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19 Most Expensive Diamond Anniversary Rings If You Want to Go All Out

60 years of marriage is quite an achievement, and should be celebrated with a special gift which shows her that you love her just as much as the day you slipped a sparkler on her finger 6 decades ago. These diamond anniversary rings are beautiful, and range from simple to extravagant, but one thing’s for sure, they’re perfect if you are looking for that special once in a lifetime gift.

Diamond Anniversary Rings

Vintage Platinum 3 Stone Diamond Ring

Utterly stunning, this art deco diamond anniversary ring will take her breath away, from the 5.05 ctw diamonds, to the hand engraving which adorns the rest of this platinum ring.


White Gold Halfway Multi-Row Natural Diamond Ring

When one row of diamonds just won’t do, how about three? This substantial 18K white gold ring comes with 3 rows of diamonds which total a whopping 28 round stones in all.


Ladies 18kt White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring containing three (3) Oval Cut Diamonds, 3.65 Carats, GIA certi

With a 2.20 carat oval diamond flanked by a smaller diamond either side, this handmade ring has been created from white gold and certified by the Gemological Institute of America.


Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band

Handmade from platinum, this sumptuous band is set with 16 beautiful emerald cut diamonds, which are placed close together to visually stunning effect – the perfect gift for a 60th anniversary.


White Gold Princess Cut Natural Diamond Eternity Ring

With 60 diamonds – one for each year, perhaps – this unusual ring is handmade and uses princess cut natural diamonds with a combined 15.00 CTW (0.25 CTW each).


Eternity Stackable Diamond Anniversary Ring

Handmade from platinum for utmost durability, this full eternity ring combines the brilliance of ideal cut white diamonds with beautiful craftsmanship, as each one is custom made to order.

Prices Vary

Rose Gold Diamond Band

Each natural diamond in this gorgeous ring is separated by a rose gold bar, providing contrast between the white of the diamonds and the blush of the 14K gold.

Prices Vary

Platinum Five Stone Diamond Anniversary Ring

Set with 5 majestic emerald cut diamonds, this platinum piece is as stunning to look at as it is durable to wear, as platinum is the hardiest of all precious metals.


Five Stone Anniversary Stackable Band

The five radiant diamonds in this half eternity ring are set flush with the band, which makes it an excellent ring for stacking as well as wearing by itself.


Platinum Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band

Wedding, eternity, or diamond anniversary ring – whatever the occasion the 17 emerald cut diamonds in this stunning platinum ring will make a truly memorable gift.


Vintage Wide Diamond Eternity Band Ring

With a staggering 231 sparkling round diamonds arranged in 7 rows all the way around the platinum band, this handmade ring was created in the 1940s, making it both vintage and vibrant.


Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Anniversary Eternity Ring

The 9.8 CTW of diamonds in this handmade platinum eternity ring are near colorless, meaning they have an astonishing clarity and magnificence which will show itself with every move of her hand.


Oval Diamond East West Eternity Band

Sublimely pretty, this exquisite full eternity ring is crafted in a choice of white, yellow, or rose gold (14K or 18K), and boasts a total carat weight of 5.50 carats.


AEdwardian Five Stone Antique Diamond Anniversary Ring

Dated to circa 1905, this Edwardian ring has 5 old brilliant cut diamonds set in a row across the top of the vintage band, which is made from platinum.


5 Carat White Gold Round Diamond Band

This glorious ring comes in 4 choices of metals, and boasts 5 untreated natural diamonds which sit across the top of the band, with a total CTW of 5.00.


Oval Cut Diamond Eternity Anniversary Ring Band

Handmade and stunning, this gorgeous stackable ring is made from platinum and features 15 oval brilliant cut diamonds which are arranged around the entire ring, for sparkle to get her noticed.


Vintage Cushion Diamond 3 Stone Ring

Show her how much you love her with this diamond anniversary ring which comes with a stunning cushion diamond and 2 half-moon diamonds, on a flawless platinum band.


Seven Stone Oval Diamond Band

With 7 gleaming oval shaped diamonds set in a U prong setting, this beautiful ring can be handmade in 14K or 18K white, rose, or yellow gold, or platinum.


Radiant Cut Diamond Eternity Ring

With more than its fair share of brilliance, the prong set radiant cut diamonds in this ring are made to sparkle. Available in 2 diamond qualities, this 14K white gold ring is stunning.


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