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34 Teenage Girl Gifts That Are Too Cute for Words

Teenagers might like people to think that they’re all cool, calm, and collected, but the ideas in this collection are too cute for words, and make perfect gifts for teenage girls who (secretly or not) love anything whimsical, charming, or adorable. From heated huggables to hound-like humidifiers, and even Harvest Moon headphones, these gifts will be coveted by girls of any and all ages.

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Panda Coin Bank

Encourage her to save with this utterly adorable savings bank which features a bear ‘stealing’ the coins she leaves in the bowl, and greeting her with a Chinese ‘hello’.


Milo the Corgi Heated Slippers

Keep her toes toasty in a pair of heated Corgi slippers which will be all ready and waiting for her when she comes home from school, and can be charged via a USB port.


Whenever You Feel Overwhelmed Wall Art

Girls look up to their moms, and this 8 x 10” gold foil print will remind her that she can achieve anything she wants to – after all, she is your daughter!


Intertwined Canines Necklace

Dog lovers will adore this necklace which features a pair of intertwined pups – one cast in silver, the other in bronze – hanging on an 18” sterling silver chain.


Squishable Toaster Tart

Show her that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day with a pillow which is shaped just like a delicious toaster tart, complete with a bite taken out.

Prices Vary

Cute Marshmallow Shaped Hot Chocolate Mugs

Perfect for sleepovers or family movie nights, this set of 4 hot chocolate mugs are shaped like gooey marshmallows, and each one comes with its own unique little face! Dishwasher safe.

Prices Vary

Touchscreen Gloves

The ideal gift for teenage girls who can’t be parted from their phones, this pair of gloves features touchscreen-friendly fingertips and the cutest panda bear she’s ever seen.


Rescue Pet Custom Photo Pillow

If you saved your pet from a life in the pound, this poignant pillow features either a dog or cat on the front, and a special poem about rescue pets.


Cable Bites

Loose charger connections are a nightmare, so protect those ports with one of these Cable Bites, which come in 8 different super cute animal guises to keep chargers firmly in place.


Terms of Endearment Necklaces

The language of love is universally recognized, so let your teenage girl know how much you love her with a necklace which features a term of endearment from a faraway land.

Prices vary

Heated Huggable Unicorn

Give her a magical upgrade with this soft and cuddly unicorn which takes just a couple of minutes in the microwave to heat, leaving it warm, huggable, and smelling of soothing lavender.



This little Purrito will have her birthday all wrapped up, or rather, unwrapped, as once she peels back the ‘foil’ burrito cover she will find the cutest plush kitten ever.


OTOB Animal Alpaca Duvet Cover

Alpacas pack a punch when it comes to gifts, and what could be cuter than this twin duvet cover and 2 pillowcases which are covered in everyone’s favorite woolly animal?


13th Birthday Necklace

This pretty heart pendant comes with an initial charm and birthstone – on an 18” sterling silver chain – and comes with a card which features a quote from A.A.Milne’s Winnie the Pooh.


Unicorn Socks

These socks make adorable gifts for teenage girls, if only for the packaging! The multi-colored footwear make up the unicorn’s horn, while the box features the most adorable whimsical face.


Llama Butler Doorstop

What better way is there to keep a door open than with this super fluffy llama, who sits looking cute while making sure that her door will never swing shut?

Prices vary

Power Pets

This power bank holds enough power to comfortably charge a phone, but that’s not the coolest thing, because it comes in the form of a unicorn or pug, too!


Stand Up Stand Out Stand T-Shirt

Encourage your teenage daughter to be loud and proud with this t-shirt which comes emblazoned with an empowering message to stand up, stand out, and stand tall. Available in 3 color options.

Prices vary

Toast Heated Pillow

Hot buttered toast has to be one of the most comforting of foods, but it doesn’t give great cuddles. This plush slice of bread stays warm for up to 4 hours.


Baby Hedgehog Mug

Whatever her favorite animal, she’ll find it at the bottom of her coffee cup when you gift her one of these utterly charming 8oz mugs which feature the cutest ceramic animal inside.


Shinywear Plush Rabbit Eye Mask

Every night will be an early night if she has this fuzzy bunny eye-mask waiting for her on her pillow. Super soft and comfy, it blocks out light to make sleeping easier.


Because I Was a Girl: True Stories for Girls of All Ages

Inspire her to reach for the stars with this book which is written by girls and women who have faced, and overcome, adversities and obstacles just because they were female.


Nevertheless She Persisted Scarf

It’s important to spread positive affirmations wherever we can, and this scarf is printed with a message that will inspire her to never give up, with a female symbol pattern on the reverse.


Corgi Socks

Packaged in a box which features a cute dog’s face, the pink tip of these socks stick out to make a lolling tongue, while the socks themselves are printed with regal Corgis.


Sleepy Cat Pillow

There’s something so relaxing about a sleeping cat, and this organic cotton pillow represents that beautifully. Printed with a black and white snoozing moggy, it’s ideally sized for down time cuddling.


Milo the Corgi Humidifier

No teenage girl will be able to resist this super cute Corgi humidifier and diffuser which moistens the air, and adds a fragrance, too, if she chooses to add essential oils.


Unicorn Plush Hot Water Bottle

Forget ponies, what every girl really wants is a unicorn! Now she can have her very own which will keep her warm, too, thanks to the hot water bottle which is hidden inside.


H&H Harvest Moon Black Cat Headphones

Teenagers are constantly plugged in to their phones and other electronic devices, but these headphones will make them look super cute as they answer calls, watch movies, or listen to music.

Prices Vary

Luscious Lip Balm Storage Necklace Set

Made from silver plated brass, this sphere pendant hangs on a 30” chain and conceals one of 4 unscented lip balms in shades from radiant red to shimmer clear.

Prices vary

Personalized Makeup Brushes

This incredible set of 11 makeup brushes comes personalized with your choice of name in a variety of different colors, all presented in a matching personalized storage pouch.


5 Cute Diy Gifts for Teen Girls

Sharpie Flower Pot Craft In Three Easy Steps!

This super-duper DIY is so simple to make, but the results would look awesome in a teenage girl’s bedroom. What’s more, you can customize it by using whichever color Sharpie you like.

Diy Snow Globe Necklace

A cute twist on the snow globe, these teeny glass bottles contain a miniature Christmas tree and a dusting of glittery snow, before being hung on a chain or leather thong.

Picture Frame Luminaries

A step up from a notice board, this luminary is a beautiful way for her to show off her most precious photographs, and doubles as an atmospheric light thanks to the candle inside.

Makeup Bag Red Lips Tutorial

Very cute and oh so cheeky, this DIY makeup bag looks just like a pair of red lips (or any other color), and features a zipped opening across the front.

Create An Element Jar Necklace

A fun DIY to do with the kids, or as a homemade gift idea for jewelry loving teens, these element jar necklaces are absolutely adorable, and easier to make than you’d think.

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