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55 Best Corporate Holiday Gifts and Gift Baskets of 2018

Showing our co-workers, boss, or even customers that we value the work they do all year can be tricky, especially as everyone likes different things. This year, don’t go for the usual gift voucher; give them something you know they’ll love and get them a gift basket. Edible ones are the best, as everyone loves to indulge in the holidays.


California Delicious Starbucks Surprises Gift Box

You won’t need to seek out your favorite coffee shop every time you want a coffee once you have this gift basket. It’s jam packed full of delicious Starbucks coffee and tea blends, a logo mug, cookies and biscotti which will go well with every cup you brew.

Prices Vary

Best Self Success Journal

It’s important in business that you keep an eye on the bigger goals you want to achieve as well as mapping out your daily schedule. This journal will help you achieve both because as well as having space for your daily diary, you can also track how you’re hitting those goals.


Galileo Globe Thermometer

Who needs a standard thermometer when you can have this awesome globe one sitting on your desk? The colored glass bulbs inside will rise and float, depending on how hot or cold the room is, and the wooden base it’s sitting on will fit any room’s décor or theme.


Champagne And Flutes Gift Set

You’ll be able to choose the champagne that goes inside this gift basket, from a Moscato D’Asti to a more expensive Vintage Krug Brut. But that’s not all you get; you’ll also receive two matching champagne flutes – just the thing to toast your success. Cheers!

Prices vary

What Would You Attempt Paperweight

Keep your office workers motivated with this paperweight. There’s no better way to stay on track than if a motivational quote is staring you in the face which is exactly what this paperweight does. Use it to keep papers together or simply as a desk ornament, it’ll still do its job.


Hydration Tracking Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is an important way to keep your act together and stay focussed. However, we all know that it’s not that easy to remember to drink. This bottle is different though, not only will it provide you with a vessel to hold your water but it tracks your hydration levels through an app, too.


The Champagne Boss Champagne Gift Set

This would make an excellent gift for you to give to your boss, and as it’s already nicely put together, you’d just need to wrap it. If she loves mixing up exotic cocktails to give to guests at parties, this set contains 3 mixers, rimming sugar, and 2 rose gold glasses.

Prices Vary

Grill Masters Club Subscription Box

We all know a BBQ master, someone who is out working their grill in all weathers, summer through to winter. This subscription box will breathe new life into his barbeque as he’ll receive different BBQ products every month, as well as a cooking tip and a delicious recipe.

Prices vary

Winc Wine Subscription Box

Discover wines you never thought you’d be brave enough to try with an awesome wine subscription box. Once a month, you’ll be sent 4 bottles of wine to try – either ones you’ve pre-selected, or ones which have been chosen for you – and all you need to do is drink it: it’s a tough job!

Prices vary

ConserVino Wine Gift Set

Have you ever needed a corkscrew to open a new bottle of wine but then you couldn’t find it anywhere? Keep your handy wine tools in one place with this super cool kit. Inside the wine bottle, you’ll find 5 tools which are absolutely necessary to enjoying a glass of vino.

Prices Vary

Park Avenue

If you ever wanted a gift which is going to appeal to almost anyone you give it to, this Park Avenue one is perfect. Not only does it contain a bottle of red wine and a bottle of white, there’s also some champagne included as well as some luxury foods. Go on, tuck in!

Prices vary

AMENER Power Bank Wireless Mouse USB Flash Drive Kit

Being out and having your phone run out of charge is an absolute nightmare. Make sure that never happens again with this rose gold power bank, meaning you can charge it up again wherever you are. But that’s not all; you’ll also get a 3 in 1 charging cable, a touchscreen stylus, and a wireless mouse, too.

Prices Vary

Segura Viudas Champagne And Godiva Chocolates

Is there anything better than tucking into a box of chocolates and then washing it down with champagne? We think not, especially around the festive period. This gift set contains both; a luxurious box of Godiva chocolates alongside a bottle of Segura Viudas. It’s absolute perfection.

Prices vary

Simple Loose Leaf Tea Subscription Box

 People underestimate the power a good cup of tea has; the English use it to solve almost every problem they have! With this subscription box, you’ll be able to sample some delicious loose leaf teas from around the world. Your taste buds will thank you.

Prices vary

Toast Of California Wine Basket

If you can’t decide whether you prefer red or white wine, this gift basket is for you. It contains two bottles from the Wine Country; one is a chardonnay and the other is a reserve red. As well as those, you’ll also receive some gourmet sweet and savory foods which will go well with both wines.

Prices vary

Fresh Fruit And Gourmet Keepsake Chest

Life is all about balance and especially around the holiday season, we need to make sure we still keep those healthy foods in our diet. This gift basket contains both fresh and juicy fruits, such as apples and pears, as well as a selection of luxurious chocolate.

Prices vary

Business Class Selections

Whether you’re trying to impress the boss or secure new customers, this is the kind of gift basket you need for the holidays. Inside a beautiful chest, you’ll find one bottle of red wine, one bottle of white, and a variety of sweet and savory foods, all of which will go beautifully with the wine.

Prices vary

Savannah Bee Book Of Honey

People don’t often think about how honey is made but the truth is that each batch will taste slightly different, depending on the bee’s diet and where they come from. This gift set contains 9 jars of premium honey as well as a book all about honey and some tasting notes, too.

Prices vary

Sock Fancy Subscription Box

When you have to wear a suit to work, it can be difficult to inject some color into your uniform. Sure, you could go for loud shirts but they’re a bit “in your face”, so what about some socks? With this subscription, you’ll receive a pair of super cool socks to your door every single month.

Prices vary

Live Succulent Plant

Succulents are beautiful little plants which look lovely on either a shelf or a desk. You can get fake ones but what’s the fun in that? In this set, you’ll get three different but equally lovely succulents which will look amazing wherever you decide to put them. Just don’t forget to water them.

Prices Vary

Chocolate Paradise

Chocoholics will absolutely adore the delicious treats which come inside this gorgeous basket. Beautifully presented with the option to add a card, there’s 24 milk chocolate cookies, as well as chocolate medallions, chocolate covered toffee and two types of truffle. If that doesn’t scream indulgence, nothing will.

Prices vary

Ultimate Imported Cheese Banquet

Cheese and biscuits at the end of a meal or with the Christmas dinner leftovers is just heaven. If you’re not sure which type of cheese to go for, why not have a look at this gift basket? As well as four cheeses, there’s also sweet and savory food which will complement each cheese beautifully.

Prices vary

Magnetic Sand Hourglass

Whether you use it as a timer or just as a decoration on your desk, this hourglass is stunning. Instead of just falling through the hole, this sand reacts with the magnet in the wooden base, making it contort into all kinds of mesmerizing patterns as it lands.


Big Personality Desk Signs

If you get on well with the people in your office, these desk signs will be a great way to inject some humor into those long days. You’ll be able to remind everyone that you’re the boss in a way which gets some laughs; no one likes a strict boss.


6 in 1 Beverage Bottle

We’re constantly told to take our own bottles and reusable coffee cups with us in order to reduce plastic waste, but no one has the space to carry a multitude of drinks holders. Introducing this amazing invention; a bottle which can hold 6 different types of drink, from infused water to hot coffee.


MultiBey Rose Gold Tone Stationery Set

When you work in an office, you want to make sure that you’ve got all the right equipment in order for you to do your job properly. So where did all your paper clips go? With this gift set, you’ll know who’s stolen your stationary as it’s all rose gold!

Prices Vary

F Bomb Paperweight

Perfect for those co-workers who have a sense of humor, this paperweight is sure to raise some eyebrows among the more “highly strung” employees. Don’t drop the F-Bomb, just let it sit on your desk and hold your papers together. People will either find it hilarious or offensive.


Oh! Nuts® Holiday Nut and Dried Fruit Gift Basket

Not everyone likes to indulge on chocolate and tortilla chips, although that sounds weird, right? Instead, dried fruit and nuts are their go-to snacks. Give them something they’ll enjoy eating this Christmas with this hamper, bulging with healthier foods for when they’re feeling a bit peckish.


A Year of Gratitude

It can be hard showing someone how much you appreciate them; most gestures can come across as a little cheesy. Take some inspiration from this, A Year of Gratitude. You can send out a thankyou card every week of the year as well as write in a guided journal so you can record your journey.


Barnett’s Chocolate Cookies Gift Basket

You could choose to share this with the people you love the most – friends, family, co-workers – or you could eat them all yourself, it’s your call. Under the lid of this gift box, there’s 12 gourmet sandwich cookies, each one a different flavor and decorated beautifully.

Prices Vary

Barnett’s Gourmet Chocolate Biscotti Gift Basket

Biscotti are traditionally twice baked and dipped in coffee or sweet wine; however, we wouldn’t recommend doing that with these ones. They’re utterly delicious and decorated beautifully, with 6 different flavors and toppings in a box. This gift box would make a perfect holiday present for co-workers or customers.


Delicious Home-style Italian Cookies

This box of Italian cookies would be perfect to share around the office at Christmas time. Inside each box, you’ll receive some amazing flavored cookies, all of which have been decorated differently. Each cookie comes sealed so you can keep them fresh for months after receiving them – ha, who are we kidding?

Prices Vary

Gratitude Small Pewter Trinket Dish

Perfect for sitting on a desk as a trinket tray for paperclips or push pins, this dish will also offer a reminder every day. With the word “gratitude” engraved into the bottom, it will remind you to be appreciative of people and for them to be the same towards you.


Sommeliers Cabernet Sauvignon Selection

It doesn’t matter if you think you’re a wine expert or you’re a bit of a novice, this trio of red wines will open up your taste buds and awaken your senses. Each bottle is from a different part of the world, and that really shows in how each wine tastes.

Prices vary

Crystal Pen Set

Everyone who writes on a daily basis will have that one pen which they choose to write with. It could just glide better, or maybe it reminds them of something, but no one else is allowed to use it. This trio of rose gold crystal pens could quickly become your implements of choice.


Fresh Fruit And Godiva Chocolates

Strike a balance this festive season with this fresh fruit and chocolate gift basket. It would make a great present for the office as you’ll please everyone, and no one will have to miss out. With a selection of fresh fruits as well as gourmet chocolates, everyone will love it.

Prices vary

Chocolate, Caramel and Crunch Grand Gift Basket

It will take you months to get through this delicious snack basket, not that that’s a bad thing. Savour every last mouthful of the chocolatey, crunchy caramel goodness that you get, including peanut brittle and chocolate covered pretzels. It will be the perfect accompaniment to movie night.


Barnett’s Holiday Gift Basket

Presented in a beautiful gift box which has been finished with a ribbon, you’ll receive 20 delicious sandwich cookies in 5 different flavors. Just look at the way they’ve been decorated; this box would make a great gift for your boss or maybe some of your customers.

Prices Vary

Gourmet Holiday Gift Basket

Can you imagine arriving at work with this amazing gift tower? Everyone will wonder what you’ve brought along with you, and when they see what’s inside, they’ll be speechless. Each box contains delicious gourmet foods, such as soft vanilla caramels, a sweet and savory mix, and butterscotch flavored disks.

Prices Vary

Artisan Popcorn And Craft Salt Crate

There’s nothing better than sitting down to watch a movie with some popcorn…but what do you do if you haven’t got any in the house? This crate contains 2lbs of corn kernels as well as three types of craft salts which will add a flavor to your popcorn like you’ve never had before.

Prices vary

Fit For Royalty Gourmet Basket

This is the perfect gift for anyone who likes the finer things in life. Inside this herringbone and leather trimmed serving tray, you’ll find some amazing delicacies such as smoked salmon, camembert and Lindt chocolate. Royalty would adore it so it’s suitable for your boss.

Prices vary

Pretzels and Chocolate Gift Basket

If your snack of choice is pretzels, you’ll love the contents of this gift basket. There’s an assortment of yogurt, milk and dark chocolate covered pretzels which will make an amazing present for someone this holiday season. You could even bring them in for the whole office to share.

Prices Vary

Great Arrivals Champagne Gift Basket

When you don’t know what to get someone as a Christmas present, a food gift basket is usually a safe bet. Send them some delicious gourmet foods with this wicker hamper, including smoked almonds and peppermint popcorn. Add wine of your choice and you’ve got a complete gift.

Prices Vary

Angel’s Cup Coffee Subscription Box

If coffee is your drink of choice, you probably have a blend which you love and you won’t stray from it. Why not set yourself a challenge and try up to 208 different coffee types this year? Without bias or pre-conceived ideas, you’ll be able to pick a new favorite with this subscription.

Prices vary

Think Pink Fros Gift Set

Frosé is a delicious way to drink rosé, whether it’s in the summer or the winter. Give someone the ability to make their own frose at home with this set; it contains a bottle of Chandon Brut Rosé, champagne gummy bears, and 8 wine glasses to serve them in.

Prices vary

The Manhattan

One of the best things about living in a big city is the abundance of delicious foods and treats that are available. If you know someone who is missing home or is new to the big lights, this gift basket will show them the best the city has to offer.

Prices vary

Corporate Gift Basket

This would make a brilliant gift for you to give to your most valued customers this Christmas. It’s overflowing with gourmet foods, from summer sausage and smoked pepperoni to Monterey Jack cheese and garlic cheddar. Everything goes with everything else, making it a staple to bring out at your Christmas parties, too.

Prices Vary

Hot Cocoa Drink Mix Gift Set

Coming in from the bitter winter cold to a steaming cup of hot cocoa, complete with cream and marshmallows, is one of life’s simple pleasures. This gift set contains 6 sachets of Ghirardelli cocoa mix – all you need to do is add your favorite mug and some mini marshmallows for a truly decadent treat.


Personalized Pen Holder

It’s important that when you’re the boss, you look the part. Look at this personalized card and pen holder, can you imagine this sitting on your boss’ desk? There’s even a clock on the front so anyone who comes to talk to him can see the time when they pick up one of his business cards.


Around The World Wine Chest

You can’t have a glass of wine without some delicious foods to wash down, and this beautiful keepsake trunk contains it all. As well as two bottles of wine – one Italian and one French – you’ll also find two types of cheese, some Spanish olives, and bourbon caramels.

Prices vary

Bean Box Artisian Coffee Subscription Box

When you sign up to this subscription service, you have the option of choosing a coffee sampler box or receiving a bag of their “Coffee of the Month”. Whichever one you go for, you’ll be introduced to new blends for as little as $24 a month; a small price to pay for delicious coffee.

Prices vary

Italian Roast Coffee Chest

We all know that one person who can’t function in the morning without a cup of coffee, and this gift chest will be the perfect present for them this Christmas. With a full sized bag of Lavazza coffee, a 17oz travel mug, and some delicious Italian cookies and biscotti, it’ll fulfil all of their coffee needs.

Prices vary

Jaybee’s Nuts Gift Tray

If you’re trying to cut down on those delicious, high fat snacks, this peanut tray might be the answer. It offers a great alternative to chocolates or chips; you’ll get four different flavored nuts – three savory and one sweet – so you can be sure to curb that craving for the good stuff.

Prices Vary

Broadway Basketeers Gourmet Gift Basket

This is the ultimate gift basket; there’s truly something for everyone in here, which is why it makes such a good office gift. With goodies such as brownie brittle, blueberry cookies, hot cocoa mix and salted caramel pretzel twists, you’ll feel spoilt for choice.


Deluxe Thank You Selection

Is there a better way to say thankyou than with an edible gift basket? This one would make a great present to give to your customers, co workers or maybe even your boss. It contains a wide selection of gourmet foods, as well as some tea and coffee.

Prices vary

3 Diy Corporate Gifts to Show Them You Care

Diy Plant Gift

If you don’t know what to get someone this holiday season, why not go for a plant? And instead of buying an overpriced one from the store, have a go at making it yourself using this blog post as a guide. It’s a lot easier than you think and it looks a whole lot better, too.

Diy Cinnamon Sugar Candied Nuts

Nothing says Christmas like candied nuts and cinnamon…so why not try them together? This recipe for cinnamon sugar candied nuts is to die for, and you’ll be kicking yourself that you hadn’t discovered it sooner. Whether you give them as gifts or keep them as snacks for your Christmas party, everyone is going to love them.

Diy Holiday Pie Trifle Mason Jar Gift

Trifle is a staple everyone must have at Christmas, but if you’re not a fan of the traditional ones, why not have a go at making these holiday pie ones? This tutorial shows you how to turn them into edible gifts, but you could totally adapt it and make it your Christmas dessert this year.

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