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127 Best Gifts for People That Love to Cook

Give the gourmet chef in your life the thoughtful gift of a microplane zester, immersion blender, or garlic rocker. We’ve collected the gifts sure to make foodies salivate this season, including the Imperia Pasta Machine, Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator and Molecular Gastronomy Kit.

127 Cool Gifts for People That Love to Cook (I can’t live without No. 87) - love these gift ideas! A must read for anyone that loves to cook.

Aerolatte Milk Frother

This handheld kitchen gadget, battery-powered chrome milk frother makes a great gift for the coffee connoisseur in your life. This handy gadget works with both cold and hot milk to help you whip up coffeehouse-style drinks in the comfort of your own kitchen. Includes a 5-year warranty.
Prices Vary

Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan

Ever notice how the edges of brownies seem to be the chewiest parts? Well, this serpentine-designed baking pan creates a pan full of edges! The unusually shaped pan also circulates heat better through the middle of the pan, so you get evenly baked brownies every time. Uses standard brownie mix.

Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Create fun and funky icy flavors with this non-electric frozen pops kit. Make pops in as little as seven minutes each—but how quickly can you eat them? The kit enables you to make cream-fillled, striped and yogurt pop varieties, so the only limit is your imagination and freezer space!
Prices Vary

Mini Donut Maker

Wake up to the smell of freshly-baked donuts with Sunbeam’s mini donut maker. This non-stick, self-contained appliance makes seven donuts at once in just four minutes without deep frying in fatty oils. The uniquely shaped baking surface ensures you get perfect rings every time. Works with homemade and boxed mix batters for cake-style donuts.
Prices Vary

Oster Myblend

Smoothies and fresh juices are a tasty way to get vitamins, but clean-up can be a hassle. My Blend is an individual-sized blender that eliminates the clean-up step by creating your favorite drink in a re-usable sports bottle that you easily take on-the-go. Simply blend the ingredients, detach the blade and replace with the lid.
Prices Vary

Starbucks Verismo 580 Brewer

Enjoy Starbucks coffee and specialty beverages without braving ice, snow and long lines to get them! This high-pressure brewing system for the home makes single-cup Starbucks-quality beverages in less than 15 seconds. Easy to maintain with several built-in cleaning features including a pod catch that holds up to ten used drink pods.

Blendtec Total Blender

There are kitchen appliances and then there is the Blendtec Total Blender—a three horse-power motor connected to a two-prong stainless-steel blade spinning at 29,000 rpm within a 64-oz. jar. Use one of the six preset options to blend the perfect texture for ice cream or frozen yogurt, soups, syrups, sauces, dips, dressings, batters, juice, and smoothies.
Prices Vary

Babycakes Cake Pop Maker

You may have seen cake pops at a swanky event—now you can bring them home! This device bakes up to 12 cake pops or doughnut holes at once on a non-stick surface. Put the pops on sticks (included) to add decorations and you’ll soon find that cake pops are as fun to make as they are to eat!
Prices Vary

Microplane Zester

An essential kitchen tool for any chef, zesters are perfect for grating lemon peels and other citrus, hard cheeses, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. Zesting is key when you hope to obtain fresh ingredients and crisp flavor and the Microplane Zester is built for the task with stainless-steel edges and a soft ergonomic grip.
Prices Vary

Zyliss Salad Spinner

If you can start a lawn mower, you can spin a salad because this salad spinner by Zyliss uses an easy pull cord to power its glide-wheel motion. Pull the cord to send greens and herbs spinning, then hit the brake button to stop. Good for drying, fluffing, mixing, serving and storing fresh salads.
Prices Vary

Krups Beertender

Enjoy perfectly cooled, draught-style Heineken, Heineken Premium Light and Newcastle Brown Ale that stays fresh for up to 30 days after tapping in your own home with the BeerTender. This compact system uses CO2 to maintain beer freshness with each pour. Inserting a new keg takes only 15 seconds.
Prices Vary

Idevices Igrill

This digital grill/BBQ thermometer monitors your meal while you mingle by sending Bluetooth updates to your iOS device within a 200-foot range. No more guessing if meat or veggies are fully cooked as iGrill’s app alerts you as soon as your food has reached the temperature for safe consumption.
Prices Vary

Spdastream Genesis

Turn ordinary water into custom-blended soda drinks at home with the Genesis Soda Maker from SodaStream. The unit makes water into sparkling water and soda, then you just add your favorite flavors. This environmentally-friendly machine uses no batteries or electricity, and the kit includes a BPA-free reusable bottle to take drinks on the go.
Prices Vary

Amboine Nutmeg Grinder

Peugeot’s nutmeg grinder is made of treated stainless steel, chosen for its corrosion resistant and edge retention properties, and a double stainless steel grater blade, which finely shaves whole nutmegs while keeping fingers safe. Made in France since 1842 and includes a lifetime warranty. Ships with seven nutmegs.
Prices Vary

Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel Set

This stylish seven-piece set includes a spaghetti server, slotted spoon, ladle, slotted turner, solid spoon, and flexible turner that are non-stick, heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe. Stow these colorful utensils on the rotating stand for attractive countertop storage and easy access while cooking. Ideal for use with nonstick cookware. Comes gift-boxed.
Prices Vary

Pure Komachi Ceramic Knives

This nine-piece set includes a bread, tomato/cheese, citrus, paring, utility, sandwich, and two chef’s knives with clear acrylic storage block. The vibrantly colored blades help prevent cross contamination and are made of high-carbon stainless-steel blades that is bonded with an FDA-approved non-stick resin that resists corrosion.
Prices Vary

Joseph Joseph Nest Compact Food Preperation Set

Russian nesting dolls and measuring cups had a baby and they named it the Nest Compact Food Preparation Set. This visually striking nine-piece preparation set includes a 1/6-cup, 1/4-cup, 1/3-cup, 1/2-cup, 1-cup, 1/2-liter bowl, sieve, 3-liter colander and 4-1/2-liter mixing bowl that can be stacked neatly together. Perfect for those who are short on space. Dishwasher safe.

Silpat Non-Stick Baking Mat

This innovative baking sheet is made of fiberglass coated with food-standard silicone making it non-stick, easy-to-clean and flexible. These reusable sheets replace greased pans and parchment paper, are microwave and freezer safe, and are heat-resistant up to 480 degrees F. Even cut baking sheets to size with Exoglass cutters. Made in France.
Prices Vary

Bubba 52oz Original Mug

This extra-capacity travel mug has Bubba FAT heavy-duty, dual wall insulation to keep foods or drinks hot for up to 3 hours or cold for up to 12 hours. Convenient bottle opener built into the handle as well for mealtime on the job or on the road.
Prices Vary

Oxo 3-In-1 Avocado Slicer

How many kitchen tools does it take to split, pit, and slice an avocado? Just one! This 3-in-1 tool includes a plastic blade that cuts the skin without being sharp to the touch, a pit remover that uses a simple twisting motion, and a fan-blade style slicer to evenly cut and scoop out fruit. Top-rack dishwasher safe.

The Dipr Cookie Spoon

How many times have you dunked a cookie in milk only to lose hold of it and watch it become a soggy mess of crumbs? The dipr is a spoon specially-designed to hold sandwich cookies while you dunk them in milk or other liquids. The dipr completely eliminates the mess of this fun tradition by taking your fingers out of the equation—so no more sticky fingers, and no more partially-undunked cookies!

Lunchbots Steel Food Containers

No need to wrap food up in plastic baggies first, just toss your lunch or snacks directly into this stainless-steel lunch box. You’ll have fun mixing and matching your food between the two compartments. This lightweight tin with snap-on lid available in assorted colors is durable and easy-to-clean making it perfect for everyday use.
Prices Vary

Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Brewer

Brew coffee like a barista at home in just 5-6 minutes with this 1.25-liter, drip coffee maker with stainless-steel thermo jug. Technivorm’s unique 9-hole sprayhead ensures that coffee grounds are wet evenly, producing a full-bodied taste and making efficient use of your ingredients. Made in the Netherlands and designed to be an energy-efficient, long-life product.
Prices Vary

Kitchenaid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer

KitchenAid’s ten-speed, 325-watt Artisan mixer features a tilt-back head for easy access to the five-quart stainless steel bowl. Comes with a two-piece pouring shield, flat beater, dough hook, and wire whip attachments. All-metal construction brings this heavy-duty appliance up to a stout 27 pounds. One-year warranty.

Built Origami Wine Tote

Protect and insulate your wine for up to four hours in cushiony neoprene, the wetsuit material, with BUILT’s Origami Wine Tote. This cool kitchen gift is attractive and lightweight design features soft-grip handles and folds flat when not in use. Fits 750 mL-1 L wine bottles. Stain-resistant, hand wash.
Prices Vary

Pop-Out Pans

A pop-out pan is a unique piece of baking ware made partly or entirely of flexible, FDA-grade silicone that allows a cook to simply invert the pan and slide baked goods right out by gently pushing on the bottom. Great for brownies or other foods that normally cake on to pans.

Delonghi Kmix Electric Tea Kettle

Quickly heat water with this 1.6-liter capacity electric kettle made of durable die-cast aluminum. With cord-free operation and a detachable base, it’s as easy to pour from as a traditional tea pot and includes a removable lime scale filter to eliminate impurities and other deposits from the water.
Prices Vary

Waring Pro Snow Cone Maker

Make snow cones, slushes, and frozen party drinks at home in just 30 seconds with this ice shaving machine. Simply fill with ice cubes and top with your favorite syrups or juices, making a custom treat! Kit includes 12 paper cones and 4 BPA-free reusable plastic cones.
Prices Vary

Cuisinart Smartstick

This sleek immersion hand blender is designed for versatile use in pots, pitchers and bowls where bulkier blenders can’t fit. A protective guard prevents splattering and a two-cup mixing beaker is included for blending soups, drinks, shakes, dressings and more. Features simple controls for one-handed operation and a detachable shaft for easy cleaning. Three-year limited warranty.

Shun Classic Chef’s Knife

This 8-inch chef’s knife is made from VG-10 stainless steel clad with 32 layers of high-carbon stainless steel to not only create a beautiful luster reminiscent of Damascus steel, but also to add rust resistance and flexibility. The black laminated PakkaWood D-shaped handle provides maximum comfort and grip while slicing, chopping and dicing. Limited lifetime warranty.

Dualit Lite Soft Touch Toaster

Not your ordinary two-slice toaster—the Dualit features high wattage for quick toasting, a high-polish polypropylene body and stainless-steel cover, extra-wide slots that automatically adjust to what you’re toasting, and a high-lift mechanism to facilitate removal of smaller snacks. The unique Peek and Pop feature allows you to see how food is browning without canceling the toasting cycle. Includes a defrost function.
Prices Vary

Margaritaville Margarita Maker

Ever wished you could move to Margaritaville? Well, now you can bring the party home with you with this cool kitchen gadget. Make professional-quality frozen drinks with the official Margaritaville margarita maker, which shaves ice and blends up to 32 ounces. Don’t worry about mixology—the easy to operate machine automatically mixes the right proportion of ice and ingredients. One-year warranty.
Prices Vary

Whiskey Stones

Nothing tastes worse than a watered-down drink. Never let ice melt into your distilled beverages again. Store these reusable, non-porous Whiskey Stones made of soapstone in the freezer so they’re always at the ready to make the perfect drink. Kit includes nine stones, a gift box and muslin storage pouch.
Prices Vary

Freshforce Citrus Juicer

The FreshForce’s extra gear mechanism increases juicing power and minimizes hand strain making it easy peasy lemon squeezy to use! Whether you’re making margaritas, lemonade or adding a little citric acid to your favorite recipe, this tool is ideal for pressing juice from halved lemons and limes without mess or hassle. Dishwasher safe.
Prices Vary

Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker

You’ve never pressed garlic like this before! Just press the rocker onto a clove to crush and mince. The unique design ensures no garlic is wasted by getting caught in the crevices of a complicated mechanism. Made of odor-resistant stainless steel that can even use to deodorize your hands!
Prices Vary

One-Handed Bottle Opener

This opener was inspired by the Theodore Low bottle opener from the 1930s. Operate it by affixing it to a bottle cap, then sliding your thumb into the trigger and giving it a firm squeeze—then, viola, the device pries off and catches caps using a magnetic fulcrum. Cast from polished stainless steel and packaged in a keepsake tin.

Capresso Frothpro

Create frothed milk for cappuccinos, steamed milk for cafe lattes, and extra thick hot chocolate at the touch of a button. Customize your drinks with three temperature settings. The unit features a ceramic-coated pitcher with stay-cool handle, auto shut-off for safety and a storage compartment to hold the heating and frothing discs that are included.
Prices Vary

Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer

Recent studies have found that Americans throw out 40-50 percent of their food! But you can keep food fresh up to five times longer with the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer. This powerful, quiet and compact unit provides an airtight seal to prevent spoiling and freezer burn without crushing more delicate foods.

Garject Garlic Press

The Garject takes on the job of pressing multiple garlic cloves at once, without you having to peel them first. In fact, it allows you to eject the peels straight into the trash when you’re done. It also automatically scrapes off excess garlic and cleans itself as you open the handle. Pretty neat—literally!
Prices Vary

Ove’ Glove

Why wear an oven mitt when you can have the flexibility and dexterity of a glove? The Ove Glove’s exterior is 86% Nomex and 14% Kevlar providing heat-resistance up to 540 degrees F, while the interior is made of cushy double-knit cotton. The glove is machine washable, making it excellent for everyday use and during BBQ season.

Orka Oven Mitts

Sometimes you just need to stick your hand in a pot of boiling water—that’s where Orka Oven Mitts come in. They’re made of pure silicone so they are waterproof and heat resistant up to 480 degrees F, plus their non-slip surface gives you an added grip when handling hot plates. Inner cotton lining is removable for easy cleaning.
Prices Vary

Orka Vegetable Sacks

These all-cotton, double draw-string sacks protect up to four pounds of vegetables from light to delay rot and the sprouting process. Hang on the wall so veggies are within reach, but don’t clutter countertops. Set of three with varying sizes. Winner of the 2009 Gourmet Gold award in Tabletop and Textiles. Machine washable.
Prices Vary

Nordic Ware Danish Ebleskiver Pan

Shape defines the spherical little Danish pancakes known as ebleskiver. Use a traditional, from scratch recipe, or add fresh ingredients to a prepackaged pancake or cake mix. This pan is safe is nonstick to help make turning seven ebleskiver at once simple (use a knitting needle for authenticity). Made from cast aluminum with a stay-cool wood handle.
Prices Vary

Tovolo Pancake Pan

Use the Pancake Pen to pour traditional evenly sized pancakes, draw custom pancake shapes, or fill an artistic pancake mold. The spill-proof cap and measurements marked on the bottle allow you pour your ingredients directly in and shake to mix. Perfect for filling muffin pans and cupcake liners too. Holds three cups.
Prices Vary

Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Have you ever seen Xanthan Gum or Soy Lecithin listed on an ingredient list and wondered what they did? Experiment with those and other extracts and texturing agents with this molecular gastronomy starter kit by MOLÉCULE-R FlavorsAlgae. Create your very own avant-garde cuisine or follow allow with the 50-recipe DVD.
Prices Vary

Isi Creative Whip

For those who need mountains of whipped cream! Make chocolate whipped cream or infuse your favorite spirits. Easily create hot and cold espumas, foams, creams, soups, sauces, desserts, batters, dips and toppings as well. All-metal head and polished stainless-steel bottle. Available as a gift set with cookbook and 10 cream chargers. Hand wash.
Prices Vary

Cuisipro Herb Keeper

Place your bulk and leftover herbs in the tray and drop their stems in the water to keep them fresh for weeks in the refrigerator. The tray suspends at the midpoint of unit so that loading and picking herbs is mess-free. Stores asparagus too. Fits most refrigerator door shelves (4-3/4 inch diameter, 9-1/2 inches tall).
Prices Vary

Strawberry Stem Remover

Insert StemGem into strawberries, berries, tomatoes or other soft foods, and then simply twist and pull to remove the stem or core while the fruit remains intact. Perfect for quickly preparing berries for large portions of shortcake, fruit salad, pie, smoothies, candy or ice cream toppings. Stainless-steel claw. Top-rack dishwasher safe.
Prices Vary

Strawberry Slicer

The Slicester makes even slices every time so there’s no waste and is safer to use than a knife. Simply insert the berry and squeeze the trigger to slice. Slices directly into a bowl, pan or salad. Companion tool to the Chef’n Stem Gem Strawberry Stem Remover. Top-rack dishwasher safe.
Prices Vary

Oster Wine Chiller

The electric wine bottle opener is cordless making it a convenient and effortless choice. Removes corks in seconds, up to 30 bottles on a single charge. Store wine in the companion thermal stainless steel chiller for hours. Both fit all traditional wine bottles. Foil cutter and recharging base included.

Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator

Allowing red wine to breathe releases its aromas and improves its taste. Vinturi’s patent pending design instantly aerates wine as you pour resulting in noticeably enhanced flavors and a smoother finish. Enjoy every glass of wine to its fullest potential! Comes with a no-drip stand. Made of clear acrylic. Dishwasher safe.
Prices Vary

Handpresso Portable Espresso Machine

This lightweight personal espresso machine allows you to enjoy a premium espresso, cappuccino, Americano, or latte in an apartment, at work, while camping, boating or anywhere else. Just pump, add hot water, place an E.S.E. pod in the filter, and dispense the espresso! When you’re done brewing, simply toss out the pod and rinse out the water reservoir.
Prices Vary

Deep Tea Diver Loose Tea Strainer

The Deep Tea Diver loose tea strainer comes with a string connected to its oxygen tank so it doesn’t get lost in hot water. Reusable tea strainers eliminate the need for wasteful tea bags. Made of 100% LSR platinum silicone that can be disinfected in boiling water.
Prices Vary

Beaba Babycook

This baby food maker steams, blends, defrosts and warms foods to prepare fresh, healthy meals. Steam vegetables, fruits and meats in less than 15 minutes to preserve their vitamins and flavors. Then puree them to the ideal consistency for baby. Make batch meals, then defrost and reheat them later. For 6-24 months.
Prices Vary

Tovolo Teago

Steep loose leaf tea anytime, anywhere—perfect for travelers who love loose leaf tea. This mini, reusable airtight tea press’s plunger draws in hot water to enhances flavor extraction and the hollow body allows users to store their loose leaf tea until it’s time to brew. Press infuses quickly, eliminating drips. Stows easily.

Cuissential Slickboil

This stylish tea kettle’s silicone body collapses to its stainless steel base, so that it measures less than 2 1/2 inches. A lightweight, but sturdy space saver that’s a must-own for campers, hikers and RV owners. Boils four cups of water—enough to make coffee, tea, noodles, soup and more.
Prices Vary

Napresso Citiz Espresso Maker

Specifically designed for coffee-filled capsules, this user-friendly automatic espresso maker brews perfect single-serve drinks quickly and easily. The machine features a high-pressure 19-bar pump to froth up a foamy crema. Simply insert a hermetically sealed capsule and close the lever, then choose from programmable buttons for Espresso and Lungo.
Prices Vary

Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker

Chill and transport brewed tea or even frozen beverages with this BPA-free, 66-oz airtight pitcher topped with silicone gasket locks so it won’t spill or leak. Includes a matching 24-oz tea maker with removable lid-infuser to ensure loose leaf and bagged teas steep to their fullest flavor. Dishwasher safe.
Prices Vary

Le Crueset Honey Pots

This darling stoneware honeypot with bee design and non-porous enamel finish makes a sweet addition to any kitchen. Includes grooved silicone dipper for drizzling honey over pancakes or French toast, on muffins and biscuits, on yogurt or oatmeal, and even on ice cream. Microwave-safe; oven-safe up to 500 degrees F. Holds 16 ounces.

Gin & Titonic Ice Cube Tray

Pack of four ocean liner and four iceberg ice cube trays made of flexible food-safe synthetic rubber. Amuse your guests with icebergs that float and ocean liners that pitch forward reminiscent of the ending scene from the famous movie by James Cameron. Hand washing recommended.

Healthy Potato Chips Maker

Bake healthy chips and crispy snacks in the microwave without oils or fats. Make chips from potatoes, apples, kale, sweet potatoes, and other fruits and vegetables. Just microwave and season for a healthy snack! Fits in small microwaves found in RVs, dorms and apartments. Includes two silicone chip making trays.
Prices Vary

Emily Henry Tagine

Use this Burgundy clay cookware over a hot open flame for long periods of time without risk of discoloration or breakage. Ideal for braising, browning and slow cooking. The uniquely designed lid evenly re-distributes evaporated juices back onto cooking food, creating a self-basting effect that results in tender and moist meals. Capacity: 3.7 quart. Dishwasher safe.
Prices Vary

Rinse & Chop Cutting Board

Save time and cabinet space with this clever 2-in-1 hinged chopping board and colander combination. Simply fold the chopping board into a chute to create the colander and slide the food to that end for easy rinsing. Rubber around the edges provides a non-slip grip. Made of dishwasher safe polypropylene.
Prices Vary

Progressive International Magnetic Peeler Set

Progressive International’s three-piece magnetic nesting peeler set includes a julienne peeler for garnishes, a serrated blade peeler for soft produce and a straight blade peeler for firm produce. Magnets in each allow the colorful peelers to nest neatly together in the drawer. A blemish remover is included on each. Dishwasher safe.
Prices Vary

Fresco Mortar And Pestle

Sculpted from pure granite, this mortar and pestle set is durable and non-porous allowing cooks to extract essential oils from herbs and grind fresh spices at home. The tapered pestle design allows it to fit anyone’s hand. The set’s polished finish makes it easy to clean by hand and the stone doesn’t absorb oils.
Prices Vary

Norpro Silicone Mini Pinch Bowls

These four flexible mini pinch bowls (all 2 ½ inches wide by 1 ½ inches tall) are ideal for prepping cooking ingredients or serving condiments. Pinch bowl to funnel ingredients into mixing bowls. Made of pliable, FDA-approved silicone that’s heat-resistant up to 500 degrees F and doesn’t absorb tastes or odors. Dishwasher safe.
Prices Vary

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

This fully-automatic, brushed stainless steel appliance makes frozen yogurt, sorbet, and homemade ice cream in as little as 25 minutes. Add your favorite ingredients and mix-ins to the double-insulated freezer bowl and the heavy-duty motor mixes frozen drinks and desserts in minutes. Makes two quarts at a time. Recipe book included. Three-year limited warranty.
Prices Vary

Butterball Turkey Fryer

The Butterball indoor turkey fryer is electric and features a porcelain-coated inner pot that uses 33 percent less oil than conventional fryers for unrivaled safety. Quickly cook turkeys up to 14 pounds in this machine designed by the poultry experts at Butterball. Heats oil in 30 minutes using a 1,650-watt electric heating element. Ninety-day limited warranty.
Prices Vary

Presto Cool-Touch Electric Griddle

This super-sized griddle is nonstick for easy cooking and cleaning. Includes a slide-out drip tray and adjustable grilling surface that tilts to allow better drainage when grilling meats. The heat control and smooth cooking surface allow users to maintain more accurate and even temperatures, so food is neither burnt nor undercooked.

Bodum Bistro Burr Coffee Grinder

Freshly grinding coffee just before brewing always makes it better. The Bistro features 14 settings spanning the grind spectrum from coarse to fine, a quick grind button and timed grinding. It also has a borosilicate glass container, instead of plastic, to eliminate static which causes grounds to fly out of the containers of ordinary grinders.
Prices Vary

Presto Belgian Waffle Maker

Make restaurant-style Belgian waffles in minutes with this rotating design maker. Add batter to the 7-inch nonstick grid for jumbo waffles that conveniently divide into four sections. The digital timer signals when cooking is complete! The 180 degree rotating base not only ensures a tender waffle, but also locks in an upright position for space-saving storage.
Prices Vary

Zojirushi Home Bakery

Bake up to two pounds of bread and other baked goods with this bread maker. Choose light, medium or dark crust and select a programmed baking setting including Wheat, Cake, Sour Dough, and Home Made. Set a delay so the cycle ends when you wake up or return from work. Features a removable nonstick pan for cleaning.
Prices Vary

Zojirushi Neuro Rice Cooker

The Neuro Rice Cooker’s nonstick spherical pan and heating system steam rice uniformly without stirring until it’s fluffy and tender, then automatically stops cooking and keeps it warm. Use the cooker’s reheat cycle for leftover rice. Includes two measuring cups, plastic rice spoon, spoon holder and recipes. One-year limited warranty.
Prices Vary

Zyliss Can Opener

This manual can opener with ergonomic handles and efficient stainless-steel cutting mechanism has enough power and flexibility to open almost any size can. The built-in magnetic lid lifter grabs lids as they are cut off and releases them when users press the button on top keeping fingers away from sharp edges. Five-year limited warranty.
Prices Vary

Breville Juice Fountain Juicer

This compact juicing system features a 3-inch feed tube to accommodate most fruits without cutting. This large capacity machine juices up to 1.5 quarts before the central pulp container needs to be emptied. Equipped with a 750-watt motor to power the 14,000-RPM Cyclonic Juicing System. Dishwasher-safe parts; cleaning brush included. One-year limited warranty.

Cuisinart 5-In-1- Griddler

Customize your cooking with removable and reversible nonstick griddle plates that offer five functions: contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle, and half grill/griddle. Features a wide panini-style handle, a hinged floating cover that adjusts to food thickness, and drip tray. Includes recipes and a cleaning scraper tool. Limited three-year warranty.

Hurom Slow Juicer

A slow juicer uses dual-stage juicing by first crushing and then squeezed produce to press out remaining juices. This system results in 50 percent more juice than a centrifuge juicer and extremely dry pulp, which means less waste. No frothing, foaming, or separation that other juicers produce. Self-cleans with water. Ten-year warranty.
Prices Vary

Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

The Silvia Version 3’s materials make all the difference. Its stainless-steel filter baskets, brass components, chrome portafilter and commercial-grade steam wand evenly distribute heat to produce ideal single- and double-shot espressos, lattes and cappuccinos. A warming surface on top lets you warm your cup while your espresso is brewing so that drinks are served at a precise temperature.
Prices Vary


New Metro Design’s electric mixer beater attachment automatically scrapes batter from bowl walls as it mixes, which speeds the process up to 50 percent. Fits most KitchenAid, Cusinart, Delonghi and Viking 6-quart mixers. Made to withstand use of three times a week or more and higher dishwasher temperatures, it’s the obvious choice for commercial chefs and avid bakers.
Prices Vary

Waring Professional Waffle Maker

Make any house a Waffle House with the Waring Professional Waffle Maker! Bake deep-pocketed Belgian waffles with this 180-degree rotating, commercial-grade maker that beeps when the cooking cycle is complete. Waffles slide right off the nonstick surface. Handle folds for compact storage. One-year limited warranty.
Prices Vary

Jaccard Meat Tenderizer

Improve marinade absorption by prepping your meat with this 45-blade stainless-steel tenderizer. This tenderizing method reduces cooking time by up to 40 percent and can be used on any cut of meat. This tool ensures more even cooking and flavor distribution than other tenderization devices. Removable blade cartridge for easy clean up.
Prices Vary

Lodge Dutch Oven

This 6-quart cast iron pot with double-coated porcelain enamel can be used on the stove or in the oven up to 400 degrees F. Porcelain eliminates the need to season the pot, is chip resistant and is non-reactive with food. And cast iron pot offers superb heat retention, while sealing in moisture. Lifetime warranty.

Green Earth Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan

One of the only nonstick frying pans made without PTFE, PFOA and other harmful chemicals. Instead, the Green Earth Pan by Ozeri uses a 100 percent natural ceramic coating that is scratch-resistant. The pan is made of anodized aluminum with a magnetized bottom for even browning and rapid heat transfer.
Prices Vary

Popover Pan

Chicago Metallic’s nonstick 6-cup popover pan is designed for easy release while baking and cleaning up after cupcakes, muffins and other individual-sized treats. Flip over pans to slide out bite-sized baked goods fresh from the oven. Dishwasher safe. Heavy-duty construction allows tins to hold up to repeated use; 25-year warranty.
Prices Vary

Victorinox Cut Resistant Glove

Protect your hands while working with sharp knives and blades with this cut-resistant industrial polyester glove. The Cutlery PerformanceShield Cut Resistant Glove offers lightweight, comfortable protection against injury, while retaining flexibility. Reversible design fits both right and left hand. Made with FDA- and USDA-approved materials. Washable.
Prices Vary

Gelpro Comfort Floor Mat

Wooden floors look nice, but are tough for those on their feet. Relieve arthritis, back and heel pain caused by standing at the kitchen counter, sink or stove with GelPro anti-fatigue floor mats. The soft gel core absorbs shock and the European-imported fabric finish adds an elegant touch. Traction on the bottom keeps mats in place.
Prices Vary

Furi Rachel Ray Gusto-Grip Basics

Rachael Ray has incorporated antimicrobial technology and ergonomic design into this safety-minded cutlery set. The reverse wedge-shaped handle resists forward slip and features a finger groove for added control. Includes a cook’s knife, serrated utility knife, bread knife, santoku knife, four paring knives, and kitchen shears that store in a mahogany wood block.
Prices Vary

Bobble Water Bottle

The Bobble has a built-in active carbon filter that removes contaminants from water as you drink. This set of six, 18-ounce refillable bottles are made of recycled, FDA-approved PET that is BPA- and PVC-free. The colorful filters eliminate waste from disposable plastic bottles and can be used up to 300 times. Filter and bottle are recyclable.
Prices Vary

Kuhn Rikon Grinder

This ratchet design peppercorn and sea salt grinder works for both right and left handed chefs and uses an adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism to produce fine to coarse ground spices. You’ll be tempted to experiment with freshly-ground flax seed and exotic seasonings with this grinder in the house. A convenient tool for those whose hands tire when using traditional grinders.
Prices Vary

Wustof Essentials Set

Wustof knives are made in Solingen, Germany—the Cutlery Capital of the World—using high-carbon stainless steel to add strength and balance to the blades, which are laser-tested for accuracy. The knives’ feature riveted, ergonomic handles for a secure grip. Set includes an 8-inch chef’s knife, a 3 1/2-inch paring knife, and come-apart kitchen shears. Limited lifetime warranty.
Prices Vary

Sousvide Supreme

This compact appliance uses a bath of boiling water to cook food in vacuum-sealed pouches, giving new meaning to the old adage, If you can boil water, you can cook. Cooking in vacuum-sealed pouches preserves food’s natural juices and the bags can be recycled for future meals. Great for tenderizing meat prior to searing or grilling.
Prices Vary

Kuhn Rikon Paring Knife Set

This award-winning, Swiss-designed set includes three 4-inch long, high-carbon steel nonstick paring knives in three colors to avoid cross-contamination. Each knife comes with a matching safety sheath to protect hands and blade edges when storing. Plastic handles are ergonomic for additional comfort and grip.
Prices Vary

Rosle Egg Topper

Open eggs without knocking tiny shell fragments into your food or accidentally breaking the yolk with the Rosle Egg Topper. Simply position the tool over an egg, then pull and release the handle to crack! You’ll be able to cleanly lift the egg shell off by hand or with a knife. Works on soft- and hard-boiled eggs.
Prices Vary

Kuhn Rikon Melon Knife

This 11-inch nonstick melon knife made of high carbon Japanese steel is perfect for slicing chunks of watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew and other thick-skinned melons. The blade is accented with seed-shaped cut-outs that actually help the blade glide through the fruit easily without sticking. Includes a matching red safety sheath with decorative design.
Prices Vary

Oxo Corn Stripper

Run the corn stripper down the length of a steamy corn cob and the kernels pop right off into the attached half-cup capacity container. The mechanism’s stainless steel blade will not rust or dull. Convenient alternative to shearing cobs with a knife for small kids and those whose dental work prevents them from eating off the cob.
Prices Vary

Misto Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer

Use this dispenser to evenly coat cookware and your favorite foods such as, bruschetta, salad, pasta and vegetables with low-fat olive oil. With no moving parts, this pump is powered by air pressure. Less than 8-inches tall, so it stores neatly in cabinets. Can be filled with other oils, vinaigrette, lemon or lime juice, and even water to mist plants.

Keurig B60 Single-Cup Home-Brewing System

This Special Edition Keurig brewing system features chrome accents, three brew size options, adjustable temperature and a removable 8-cup water reservoir. Uses patented single-serving K-Cups to deliver fresh gourmet coffee, tea, cocoa and other hot beverages without the mess of grinding or steeping. Includes auto shut-off and an LED screen that displays easy-to-follow instructions.
Prices Vary

Cuisipro Cherry/Olive Pitter

This cherry and olive pitter has one-of-a-kind scoop that allows for one-handed operation. The scoop feature pushes pits through the fruit and out of the pitter, while the splash guard tube protects the user and work area from splattering juice. The silicone cup has flexible fins so that it fits both cherries and olives well.
Prices Vary

Imperia Pasta Machine

Imperia is the leading brand among homemade pasta makers with machines made from solid steel and featuring a wooden cranking handle anchored by a sturdy table clamp. Model includes a 6-inch wide roller with double cutter for spaghetti and fettuccini. Additional attachments available. Comes gift-boxed with a recipe book. Made in Italy.
Prices Vary

Isi Silicone Tools

Hygienic and dishwasher-safe silicone spatulas, spoons and scrapers by iSi won’t scratch non-stick surfaces. Spatulas and spoons are reinforced by spring steel on the interior to give them flexibility and strength. The tools feature thin edges that slide easily under foods and get into the corners of pans and bowls. Heat resistant to 600 degrees F.

OXO Potato Ricer

Place the ricer over a bowl, and squeeze the handles to instantly mash fruits and vegetables. Make everything from mashed potatoes to baby food with this stainless steel press that features nonslip handles made from the same material as dishwasher gaskets. Winner of the Tylenol/Arthritis Foundation Design Award. Dishwasher safe.
Prices Vary

AeroGarden Herb Kit

AeroGarden plants absorb nutrients directly through water (without dirt) so they grow up to twice as fast as they would in soil. System tells you when to add water and nutrients. Includes built-in grow lights and Herb Seed Kit—Genovese Basil, Dill, Thyme, Mint, Oregano, Globe Basil and Lemon Basil. Others available.
Prices Vary

Ardente Gourmet Stirrer

This electronic stirrer scrapes and stirs food cooking in two-handled stock pots. The stirrer features continuous and intermittent modes. Ideal for making soups, gravies, sauces, stews, curries, salsa and more. The stirrer gives you the freedom to make your favorite foods without tiring your hands and arms. Nine-inch stirring radius. Battery-powered.
Prices Vary

Trudeau Oven Gloves

These Stay Cool Kitchen/Oven Gloves are made of flame resistant aramid fibers and feature an anti-slip silicone grip to provide both dexterity and enhanced protection. Extra long length provides added protection for wrists. Set includes one left-handed glove and one right-handed glove. Lightweight and comfortable, yet withstands up to 482-degrees F. Five-year warranty.
Prices Vary

RSVP Herb Scissors

Chop fresh herbs in one snip with these five-blade scissors. The unique and efficient design allows chefs to skip the cutting board and mince herbs directly into a pan or over a finished meal. Includes a cleaner for getting between the 3-inch stainless steel blades and plastic storage case.

Atlas Pepper Mill

This 9-inch copper pepper mill has been handmade in Greece using the same methods for the last 300 years. The Atlas’ steel grinding mechanism actually grinds the peppercorns, while most ordinary pepper mills only smash them. Built to last and makes a beautiful accent to any kitchen counter. Adjusts from fine to coarse.
Prices Vary

Simmer Mat Diffuser

The Simmer Mat gives chefs the ultimate temperature control for dishes that requires even and consistent heat, but often burn and bubble on traditional stovetops such as, casseroles, rice, sauces, soups, curries, oatmeal and desserts. Made of Quality Zero Carbon Steel, it’s safe to use on all heating elements and lighter than cast iron. Dishwasher safe.
Prices Vary

Bacon Tray

Cook chewy and crispy bacon in the microwave in minutes using this sloped tray designed to drain away grease. The tray is shaped and ridged to accommodate the maximum amount of bacon. Simply move the train to the table for easy serving. Use it for defrosting foods too. Dishwasher safe.
Prices Vary

Cast Iron Bacon Press

Get extra flat, crunchy bacon (especially great for BLT’s) instead of limp, curly bacon by setting this pig-shaped press on top of it. Use this heavy cast iron press to add extra char to quesadillas, grilled cheeses, paninis, and pork chops too. Pre-heat the press for best results. Use with care on nonstick skillets.
Prices Vary

Ozeri Touch Digital Kitchen Scale

Accurately measure from as little as 0.1-ounce to as much as 11-pounds (1 gram to 5250 grams). This scale automatically subtracts the weight of containers holding loose ingredients. Its large LCD screen displays weight in pounds (lb/oz), grams (kg/g), and ounces (fl.oz., ml), allowing you to avoid performing confusing conversion equations. Surface made of tempered glass.
Prices Vary

Burger Pocket Press

Bring the mouthwatering taste of restaurant-style stuffed burgers home with the Burger Pocket Press. First, press the bottom cup layer, then add your favorite condiments and cheeses, and seal the pocket with the top patty layer. Cook stuffed burgers on the grill or stovetop, or freeze them for later. Press made of food-grade plastic. Dishwasher safe.
Prices Vary

BonJour Chef’s Torch

Use this die cast aluminum chef’s torch with adjustable flame to caramelize sugar for crème brûlée, brown meringue for pie and melt cheese for French onion soup. Powered by butane fuel containers (not included). Body features a fuel level indicator window so you know when it’s time to refill.
Prices Vary

Hot Dog Toaster

The Nostalgia Electrics Hot Dog Toaster grills two regular-sized hot dogs and warms two hot dog buns at a time. This is a quick, easy and fun way to enjoy hot dogs! The toaster features adjustable heat controls, a removable hot dog basket, a removable drip tray and mini tongs for serving.

2-in-1 Breakfast Treats Maker

This compact 2-in-1 unit makes both waffle sticks and french toast sticks (five of each per batch) by using interchangeable nonstick cooking plates. Bake the sticks right onto one of the 25 bamboo skewers (included) for ease when serving and dipping the sticks in syrup or for an on-the-go breakfast. Plates are dishwasher safe.
Prices Vary

Obol: The Never-Soggy Cereal Bowl

This divided bowl has a compartment for cereal and a separate reservoir for milk. Use the matching spoon to take cereal for a quick dip in milk for the perfectly doused bite. Use with milk and cookies, soup and crackers, chips and salsa, and other wet-dry combos. Made from BPA-free polypropylene. Dishwasher safe.
Prices Vary

Aqua Zinger Flavored Water Maker

The Aqua Zinger double-walled, stainless steel bottle infuses plain water with the flavor of fresh fruit without the added sugars and calories found in most juices. Stay hydrated by adding the taste of cucumber, lemon, lime, blackberries, strawberries, mint and more to your water. Simply add the ingredients, twist the bottom-mounted grinder, fill with water and shake.
Prices Vary

Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker

The Yonanas unit produces healthy soft-serve treats by combining frozen bananas and any other additional fruit or chocolate. It instantly churns your ingredients to produce a non-dairy frozen dessert with a consistency similar to that frozen yogurt or soft-serve ice cream, but without the unhealthy fat, sugar and preservatives. Chute, plunger, and blade are dishwasher safe.
Prices Vary

Grease Keeper

This black grease keeper is made of stoneware and has a fine stainless steel mesh strainer under the lid to filter out impurities and food particles from bacon grease. Stores grease in an airtight container for later use. Makes an attractive alternative to old tins covered with foil. Six-cup capacity. Dishwasher safe.
Prices Vary

Fridge Locker

The original Fridge Locker features a chrome combination lock that you set and secure walls so that you can lock up your lunch, snacks or drinks from your coworkers, friends or even from yourself. Use on dry goods too. Lightweight and fits most fridges, freezers or pantries.
Prices Vary

Citrus Juice Sprayer

Insert the serrated stem of this sprayer into any citrus fruit to spritz its juices right onto foods while cooking or dining. Unlike squeezing raw fruit, this citrus juice sprayer ensures even coverage. Don’t fiddle with knives and cutting boards, or messy juicers and presses. The sprayer disassembles easily for cleaning.
Prices Vary

Actifry Low-Fat Multi Cooker

The cooker’s pulsating heat system allows chefs to prepare a variety of meals using very little oil. No pre-heating is required. Great for French fries, meat, poultry, seafood, risotto, vegetables and desserts. Includes countdown timer with buzzer, recipe book, stirring paddle and measuring spoon. Removable ceramic pan is dishwasher safe. One-year limited warranty.
Prices Vary

Onion Goggles

Avoid teary eyes when cutting onions and related vegetables by wearing protective Onion Goggles. The goggles are more effective than home remedies such as, burning candles, slicing onions under water and freezing the onions before cutting because the soft foam seal blocks the irritant from coming in contact with your eyes for tear-free chopping.
Prices Vary

Bodum Vacuum Brewer

This Swiss vacuum brewer produces up to six 5-ounce cups of coffee. Set on a stovetop so the water boils up from the bottom globe through the tube into the top globe and brews the coffee. When complete, coffee filters into the carafe for serving. Made of heat-resistant glass and nylon that’s dishwasher-safe.
Prices Vary

Clean Cut Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser

Clean Cut uses invisible LED beams and a self-sharpening blade to dispense towels to any length regardless of perforations. As long as your hand breaks the beam, the machine will dispense paper. Break the other beam to cut without touching the roll. Reload with any size or brand of towels, including blue shop towels. One-year warranty.
Prices Vary

Le Crueset Basting Brush

Use this 2-inch silicone basting brush to prepare meat with sauces and marinades. Heat-resistant up to 482-degrees F. Brush resists stains, odors, and flavor absorption, allowing it to be reused for many different purposes. Head is dishwasher-safe; removable wood handle should be hand-washed only.
Prices Vary

Pizza Cones

Everyone loves pizza, but agreeing on toppings can be hard. Luckily, it’s easy to prepare personalized pizzas for each member of the family. Set includes two cone forms, two stands, a dough cutter and crimper—all non-stick for easy clean-up. Makes two pizza cones at a time.
Prices Vary