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15 Ridiculously Cool Stocking Stuffers for Men

The right stocking stuffers for men can totally win him over, but the wrong stocking stuffer can be a big let down indeed. Whether he opens his stocking stuffer first or last, make sure you make a good first impression or a good lasting impression with these cooler-than-cool stocking stuffer ideas.

15 Ridiculously Cool Stocking Stuffers for Men- your man will be pleased with these unique stocking stuffers.

Mason Jar Shot Glasses

Clink these mason jar shot glasses together and you’ll have a good ol’ rustic time. They look every bit like the full-size version only miniature so they only hold one shot. The perfect stocking add-in for the man who has everything and likes to do shots. Cheers!


Would You Rather? Game

A game that poses two scenarios and you have to choose which one you’d rather go through. It sheds light onto the kind of person you are when you have to choose between two lousy situations. A fun game to play while using the shot glasses above.

Prices Vary

Sasquatch Soap

If he resembles something of a sasquatch when it’s been awhile since his last hose down, this Sasquatch Soap is stocking stuffer you both will appreciate. He can feel like the big hairy man beast that he is, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing he’s fresh.


Shark Socks

The perfect accessory for Shark Week or any other week of the year. These shark socks are a lot of fun. They’re really only obviously a shark when he has his shoes off, so he can wear these to work undetected. Queue the theme song from Jaws!



Nothing’s cooler than staying alive, and this LifeStraw helps him do just that. It filters water that he finds in rivers, streams, and lakes when he’s in a survival situation. It is extra light so he won’t even notice it when packed with his other gear.


4-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver

This screwdriver is actually four tools in one and it fits into his pocket so he can always have it with him if needed. The screwdriver is the most often used tool of any handyman, so it only makes sense that it should be very portable and easy to use.


Multi Hanger 360 for Belts

If his belt collection is getting a bit out of hand, get this organizer and both of you will be satisfied. It rotates 360 degrees so that he can easily get to the belt he needs, or hang up the one he just finished using. Keeps them off the floor and out of the way.

Prices Vary

Scrabble Slam Cards

If the two of you love to play Scrabble get him this set of Scrabble Slam cards. It adds a new twist to the classic game and makes it a bit more manly by packing some action into an otherwise docile game. Take it with you anywhere as there are no messy tiles.


Bottle Opener Rings

He can wear a ring that actually does something when he puts on these bottle opener rings. They are designed to look like an ordinary fashionable ring, but when it comes time to pop a bottle opener they’re all business. Plus it just looks cool to open a bottle with your ring.


Bacon Body Wash

Bacon fans are always looking to get more bacon into their lives, and with this bacon body wash they can actually become one with the smell of bacon. When eating bacon just isn’t enough, and you want its smell to seep into every pore, go with this.

Prices Vary

SwissChamp Pocket Knife

This is the Pocket Knife of pocket knives, the original Swiss Army Knife that made Swiss Army knives so popular. There’s little he won’t be able to accomplish when he has this by his side, like the adult male version of the Red Ryder BB gun from Christmas Story.


Working Hands Cream

Give his hands a break with this amazing hand cream. If he uses his hands for his job and they get roughed up, bring them back to smooth and supple with this amazing cream. A gift that provides benefits to both parties.


Blade Buddy

Here’s a way to help him save some moolah on disposable blades. It keeps the blades on his razor sharper longer, and has the added benefit of providing closer shaves with less irritation each time he shaves his face. He’ll definitely thank you every day for this one!

Prices Vary

Pocket Ref

Ever which you had a reference book in your pocket? No? Well if he’s the kind of guy that always has to be right, or that likes to fact check what he’s been told, this is the book to settle bets with. More accurate than Wikipedia!


Stainless Steel Comb

If you’re going to get him a comb, make sure it’s an amazing looking and feeling comb like this stainless steel comb. This is way better than the ones made out of plastic, and something he can have for years and years that came from his stocking.

Prices Vary

3 DIY Stocking Stuffers for Men

DIY Instant Comfort Boxes

These little matchbook comfort boxes can really brighten his day again and again each time he reaches into his pocket and feels them. They slide open to reveal a very uplifting message, and you can make the complete set so he can mix it up each day.

Moustache Mug

This is the mug he’ll want to use every morning to put a little levity in his day. It looks like an ordinary mug except for the fact that it has a big mustache on it so it looks like he has a mustache when he drinks from it.

Make Your Own Grill Rubs

If he loves to grill his own meat make sure he’s packing the right rub for the job. These grill rubs get rubbed onto the meat before it makes it to the grill and makes the meat taste so much better. Added bonus: you get to share in the results most likely.


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