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41 ERMAHGERD-worthy Corgi Gifts, Shirts and Stuffed Animals

Faithful companions to the Queen of England for almost 70 years, corgis are renowned for their cheerful dispositions, faithful natures, and cute fluffy butts. So difficult to choose from, this collection of ‘ermahgerd-worthy’ corgi gifts will inspire and delight you as you browse through the shirts, stuffed animals, and ugly Christmas sweaters which all feature this picture-perfect pooch.

The best gifts for corgi owners.

Corgi Wine Bottle Holder

This corgi is wine-ing a little too much, but he will definitely make a fun conversation starter at any dinner party of drinks evening, and he looks cute as an ornament, too.


Corgi on a Bike Hoodie

Perfect for walking the dog or just for casual wear, this ‘corgi on a bike’ hoodie comes in 4 color options and a range of sizes from small to 3X men.


Corgi Origami Necklace

With an almost geometric feel to it, this pendant features a Welsh corgi in an open design and can be ordered in gold, rose gold, or silver tone, or an alternative carbon black.


Corgi Slippers

Dogs are great for keeping your feet warm, but when they’re not lying at your feet, it can get a bit cold. These plush slippers are soft and warm, and unbearably cute, too.


Queenie Corgi Plush Stuffed Animal

From the world renowned Bearington Collection comes this bright eyed Corgi puppy, who’s been blessed with super soft fur, air brushed features, and a huge capacity to love.


Corgi Scrunchies

Whether she’s dog walking, doing her homework, or dancing the night away, long hair can sometimes get in the way. Tame those tresses with this set of 4 corgi-covered scrunchies.


Space Corgi Print

Up for a spot of space exploration, Lieutenant Waffles – the intrepid explorer – will come printed on a random page from a dictionary, and ready to frame and hang on the wall.


Rowdy Corgi Tie

Every man should own at least one silk tie, and if he’s a dog lover he will adore this navy blue version which is covered in cute orange corgis in various fun poses.


Corgi Rain Jacket

While these most royal of pupsters don’t wear cloaks, they DO deserve the best in outerwear; these waterproof coats are all handmade to order and come in a variety of stunning colors.


Corgi Light

Put a little puppy love into even the darkest of spaces with this adorable corgi lamp from Smoko – ideal as a nightlight or just to add a comforting glow.


Corgi Wine Bottle Stopper

Now this is a neat trick to teach to a dog – how to keep wine fresh even when the bottle is only half full, by dangling inside the neck.


Corgi Butt Bloomers

If they find the sight of a pupper’s butt irresistible, treat them to a pair of corgi bloomers which are soft, comfy, and feature a cute little tail and pink padded paw.


Corgi Picture Frame

There’s no more fitting way to display a photograph of their best corgi friend than in a corgi frame! This one is adorable, and made from a bronze-colored aluminum for maximum cuteness.


Corgi Ugly Christmas Sweater

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas, and this not so ugly sweater demonstrates that maxim perfectly because it’s too cute to bring out for just one month of the year.


Corgi Rides a Whale Dog Pillow Covers

Majestic and fearless, the corgi rides the waves on board a whale in this cute pillow cover, which measures 18” x 18” and is perfect for any dog loving home.


Hey, Corgeous! Corgi T-Shirt

That little heart shaped furry butt is unmistakably corgi, and it’s made all the more adorable as it belongs to a sassy little shades-wearing pup on the front of this casual tee.


Corgi Refrigerator Magnets

You’ll want to let sleeping dogs lie forever with this trio of flaked out fur babies, because is there anything cuter than a snoozing pooch stuck onto a refrigerator door?


Corgi Riding a Cow Vintage Print

They might be small in stature, but corgis are actually pint-sized pups with big attitudes. Look at this one, for instance, as he stands on a cow’s back, happily smoking a pipe!


Corgi Butt Pillow

If sleeping with the dog isn’t an option, give them the next best thing with this soft and squishy corgi butt pillow that has the cutest little paws and tail.


Puppy Love Mixed Metal Necklaces

Let her carry her favorite fur baby close to her heart even when she’s away with this mixed metal pendant, which comes in the shape of her BFF and hangs on a 16-18” chain.


Thorgi The Corgi God Of Thunder Figure

Fans of corgis, Norse Gods, and even superheroes will go nuts about this gorgeous sandstone figurine, which shows the little brown dog wearing full battle regalia, complete with Thor's hammer; Mjölnir.


The Corgi Mug

Dogs bring us so much comfort and joy, and so does coffee – lots of coffee – so bring the two together with this sweet mug that’s shaped like a cute little corgi.


Guess What Corgi Butt Mug

As any dog lover will tell you, the squishiest part of a corgi is its butt. With this funny 11oz. mug, they can celebrate this dear derrière every time they take a sip.


Corgi Socks

The Pembroke Welsh corgi is renowned for its sweet little body and wiggling backside. If you know a fan of this precious pooch, these cozy socks make a wonderful corgi gift.


Corgi Succulent Vase

Dogs love having their own jobs to do, so appoint this little pup the role of royal gardener and he’ll guard a small succulent with a permanent smile on his furry little face.


Corgi Sign

Proving that home is where the heart is, these rustic wooden signs depict a corgi’s silhouette in place of the ‘O’, and come in a variety of colors and finishes.


Corgi Coffee Mug

Super cute and whimsical, this sweet 12oz. mug is adorned with a corgi climbing up the side, and another situated on the bamboo lid which also comes with it.

Prices Vary

Corgi Cookie Cutter

If you know someone who lives and breathes corgis, they may as well eat them too – albeit in a cruelty-free way – with this solid copper cookie cutter.


Corgi Composition Notebook

Dogs make everything better, it’s a fact. This notebook can be used for journaling, shopping lists, or even boring homework that won’t be quite so tedious with the cute little corgi covers.


Corgi Dinosaur T-Rex Shirt

This tee has everything – history, dogs, and more than a touch of rainbow magic! Incredibly soft and comfortable to wear, this T-Rex-riding-corgi shirt makes a fun and colorful gift.


Corgi Coasters

Enhanced with a different image on each one, this set of 4 stone coasters show corgis in various guises and make the perfect gift for any fur mom or dad.


Corgi Sheet Set

With all the fun and comfort of sharing the bed with a dog without the downside of shedding hair and flatulence, this set of sateen sheets is a dog lover’s dream.


Corgi Glasses Holder

You can train a dog to do pretty much anything, and this clever corgi has been schooled in the art of looking after spectacles safely and securely, while still looking cute.


Corgi Coloring Book

Bring Scamp’s adventures to life with a coloring book which is jam packed with black and white illustrations of the happy hound’s adventures, just waiting to be colored in.


Corgi Squeakie Toy

Give their pet a new playmate with ZippyPaws, the squeezable plush corgi toy which squeaks when squished and is also lovely to cuddle up to, too.


Corgi Kilt

We all know that corgis are the epitome of cute, but this little kilt takes that cuteness up a notch as it comes in different tartans and is accompanied by a matching shoulder sash.


Corgi Onesie

If a corgi is your dream bedfellow but you’re not allowed pets in the bedroom, give this hilarious corgi onesie to the one you love for a life-sized version of your favorite pet.

Prices Vary

Socksmith Corgi Socks

Dogs in bandanas always look super cool, so make sure she has her daily fix with a pair of red, green, or black women’s socks which feature smiling bandana’d corgis.


Pembroke Welsh Corgi Ornament

Whether they just like dogs or are remembering a beloved corgi who’s passed over the rainbow bridge, this stunning Christmas ornament will bring a sack load of festive cheer.


OCD Obsessive Corgi Disorder Coffee Mug

This OCD mug will make a delightful and fun corgi gift for any fans of this special little dog; in case you hadn’t heard, it stands for Obsessive Corgi Disorder!


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