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44 Funny and Cute Gifts for Boyfriends That Love a Good Laugh

If you are constantly searching the market for cute gifts for boyfriends, you know just how difficult it can be to stumble upon the perfect present. Stumble you will, however, when you check out the following collection of gift ideas that he will just love and appreciate.

You are one step away from seeing the best collection of cute gifts for boyfriends in the whole entire world!

ThinkGeek Executive Knight Pen Holder

Does your boyfriend work in an office? Or does he have a desk at home? Either way, he needs one of these. So cool to look at, this crouching knight is ready and willing to hold his pen all year round. With great detail throughout, it even comes with a pen supplied.

Prices Vary

Zen Life Burrito Blanket

Do you absolutely love burritos? If so, turn your boyfriend into one with this awesome Zen Life blanket. Designed to look just like a tortilla wrap, it has been constructed using plush microfiber material and as such is soft, cozy and comfortable. You know he will love it.


Good At Naps Throw

If your other half loves to laze around, he would appreciate a new blanket in his life. If you do not know what blanket to get him, grab him one of these; with the words ‘good at naps’ written on the knitted material, he can show his love for naps in more ways than one.


Personalized Record Doormat

Go retro and turn your boyfriend’s pad into an old school haven. This awesome mat has been designed by a graphic artist to look just like a vinyl record and is absolutely ideal for any music lovers. You even have the option to personalize the album name on the record label!


Panda Dunk Mug

Pandas are cool, there is no denying that fact. Ensure that your fella gets his morning cup of coffee in style thanks to this brilliant Panda Dunk mug. With an adorably cute panda face printed on the front and a storage space in its mouth for biscuits, he will definitely love it!


MLB Game Used Uniform Wallet

Is your man a baseball fan? Perfect. This exceptionally special wallet boasts inners that have been made from authentic, game used MLB jerseys. Pick his favorite team and watch his face light up when he realizes just how cool his officially licensed gift actually is.



Help him keep his beers cool and fresh with this magnetic BottleLoft. Thanks to the magnetic design, the BottleLoft can suspend bottles of beer on the ceiling of the refrigerator! Compact and extremely clever, it really is a great gift that you know he will make lots and lots of use of.


Fish Sandals

You may have seen Fish Slippers in the media recently, they have gone viral! If you can’t seem to get a bite anywhere, you can buy them right here. Extremely funny to look at, and with a slip resistant sole, they would make a side splitting gift anytime of the year.

Prices Vary

Back to the Roots Water Garden

The Back to the Roots Water Garden is perfect for you if you are searching for cute gifts for boyfriends . Benefitting from the science of aquaponics, this tank allows you to use plants to filter the fishes’ water, and in turn, the fish fertilize the soil and make it a prime location for growth.


Eye Glasses Holder

If your boyfriend is constantly losing his glasses, you need to do something about it. Instead of getting him a chain to wear around his neck, invest in one of these hand carved Shisham wooden figurines that has been designed as a perfect place to store specs. Take a peek here.


Fred Two For Tea Infuser and Mug Gift Set

Check out this brilliant gift set that is guaranteed to give your boyfriend a chuckle. With a mug and tea infuser included in the set, he will have everything he needs to wake up to a fresh brew. With a funny message printed on the side and a hilariously designed infuser, it’s a no brainer.

Prices Vary

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Long distance friendship lamps are the perfect for gift for couples that live apart. If you want your loved one to feel close to you at all times, you definitely need to invest in a pair! When one of the beautifully designed lamps are turned on, the other will emit a warming glow.

Prices vary

Christmas LED Lights USB and Charging Cable

Does your boyfriend need a new charging cable for his phone? Brilliant! That means that you have the chance to get him one of these cool cables that boasts a set of LED Christmas lights. Plug one end into a USB port, the other into the phone, and watch as the lights twinkle and glow.


Tabletop Cornhole

Cornhole, the fun outdoor game that has brought hours of joy to families everywhere, is now available in tabletop form. Even though it is small, it will still bring bags of fun to your fella’s life when you grab him one as his next gift! You may even get a chance to play!

Prices vary

Kramer Painting Fridge Magnet

If you know that your man loves to sit down and binge watch Seinfeld, this fridge magnet could make a brilliant present for him the next time the gift giving season begins. The magnet looks just like an oil painting and features Kramer from the show.


What do you Meme?

‘What do you meme?’ is the fun adult party game that would make a great gift for your boyfriend. The aim of the game is to compete with all other players to create the very best and most hilarious meme. With everything needed included, the fun can begin straight out of the box.


Pick Punch

Guitar picks are a nuisance. Some guitar players cannot live without them, yet they are so darn small that they just end up being lost! Thanks to this Pick Punch, you can ensure that you have access to picks and plectrums at all times as it will happily punch them out of just about anything.


Towallmark Self Stirring Mug

Some people just love their tea and coffee. If your boyfriend is one of these people, your next gift for him should be one of these truly awesome self stirring mugs that literally stir themselves upon the push of a button! Some say lazy, others say efficient.

Prices Vary

Fred Emergency Meal Transport Insulated Lunch Tote

From Fred & Friends comes the EMT (emergency meal transport). Designed to look just like an organ transplant bag, the tote bag comes fully insulated and is the perfect way for one to transport their lunch. Perfect if you are shopping for cute gifts for boyfriends.


Dad Bag 3D Beer Belly Waist Pocket

Are you on the hunt for a hilarious gag gift to grab your boyfriend? Look no further than this fanny pack that is as handy as it is funny! Designed to look just like a hairy beer belly, he can walk around town proud of his dad bod. A truly cool conversation starter.


Fred Out to Lunch Insulated Lunch Bag

Are you a fan of Fred & Friends? You will be after you see this cool cool bag. Insulated and with a magnetic closure, this high quality lunch bag has been designed to look exactly like an old school take-out bag; however you can use this one again and again and again.

Prices Vary

Do Something Dice

Sometimes, we all just run out of things to do. On a generic Saturday it is just so easy to have no inspiration to go out and do something. With these activity filled dice, you can plan an entire day from start to finish with just one quick roll. A truly awesome gift idea.


Homesick Candles

It is not uncommon for life to take us away from the places we want to be the most. If your boyfriend is struggling with homesickness, you need to grab him one of these handmade candles that features the scents of specific states! It’s not a gift to be sniffed at.


Awkward Family Photos Movie Caption Game

How ingenious is this game? If you are on the hunt for a new and exciting way to play, this game is the one for you. The basic premise of the game gets players to match awkward family photos to some of the best lines from popular movies. You can’t go wrong!


Beard Head Stubble Cruiser Knit Beard Beanie

Regardless of whether your boyfriend has a beard or not, he could really do with one of these beanies. Well made and extremely warm, the beanie features a quality knitted beard to keep those cheeks warm, no matter the weather! And if he does have a beard, he can simply protect it from the elements.


TOTMC Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Fans of the beloved Legend of Zelda series will adore this product. Perfect if you are shopping for cute gifts for boyfriends, this official Ocarina of Time looks just like the real thing and has been created to a high enough quality that it can even be played.


Cards Against Humanity

Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity? No? Well get ready for the time of your life. This hilarious and politically incorrect game can be won by simply being the most awful person in existence. If you know some horrid people, this is the game for you.


Gochujang Sriracha

Is your beloved man a big lover of all things spicy? (Of course he is, he is with you!). Get him the spicy sauce that will make him go weak at the knees. Delicious with just about everything, the small batch sauce is a definite winner the next time you go gift shopping.


Ripple Junction Sriracha Water Bottle

If your fella loves hot sauce, specifically Sriracha sauce, then you need to send him to work with this delightful water bottle. Brought to us by Ripple Junction, the bottle has been designed to look just like this favorite sauce! Everyone at work will think he is chugging chillies.


Outdoor Beer Table

When the beer pangs come calling, you need a table to keep all of your drinks and snacks. Designed to be used outdoors when the weather is good, this brilliantly cool beer table has space for two lager cans and even a spot for snacks to be housed. A great gift idea to keep your man happy.


I work hard so my dog can have a better life

Is your boyfriend and his beloved pooch inseparable? Would he do just about anything for his pup? If so, get him this great mug that features the words ‘I work hard so my dog can have a better life’. He can enjoy his morning cuppa knowing that his dog has got everything it needs.


Think Geek Zombie Plush Slippers

From ThinkGeek comes these cool slippers. If you need to find something for your boyfriend, think to the undead. Designed to look just zombie heads, the comfortable plush slippers will keep his feet toasty and warm as he lounges around the house. It’s a (rotten) no-brainer!

Prices Vary

Significant Otter Lapel Enamel Pin

Do you love your man? Of course you do! Thanks to this brilliant pin, you can show him just how much. With two cuddling otters featured on the pin, along with the words ‘you’re my significant otter’, he will have a constant reminder of how much he is adored.


Adult Award Ribbons

Adulting is harder than it seems, and sometimes it would be nice to be rewarded for the simple things just as a child would be. The following selection of adult ribbons have been designed to award adults for doing things as easy as socializing. Take a look right here.



Toothpaste tubes (and other tubes) are simply annoying. Due to their design, we are always left tryimg to squeeze one last drop. If you are searching for cute gifts for boyfriends, get him something he can use all the time and grab him a Tube Wringer. Check it out.


Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

Everyone has a favorite food that they love to toast on the camp fire. If you want to indulge your boyfriend with toasted treats, grab him one of these awesome fishing poles that have been created to allow even toasting in a fun, fishing like manner. They have to be seen to be believed.


Maki Salmon Socks

Sushi lover? Sock lover? Combine the two and you have these cool salmon Maki socks. When rolled up, the pair of feet warmers will look just like delicious sushi rolls. When unrolled and worn they display a unique and exciting pattern that will become quite the conversation piece.


Fred Pot Pinchers Silicone Pot Holders

Pots get hot, that part is a given. But instead of getting a generic old pair of oven mitts, get a pair of these cool silicone gloves that look just like lobster claws! Your man will love having a laugh in the kitchen as he cooks, and keeps his hands protected from the heat.


Bluetooth Banana Phone

Wireless handsets are normally about convenience, as opposed to comedy; however, this banana phone will have you questioning everything. Who would want a discrete handset when you could get your hands on this bright yellow banana that you can actually use thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity?


Wind-up Robot Salt & Pepper Shakers

Passing the salt has always been a tiresome task. You actually have to lean over the table to help someone season their dinner! Well no more. These cool salt and pepper shakers look just like a couple of robots and feature wind up motors, meaning you never have to move again.


Shower Beer Holder

Being in the shower without a beer is just sad. Help your boyfriend to be happier than ever and get him one of the following shower beer holders. Constructed from silicone, it has been designed to stick to the wet wall of the shower allowing him to pick and choose when he takes a sip.


Cao Maru Caomarul Anti-stress Ball

Cute gifts for boyfriends can be hard to find; if you want to get him something that you know he will appreciate, invest in this set of anti stress balls. Squidgy and squishy, they love to be squeezed and have been based on the Japanese design: Cao Maru Caomaru.

Prices Vary

Microwave S’mores Maker

If you could microwave s’mores, you would eat them all day long, right? With this cool invention, you can! This cool s’mores maker allows you to prepare this delightful treat and microwave them to gooey perfection. You really can’t go wrong; a truly scrummy gift idea.


Bike Chain Bottle Opener

Made from an upcycled bicycle chain, this bottle opener is ready for the gift giving season. Perfect for your man, it is the ultimate accessory for both beer lovers and bike lovers alike. Handmade in Oregon, you know that you are buying a quality product.


3 Diy Gifts for Men

Diy A Year of Dates (in a box) Gift

Are you looking for the perfect way to make your boyfriend a happy man? Instead of buying him his next gift, you can make him one instead. The following article will teach you all that you need to know to be able to create a year of dates (in a box).

DIy Movie Gift Basket

Movie nights are great. If you are on the lookout for a cool gift idea for your man, put your time to good use and compile him one of these movie gift baskets that contain everything you could need to have a cozy night in front of a film. You can customize the basket in any way you like.

Diy Beard Balm

If your other half has a face full of whiskers, then you will know just how important his beard is to him. Keep it in tip top shape by creating him his very own homemade beard balm that will keep unruly hairs at bay whilst keeping everything soft and looking great.

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