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36 Coolest Valentine’s Day Cards of All-Time (So Unique!)

It’s the age old way of showing someone that you’re interested in them, isn’t it? By sending them a Valentine’s Day card, whether it’s anonymous or not, you’re letting them know how you feel about them. This list is filled with some unique cards which are sure to get you noticed.

Whether you like a pun or some romance, this list contains unique cards for every couple this Valentine’s Day.

Heart Shaped Rock Set

If you want to send something to your Valentine that’s a bit out of the ordinary, this personalized heart shaped rock in a box is perfect. You’ll receive your very own unique heart shaped rock inside a cardboard box, complete with your own personal message of choice.


Valentine’s Day Articulated Otter Card Paper Doll

Greeting cards are cute and all but they can all become a bit samey, especially the ones which we can buy for Valentine’s Day. Buy your loved one this articulated otter card doll and it’ll arrive holding a red heart which can have any message of your choosing written on it.


Last Longer Than Our Plants Card

Plants and flowers look beautiful inside a home, but nine times out of ten, we end up killing them. If you and your spouse are notorious for killing your greenery, this card will show them that you’re serious about how much you love them…and that you don’t want your love to die like your plants!


Handmade Red 3D Valentine’s Day Card

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like red roses, which is exactly what this card is centered around. With the words “You’re Mine” and the overlapping dimensional roses, this creation creates layers which make it appealing to the eye, and puts it right at the top of the list of cards that really ‘stand out’.


Quilling Card Box Pop up Valentine Card

Can you imagine her face when you pull out this beautiful pearlescent box? As she opens it up to see what’s inside, a love heart appears along with some quilling flowers. It won’t be like anything she’s ever seen before, because it’s unique, just like she is.


3D Floral Pop Up Card and Envelope

From the outside, this card looks like a plain, yet elegant, design. The red background with the simple white flowers does look pretty but there’s no real ‘wow’ factor; however, wait until you open up the card – 3 orangey red flowers will pop up, taking you by surprise. How’s that for wow?


You Make Me So Happy (Hap-pea)

If you’re with the right person, you’ll feel like you’re two peas in a pod, so show them how much they mean to you with this card. The adorable cartoon peas are sat in their pod, looking incredibly “hap-pea”, which could well be a true reflection of your relationship.


Lovepop Rose Bouquet Pop Up Card

Real flowers die. No matter how beautiful they are, they will wither and die so all you’re left with are wrinkly petals. Save that sadness with this card. From the centerfold, a beautiful bouquet of red roses pops up, looking pretty in a white, lace cut vase, and they’ll last forever, too.


Titanic Valentine’s Day Card

One of the saddest scenes in film history is where Jack lets Rose have the floating piece of wood after the Titanic has sunk. But we all know that there was space for both of them. Show your other half how much they mean to you with this (slightly morbid) yet cute card.


Lovepop Love Explosion Pop Up Card

As if the outside of this card doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day, with the red background and the laser cut hearts, open it up to discover what’s inside. You’ll find an explosion of red and pink hearts which spring from the centerfold, ready to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.


Lying In Bed Looking At Phones

There are many ways in which you can express your love to someone else; buying them flowers, a hand written note, maybe even a poem. But true love is where you can lie in bed next to them, on your phones. That’s when you know that they’re sticking around for a while.


Lovepop Couple in Love Pop Up Card

If you’re looking for a card which your other half can keep for a long time, this is the one you need. Open it up to reveal the pop up couple, who really look like they’re in love. Whether you’ve been together for weeks, months, or even years, this card will pull on their heartstrings.


Handmade Wood Valentines Day Card

Made from high quality red walnut wood, this is a card which won’t degrade as the years go on. Forget paper, you want to get them a Valentine’s Day card which is made from wood. The simple design has been laser cut and the wood grain makes each card unique.


I Love You Will All my Butt

Let’s be honest here; most guys either love your chest or your butt – it’s a fact of life. But if you’re with a butt man, this is the card for him. Show him just how much you love him, not by the size of your heart, but by the size of your booty.


You’re OK

Valentine’s Day can be great, but there’s nothing worse than being forced to be romantic or show affection. If you’re not one of the old romantics, this card is perfect. Instead of soppy words or a cute poem, it says it like it is; “You’re OK”. Short and simple.


Steal The Covers Card

Every couple has this argument at least once a night; who has the most bedcovers? Show your other half that it’s actually a sign of endearment that you steal the covers from…because there’s no one else you’d rather share a bed with. Now that’s romance!


Pug Geeky Valentine’s Day Card

Do you and your other half enjoy watching the Star Wars films together? With this card, you’ll be able to show off your geeky side with a humorous edge. Leia and Han have been given a doggy makeover and now star in their own canine movie series; Star Paws!


I Love You A Waffle Lot

Waffles make brilliant breakfast foods, but they’re also a great way to show your affection to your significant other. On the front of this card, you’ll see two heart shaped waffles hand in hand and on the inside, it reads “I love you a waffle lot”. Who said romance was dead?

Prices Vary

I Like Your Butt

Showing your appreciation for your other half’s body is one way to let them know how much you love them…and this card definitely does that. With the word “I like your butt” in the middle of the card, there’s no missing the sentiment behind this choice, is there?


You Make My Heart Roar Dinosaur Valentines Day Card

Just because the dinosaurs died out a long time ago, doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate them now. This card would be an excellent choice for someone who is a bit of a dinosaur fan, and you can let them know exactly how they make you feel by relating it to the green scaly reptiles.


Dachshund Printable Valentine Card

These days, you don’t need to head out to the shops to buy a card. You can order them online or, even better, download them to your computer and then print them off instantly. This daschund themed one is ideal if you and your spouse love all things sausage dog.


Iguana Be your Valentine

Printed on recycled paper in the USA, this reptile themed card is perfect for anyone who loves lizards. The colorful iguana on the front is a restoration from a 200 year old scientific illustration; something which makes it even more special, while the pun adds a touch of humor.


Lovepop Love Toaster Pop Up Card

Is there anything more romantic than breakfast in bed? Hint to your other half that that’s what you’re expecting this Valentine’s Day with this toaster shaped card. Open it up to reveal a smaller toaster with two adorable pieces of toast popping out of it.


Valentine’s Day Card Darth Vader

As soon as you see a picture or a clip of Darth Vader, what do you think of? For most of us, it’ll be the breathing noise he makes thanks to the mask he has to wear. Give this card to your Star Wars-mad spouse and they’ll appreciate the humor from the pun.


Handmade Love You Many Hearts Real Wood Card

What do you get for the person who has everything? Think outside of the box with this wooden card. Yes, you read that right. Thanks to the grain which all vary slightly, every card made is unique, which is perfect for your one of a kind other half.


Platypus Valentine’s Day Card

Platypus are really odd to look at; is it a duck? Or maybe even a beaver? But what they are, for sure, is unique and there’s nothing wrong with that. Use this card to show your other half that they’re one of kind and that you feel very lucky to be able to call them yours.


Pokemon Valentine

“Gotta catch ‘em all” is the key line in the Pokémon song, but if you’ve been lucky enough to meet your special someone, you won’t want to catch anyone else. Make sure that your other half knows that with this super cool Pokémon themed Valentine’s Day card.


Stalk You Valentine’s Day Card

The front of this card seems a bit sinister, but it’s not all bad. Inside, there’s actually quite a funny message. The outside reads “I’d probably stalk you” but once you’ve opened it up, you’ll find out what they really wanted to say and that you’re not married to a complete psycho.


Funny Donald Trump Valentine’s Day Card

Like him or loathe him, Donald Trump does a lot of things which deserve a facepalm. This Valentine’s card not only features a drawing of one of his many expressions, but there’s also reference to his famous “Mexican Wall”. Nothing says romance like a Trump.


Thaks for Putting Up With…

Choose from a pink or mint background to this card to give it that cutesy feel. Our other halves put up with a lot from us, especially when it comes to our bad habits, but if you suffer from chronic “swear-itus”, this card is absolutely perfect for you to give to your spouse.


Turtle Valentines Day Card

This card is the one if you and your significant other love a cheesy pun. It might take you both a while to work it out but once you do, the message behind it is super adorable. You’ll be able to show them that they’re everything you could want and more…with a little help from a turtle.


Funny Meatloaf Card

Meatloaf once sang that he would do anything for love…except for one thing. But we still don’t know what that thing is. Be a real dead ringer for love and tell your partner that you’d even be willing to do the one thing Meatloaf wouldn’t. Unless it’s dangerous, because no one is that stupid, right?


You’re my Person

It can be really hard trying to find the right words to express your feelings towards the person you love. If you want to keep it simple, this card is the one for you. With a pattern of tiny pastel blue hearts and gold foil writing, this card tells it how it is.


I Love You Wilth All My…

Let’s not get into the birds and the bees discussion (we all know how babies are made, right?) But this card gets straight to the point and tells them exactly how they make you feel. Your heart might feel full when you’re around them, but do your other parts start to…tingle?


Life Without You Is Pointless

Everything in life has a significant other; peanut butter and jelly, pencil and sharpener, you and your spouse. This card has a cute cartoon drawing of a pencil which is looking for the “point” to life and sees a sharpener who is willing to help the pencil find it.


Dragon Valentine Card

It’s very important to show your patriotism to the country you were born in, and this dragon Valentine’s Day card is perfect for anyone who was born in Wales. Their national animal is a dragon, and the ones on the front of this card make a love heart when they’re together.


3 Adorable Diy Valentine’s Day Cards

Diy Fallign Die Cut Hearts Card

There is nothing more romantic than a handmade card, and this blog post will show you how to make a super cute one. A simple salt shaker with red and pink hearts falling from it, along with the words “Love You” will let them know exactly how you feel.

Diy Confetti Valentine Card

You don’t have to choose to make things which are really complicated to show your other half how much you love them. This adorable DIY confetti card is ideal as it looks effective but it’s easy enough to make. Just follow the instructions in this post and you’ll be their favorite Valentine ever.

Diy Shaker Card

Taking pictures with your husband or wife is a cute way to remember special memories, so why not turn this idea into a card? The simple design on this one is adorable, and when the confetti moves around inside the clear window, it looks really effective and super cute.

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