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37 Cool Birthday Gifts They’ll Never See Coming (From $1 to $1,000)

Cool people deserve cool birthday gifts, so forget the usual offerings found in the stores and go for something different, unique, homemade, or downright wacky! Ranging from cheap and cheerful to expensive and exclusive, every gift on this list has been hand-selected for its originality and thoughtfulness, to make their birthday even better.

Atari Home Arcade

Cool birthday gifts don’t come much cooler than an Atari arcade cabinet for the home. With 2 to choose from, classic games including Asteroid, Millipede, and more can be played coin-free.


Portable Tabletop Fireplace

The portable table top fireplace is a contemporary real-flame burner which cuts out the smoke, smell, and sparks, while heating a 325′ sq. area using recycled liquid ethanol fuel.


Space Saving Water Rower

Water rowers are great, but they do take up a lot of space. This one, however, houses the water wheel underneath the machine, cutting its length while still providing great resistance.


Conversation Starters for Husbands & Wives

Give the gift of conversation with this box of conversation starters for husbands and wives. With 88 fun prompts, they’ll get to know each other all over again.


Proper Meditation Seat

Adopting the classic meditation pose can be uncomfortable, so take the strain by giving your favorite yogi this innovative meditation seat, which encourages comfort and posture for that much-needed Zen.


Handheld Water Game

Take the birthday boy or girl right back to childhood with one of these handheld water games. Great for filling in those boring moments, and strangely addictive, too!

Prices Vary

Big Spoon Little Spoon Pillow Cases

These pillowcases make a very cool gift for someone who loves to cuddle in bed, whether they are Big or Little Spoon, and come in a variety of sizes to suit.


AMIR iPhone Lens Kit

With both a fish eye lens and a macro lens, this pack will turn smartphones into cameras that are definitely instaworthy. Simply clip on and shoot without damaging your phone.

Prices Vary

Anxiety Relieving Blanket

Buying for someone who doesn’t sleep well alone? This weighted blanket gives the feeling of being swaddled using deep touch pressure stimulation, to aid a comforting good night’s snooze.

Prices vary

Cactus Mug

These cactus mugs are handmade from ceramic and come in 2 sizes – 12oz or 20oz – to satisfy even the thirstiest of coffee drinkers. Dishwasher and microwave safe.


Radix One Slim Wallet

Much smaller than a traditional bi-fold wallet, this polycarbonate money clip can hold up to 10 cards, while the money clip takes care of the cash, keeping things slimline and lightweight.


Underwater Scooter

Like something out of a James Bond movie, the underwater scooter is compact and portable, and will dive to 130’, or propel swimmers along the surface at up to 3.5 mph.


Sweets Salt Water Taffy

Salt water taffy is a childhood favorite, makes a great gift for someone with a sweet tooth, and with approximately 210 pieces in each bag, it’ll keep them quiet for hours.


Six Person Sandless Beach Mat

This incredible beach mat not only fits up to 6 people, making it ideal for picnics on the beach, but it also repels sand thanks to desert-use military technology.


Lovepop Pop Out Cards

Birthday cards sometimes mean more than gifts, so make sure it’s special like this one. Upon opening, they will be greeted by a delicate Monarch butterfly balancing gently on the bloom.

Prices vary

Bouncie Smart Car Tracker

The Bouncie auto-tracker can locate all the family’s vehicles at any time, record journeys and driving habits, read and decode fault alerts, and manage fuel and battery life of each car.

Prices vary

Easy Ride Hoverboard Skates

The ultimate in cool birthday gifts, with just a slight lean hoverboard skates go backwards or forwards at up to 7.5 mph, while a 3-hour charge provides up to 6 miles.


Hello Beautiful Mirror Decal

Make her feel beautiful every day with a mirror decal that greets her with a compliment. Available in 2 sizes and 4 colors, they will adhere to most smooth, flat surfaces.


Winc Wine Subscription Box

Treat a wine lover to a new selection of wines from around the world every month, with the Winc subscription club, which bases its selections on the recipients’ tastes.

Prices vary

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

Both indoor and outdoor environments can play havoc with the skin, so help someone combat those effects with this gorgeous facial spray containing herbal extracts and rosewater to soothe and refresh.


Walabot – See Through Walls

Don’t let DIY spell disaster for a hapless handyman. The Walabot detects wood and metal studs, electrical wires and cables and other hazards up to 10cm deep into the wall.

Prices vary

23andMe DNA Ancestry Test Kit

Feed their curiosity with the 23andMe DNA testing kit, which produces personalized ancestry reports in around 2 months, and comes with optional relative finder for those long lost cousins.


NPW Drinking Buddies Cocktail/Wine Glass Markers

These 6 budgie-smuggler wearing men will be on the outside looking in at the next party! Simply hang on the rim of the glass to mark their drink and avoid mix-ups.


Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock

Whether they want room for two or just room to stretch out, this hammock makes a great gift. Designed for 2 people, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Prices Vary

Hey Jude Soundwave Print

This framed soundwave print will take pride of place on any Beatles fan’s wall, as it comes from the iconic ‘Hey Jude’, one of the Fab Four’s most studied songs.

Prices Vary

Monkii Bars – The Anti-Gym for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Monkii is the most portable piece of exercise equipment available today. Using bodyweight as resistance, it cuts out the need for bulky machines, leaving you free to train wherever.

Prices vary

Astronauts Slipper Socks

Originally worn by astronauts, these super snug socks are designed for women who love to keep their toes toasty. With twisted rag wool, and memory foam insole, they won’t disappoint.


Body Brew Cold Brew Coffee System

Help a coffee addict make their caffeine hit much healthier with BodyBrew, the cold brew system which allows them to make their own concentrated extract that’s better for the body.

Prices vary

Fred BONEHEAD Folding Brush & Comb

Taming tresses will be much cooler with Fed Bonehead. This folding dino skull features both a comb and a brush and folds neatly in half to fit a pocket or purse.


Scribe Sword Fountain Pen with Ink

Birthday gifts don’t come much cooler than a fountain pen, and this one features a brushed stainless steel body, high-shine detail, presentation case, and a medium nib for beautiful handwriting.


Cordless Tire Inflator

Keep the pressure up with this automatic cordless tire inflator, which has an automatic shut-off when the desired (pre-set) pressure is reached. Inflates from 25psi to 30psi in around 90 seconds.


Wacom Bamboo Spark Smart Folio

Help them get their name (or anything else) onto the small screen with Wacom, the device that turns etchings into digital, sharable files at the touch of a button.


Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Clinically proven to wake you up feeling more refreshed, the Philips Wake-Up Light alarm clock features a gentle colored sunrise (and fading sunset) that simulates a more natural process.


Roadie Tuner Smart Guitar Tuner

Three times more accurate than the human ear, this tuner makes a cool birthday gift for any musician. Fully portable, it tunes any stringed instrument accurately in just a few seconds.

Prices vary

3 Diy Gift Ideas

Diy Painted Succulent Vases

Succulents are the perfect plants for the less-than-green-fingered, and these hand-painted mason jar succulent holders make adorable DIY gifts that can even be matched to a theme to brighten any home.

Diy Lemon Sugar Scrub

Sugar, coconut oil (or almond, jojoba, or grapeseed), and essential oil is all you need to whip up this zesty sugar scrub for use in the shower or bath.

Diy Bottle Cap Cork Coasters

A homemade gift that any beer-lover is sure to appreciate, this bottle cap coaster is made by simply gluing the caps to any shaped cork mat using a strong, clear glue.

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