pullback motion for high speed racing, Jurassic style.


Dinosaur Bath Bombs

Nothing will encourage a child into the tub more than these bath bombs, which fizz and froth their way to cool bubbles before revealing one of the awesome surprise dinosaur toys inside.


Glowing Dinosaur Lamp

Let one of these three gentle giants light the way to bedtime for a dino-loving child. With museum-quality detailing, they emit a soft glow to provide comfort through the night.


Porcelain Dinosaur Planters

Their plants will be in safe hands when they’re housed on the back of one of these cute porcelain planters, which come in one of three new species – Plantasaurus, Tricerapot, and Aplantasaurus.


12 Diy Dinosaur Toy and Gift Ideas

Dinosaur Soap

The perfect way to encourage kids to wash their hands more often, this egg-shaped soap uses glycerine, coloring, and a small plastic dinosaur which will slowly be revealed every time they wash.

Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs

Kids love bath bombs and they’re a great way to entice them into the tub. Hiding a dinosaur inside these egg shaped bath bombs is a fun way to make bath-time laugh-time.

Dinosaur Planter

Add some Cretaceous chic to someone’s home or workspace with one of these homemade dinosaur planters which only cost a few dollars when you make them yourself using a cheap dinosaur toy.

Dinosaur Track Flip Flops

Kids will have so much fun making scary dino footprints in the sand when they’re wearing these DIY dinosaur track flip flops – and if there’s no sand around, try using paint instead.

Diy Dinosaur Handle Cups

A totally epic DIY idea, this project uses hot glue, E6000, and plastic beakers and dinosaurs (which have been spray painted to match) to create an awesome dino cup that they’ll adore.

Diy Dinosaur Mason Jars

Packs of small dinosaur toys are easy to find and really inexpensive, and they make great handles for these mason jars which can be used for storing candy, toys, or other small knick-knacks.

Dinosaur Serving Dish!

This serving plate makes a great idea for a Jurassic-themed party or just as a child’s snack plate, and uses a melamine plate, large toy, and some fairly strong adhesive.

Diy Dinosaur Hat

So much fun to make, this dinosaur hat uses a store-bought baseball cap as a base, which then has stiff felt eyes, spikes, and teeth glue on for a totally different look.

Dinosaur Bookends

Creating an optical illusion with a pair of bookends is easy when you follow this tutorial, which shows you how to create this dino version using wood and a plastic dinosaur toy.

Diy Dinosaur Wall Hooks

Kids will be far more likely to hang their coats and sweaters up when they have this stupendous set of wall hooks, which use dinosaur butts as their focal point.

Diy Dinosaur Toothbrush Holder

Super quick and easy to do, this toothbrush holder makes a great addition to any child’s (young or old) bathroom, and can be made in a matter of minutes.

Gold Dinosaur Necklace

Perfect for a prehistoric-loving lil’ lady, this necklace uses a tiny dinosaur toy which has been spray painted in gold, before being attached to a chain using a simple eye hook.

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