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36 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Dads from $5 to $5,000

He’s always been there for you, as protector, provider, and playmate, so isn’t it time you showed him just how much he means to you? Birthday gifts for dads can be wishy-washy or ‘wow!’, and we think we know which one you (and he) would prefer! Take your time and choose (or make) a gift that is as unique as he is.


The Automatic Star Aligning Telescope

Awesome for the amateur astronomer, this powerful telescope will find any galaxy, planet, or other celestial body automatically, meaning he can concentrate on seeing stars instead of searching for them.


The Tailgaters’ Hammocks

Now Dad can tailgate in comfort with this pair of hammock chairs which fit easily to the trailer hitch. Holding up to 250lb. each, they’re perfect for lazy summer days.


Robo R2 Smart Assembled 3D Printer with WiFi

Wi-Fi enabled, the Robo R2 3D printer is an incredible gadget that takes your ideas and produces them in glorious three-dimensional glory straight from a phone or tablet.

Prices Vary

Give it Gourmet Gift Basket

Forget chocolate, nuts are the way to go for Dad’s birthday this year! With 7 varieties, from almonds to walnuts, this selection pack makes the perfect gift for nutty dads.


QQwow Beard Grooming & Care Kit

The perfect birthday gift for dads who are proud of their beards, this grooming kit contains organic oil and balm, as well as a sandalwood comb for a fuss-free face.

Prices Vary

The Touring Quadracycle

Fresh air and exercise has never been so much fun! The quadracycle seats 2 adults and 2 kids in one pedal-powered vehicle, which makes it perfect for family days out.


Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level

Give a handy-man a handy-tool with the Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level. With both a bubble and a laser leveler, this 3-in-1 also features a fine-tuned tape measure for accurate results.


Dodow Sleep Aid Device

Dodow is a natural sleep aid which can cut the time it takes to fall asleep by half by using a rhythmic light pulse to encourage deep breathing and relaxation.


Yukon Glory Gourmet Steak Board

Carving has always been Dad’s job, so give him the right tools for the job with this sturdy acacia carving/serving board, which comes complete with steak knife and 2 sauce cups.


The Golden Age Of TV Classics

The Golden Age of TV Classics DVDs make a great birthday gift for any nostalgic dad, whether he likes comedy, westerns, or even mysteries, from Bonanza to Dick Van Dyke.


Universal Socket

Self-adjusting from 7mm to 19mm, this universal socket set can be used to unscrew even the oddest shaped bolts, nuts, or hooks with no problem at all.

Prices Vary

The Iceless Skating Rink

Suitable for both figure and hockey skates, this indoor/outdoor ‘ice’ rink comes in 12 interlocking panels which fit together to form a rink which mimics real ice.


The Armchair Wireless TV Speakers

These wireless speakers fit on to the back of an armchair or couch to deliver great quality sound without disturbing others, as they project sound directly towards the user’s ears.


Bushcraft 101

Kit Dad out for his next adventure with Bushcraft 101. This book contains information on what tools, supplies, food and implements to pack, and how to survive in the wild.


CBTWear DadmanT-Shirt

Is your dad your superhero? The ‘Dadman’ t-shirt comes in a range of colors and sizes, and is made from pre-shrunk cotton for a tee that fits, even after washing.


Measure Cut Swear Long Sleeve Shirt

If DIY makes Dad curse, this is the shirt for him. Available in 4 different colors, this long-sleeved shirt bears a legend his family will be all too familiar with!

Prices Vary

Torin Big Red Rolling Creeper Garage/Shop Seat

Sitting down on the job is usually frowned upon, but thanks to the ‘Big Red’, which features a padded seat on top of a rolling tool tray, it’s positively encouraged.


The Floating Jungle Gym

The inflatable floating jungle gym stands almost 7ft tall, and can hold weight of up to 800lbs! Featuring monkey bars, slides, and a mesh floor, it’s the ultimate birthday gift.


Danslesbls Super Magnetic Wristband

Does Dad have a screw loose? Help him keep them all together by giving him this magnetic wristband which contains strong magnets to keep them in place while he’s working.

Prices Vary

Sh*t My Dad Says

Hilariously funny, ‘Sh*t my Dad Says’ is a collection of a 73 year old dad’s musings as he learns to live with his 28 year old newly single son again.

Prices Vary

Sushi Socks Box

Fun and functional, these sushi socks will make a fun birthday gift for Dad this year. Rolled like salmon nigari and cucumber maki, these socks make a tasty surprise.


PSI Woodworking HSS Wood Lathe Chisel Set

If your dad’s a dab hand with woodturning, why not treat him to a set of 8 wood chisels? Made from hardwood and high-speed steel, this set will delight him.


The Star Wars Cook Book

Does he think his cooking is out of this world? Then he’ll love the Star Wars Cookbook. From Yoda Soda to Wookie Cookies, this book is packed with intergalactic recipes.

Prices Vary

Can-Do Clamp

The clamp for DIY enthusiasts, the Can-Do combines a clamp and a vise for all his wooden creations. Framing, doweling, or drilling, the Can-Do makes woodworking a piece of cake.


Army Man Bottle Opener

Keep his army days alive with a bottle opening army man! Made from die-cast metal, this unique opener depicts a soldier holding out his rifle, which flips the top off.


Arthur- Soft or Hard Boiled Egg Cup Holder With a Spoon

Your knight in shining armor can keep his eggs safe and sound every morning with a distinctive holder that’s fit for a king! It even comes with a special spoon.


Tile Mate Finder

Keys, wallet, briefcase…they can all be misplaced, but with Tile Mate finding them will be easy. Simply attach a tile to item, and his smartphone will find it for him!


Kovot Dad BBQ Grill Set with Carry Case

THE birthday gift for dads who love to BBQ, this set comes with ‘Dad’ spatula and tongs, meat thermometer, and carry case, so his grill-skills can travel with him.

Prices Vary

Whiskey Decanter Set

If whiskey means the world to him, give him a world of whiskey with a glass decanter that’s shaped like a globe, 2 glasses, and 8 stainless steel whiskey stones.


Knock Knock What I Love About Dad Fill in The Love Journal

This fill-in book will tell him what you don’t always say. With pages that depict all the things you love about him, it’s a birthday gift he’ll treasure forever.


The Offline Password Vault

Everything is password protected now, and it can be tricky remembering them all. The Offline Vault stores up to 400 passwords for perfect memory when his own lets him down.


You’re Only Old Once!: A Book for Obsolete Children

Who said Dr. Seuss was just for kids? Help Dad ‘celebrate’ impending old age with a rhyming book that makes light of those twilight years. Laughter IS the best medicine!

Prices Vary

eTape16 Digital Tape Measure

Take the guesswork out of DIY with a tape measure that shows the accurate measurement in a large digital display window – it even stores your dimensions for instant recall.


Geek Dad Project Book

If nerdy adventures are more his thing, this book will give him a multitude of ideas to share with his kids in a digital age. It’s bonding time, 21st century-style!


The Original BenShot Shot Glass with Real 0.308 Bullet

This tiny tumbler puts the ‘shot’ in shot glass! With a real 0.308 bullet embedded in its side, this glass holds 2oz. of liquor for a unique birthday gift idea.


Best Effin Dad Coffee Mug

He’ll be in no doubt about how you feel when you give him this funny mug. With ‘Best Effin’ Dad’ emblazoned across both sides, it’s perfect for that potty-mouthed pops.


3 Diy Birthday Gifts for Dad

Diy Dad’s Car Travel Kit

This genius idea for a home-made gift will be appreciated by dads everywhere. Filled with on-the-road essentials, this box will give him peace of mind while he’s driving.

Diy Hand Stamped Penny Keychain

Keychains are always welcomed, but a handmade, personalized one would be even better. These name-stamped pennies are easy to make with a few craft supplies for a unique birthday gift.

Diy License Plate Pen/Pencil Holders

Superbly unique, this pen holder is made from an old license plate with (if you’re lucky) the recipient’s year of birth on it. The ideal pressie for a car-loving dad.

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