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55 Cute and Huggable Gifts for 1 Year Olds

Treasure precious moments as you accompany your little one along their new life journey. Watch as their eyes widen when they touch and hug incredibly plush toys, and smile as they make new friends with dinosaurs and forest creatures. And, remember to offer special learning gifts for your 1 year old and beyond.

Plush Forest Animal House with Animals

Plush Treehouse with Animals

There’s something whimsical about woodland animals that makes them totally lovable. If you bear that in mind when shopping for gifts for 1 year olds, you won’t go far wrong. This beautiful plush tree stump comes with five soft woodland creatures, including a fox, elk, and squirrel, which all fit inside the tree for carrying.


Fun Express Plush Dogs Holding Puppies

The more the merrier is our motto when it comes to dogs, and these cute canines are definitely more darling by the dozen! Each of the 12 soft, fiber filled dogs comes carrying their own pup in their mouth and are just the right size for little hands to cuddle. They’re perfect party favors, too.


Peppa Pig Plush

Your little one will love cuddling up to Peppa Pig, with her squishable body and instantly recognizable face. This officially licenced plush toy measures a child-sized 13.5 inches from head to foot, and always has a big smile on her face as she sits with arms outstretched, just waiting for her next big cuddle.

Prices Vary

Precious Moments Nigel Snow Owl

Nigel the Snow Owl is a beautifully soft plush owl from the Precious Moments collection, and measures approx. 8.5”. No loose parts are an essential consideration when shopping for gifts for 1 year olds, and Nigel comes with adorable embroidered eyes and nose, making him super safe for little ones, right from birth and up.


Folkmanis Mini Lop Earred Rabbit Finger Puppet

Story time is often the best time of the day, so why not make it even better by introducing some characters into it? Finger puppets are a great way of livening up storytelling, and this mini lop eared rabbit is the perfect size for slipping onto your finger and bringing any story to life.

Prices Vary

MerryMakers Olivia Plush Doll

Little ones will o-love-ia Olivia, the adorably cute pig from the books of the same name. 11 inches tall (from tips of ears to feet), Olivia is a soft and cuddlesome plush doll, and comes dressed in her signature red dress and black and white tights, ready for sleepy hugs or to incorporate into storytime.

Prices Vary

Folkmanis Mini Barn Owl Finger Puppet

There are lots of beautifully written children’s books which feature owls, and this Folkmanis mini Barn Owl finger puppet will help to really bring those stories to life. Little ones can act out scenes using the puppet, or simply hold this adorable little bird in their hand for baby sized cuddles.


Folkmanis Mini Raccoon Finger Puppet

Don’t ‘rac’ your brains in the search for the perfect gifts for 1 year olds, choose one of these adorable raccoon finger puppets instead. The perfect size for little hands, this fluffy puppet can sit on the finger for role playing activities, or snuggle up in the palm of their hand as their new favorite pet.


Dinosaur Train Tank Mini Plush

Start or build on your little one’s collection of Dinosaur Train toys with Tank, the Triceratops youngster who loves to eat. This not so ‘Tiny’ plush toy measures a huggable 11 inches in length, and will undoubtedly become your toddler’s new best ‘Buddy’. Based on the Henson PBS show.

Prices Vary

Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella Beige Soft Baby Doll

If you’re looking for gifts for 1 year olds that are less plastic and more plush, this is the doll for you. Wee Baby Stella by Manhattan Toy is a 12” soft and cuddly baby doll, who comes with a removable diaper and dress, magnetic pacifier, and baby-safe embroidered features and tufty fleece hair.


Baby Aspen Let the Fin Begin Gift Set

Make bath time oceans of fun with the Baby Aspen ‘Let the Fin Begin’ bath set. Featuring a terry towel with a smiling shark hood, this set also comes with a matching shark wash mitt and two adorable spa slippers, all with appliqued features, and is presented in a mock driftwood bucket.


Ty Beanie Baby Max & Ruby Set

Nick Jr. bunnies, Max and Ruby, are well loved by those who watch them in all their rabbit escapades. Now that Ty have added these adorable siblings to their Beanie Babies collection, your little one can have their own in the form of soft plushies. Approx. 7.5” tall, they’re the perfect pair for all ages.

Prices Vary

Plush Pink Dog House with Dogs

It’s a puppy party, and your little ones are invited! This utterly perfect plush pink dog house features a handy carry handle, and houses five gorgeous dogs, all around 6” long – every one of them different. With a Pug, Poodle, and three other breeds, these pets can be played with individually, or as a set.


Prextex Plush Farm House with Soft and Cuddly Plush Horses

In your search for great gifts for 1 year olds, you don’t want to be ‘saddled’ with poor quality. Choose this plush farm house which features vibrant red walls and a brown roof, and comes with four happy horses in various positions, one farm boy, and a plush bale of hay for snacking on.


Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella African American Soft Doll

The Wee Baby Stella African American doll is a little bundle of joy for any little one who loves cuddles. Soft and squishy, this delightful baby comes with a magnetic pacifier, removable diaper, and a gorgeous dress which little ones can take off and put back on. With embroidered facial features and soft yarn hair.


Manhattan Toy Snuggle Baby Doll & Hooded Bunny Sleep Sack

The Manhattan Toy Company is well known for making baby safe gifts for 1 year olds, and this Snuggle Baby Doll is the perfect example. 10” long, and wearing a gender neutral sleepsuit, this adorable doll comes with child safe embroidered features and a removable fluffy hooded bunny sleep sack which little ones will love.


DreamWorks Trolls Poppy Hug ‘N Plush Doll

If your little angel has been bitten by the Trolls bug, this jumbo plush doll is an absolute must. A very huggable 14” tall, Poppy is ready and waiting to put a song in your little one’s heart, and comes wearing her signature blue dress and of course her famously big bright pink hair.


Aurora World Milo Moose

Let this beautiful moose loose around your hoose, and your little one will thank you for it. In a relaxed sitting position, this super soft two-tone moose measures around 12 inches tall, just the right size for big cuddles, and features lock washer eyes for child safety. Giving this will definitely not be a moos-take.


Doc McStuffins Beans Lambie Plush

Now Doc McStuffins’ best friend can be your little lamb’s best friend, as she comes in a soft and cuddly plush form, perfect for kiddy cuddles. Dressed in her beautiful ballet costume, Lambie measures around 8 inches, and is filled with beans for pliable playability – an exquisite addition to your child’s Doc McStuffin collection.


Aurora World Lil Benny Phant

Lil Benny Phant is a beautiful keepsake they will never forget. This gorgeous grey L.E. Phant is seated in a whimsical position, and has the cutest eyes which are guaranteed to make any child fall in love with it. Soft and cuddly, and 9 inches tall, no nursery shelf or collection should be without one.


Folkmanis Turtle Finger Puppet

When you’re looking for gifts for 1 year olds, bigger isn’t always better, as this adorable finger puppet proves. The ideal size for little hands, this terrific turtle can be slipped onto one finger to help bring playtime alive, or is small enough to fit in the palm of the hand as a tiny toddler playmate.

Prices Vary

Aurora World Taddle Toes Roaree T-Rex Plush

Those long ‘trex’ through the mall can be tiring when you can’t find what you’re looking for. Taddle Toes are adorable cuddly toys which are great for any age, and Roaree is bound to win over your pint-sized palaeontologist. This 10” T-Rex comes with trademark cute face, oversized feet, and double-bagged bean-filled body for added safety.


Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pod Lil’ Peanut First Baby Doll

When searching for ideal gifts for 1 year olds, the tactile beauty of Pod Lil’ Peanut is unlike any other. Soft to the touch, made for snuggles, and embroidered with fine details, this durable silky toy is made for little arms to hold, caress, and love.

Prices Vary

Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella Sweet Scents Birthday Doll

Bring home Wee Baby Stella, an ultra-soft baby doll and watch your darling little one care for her with unconditional love and devotion. Adorned with embroidered facial features, soft fleece hair, a pacifier, and a removable diaper, Stella is the consummate gift for 1 year olds.


Organic Cotton Teethers Veggie Crate

Encourage healthy eating from infancy with a set of adorable organic cotton veggies. Made and stuffed with 100% Egyptian cotton, the colors are bright, the fabric is easy to grip, and the message is clear: Veggies are good for you! Quite simply, these are superb gifts for 1 year olds!


Plush Dinosaur House with Dinosaurs

Have your cherub explore life in another dimension with the Plush Dinosaur House, complete with five cuddly dinosaurs. Soft to the touch and delightfully malleable for ultimate squishing, these adorable pre-historic creatures stoke creativity, curiosity, and are charming gifts for any dinosaur lover. And, they travel well in their own abode!


Gund Curious George Pajamas Stuffed Animal

Our dear friend Curious George is a very loyal companion who is huggable, lovable, curious, cheerful, and comforting. Both a daytime pal and a bedtime companion, Curious George has talents and gifts for soothing fears, generating giggles, and offering lifelong friendship. What better gift for 1 year olds than Curious George?

Prices Vary

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Brunette Soft First Baby Doll

Embolden and enrich your little jewel’s nurturing and loving behaviors with Baby Stella. Ultra-soft, super cute, and adorned in a velvety onesie, this cloth doll also has a removable cloth diaper, pacifier, and soft fleece hair, all of which inspire creative role play and underscore the magic of this incredible gift for any child.


Pillow Pets Chocolate Moose Plush

While an imposingly large creature, the moose is renowned for being friendly and peaceful. With the Pillow Pets Chocolate Moose, add a large dose of plush and your little moppet will savor hours of snuggling, cuddling, and loving. Add stuffed antlers, rugged good looks, and it’s the perfect gift for 1 year olds.

Prices Vary

Folkmanis Mini Field Mouse Finger Puppet

The actor or actress in your wee one beckons for the stage and with the engaging Field Mouse plush puppet on their finger, sit back and behold their theatrical proclivities come to life. Whether it’s a puppet theater, pretend play, or role-playing, this is an adorable gift for little thespians.

Prices Vary

Manhattan Toy Boy Soft First Baby Doll

Gift your wee one with a baby brother when you bring home Baby Stella Boy Soft Nurturing Doll. Soft to the touch, with changeable outfits, a plump little tummy and belly button, one-piece outfit and removable diaper, your little diamond will offer unconditional love and support, making this a sweet gift for 1 year olds.


Plush Animal Hospital House with Animals

The doctor is in the house! This wondrous gift for caring kiddos brings forward the healing qualities that are inherent in little ones. Observe your little darling as she cares for five plush animals who are on the mend, with helpful and loving care, in their own hospital.


Aurora World Percy Pig Plush

While typically acclaimed for being dirty, pigs are actually clean, intelligent, and highly social animals. What better reason to debunk myths about this wondrous little friend than to offer your darling cherub a Percy Pig Plush toy? Extremely lovable, very silky, and super huggable, it’s a supreme gift for 1 year olds.


Wild Republic Triceratops Plush

If your little one has a thirst for paleontology, CK Triceratops will be a welcome addition to their toy collection. Complete with lifelike facial features and jam-packed with ultra-plush stuffing, this super-cute dinosaur is huggable, lovable, and memorable, underscoring its wondrous opportunity as a gift for 1 year olds.


Kangaroo and Joey Stuffed Plush by Unipak

Depending on where you live, save the airfare to the Land Down Under and gift your 1 year old with Mama Kangaroo and her Baby Joey, who hides safely and snugly in her pouch. Super soft and made for cuddling, hours of fun, hugging, and love are assured, right?


Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella Sleepy Time Baby Doll Set

Wee Baby Stella yearns for your little lamb’s loving touch. Dressed in a striped onesie and complete with a pacifier that attaches magnetically, Baby Stella is ready for a bedtime story and a gentle hug that will release a soothing lavender scent. Soft, sweet, and sure to delight as a gift for 1 year olds.


Curious George Cuddle Bundle

The best of both worlds await when you bring home Curious George and his super soft blanket. Meant for endless hugs and countless snuggling, the combination of the two will guarantee hours of both daytime and nocturnal enchantment, making this an ideal gift for your own curious Georges.


Aurora World Taddle Toes Scurry Mouse Plush

At long last: a celebration of oversized feet! Taddle Toes Scurry Mouse is proud of its supersized extremities – which are also super soft – and its silky, chunky body which begs for cuddling, hugging, and loving. Add an endearing face and deep beautiful eyes, and you have found the perfect gift for 1 year olds.

Prices Vary

Folkmanis Screech Owl Puppet with Turning Head

Enigmatic, mysterious, and wondrous are just three words to describe the majestic creature that is the owl. Stimulate a youngster’s imagination with the Screech Owl plush puppet, ideal for storytelling, games, or a puppet theater. There’s a hidden internal rod that will turn its head, too! Now, there’s a super gift for toddler puppeteers.


Puppy Dog House Carrier With 4 Barking Puppies Playset

Do you want puppies but for whatever reason can’t have them? The solution is easy: the puppy house carrier complete with four barking puppies. Oh-so-soft, oh-so-cuddly, and with a simple squeeze, these adorable furry creatures bark. It’s the next best thing and number one gift for 1 year olds.


DreamWorks Trolls Branch Hug ‘N Plush Doll

Prepare your tyke for lots of Hug Time when you give them a DreamWorks Trolls Hug ‘N Plush doll. Soft, plush, and colorful with wild and colorful hair that begs for styling, Troll promises hugs, love, and adventure. Let this 12″ Branch start your child’s Trolls family tree.

Prices Vary

Forest Friends Stroller Toys

Engage and enlighten your sweet baby’s senses by adding two plush toys – a sweet squirrel and a skunk – to their stroller handlebars, car seat handles, or crib rails. From crinkling, rattling leaves, to fruit and acorns, both the accessories and the animals are plush, colorful, and guaranteed to delight. Perfect gift for 1 year olds.


Aurora World Sweet and Softer Perky Penguin

While travels beg for a trip to Antarctica to see adorable tuxedoed birds up close, Perky Penguin offers your wee one the experience in a silky, two-tone plush material with huge, sweet eyes. Your toddler will savor love and hugs from this toy penguin, underscoring its perfection as a gift for 1+ year olds.


Noah’s Ark Playset with Stuffed Animals

Watch with wonder as your little one saves Noah and six animals from disaster as they climb aboard Noah’s Ark. With six windows for storing the animals, a carrying handle, and six bonus miniature wild animal figures, your cherub will savor imaginative fun and learning, making this a perfect gift for little ones everywhere.


Plush Treehouse with Animals

Have your child escape to the forest with the 12-inch Plush Tree Stump. There, your angel can play with forest-dwelling friends that include a squirrel, black bear, fox, raccoon, and a lovely bird that at night cuddle up and sleep within the tree stump. A truly unique and creative gift for 1 year old animal lovers.


Melissa & Doug Glacier Polar Bear Stuffed Animal

As homage to the amazing polar bear, offer this as a gift for 1 year olds. Have them learn about these glorious animals, their diminishing habitat, and their incredibly delightful culture. Beyond that, this cuddly toy features beautiful white faux fur, top-quality plush and fill, and is quite simply, extraordinary.


Scooter Black & White Cat

Smarter than the average teddy bear, Scooter is in fact a feline! This remarkable cat stands at 12” in height – yes, one foot tall – and is black and white, with soft, cuddly fur and a beautifully realistic face. And, if you suffer from allergies, welcome her with open arms! A perfect gift for cat (and teddy bear) fans.


Aurora World Dreamy Eyes Heavenly Pink Unicorn Plush

In a child’s mind, unicorns exist. And, rather than negate that, bring home a Heavenly Pink Unicorn. Replete with soft, shaggy plush, an endearing face, and big, sleepy eyes that say “I love you,” this lovable toy is divinely cuddle-worthy and a heavenly gift for 1+ year olds.

Prices Vary

Just Play Kitty Surprise Plush

How many kittens will Mommy Kitty have? This soft, plush toy is expecting! And, your little angel will open up Mommy’s pouch, reach inside, and find wee little kittens that Mommy has been carrying. Intended to educate little ones on the miracle of birth for felines, it is delightfully educational. Ages 3+

Prices Vary

Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pods Two Peas In A Pod Soft Toy

The adage of two peas in a pod rings true for your sweet baby with the snuggly, satin-lined pod and its two soft removable dolls. Designed for little arms to hold and cuddle, this adorable little toy encourages development of nurturing skills, ensuring it’s the ideal gift for 1 year olds.

Prices Vary

Doc McStuffins Beans Doc Plush

Take advice from Dottie “Doc” McStuffins and little ones will enjoy great health and a great day. Doc is nurturing, caring, and exemplifies the true spirit of taking care of others. She sets an admirably high standard for kids of all ages and is a precious gift for 1+ year olds.

Prices Vary

Manhattan Toy Nursing Nina Cat Nurturing Soft Toy

Behold delight and wonder in your sweet cherub’s eyes as they watch sweet Nina nurse her three kittens. This ultra-soft, unique stuffed cat has just given birth to her three little ones and via magnets is feeding them; a great teaching toy for your tots and a wonderfully purrfect gift for tiny tots.


Aurora World Dreamy Eyes Plush T-Rex Dinosaur

Eyes are the window of the soul and for this T-Rex Dinosaur, truer words could not be spoken! Despite its legendary stature, this sweet, cuddly, super soft plush version stands at 10 inches tall, has endearing sleepy-looking eyes, and is guaranteed to captivate one and all. What better cuddling gift for a pint sized paleontologist?


3 Cozy Diy Gifts for One Year Olds

Diy Shiba Cube Plush Free Pattern

Perfectly designed for both left and right brain, this amazing pattern will enchant, delight, and deliver! The pattern is for an adorable little Shiba cube, replete with incredible details, outlined with extreme precision and care, and ideal for your little ones. Make the perfect gift for any little one.

Diy 10 Minute Simple Baby Blanket Tutorial

A 10-minute baby blanket tutorial? Really? It’s true! It really is that simple. A couple of yards of oh-so-soft, touchable flannel, some thread, and a sewing machine. Et, voilà. You have sweet, tactile beauty with which to wrap your bundle of joy, and an ideal gift for a 1 year old and/or expectant mothers.

Diy Quigley the Corgi Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Corgi-lovers – unite! Your dreams have come true. Check out the link for a free tutorial on how to make your own sweet little furry friend, complete with organic materials, vibrant colors, and a big heart that proclaims lots of love. Perfect for kids of all ages, and a great gift for fans of all things Corgi.

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