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27 Creative Christening Gifts

You’ve been tapped as a Godparent or invited to the Christening of a child you know and love—or you’ll get to know and love over the years. You know everyone else is going to give gifts like silver spoons and verses from Scripture, but you want to give something unique. Check out our list of Creative Christening Gifts—from the funny to the cute to the sacred, we’ve got something for everyone.

A christening is an important event for a child, and you can use any of these gifts to make a lasting impression. My sister loved the gift I got my niece, and it made me smile to see her use it.

Barefoot Baby Sandals

It’s true that stylish baby clothes are more for the parents than the children. After all, those little babies know only two things: happy and not happy. They couldn’t care less about how impossibly cute these baby sandals are—but when they grow up, they’ll love having them as a keepsake.


Funny Onesie

To paraphrase the legend himself, Vito Corleone, “Give them a gift they can’t refuse.” This Christening gift is for the family with a sense of humor. They honor the tradition of the Christening, but they don’t mind a little levity on this momentous occasion.

Prices Vary

Scripture Burp Cloth

The sacred and the secular meet right here with this creative Christening Gift. It’s a burp cloth with a Bible verse—practical and spiritual at the same time. What can we say? We’re looking for gifts that are interesting, and we always celebrate di-verse-ity.


God Gave Us You

This Christening gift can be one of the first books parents read to their child. It’s a beautiful and creative story that introduces youngsters—once they’re old enough—to their spiritual foundations in a way that they’re likely to understand and enjoy. The hardcover will last, and maybe even become a family heirloom.


Pacifier Clip

This beautiful pacifier clip is for very special occasions. Give it to the family ahead of time so the child can wear it at the Christening, or as a Christening gift on the venerable occasion. Then it can be worn to all major church functions throughout infancy, or displayed in the nursery.


Keepsake Rattle

The most traditional Christening gift on our list is this keepsake rattle. But we couldn’t help it—it’s a lovely peace. The motifs are subtle and elegant. It looks like an antique, right out of the box. This is something the family will keep and cherish.


Personalized Wall Hanging

Make it creative and personal with this Christening gift. The child will grow up with this on his or her wall—it’ll be part of their life, and one day they’ll ask where it came from and who got it for them. Then they’ll hear the story of that special day and the people there to witness it.


Godchild Paperweight

Here’s a creative Christening gift that can follow the child all the way through life. When they’re little, it can sit up high as a decoration. As they grow, they can take it through school, to college, and even to work when they grow up. The inspirational promise will comfort them as they grow.

Prices Vary

Decorative Mosaic

The Christening marks the entry of the child into their life in the church, and this mosaic crucifix is a unique way to represent the influence of Christ. It’s modern, yet harkens back to the sacred, ancient artwork found in cathedrals in Europe and legendary locations in The Holy Land.

Prices Vary

Keepsake Memory

You can bet that all the gifts the family receives on Christening day are going to be spiritual in nature—here’s a thoughtful way to honor the occasion and give them a way to mark some of the secular milestones. Not trivial ones, but the ones that are so big they feel spiritual.


Kiddie Rosary

Catholic kids are going to see these a lot during their childhood. This is a great way to get them used to the Rosary from the word go. Infants are sure to be attracted by the pretty colors, and it’s totally non-toxic and safe for them to play with. They’ll learn soon enough Rosaries aren’t supposed to be eaten!


Personalized Locket

Engraved silver lockets were made for little girls—and they make the perfect Christening gifts. This one is simple and lovely. You can have her name worked in the cover, a spiritual message, or the symbol of your choice. Just contact the artisan to make it as creative and unique as you like.


Bling Pacifier

Move over “Real Housewives”, here comes a “Real Baby”! If mommy likes to go bling-bling, then there’s a good chance she’ll want baby to get fancy from the start. This Christening gift is for the family who likes their jewels and not shy about showing it.

Prices Vary

Child Of God Necklace

This handmade, three piece grouping makes a lovely, personalized Christening gift. The sterling silver necklace is set with a birthstone, the child’s name, and the inscription “Child of God.” Each one is custom made upon ordering and comes on a matching chain.


Christening Nest

Precious and protected, delicate yet durable—there’s a lot going on in this creative Christening gift. It evokes a connection to nature and hints at metaphors of the presence of the church in a child’s life, all while being simple and beautiful. Contact the artisan so customize the name and message.


Personalized Baby Cubbie

Okay, cuteness warning! It doesn’t get any more “awwwwwww”-some than this little personalized stuffed animal. The smiley froggie will keep the kiddo company for years and years. You can have it personalized any way you like to make it special and creative.


Christening Wrap

We were wrong—the “awwwww” is not going to stop. This crochet Christening wrap is triggers the cute-o-meter almost as much as Mr. Froggie does. This one is in a beautiful turquoise color scheme with a funny owl. The baby will be warm in faith, and in temperature.

Prices Vary


We have a winner! The most creative Christening gift, ever. Bar none. Whodathunk there’d be something out there called Baby-Q—actual bottles of barbecue and hot sauce personalized with the child’s name and date. Seriously: ROTFLMAO.


Personalized Chalkboard Message

You can do it. Imagine big. Be creative. Say what you feel—give the child the inspirational words you want them to read every day of their lives. This framed chalkboard art is all about you and what you want to say. It’s you chance to be wise: take it and be bold.


Irish Rose Booties

Could a pair of booties be more pink and girlie? No, we say. None more pink. None more girlie. These handmade crocheted booties are made with cotton thread and finished with roses, rosettes, and pearls. A very creative take on a classic Christening gift.

Prices Vary

Personalized Keepsake Box

The christened child is going to receive an overwhelming amount of Christening gifts—which poses a unique (but welcome) problem for the parents: where are they going to keep all the lockets, pendants, fine figurines, and cards? In this personalized box, of course.

Prices Vary

Noah’s Ark Playset

There’s a hidden treasure in this Christening gift. A dual purpose. Not only does the child get an early start on the stories found in scripture, but since the animals boarded the Noah’s Ark “two by two”, that means that when the little one loses one of the animals, no problem. There’s a backup.


Crochet Purse Cross

It’s not just a simple crochet cross that does double duty as a great Christening gift and Christmas ornament that will last for years. The colors have a deep spiritual meaning that the most devout Christians will understand. As the child grows and learns, the parents can unlock the secrets embedded within.


Plantable Seeds

Yes! A great Christening gift idea that’s eco-friendly, meaningful, and beautiful all at the same time. Spread the word, spread the gift of love, and spread the magic of the “earth and all it contains.” Sow the seeds of spirituality, and watch it grow like a wildflower.

Prices Vary

Wood Stacking Blocks

We love these gifts that are practical, spiritual, and virtually kid-proof. Like these personalized “Child of God” blocks. The child will play with them far before he or she knows what the words mean, and they’ll last long enough to find out. The “aha!” moment will be wonderful.


Wooden Heart Photo Frame

Rustic, chic, totally folk-art. This carved wooden heart is designed to hold a picture of the child and hang on the wall in their room. Contact the artisan to customize the message for the picture frame and the two hanging pendants. Make it as personal and creative as you like.

Prices Vary

Rowan Tree of Life

Many people plant trees when a baby is born. This Christening gift follows that concept. Give the family this sapling on Christening day, so they can plant it and watch it grow along with their child. It’s a living symbol of the power of enduring life through the seasons.


9 DIY Christening Gifts

Handkerchief Bonnet

Make your Christening gift personal and thoughtful. This baby bonnet is simple and easy to make. All you’ll need is and ironed handkerchief, ribbon, and needle and thread. If you have basic sewing skills, then the entire process should only take you a few minutes.

Herb Pot Favors

Help out your best friend by making these herb pot favors for the Christening ceremony. These aren’t a gift for the child, but the mom in question will certainly call you a “Godsend” when you help make the ceremony that much better with these clever guest gifts.

Stick Letter

Get your kids involved in the Christening of your next child or the ceremony for one of your friends with this super-creative DIY idea. Boys will love this one especially, since boys love sticks. Make it a family affair: collect the supplies and spend an afternoon making this cool gift. For boys, by boys!

Cute as a Button

Glue, cardstock, buttons, and a 3-D display frame—that’s all you’re going to need to make this personalized Christening gift. The DIY shows you how to do it step-by-step. The only part that will take a while is waiting for the glue to dry.

Personalized Blessing

You can spend time searching for the Christening gift that has the exact message you want to give the child, or you can simply choose a verse or write a quote of your own. This DIY shows you how to make personalized blessing for the wonderful new person in your life.

Baby Boy Christening Gift

This personalized message tutorial goes all in. It’s perfect if you’re going to be the Godparent of the child. You’re going to want to do something special for Christening day—and this DIY is special. It will take time, energy, and patience. But you’ll do that for this child, we know it.

Picture Memory Board

Here’s a DIY Christening gift that won’t take as much time and energy as the others, but will last just as long—and maybe longer. It’s a memory board that can go up on baby’s wall. The great thing about memory boards is that the pictures can be changed as time passes—so the board can grow and change with the child.

Crochet Christening Blanket

The little one needs to be warm and snuggly on Christening day, so you can make mom this blanket ahead of time. You’ll need some crocheting experience for this DIY, but if you have the skills, the end result is a beautiful baby blanket. Made with love, by you.

Upcycled Baby Shoes

Get that baby in some denim! These baby shoes are both a creative way to upcycle an old pair of jeans and a sure-fire way to give a child a unique Christening gift. With a little bit of sewing experience and a day to spare, these ten steps will give you—and the baby—the coolest baby shoes around.

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