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23 Fun Gifts for Cool Moms

Shopping for mom can be tough, but luckily there are plenty of great gifts out there if she has a cool personality. You have to size up your mom to know how she will react to certain gifts, and whether she will think they are awesome or not. We have picked out some gifts for cool moms out there, but it’s up to you to see whether these apply to your mom or not.

23 Fun Gifts for Cool Moms- for moms that don't take life too seriously.

Psychedelic Cat Sweater

Try not to look directly into the cat’s eyes on this psychedelic t-shirt. They’ve matched the color of the cat’s eyes with the pattern surrounding it so it’s very trippy. If your mom is a cat lover, she’ll definitely love to have this as part of her collection of quirky cat shirts.

Prices Vary

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars

If mom loves Star Wars and Shakespearean poetry, she will definitely love this hybrid retelling endorsed by Lucasfilm. It takes the Star Wars saga and tells it in the prose of Shakespearean verse. Star Wars never sounded so proper, and if your mom isn’t a fan, but loves Shakespeare, this may be a way for her to appreciate it.


Weed Money Coin Purse

You’ll have to use your personal information that you have on your mom in order to know if she’ll be in need of this gift or not. It’s a coin purse that is specifically designated to hold pot money, keeping it separate from everything else so it doesn’t get accidentally spent on other things.


Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Show Mom how to cook amazing food using common ingredients. This uses science in order to turn conventional dishes into gourmet caliber treats. If mom loves to cook and is always looking for new ways to cook old favorites, this is the kit for her. It’s something any food-loving mom will enjoy.

Prices Vary

Magical Unicorn Slippers

These magical unicorn slippers are quite whimsical, and are sure to make mom happy every time she puts them on in the morning. With the winter season comes plenty of cold mornings where it’s great to step into a pair of slippers first thing in the morning. Unicorns make any product better.


VW Camper Tent

This VW Camper tent is the same size as the real thing. You can tell they spent a lot of time on the detail of how it looks, and since the original camper van was meant for camping, it only makes sense that a tent modeled after it would provide the same roominess and comfort as the original.

Prices Vary

Mighty Purse

Here’s a purse that not only holds your smartphone, but charges it too. It’s got a battery in it that’s far bigger than the batter your phone came with, so you can talk two or three times longer than normal without missing a beat. Simply plug the purse into a USB outlet to charge it back up when you’re back home.

Prices Vary

Vino2Go Portable Wine Glass

If Mom likes her wine she surely has come up with times when she needed a portable wine glass, but didn’t have one. This glass is men to travel, and even though it might get bumped around it won’t spill a drop of wine in the process. It’s like a sippy cup for merlot drinkers.


Pug Face Shirt

Pug dogs tend to get cuter the longer you own them, and if mom has gone pug crazy she’ll love to wear this shirt which depicts a wrinkly little pug in full glory. The face is what gives a pug its distinctive look, and it is captured here in lifelike detail.

Prices Vary

Nest Bowls

These bowls are great because they nest into each other, taking up very little space for such a big collection of bowls. You can decide between different sets, from 5 pieces to 9 pieces and they’re sure to stack nicely inside of each other. A solid addition to any kitchen.

Prices Vary

Indoor Allotment

Nothing beats fresh herbs, and it doesn’t get any fresher than growing them right in the kitchen. Mom will love this indoor herb garden if she’s always buying herbs from the store, or complaining about not having enough herbs on hand. This features a decorative white picket fence that the herbs grow next to.


Flip Alarm Clock

This flip alarm clock is pretty clever. Right side up it shows the time and the alarm time as well. Flip it upside down to turn the alarm off. The time flips too so it’s still easy to read. This is an effective way to wake up because you have to perform an action and not just hit a button.

Prices Vary

Animal Butt Magnets

This is more of a gag gift anything else, chances are most moms are not going to want bunch of magnets that look like animal’s back ends. But if your mom’s an animal lover, you might be able to make a pretty good joke with these. It features an assortment of animals derrieres and creates quite the menagerie on the refrigerator.


Kitchen Mushroom Garden

If your mom loves the taste of mushrooms, give her the joy of making her own right in the kitchen. This mushroom garden comes with everything she’ll need to start growing her very own little mushroom stash for use in any recipe that calls for them, or just as a salad or dipping item.


Nail Rock Caviar

This nail art looks like a bunch of little beads all stuck to the nails, and may be preferable over regular polish. It’s definitely eye catching, and if your mom has a spunky personality or loves the attention these will bring, it’s a thoughtful gift she’s sure to get a lot of use out of.

Prices Vary

Colour Me Ginger

This book is full of uncolored red-heads, so all she’ll need to do is give them their fiery red locks. It’s part of a series of coloring books for adults, and will get mom coloring like a kid again. Makes a great rainy day activity, and can also be used as a gag gift if you don’t think she’d actually use it.


Random Crap Tin

This tin looks just like any other antique tin for holding collectibles, but it is specifically designed to hold random crap and it says so right on the lid. She may have a tin for everything else, but doesn’t have anywhere to put certain things. That makes this one nice to have around to clean up all the extra stuff that doesn’t have a place.

Prices Vary


This is a sleeping bag shaped like a person, with arms and legs, so you don’t have to worry about the sleeping bag coming undone in the middle of the night. It’s sure to keep you warm all night long, even if you are tossing and turning. The manufacturer says you don’t have to sleep like a mummy anymore.

Prices Vary

Garlic Zoom

Make mom’s time in the kitchen a little easier with the Garlic Zoom. It’s a garlic chopper that takes a tedious task and makes it easy in a snap. Just roll it around and the garlic gets chopped. If she wants finer pieces she just has to roll it longer.


Periodic Shower Curtain

The shower curtain is great for a nerdy mom that loves her science. It comes with the entire periodic table of the elements on it so she can look at it each day as she gets out of the shower to brush up on her skills. If she likes to watch The Big Bang Theory this is the shower curtain for her.


Lip Shit

Even though it has a silly name, this lip balm is not a joke. It is made with all natural ingredients, and is sure to impress your mom if she is something of a balm aficionado. It comes in a variety of flavors, so the hardest part is trying to figure out which one mom will like best.


Lego Brick Mug

LEGO brick tomorrow I will get your mom building like she was again. You’re able to Construction things right onto it, creating your own themes right on the mods. It gives you her something to do while the coffee is kicking in. It’s BYOL with this mug, and it’s made from food safe plastic.


Unlikely Friendships Book

This book is loaded with stories of unlikely friendships between different animals. Moms love this sort of thing because it shows that under certain circumstances it doesn’t matter what our differences are we can still be friends. It’s a lesson she no doubt tried to instill in you, and this message shows that you learned it.


8 Fun DIY Gifts for Cool Moms

Mommy and Me Aprons

Here’s a great gift to give to mom and her little helper in the kitchen. It’s a set of mommy and me aprons that gives a matching apron to each and makes them feel extra special when they’re working together to create a culinary masterpiece.

Hand Sanitizer Holder

If mom is always fishing through her purse for the hand sanitizer, make it easy for her to find it with this hand sanitizer holder. It clips to the outside of her purse so it’s always ready to use, and she can open it and squeeze some out without taking it out.

Promises Gift Bucket

Promises never tasted so good! This gift bucket features Dove Promises, with heartfelt promises inscribed on each one that are sure to tug at mom’s heartstrings. It’s the sort of sentimental gift that moms love, plus chocolate!

Modernized Kids Art

Take your child’s artwork and turn it into a modern piece that is worthy of a frame, not just the refrigerator. This tutorial takes you through the process of digitally mastering a piece of your child’s drawings into a nice work of art.

Matching Beanies

New moms will love wearing these matching beanies with their new babies. It also helps keep that new baby’s head warm during their first winter. This gift is two cute and is definitely going to generate some pics for social sharing.

Chill Pills

Give mom this supply of chill pills and she’ll be able to relax instead of stress out when things get extra hectic. It’s a cute way to supply mom with Reese’s Pieces or M&Ms, and get a laugh out of her at the same time.

Photo Puzzle

This photo puzzle is not only fun to put together, but really special because it’s a family photo of all of you. The bag is what really drives it home, as it says “Love you to pieces” and has all of the puzzle pieces inside.

Custom Mom Card

This custom card is sure to make mom smile because of its cute visual play on words and the saying “Mom you are the bomb.” Of course the real magic happens when you right a meaningful message on the inside of the card.


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