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35 Creative Gifts for Your Funny Boyfriend

Shopping for a boyfriend can be difficult at times because you don’t want him to end up with a lame gift that he only pretends to like, or even worse giving him clothes. This list will have you feeling inspired and creative so that the next gift you buy your guy will be unique, original and something he is sure to love as much as you.

I can’t believe I found this list for the next time I need to buy something special for my boyfriend. These gifts are so creative I won’t ever be stuck with a boring cliché gift ever again!

Cereal Killer Spoon

A super clever silver spoon that expresses just how much your guy loves cereal. We all know men love to eat and this engraved spoon is a way for you to support his culinary endeavors. The funny engraving will last through a million bowls of cereal and is a tablespoon which is the perfect manly size.
Prices Vary

LIWUYOU Wireless Bluetooth LED Light Adjustable Touch Sensor Table Lamp with Mini Speaker

This sophisticated modern LED lamp which is touch sensitive and dimmable will brighten any boring desk or night stand. This lamp also functions a Bluetooth wireless speaker compatible with smart phones and mp3 players. With three ways to power its lithium battery, this inexpensive, power saving lamp can provide accent lighting and music to any room.
Prices Vary

USA Beer Cap Map – Glossy Wood Bottle Cap Holder – Skyline Workshop

The perfect wall décor for a man cave or office, this holder can display up to 69 bottle caps of beers the that your boyfriend loves. This wooden map of the USA can also function as a collectors display of rare beer or soda bottle caps.

Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This awesome portable Bluetooth speaker is water resistant and designed for use in the shower, near a pool, or by the hot tub. It comes in three different colors (blue, green, orange) and has a long lasting battery that can play up to 10 hours of his favorite songs.
Prices Vary

Safe Money Box – Wooden Barrel

A fun, antique inspired wooden barrel piggy bank, great for saving cash, coins and other collectables. The barrel resembling a wooden aging barrel allows for money removal out of the bottom and doesn’t have to be broken open like other safe boxes. A creative way to get your honey to start saving up for that romantic getaway.

USB Thermoelectric Cooler & Warmer

This gadget is great for the boyfriend who loves spending time working or gaming at his desk. The LED beverage cooler can hold a regular sized 12 oz. beverage can and has LED lights that indicate the can’s temperature (yellow when warm and red when cold). It is powered by USB and comes with a converter to be travel friendly for wherever he may need a cold drink!

Kelvin .36 All In One Tool

This crazy all-in-one tool will ensure that your man has all he needs for that next at-home garage project or your list of household “honey-dos”. It includes everything from standard tools like screwdrivers and a hammer to a tape measure, knife and corkscrew.

BBQ Tool Set Cooking Gadget

If he loves to cook or BBQ this tool will be a great asset to any home grill. This gadget has 5 stainless steel grill accessories all conveniently attached to a wooden handle. Dishwasher safe and easily portable for grilling on at family events or when camping.
Prices Vary

Eagles Nest Outfitters – DoubleNest Hammock

Perfect for those outdoor late-night snuggles, this two-person nylon hammock can be hung anywhere for ultimate relaxation. ENO hammocks are a staple for the couple who loves the outdoors. They are super durable and easy to set up and breaks down into the attached compression sack.

Coleman 9-Can Soft Cooler With Hard Liner

A party in a pack! This soft shell cooler is an awesome way to store drinks for a music festival, picnic or day at the beach. It holds nine cans in a PEVA liner that is guaranteed to keep drinks cold for hours. The shoulder strap makes it comfortable to carry and has two other pockets for his wallet, keys or phone.

Magnetic Man Key Holder Hook

A super cute and fun way to make sure your beau never loses his keys again. Unlike a regular boring key holder, this one has a flexible little man shape whose “hand” is a magnet making it easy for him to hang up or “attach” his keys. It comes in a variety of colors and is safe to be hung on any type wall.
Prices Vary

Quadcopter Drone with Camera

The extreme gadget for the electronic lover, this drone is a great addition to any tech-lover’s collection. The drone has a built-in HD camera to capture all the aerial footage and four blades for easy control. It has multiple flight modes for camera stability or aerial tricks, with either mode this drone will keep your man happy for hours.

Prices Vary

Bamboo Quartz Watch

Watches are one of the best ways for men to accessorize, the right watch can make any outfit look much more classy. This watch is best for casual moments but it also has a very sharp look that makes it stand out. It’s made from real bamboo and genuine leather to give it the best look possible.

Prices Vary

Brain Teaser Puzzle

Stumped on what to get him? Stump him back with this awesome brain teaser! He’ll be confused trying to solve it and it’ll really make him think which will actually improve parts of his brain and the way he thinks. It’s also a great distraction for when you need some quiet time!


Viking Horn Mug

Beer mugs seem to go hand-in-hand with old times and this mug is even more symbolic. It’s actually shaped like a Viking horn and looks like something out of Lord of the Rings. It’ll make a perfect addition to his man cave or at-home-bar.


Sleeping Girl Ashtray

It’s always good to have extra ashtrays around, it’s much better than having the ashes burn holes in the carpet or having buds littered all over the driveway. This tray has a sleeping girl with very appropriately placed leaves that make her look like Eve. Must have for any guy who smokes.

Prices Vary

Sexy Lady Lighter Case

This gift is ideal for any smoker and goes great with the one above. It’s a sexy lady silicone case that slips over just about any lighter to keep your hands protected from the heat and add a bit of a racy theme. No more burnt fingers and he’ll love holding it.

Prices Vary

Kiss and Sex Bells

Prepare for your night together with these racy bells. He just needs to give one a ring for whatever he desires. It also makes a fun way to stay spontaneous and exciting. Perfect for any couple!

Prices Vary

Revolver Shaped Alarm Clock

This is an awesome gift for the gunslingers out there. The alarm clock is fitted into the revolver and it adds a very manly look to any bedside table. It even has a snooze function, and no, he doesn’t have to worry about shooting a hole in the wall when he presses it!

Prices Vary

Waterproof LED Headlamp

Headlamps can be a huge help, especially for activities like camping or late night beach fires. This one is actually a lot better than most others. The light is a lot brighter and provides a wider view and waterproof too because let’s face it, it always rains on the weekend you decide to go camping!

Prices Vary

LED Lightsaber Umbrella

Any guy who loves Star Wars will fall in love with this umbrella. The shaft is actually a color changing LED tube and the handle makes it look exactly like a Jedi’s weapon. It’ll also provide a bit of light when it gets dark out but he’ll probably be too busy waving it around and making lightsaber noises to notice!


Shotgun Shell Bandolier

If he’s a hunter then this gift is perfect. It’s basically a camouflaged belt that holds up to 25 shells and has 2 additional pouches for extra storage. He won’t have to worry about fumbling trying to find more ammo when he sees some game off in the distance.

Prices Vary

Self Back Massage Tool

Standing or sitting all day long can really be tough on the back. This is a self massaging tool that he can use to relieve those pains after a long, hard day. It helps target trigger points that are usually the source for pains so he can get to sleep with ease or just relieve some tension.


Phillips Electric Shaver

Phillips has always been a leader in the men grooming industry mostly because their shavers offer the most ease of use and comfort. This is one of their and more popular electric shavers. If he’s always complaining about tugging and pulling then he’ll love this gift, and you won’t have to hear him complain while he’s getting ready anymore!

Prices Vary

Insulated Lunch Tote

This tote is a great way to keep his lunch cold and is even better for picnics so it can be as much for you as it is for him. It has extra insulation and pockets and zips up so whatever is packed in it will always be ready to go.

Prices Vary

NTLux Personalized Shot Gun Designed Pocket Knife with Wood Box

For every man, this pocket knife is the ideal gift but what makes this one special is the wooden handle and attached key ring. Super durable and sharp, the hand finished knife can be engraved with your choice of text and message. The knife’s packaging also comes with a personalized message written on the gift box.

HM&LN Genuine Leather Journal Notebook Refillable Planner

A place for the creative guy to write down all his creative thoughts. This passport size leather wrapped journal is filled with lined, blank and kraft paper for whenever inspiration strikes. Great for recording travels and future plans, you can even fill some of the pages with past photos and memories that you share as a couple.
Prices Vary

Compact Monocular Telescope

This compact monocular telescope makes seeing things off in the distance easier and much more clear. What’s great is how concealable it is, it could even fit in his pocket. No matter what the activity may be, he’ll feel like he’s up close and front row.

Prices Vary

Single Hot Plate

Know a college student or someone who’s always traveling? This hot plate is an effective way to heat up that can of soup or cook a quick breakfast before class. It’s also available in a double so he can feel like a master chef even in his dorm room. Just plug it in and it’s ready to go!


LED Shower Head

This gift will definitely give him a unique shower experience. It’ll turn pretty much any shower into one that shoots rainbows when the water flows. Hopefully it’ll encourage him to stay nice and clean and to wash off after a long day of being manly.

Prices Vary

Leatherman Multi-Tool

Every guy needs a good quality multi-tool. They can be super useful for quick jobs around the house and are even better for traveling and camping trips. The 9 different tools included will make most simple jobs a breeze.


Bluetooth Beanie

If he’s always traveling or taking public transport then he’ll love this beanie, especially if he lives somewhere cold. It has a built in headset and microphone that connect to his device through bluetooth. Plus he won’t have to fidget with a regular toque and a pair of headphones.

Prices Vary

Magnetic Desk Sculpture

This is the ultimate stress relief desk piece for procrastinators. It includes 160 magnetic balls that are attracted to the magnetic base and will allow him to create his own unique sculptures. The base will also stick to just about anything metal so he can set it up almost anywhere. Work has never been so stress free!

Prices Vary

Random Item Box From Thailand

This gift is a very brave option if you’re unsure what to get him. It’s filled with all sorts of random things from Thailand so you won’t know what you’re getting until you open it. It also might include things that you would have more use for than him so it could be the gift that keeps on giving!

Prices Vary

Wine Accessory Gift Set

Wine drinkers will never have to fear being unprepared with this gift set. It’s a wine shaped case that holds all of the essential tools you’ll need to enjoy your next bottle. It also makes a great travel kit for those wine tasting trips. He’ll feel like a true connoisseur with this gift.


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