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51 Ridiculously Cool Stocking Stuffers For Kids

Stocking stuffers tend to be the same, year after year. The gifts become running family jokes. Kids get chocolate, they get socks, and they get candy canes. We guarantee that you won’t find any of those here. This list is for kids of all ages, from youngsters to teenagers.

I want stocking stuffers to be just as good as what’s under the tree. Blow them away with these amazing kids stocking stuffers that makes opening stockings its own event.

Thinking Man’s Putty

This fun gift is like a cross between a worry ball and silly putty. It’s three ounces of dark green putty infused with iron filings, and comes with a small ferrite magnet. It takes any shape your kid can dream up, and the magnet makes it glow and come alive.


Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

It’s never too late—and it’s also never too early—for a good knock-knock joke. They never go out of style, nor should they. To this day, kids spend hours and hours telling these silly things to one another. On the bus, on the playground, at sleepovers. This book will give your kid a never ending supply.

Prices Vary

Q-Man Magnets

This is super-cool set of eight colorful stick-man magnets. Each one is just over two inches long. They bend, stretch, and stick together in any funky configuration your kid can dream up. They can also be used for to clip sheets of paper together or hold notes and business cards.


Solar Phone Charger

Your youngster and take charge of their charging with this solar phone charger. This device is about the same size and weight as a cell phone and connects via the USB port. Whether they’re environmentally conscious or just want to be off the grid, this charger puts the power of the sun in your hands.

Prices Vary


This is more than your average crazy ball. It’s a hyper charged rubber ball that will kick up to one-hundred twenty-five feet in the air. This model is five inches in diameter and comes in a hip, hand-painted graffiti art theme.

Prices Vary

Mini-Wooden Iphone Speaker

This item is so cool it’s in a class of its own. It’s not steampunk, it’s not retro, it’s not techie—it’s just a great idea. It’s a natural grain, bamboo and zebra-wood cube hiding a powerful speaker. It connects via USB to any smartphone or digital music system.


E-Tip Gloves

This is a badass pair of winter gloves with fingertips that allow you to use an electronic device. This is a great stocking stuffer for a pre-teen or teenager. They’re made by outdoor giants The North Face and come in male and female versions. Stay warm and text: that’s what they want.

Prices Vary

Japanese Kendama

Get that kid away from the screen for a while with this low tech, real wood toy from Japan. The Kendama is simple: it’s basically a wooden ball attached to a stick by a string. But the stick has three cups built in, and a rod at the top to catch the ball. The resulting possibilities are endless.

Prices Vary


This toy is an inventive fusion of the old and new. It starts out as a wooden cube, but the complex, moving, interlocking pieces transform into a robot that stands almost two feet tall. It’s a wooden transformer action figure that challenges your kids imagination and dexterity.


Rubik’s Cube

Bring the cube into a kid’s life with this creative gift. Rubik’s cubes have kept generations of math and science types both busy and cool. They’ve been around since the 70s and now there are clubs and even an international organizing body that sponsors competitions around the world. It will keep a young mind busy for hours, and it never needs to be recharged.


Black Diamond Head Lamp

Black Diamond has set the standard in head lamps for decades. The latest incarnations of the ReVolt is the first USB-rechargable headlamp. It has a range of settings, from white, to strobing, to red night vision. Your kid will love staying up late at night under the covers with this awesome light.


Waterproof iPhone Case

This is the holy grail of all iPhone cases. Your kid can drop their phone in a puddle on the street and not have a four hundred dollar “ohmigod” moment. They can jump in the pool and take pictures underwater—it works perfectly. All the external ports are easily accessible, and the case amplifies sound as opposed to dampening it.


FitBit Charge

The FitBit is like a 21st century pedometer. It tracks the number of steps you take, the distance you travel, and the calories you burn. It can be set up to monitor predetermined heart rate and activity zones and lets you know when you hit your targets. It syncs with your computer, and you can download and analyze your activity at the end of the day.


Snark Guitar Tuner

The Snark is the tuner that guitarists dreamed about for years. Now that it’s here, no one can remember what they did without one. It’s small—less than two inches all told—and it fits right on the head of the guitar. Your kid can be in perfect tune, all the time. Which will be good for everyone around.


The Chill Pal

Kids are always telling their parents to chill out—get them back with this one. They’ll have to wait until summer to use this awesome little gift, but it will be worth it. When the weather gets hot, they can soak this towel in cold water, give it a snap, then wrap it around their head or neck. Instant chill.


The Fart Whistle

Farts are timeless. Farts are funny. They’ll never go away, because people will always fart. It’s just part of being human. This is a funny gift for a youngster. They can make themselves, their family, and their friends laugh any time they want—they just blow the whistle, and the funny farting will commence.


Scalp Massager

Ah, the sweet relief of a head massage. This clever invention looks like a kitchen utensil. A whisk with open ends. Put it on your head and feel how great it works, and you just might keep it for yourself. It’s a good thing this comes in a two-pack, because we’re pretty sure you’ll want one, too.

Prices Vary

Flying Screaming Monkey

Please, if you have young kids, buy this one for them. It’s a flying screaming monkey slingshot, for goodness’ sake. They’ll laugh with joyful, carefree glee of youth when they send this ridiculous toy soaring across the room at you. And so will you, the first five times. It’s the next five hundred that might get to you.


Original Slinky

Some toys never get old. Watch a kid from any generation see a slinky go down the stairs for the first time, and you won’t be a doubter. There’s something about the perpetual motion of this extending metal spring that captures the imagination. We have no idea why, but it’s true: Slinkies rule.


Pocket Screwdriver

You might think this is a gift for boys, but really, this stocking stuffer is ideal for any kid who’s got a tinkering gene. This four in one item is the size of a large pen, and it’s solid as a real tool. Your kid can take apart everything in sight, and try—we hope—to put it back together before you get home.


Phone/iPad Stand

Your kid needs a way to hold up their phone or iPad to watch videos or stream music. This inexpensive option is perfect, because you know they lose this kind of thing all the time. It comes in a pack of nine, so you can give them one, and when they lose it for the first time, you can leap to the rescue with a replacement.


Passive Aggressive Sticky Notes

Let the snark begin with this hilarious set of sticky notes. They can put these on the fridge and go for it. They’re pre-printed with over a dozen phrases that you really should never use. Because we know that sarcasm is not an effective family communication tool, right?



Yes, fine. This might be a traditional stocking stuffer, but if you’ve never put one in a stocking before, you absolutely have to. After all, you might have a bluesman or blueswoman in your family, just waiting to be born. You owe it to the world to find out.


Skull Face Buff

Here’s a fun one for the younger kids. It’s a neck warmer/face buff with a scary skull printed on the front. They can use it for real, to keep warm, or use it to scare their friends during dress up time. Be careful, though, they might just use it on you one day.

Prices Vary

Despicable Me Tattoos

The little ones will love this. It’s a set of twenty four tattoos. They’re all minions—those little yellow creatures that speak gibberish and wear overalls. Minions laughing, crying, eating bananas, balancing apples on their head, and trying to act cute. You know, minions doing what minions do.


Mini Sketch Kit

This artist’s kit will fit easily in their coat pocket or the outside sleeve of their backpack. It comes with a paintable travel tote, a mannequin keychain, a mini sketch pad, six pencils, a sharpener, and an eraser. The cool thing about this is that the mannequin serves as a sculpture medium—it’s not just for drawing.


USB Reading Light

This gift is ideal for a youngster that likes to stay up reading into the night, or a high-schooler that stays pulls all-nighters on the laptop. It’s a flexible LED light that plugs into any USB port. It can bend to any angle, and casts enough light to see without disturbing anyone else.

Prices Vary

Finger Flashlights

Your kids will have a blast with these. They’re bright little LED lights that clip onto their fingertips. They come in a pack of forty—perfect for a big family. Everybody can have a bunch of them, parents included. Then turn out the lights, wave your arms, and let your imagination do the rest.


Swiss Army Knife/Multi-Tool

You’ll never go wrong with one of these. Every youngster needs a Swiss army knife in their life at some point. There’s only one way to have a knife, a pair of scissors, a can opener, and a ballpoint pen all in one place, all at one time. It’s perfection in your pocket.

Prices Vary

Chocolate Reindeer Poop

Okay, so we lied. There’s one chocolate gift on this list—this one. We couldn’t resist, because the name is so funny. These chocolate covered raisins come in a six ounce bag labeled “Reindeer Poop.” It includes a printed version of ‘The Magical Story or Reindeer Poop’. Who knew?

Prices Vary

Funny Nose Pencil Sharpener

This is another one for the younger kids. It’s a big ‘ol schnozz, with a pencil sharpener up one nostril. You’ll hear your kid giggling alone on their room when they’re supposed to be doing their homework. Don’t worry, they really are doing homework. Just taking a moment to sharpen up in the big, funny nose.


Flash Drive Pen

This is a superb stocking stuffer for the techie teen or up-and-coming computer whiz. It’s a functional ball-point pen that unscrews to reveal a hidden flash drive. It’s also got an LED flashlight and a laser pointer at the end.

Prices Vary

Bluetooth Beanie

This gift combines two things teenagers love: Bluetooth wireless connections and skully caps. Get them this gift and they’ll be totally connected to the world via their cell phone, they’ll keep their head warm, and they’ll look cool the whole time.

Prices Vary

Eco Journal

They’re teaching kids about the environment from an early age these days. Your child probably knows more about recycling, greenhouse gases, and pollution than you do. This eco-friendly journal is ideal for the conscientious kid. They can record their thoughts so they don’t forget their plans to change the world one day.

Prices Vary

Kindle For Kids

Turn screen time into reading and learning time with this Kindle Kit for kids. It comes with a kid-friendly cover, without commercialized screensavers, and includes a two-year warranty. That means your kid can abuse this thing for two years without worry. Kindles are distraction free and designed to keep kids reading.

Prices Vary

Timeless Timex

Sure, they’ll have a clock on their phone and on their tablet that’s synced via satellite to an atomic clock somewhere in Colorado. But a wristwatch is like a rite of passage. Kids love them. This Timex has a classic analog display. It’ll take a licking and keep on ticking!


Gangsta Shades

These cheap black sunglasses will make your kid a certified O.G. in no time. Granted, that’s without the crime and jail time typically required to reach true gangsta. This pair of square shield wraparounds by Locs will keep the sun out, and the cool in.


Yodeling Pickle

You’ve searched far and wide. You’ve scoured every big box outlet, every thrift store, and every novelty shop in town. Yet still, you can’t find that one item. That special gift that’s going to make or break Christmas this year. Breathe a sigh of relief because here it is: the elusive yodeling pickle.


Bacon Bandaids

Bacon is not just for breakfast any more. It’s gone beyond BLT’s and cheeseburgers. It’s on t-shirts, screen-savers, and lip balm. And now, thank goodness, the healing power of bacon is in the one place your kids need it the most. It’s on Bandaids.


Instant Audience

Your little jokester can keep themselves amused for hours with this handheld gem. It’s an audience in the palm of their hands. There’s a button for applause, for crickets, for a rimshot, and for a “boo.” They can pretend they’re in a TV show wherever they go.


Zombie Finger Puppets

We can’t let a list like this go by without including something from the world of the undead. This set of five glow in the dark zombie finger puppets is super scary. They’re made from soft, flexible green rubber. One of them even has an eyeball falling out.


Light Up Rubber Ducky

Kids that still take long baths know how to live life. They soak, they play, they get clean, they refresh the bath with hot water, and do it all again. Now they can do all that with this set of four water activated rubber duckies. Put them in the water and they glow yellow, white, blue, and pink.

Prices Vary

Giant Eraser

This is the coolest eraser you’ll ever find. It’s an oversized purple squirrel! Three inches high, three inches wide, and an inch thick, it sits like a regular eraser at the end of your pencil, but there’s nothing regular about it. It will probably last all the way until Spring Break.

Prices Vary

Air Heads

The little ones will fall in love with this set of party balloons. It’s a set of six, with stick on features and a magic wand for each one. There’s a pig, a bear, a tiger, a chicken, a lamb, and a baby-blue rhino.

Prices Vary

Hot Wheel 5-Pack

Young kids still love toy cars. Just give them this five-pack of Hot Wheels if you doubt it. You’ll remember you don’t need the track. The patterns on the carpet make a racecourse better than any orange plastic. And yes—the couch is the best launching pad, ever. Because all toy cars can fly.


Digital Bookmark

This stocking stuffer is tailor-made for the kid who literally disappears into books. It’s a book mark with a built in clock/timer/alarm on one end. It’s also perfect for elementary and middle school aged student who have timed reading homework assignments. Choose from five bright, kid friendly colors.


Japanese Pocket Puzzles

These handcrafted metal puzzles from Japan are a great way to stimulate the imagination, boost problem solving skills, and get kids away from the computer. This set of fifteen, pocket-sized puzzles come in two levels: one is really hard, and the other one is insanely hard.


3-D Printing Pen

This magical gadget heats and generate a thermoplastic substance that hardens seconds after leaving the tip. Is fits in the hand like an oversized pencil or laser pointer. Artists can access blueprints online or plug it in and go for it. It plugs into a regular wall outlet and heats up within one minute.


Mini Batman Signal

Sometimes in life you need a super hero. It might be at any time of the day or night. You never know when it might happen. This replica of Commissioner Gordon’s Bat Signal sits right on a desktop or a bedside table—and you can call Batman any time you need him.


Emoji Masks

Don’t just send an emoji on your phone—wear your emoji all day long so everyone knows how you feel with one glance. Choose from the poop emoji, happy emoji, love emoji, or the simple smiley face. We think they’re kinda creepy, but we have a feeling the kids will love them.

Prices Vary

Mini Quadcopter

This tiny little quadcopter is fully functional and fits right in the palm of your hand. Kids can make it go up, down, forward, and backward with the remote control. It comes in orange or black, runs on a small watch battery, and flies for up to eight minutes per charge.


8 DIY Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Lego Soaps

This tiny little quadcopter is fully functional and fits right in the palm of your hand. Kids can make it go up, down, forward, and backward with the remote control. It comes in orange or black, runs on a small watch battery, and flies for up to eight minutes per charge.

Dress Up Crowns

This one is for kids who still love to play dress up. They can enter the magical land of kings, queens, princes, and princesses with these simple crowns. It will take some sewing skill, fabric, and your choice of cute accents to bedazzle the final products.

Katniss Hair Clip

Katniss is a hero and role model for all young women out there. She’s strong, she does the right thing, and she has a heart a mile wide. This tutorial teaches you how to make a hair clip inspired by the Hunger Games Champion herself.

Cord Bracelet

Lots of cord bracelets are ho-hum. Not this one. It’s a really neat idea. You need about three feet of p-cord, a clasp, two end caps with loops, and a bit of super glue. The final product is a cord bracelet that looks like it was made by a professional.

Date Cards

We’re not talking about mom and dad going out on dates. We’re talking about kids getting special nights with mom and dad. This tutorial lays out a cool, heartwarming way to plan special family time for an entire year. This one will bring parents and kids together.

Instagram Greeting Cards

If you’re looking for a way to say something special to your children, or give them a gift certificate in a creative, individualized way, this is a lovely idea. You can take your favorite images from Instagram and create a one-of-a-kind card that says anything you like.

Paperclip Earrings

This tiny little quadcopter is fully functional and fits right in the palm of your hand. Kids can make it go up, down, forward, and backward with the remote control. It comes in orange or black, runs on a small watch battery, and flies for up to eight minutes per charge.

Headphone Wrap

This is one of the easiest and coolest DIY ideas we’ve come across. It’s also completely practical. This process lets you jazz up a set of headphone cords so they look super-cool–no more black wires running out of the ears. The added bonus? it keeps the cords untangled.

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