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28 Coolest Gifts under $12

Here are the best gifts you can give, all under $12. You don’t have to spend a ton to give someone a gift that they’ll really like. Here you’re sure to get the smile you’re hoping for without having to take out a loan to get them a gift. Choose a gift from this list that matches their personality or their needs and you’re set.

This is a great list of unique gifts that are affordable (under 12 dollars). Check it out!

Spot It! Game

This is a game the whole family can play, and it tests your visual acuity, while building different skill sets and is even made to travel easily so you can bring it anywhere. Includes instructions, so everyone knows how to play and there are multiple ways to play so it doesn’t get boring.

Prices Vary

minibru Coffee Mug

Take one-cup coffee brewing to the next level with this minibru coffee mug. It is like a one-cup French press and allows you to brew the perfect cup in just a few minutes. Add coffee grounds and hot water, let it steep, and then add the filter and you’re ready to drink.


Lindor Truffles Gift Box

You can’t go wrong with chocolate and these Lindt Lindor truffles make a great gift for just about anyone. These are gourmet caliber truffles so they not only taste great, but they look great as well, and you can feel good about giving them as a memorable gift.

Prices Vary

Caffeinated Hot Sauce

This hot sauce has been named DoubleKick, and that’s because it’s not only a kick to the tongue, but also to the brain as it provides caffeine from an unexpected source. It also contains ginger so you’re getting an energy boost at the same time.


Mockingjay Pin

This is an officially licensed pin from The Hunger Games featuring the Mockingjay emblem from that district. It’s just like the one that Katniss was given to by Madge at the beginning of the story. A great choice for any Hunger Games fan or Katniss Everdeen fan.


Waboba Ball

These are the balls you might have seen skipping across the water at the beach last summer. They are a lot of fun because you can come up with all sorts of games with them, or just use them for a simple game of catch.


Sketch and Draw Pencil Set

This sketching and drawing set includes everything a budding artist needs to start bringing their artwork into reality. It has both graphite and charcoal pencils, two types of sharpeners, two types of erasers, charcoal sticks and a sketch stick. Just add a sketchpad to this and they’ll be able to get to work immediately on their next masterpiece.


Handy Notes

Make memo writing a lot more fun with these handy notes. They are in the shape of a hand so you can be really creative with how you give your message just be folding down the fingers and thumb. Make it point, make it say a number, or give sign language signs.


Prescription Coffee Mug

Here’s a way to take your morning medication in the form of a nice cup of java. It includes cute sayings about the dosage, how many refills you can have, and how to take it, just like real prescription bottles do, only it’s all coffee related and meant for a laugh.


Hanging Tear Drop Oil Warmer

This oil warmer looks like it has been artisan crafted and is sure to provide plenty of use. It only requires a tealight candle and some scented oil to use it, both of which can be replaced when they’re used up. Great for use in aromatherapy sessions.


Mug Warmer

Keep that cup of coffee hot with this mug warmer from Mr. Coffee. It does a great job of making sure the coffee doesn’t go cold before you get a chance to drink it. If you like to savor your coffee or sip on it through the morning it’s perfect for you.



This set of dining utensils is very multifunctional, and will let you choose between using a set of chopsticks or going at your meal with a knife and fork. You can even use both ends in the same meal if it warrants such attention.


WTF Slammer Button

Here’s a fun way to vent your confusion over what’s going on, and there are a total of 10 different sounds it makes when you hit it. This means you never quite know what it’s going to say or sound like, but it sure helps clarify just what is going on.


Measuring Matroyshkas

These little dolls not only look cute on your kitchen counter, but they are super helpful because they’re actually measuring cups. They stack within each other just like Matryoshka dolls, so you can nest them when not in use, or leave them sitting next to each other for display.


Wood Professional Corkscrew

This is the corkscrew to get for someone that is serious about their wine. It is crafted with wood so that it has a more rustic look to it, and it’s made to stand the test of time so unlike the ones made out of plastic you can be sure this will be around for years of use.

Prices Vary

Shark With Frickin’ Laser Pointer

This is the laser pointer for anyone that is a fan of the Austin Powers films. It features a shark with lasers on it, just like Dr. Evil was requesting. Throw him a bone with this pointer and it will surely get people remarking on it.


Jelly Belly Cocktail Classics

Jelly Belly is known for making jelly beans that taste just like the thing they’re supposed to taste like, and in this case they’ve worked their candy magic on classic cocktails. You’ll enjoy flavors like a mojito or a strawberry daiquiri without having to worry about who’s driving home.

Prices Vary

Butterfly Bottle Opener

This bottle opener looks and acts just like a butterfly knife, but is actually just a bottle opener. You can still do neat tricks with it, and it sure is an impressive way to pop the top off of any sort of bottle you need pried open.


Kinetic Sand

This sand is sure to mesmerize you and anyone else that gets their hands on it. Once you start playing with it it doesn’t stop moving until you stop playing. You can mold it, hold it, and move it all around and it doesn’t make a mess and cleans up in a snap.


Batman Ice Cube Tray

Batman will always be popular and you can give the gift of Batman ice cubes to anyone that’s a fan and they’ll love it. It pops out little Batman symbols and is a great alternative to boring, everyday ice cubes. The Dark Knight also relaxes so let them chill with a tasty beverage.



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