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52 Adorable (And Fun) Dachshund Gifts for the Weiner Dog Obsessed

Wiener dogs have us literally obsessed, and who could blame us? From those short little legs and long droopy ears to their soulful eyes, they’re too cute not to love. If you know someone who covets sausage dogs more than life itself, these adorable (and fun) dachshund gifts will be the perfect thing for birthdays, Christmas, or even just to say ‘I’m thinking of you’.
Dachshund Gift Ideas

Life is Short Dachshund Necklace

The age old saying of life is short takes on new meaning when you’re a daschund, so make the most of everyday by wearing one of these cute rose gold plated brass pooch pendants.


Dachshund String Lights

Ideal for indoors or outdoors (under cover), these adorable little string lights are USB or battery operated and feature 8 different mode settings including twinkling, chasing, and on all the time.


Doggie Doo Board Game

Teach kids the ‘joys’ of owning a dog with Doggie Doo, the hilarious game in which squeezing the leash might just result in something they hadn’t bargained for – better get that poop scoop ready!


Crusoe, the Worldly Wiener Dog

Internet sensation Crusoe is a cute as a button dachshund famed for his funny videos and costumes, and now you can join him on his travels in ‘Crusoe, the Worldly Wiener Dog’.


Dachshund on a Skateboard Shirt

Just look at the little face on this adorable dachshund as he attempts to skateboard his way across this casual t-shirt and into the heart of the person who’s wearing it.


Dachshund Pajama Sleep Pants

Getting cozy on a cool evening is much easier when you have a doggo by your side, and with these comfy plush fleece pajama pants, she’ll have sausage dogs everywhere she looks.

Prices Vary

Wiener Dog Ring Holder

Dogs are known for being both loyal and protective, but this little chrome dachsie goes one step further and will look after and protect all her precious rings, too.



For a dachshund gift the whole family will enjoy, this classic board game has been given a canine makeover and instead of being sent to jail, players must avoid the kennel, instead.


Black and Tan Dachshund Mailbox

The mailman’s day would be so much more fun if all the mail boxes looked like this one! Made from metal, this black and brown cutie will put a smile on everyone’s face.


Dachshund Shaped Silicone Ice Cube Mold

For a n-ice gift that any dog lover will adore, take a look at this silicone ice cube tray which turns water into adorable frozen wiener dogs to keep any drink cool.


Dachshund Riding on a Whale Vintage Print

Riding a whale is one way to get around, and it sure beats running on those little tiny legs! Based on an antique scientific illustration, this tea-stained print would make a perfect gift.


Dachshund Corn Holders

Not so much a corn dog as a dog corn holder, each pair in this set of 4 consists of a front and back end so they can eat their corn burn-free.


Pretzel Children’s Book

From the makers of Curious George comes Pretzel, the overgrown dachshund who just can’t stop growing, and now you can read all about his heroic deeds in this beautifully illustrated book.


Dachshund Earrings

Anyone who loves dogs will love this pair of the cutest little wiener dog earrings, which feature smiling little black and tan dachshunds on stainless steel posts for pierced ears.


Dachshund Sherpa Fleece Blanket

There’s no better feeling than cuddling up with a dog and a blanket, and this Sherpa fleece blanket is covered with sweet little sausage dogs, so it combines both elements in one.


Weiner Dog Plush

Dachshunds are the perfect size for picking up and cuddling, but when there’s no real one around, this cute little 14” black and brown plush will make a very acceptable alternative.


Porcelain Dachshund Letter Organizer

Sausage dogs are small and neat, and this little chap will keep dog lovers’ desks looking likewise as he comes with gold metal slots to keep letters and other papers tidy and in one place.


Funny Dachshund Security Sign

Forget Dobermans and Rottweilers, if you want to really scare intruders away you need a scary, fierce dachshund, and this funny sign will warn trespassers that that’s what you have.


Dachshund Baseball Cap

Dog lovers can show their appreciation of their favorite short-legged fur babies with this casual baseball cap for women, which comes with a worn, distressed finish and a dachshund embroidered on the front.


Wiener Wars Dachshund T-Shirt

More Bark Wars than Star Wars, this funny t-shirt has two adorable wieners dressed as Han So Low and Dach Vader, making it the perfect gift for movie buffs and dog lovers alike.


Dachshund-sized Dog Harness

Dachshunds might be small but they’re mighty, too, so they need a harness which keeps them in check while being comfortable and kind, and this no-pull, no-choke is ideal.


Pull Along Dachshund

The pull along dachshund has been a favorite of children the world over for decades, and this particular version is sporting black, red, and yellow livery for a striking new look.


I’ve Got Friends in Low Places Shirt

How low can you go when it comes to giving gifts? As low as a sausage dog is the answer, at least when you give a wiener-lover one of these adorable graphic t-shirts.


Wiener Dog Wine Bottle Holder

Incredibly lifelike in its detail, this sweet, playful puppy is lying on its back, but it’s not for a belly rub – oh no, this little pup is after the booze!


Hot Dog, Cold Dog Book

Canine-loving kids will look forward to bedtime with this beautiful book; not only will they love the cute rhyming text, but the illustrations will delight them as they read along, too.


Quilted Dachshund Coat

Made especially to suit the dachshund-shaped body, this smart winter coat is waterproof and windproof, and is fitted with a luxuriously warm fleece lining to keep man’s best friend feeling snug.


Dachshund Leggings

Wiener dogs are so well-loved that they’ve even made it onto this pair of black and white leggings, which come with a high waist and soft fabric – perfect for walking the dog.

Prices Vary

Dachshund Dog Mom Shirt

Dog moms are canine crazy and they’re proud of it, so let her tell the world that she’s mama to her fur baby with this wiener tee which comes in 8 pretty colors.


Dachshund Wooden Box Sign

Did you know that a shorter way of spelling ‘dachshund’ is L.O.V.E? This rustic wooden box sign says ‘all you need is love…and a dachshund’ but we suspect they’re one and the same.


Dachshund Leather Wallet

If you know a lady who really ‘hearts’ dachshunds, this pretty wallet is definitely the gift for her, from the black and brown pups to the bright red hearts.


Hans The Dachshund Triblend T-Shirt

The dog on the front of this loose-fitting tee is one cool dude, which makes this the perfect shirt for summer wear as he’s sporting a rather awesome pair of doggy shades.


Dachshund Charm Necklace

Whether you choose the dainty ½” pendant or the classic at twice that size, she will love this personalized dachshund pendant which also includes a delicate cut-out heart and a choice of chain lengths.


oDachshund Crew Socks

Dachshund dads will miss their fur babies a little bit less when they wear these fun crew socks under their business suit, because they’re literally covered with adorable little wiener dogs.

Prices Vary

Dachshund Stone Coasters

These stone coasters are absolutely adorable and perfect for dog lovers, especially those who like their dogs a little shorter in the leg! Choose from pink, blue, or colorful rainbow stripes.


10 Little Hot Dogs Book

Bring the joy of puppies to a young child’s learning experience by introducing them to counting with the help of 10 Little Hot Dogs, as they fall asleep one by one.


Dachshund Adult Coloring Book

If stroking a dog is said to lower blood pressure, just imagine how much more effective it would be to color one in, especially when it’s a dachshund and his furry friends.


Dachshund Pattern Rolling Pin

Any pastry or dough can be embossed with adorable wiener dogs when you give a baker this sweet 30cm wooden rolling pin, which is engraved with dozens of darling dachshunds.

Prices Vary

Handmade Dachshund Sweater

Dachshunds are only little, which means that they can get cold. Make sure they’re all wrapped up and ready for the chill with a handmade sweater which comes in a huge array of colors.


Dachshund Quilt Set

You could say that this very sweet quilt and pillow sham set lets sleeping dogs lie, because it’s absolutely covered with adorably patterned sausage dogs to keep you company while you sleep.


Olivia Dachshund Cotton Tufted Rug

This rug makes a lovely dachshund gift for any dog-loving home, from its crisp white background to the endearing pair of dachs who are standing nose to nose under a little red heart.

Prices Vary

Dachshund Dog Paper Towel Holder

Add some canine charm to the kitchen with a paper towel holder which is shaped like a sausage dog, with the paper roll making up its long and lovable body.


Happy Pills Dachshund Shirt

Imagine a world where doctors prescribed pooches instead of pills; what a happy place it would be! This tee shows a bottle of ‘happy pills’ which just happen to be dachshund shaped – wonderful.


Dachshund Charm Bracelet

This sterling silver plated bracelet contains just one charm, but it’s the most charming one of all – a brown and clear crystal encrusted sausage dog which dangles delicately from a ring.


Wiener Dog Wine Stopper

Purple is such a majestic color, which makes it especially fitting for this noble little pup as he stands with his nose in the air keeping opened wine fresh.


Dachshund Rain Boots

Great for walking the dog or just for pottering around in the garden, these Joules Wellibob Rain Boots come up to the ankle and feature sweet little dachshunds sporting navy striped coats.

Prices Vary

Weiner Dog Planter

How sweet is this little home or garden planter? Shaped like a wiener dog, this brown cement holder measures 15 ¼” and has a drainage hole and plug built in.

Prices Vary

Dachshund Cookie Cutter

Made from solid heavyweight copper, this cookie cutter will take baking to a whole new level of fun, because what could be more exciting than eating a doxie dog?


5 Diy Dachshund Gift Ideas

Diy Dachshund Plush

This little chap is absolutely adorable, but would you believe he’s one you can make at home yourself? This tutorial includes the free pattern and all the steps you will need.

Diy Dachshund Knife Holder

Add a little pizazz to the dinner table by making a set of these darling dachshund knife holders, which not only look cute but keep dirty knives off the clean tablecloth, too.

Homemade Dachshund Dog Toys

If you know a dog who loves to play, cut down on the shopping bill with these DIY dog toys which cost next to nothing to make.

Diy Dachshund Pillow

Scatter pillows can turn a house into a home, so why not incorporate their favorite breed of dog into one by following this tutorial, which uses heat transfer fabric and an iron?

Diy Sock Dachshund

Sock animals are one thing, but look at this cuddle-worthy dachshund version which you can make at home – it even sports a tiny collar with a little silver bell!

More Unique Dog Gift Ideas:


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