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66 Cooking Gifts for Your Chef Friends & Family

The following cooking gifts for chefs are sure to make life easier in the kitchen, and help them whip up world class cuisine that much easier. From fun to functional, we’ve got you covered with the perfect gift for the chef in your life.

66 Cooking Gifts for Your Chef Friends & Family- gifts so good you may decide to keep them yourself.

20 Cup Food Processor

For many chefs the food processor takes on an important role in the kitchen, often becoming a cornerstone for most recipes. With this 20-cup food processor they’ll have plenty of room to make most sized meals, shortening the amount of time it takes to get the job done.

Prices Vary

Black Diamond Knife Set

This knife set not only works great, but it will look incredible on their kitchen counter. It has a very minimalist design, with a black angled hexagon of sorts holding up the set of knives that are suspended and look like they’re floating. Perfect for the image-conscious chef.


Professional Knife Sharpener

This knife sharpener is the kind the pros use to keep their blades nice and sharp. Most accidents with knives are caused by the blades being too dull, not too sharp, so it’s a crucial part of being a chef, keeping your cutlery ready to cut.


Panini Spatula

This spatula is specifically designed for panini sandwiches, with a special groove in the middle of the spatula for a knife to come through and cut it in half. This helps them go from panini press to plate without having to remove it from the spatula.


Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

For the chef that likes to be exactly perfect, get them this cutting board that has markings on it to allow them to get very detailed. It’s been dubbed the OCD cutting board, but sometimes precision is needed to get food to look just right.


Intellisteam Food Steamer

Here’s a food steamer that allows them to cook a variety of foods all at once. There are separate compartments so the foods can cook apart from each other and retain their unique flavor profile. It steams it just right so they don’t get mushy.


Professional Grade Knife Set

This knife set has been rated the best, so you can feel confident that you’re giving them something useful. Many chefs will create their own set by buying knives one at a time, but for everyday use you can’t beat this full set of knives.

Prices Vary

Pizza Grilling Stone

This stone is specially designed to grill a pizza that tastes amazing. Chefs are always looking for ways to make food taste better, and if you can’t get them a dedicated pizza oven, you can get them this grilling stone for similar results as far as flavor goes.


Deluxe Molecular Gastronomy Kit

If you know a chef that is part mad scientist you’ll really score big when you get them this molecular gastronomy kit. It’s like a chemistry kit that uses food as the test subject, but results in a taste sensation that has to be experienced to be believed.


Deglon Meeting Knife Set

These knives all rest atop one another so they don’t take up much space at all, but are always handy when needed. Unlike a knife set that goes in a block of wood, this is the perfect gift for a chef that doesn’t have much in the way of counter space.

Prices Vary

Nesting Prep Bowls

These prep bowls stack into each other so they only take up as much space as the largest bowl. Helps make a kitchen more organized, and prevents the dreaded storage container mess that often happens with different sized containers. They’ll be able to store food easily now.



This spiralizer will help them make food look prettier, thereby making the dish seem even more delicious than it already is. There are a wide number of foods that can be spiralized, which changes their texture while keeping the taste the same.


Compact Folding Scale

Here’s a scale that folds up when not in use so they can keep it stored and out of the way. At the same time it’s digital, so it will be very accurate for them, and is just the thing that’s needed when they want to be precise about how much they’re using.


Chef’s Backpack

Sometimes they’ll need to take their culinary skills to go, and this backpack lets them store their knives safely and securely so they can turn any kitchen into their kitchen. The knives are velcroed into place so they stay put.


Bluetooth Kitchen Thermometer

This kitchen thermometer sends a Bluetooth signal to their device so they can get a clear digital read on whether the food is the right temperature or not. They’ll also be able to track the temperature of the food, taking it out at just the right moment.


Chili Cruncher

Help them avoid the messy and sometimes painful process of crushing up chilis. This chili cruncher makes it easy, and keeps them from getting any chili pepper in the eye from their fingers. It all stays contained inside the plastic pepper, for no messes.


Steel Herb Chopper

Chop up herbs the easy way with this steel herb chopper. It has a very nice appearance, and makes the tedious process of chopping herbs a whole lot easier. Perfect for chopping up basil and other herbs and releasing more of their flavor.


Kitchen Stand and Wand

This kitchen stand is meant to hold their iPad and keep it awake so they can see the recipe they’re working on and flip through the recipe without having to touch the device. It includes a stylus that makes it all mess-free and easy to use.


Barista Professional Espresso Maker

A chef is responsible for the entire dining experience, and that includes an after-dinner espresso. Make this part of the process easier for them with this professional grade espresso maker that produces coffee shop results from the comfort of home.


Gourmet Sugar Set

Every chef knows it’s the quality of the ingredients that you use that makes a difference in the finished product. When they’re using these gourmet sugars the results are sure to be amazing. These sugars are all made to taste amazing and enhance recipes.


Vitamix Pro Series Blender

Even a regular Vitamix is a beast in the kitchen, so when you go Pro on them you know they’re going to be getting the Rolls Royce of blenders. So many recipes call for a blender that they are sure to get a ton of use out of this over the years.

Prices Vary

Press and Measure Herb Infuser

This oil holder lets you infuse the oil with the delicious flavor or herbs. A chef will be able to tailor the oil to their specific recipe, giving it just the right amount of flavor without having to add in the herbs to the dish separately.


UV Rechargeable Sanitizing Wand

Help them keep a clean and sanitary kitchen with this UV sanitizing wand. It kills germs as they wave it around their workspace, and is great to use when working with foods that are known contaminants, like raw chicken and eggs.


All-Ply 7.5 Qt Stock Pot

To the rest of the world this is just a pot, but to a chef this is a main component to the majority of recipes. That’s why you can get them this and know that they’ll use it, it’s top quality and is just the right size to use in a range of different recipes.

Prices Vary

Foodie Fight Game

Test their food knowledge with this Foodie Fight game. You can play it with them if you think you know a lot about food, or you can encourage them to play with their other chef friends to see who really knows there stuff when it comes to food.


Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank

This Himalayan salt plank is the perfect serving plate for certain foods, adding a bit of salt as the food rests on it, but not so much as to overpower the taste of the food. Himalayan salt is far superior than table salt in terms of taste and health.


Digital Kitchen Scale

This kitchen scale is something they’ll use all the time, and is highly reliable. They’ll be able to clearly read how much something weighs thanks to the digital readout, and they’ll know precisely how much it weighs rather than guessing.


Sushi Quick

For the aspiring sushi chef, get them this Sushi Quick kit and they’ll be able to make rolls like a pro. It not only helps them assemble the sushi, but it also helps them roll it and cut it into perfect slices, almost like training wheels.


1800-Watt Deep Fryer

Sometimes a dish will call for a deep fried item, and there’s no better way to deep fry food than with a dedicated deep fryer. With this unit they’ll be able to fry things up in no time and add that distinctive flavor that only comes from frying.

Prices Vary

15 Minute Marinator

This marinator speeds things up considerably, properly marinating meat for 15 minutes so that you can get it cooking in less time. It’s perfect for the chef that is always looking for ways to cook more efficiently without sacrificing any flavor.


Oven Rack Tool

This is a simple tool that will prove useful time and time again. It allows them to slide out the oven rack without putting their hand near the oven and risking a burn to their fingers. Works at both sliding the rack in and out, for quick checks to see how the meal is coming along.

Prices Vary

Grow Your Own Marinara Kit

They’ll be able to make the perfect marinara when they grow all of the ingredients themselves. This is taking their culinary skills to a whole new level by having it go from seed to plate. Fresh tomatoes and herbs combine for the perfect marinara.


Rapid Egg Cooker

A cooked egg is a cooked egg, so when a recipe calls for cooked eggs it’s all about getting them cooked as quickly as possible so you can move on to the next step. This egg cooker makes it very easy and lets them get on with things in a hurry.


Granite Lazy Susan

This lazy Susan comes in handy when they’re prepping foods, and can also be used to serve up food to their dinner guests. It’s made of granite so it will last a long time and stand up to repeated use. It’s also easy to clean, with nothing sticking to it.


Electronic Hand Mixer

An electronic hand mixer is a staple for any good kitchen, and this is one of the best ones you can get for them. It’s simple to use, and reliably mixes whatever it is they need mixed. No need to get ultra fancy when this little guy does just fine.


5-in-1 Kitchen Prep Machine

This kitchen prep machine is like five device in one, and will make quick work out of some of the most tedious kitchen tasks. Chances are they can’t afford to hire their own prep cook yet, so get this little gadget for them to make life easier.


Sitram Profiserie Saucepan

This isn’t just any saucepan, it’s a Sitram Profiserie saucepan and they’re surely going to love it. It’s produced with an extra thick core made from aluminum, and has a stay-cool handle. Best of all it’s dishwasher safe and stainless steel so it will last.

Prices Vary

Stainless Steel Soap

This soap helps them get the smell of different foods off of their fingers, particularly onions and garlic. Having those residues off of your fingers is important when cooking because you don’t want to transfer it to other dishes, or rub your eye with it on there.


Vacuum-Seal Food Storage System

Here’s a food storage system that will keep food fresher longer, thanks to the vacuum seal it creates. It’s similar to other plastic storage container systems but with the added benefit of having things sealed up tight so food lasts.

Prices Vary

Professional Rotisserie Turkey Fryer

This is one device they’ll come to love, as it’s able to rotisserie a turkey, fry a turkey, and even steam foods. The more gadgets it can replace, the better, especially if they are short on countertop space. With this, turkey has finally met its match.


Indexed Chopping Board Set

This cutting board set is color coded with handy icons that makes it easy to see what each one should be used for. This helps cut down on the chance of cross contamination, and keeps raw meat, fish, and veggies separated by board.

Prices Vary

Professional Milkshake & Drink Maker

They’ll be able to serve up professional style drinks along with their world class cuisine when they have this milkshake and drink maker by their side. From milkshakes to mixed drinks, they’ll be able to tantalize your taste buds even more.


Seal-a-Meal Vacuum Sealer

When they’ve made too much food and want to preserve the meal exactly how it tastes, this vacuum sealer does the trick. It creates a tight vacuum seal using bags, so all they’ll have to do is open the bag later and reheat as needed.


Microplane Zester/Grater

Microplane makes top of the line graters and zesters, and they simply have to try one out in order to be hooked on how well it works. Take some of the effort out of grating by getting them a grater that works better than most.


Gelato Maker

When dinner is complete and it’s time for dessert, they’ll be ready with this gelato maker. They can also use some flavors of gelato as a palate cleanser between courses if they want to get really fancy. Makes amazing tasting gelato from scratch.


Pro Food Dehydrator

This food dehydrator is professional grade, and will allow them to dehydrate foods before use in recipes, or as standalone items. When you dehydrate a food you concentrate its flavor, which is why many recipes will call for dehydrated ingredients.


Wine Infused Cedar Grilling Plank

These grilling planks are infused with wine, and made from cedar, so a lot of flavor will be transferred to the salmon they grill on top of it. This is the sort of gift that makes foodies happy because it provides a totally new flavor sensation.


Motion Activated Trash Can Set

These trash cans are motion activated so they won’t have to touch anything when they use it. This helps them keep a sanitary work environment and also reduces the number of times they’ll need to wash their hands. It also keeps the trash bins clean.


Flavors of America Salt Collection

There are plenty of different salts in this salt collection, so they’ll be able to use the right salt when called for in a recipe. The flavors are different but subtle, so there’s plenty of different ways that they can use this to boost the flavor of a dish.


Indoor Gourmet Garden

This is a way for them to have fresh herbs all year long, by growing them indoors. Fresh herbs make a dish taste much better than dried herbs, and many recipes call for fresh herbs, which can be expensive to buy them at the store.


Personalized Cutting Board

Give them a cutting board that is uniquely theirs by personalizing it with their name or nickname. This is the sort of gift they’ll cherish, because cutting boards are usually one item that is not very personalized at all, and tends to get overlooked.


Classic Toaster Oven Broiler

This gives them a second option when it comes to needing something toasted or broiled, and when they’re making an elaborate recipe they may have too many things going on in the oven and need a way to toast them just right.


Touch Free Faucet

This faucet turns on and off with a wave of the hand, so they’ll be able to wash their hands off without having to touch the faucet handle. It’s just one more step toward making the kitchen an easier place to work in.


Steel Cheese Slicer

This slicer doesn’t cut through steel cheese, it’s made of steel and cuts effortlessly through cheese. It’s the best at cutting through cheese, and will help them make quick work out of the tedious task of cutting slices of cheese for recipes.


Stainless-Steel Seasoning Injector

This stainless-steel injector is the secret to how chefs get meats to taste extra juicy and delicious. It puts the seasonings right into the meat, so they can cook within the food rather than just be added to the outside of it.

Prices Vary

Vacuum Sealed Meat Marinator

By creating a vacuum seal, this marinator helps infuse meats with the marinade of their choice. Marinating meats helps them turn out much better than just cooking them without it, and there are plenty of recipes that call for marinated meat.


Single Hot Plate

Sometimes when things are getting hot and hectic in the kitchen, you run out of burners. When they need the extra burner they’ll have it thanks to this single hot plate. It creates just one more spot for them to put a simmering pan on.


Duo Mill

Here’s a way for them to get both salt and pepper from the same mill. One end grinds up peppercorn, while the other end grinds up salt crystals. It’s a great tool for them to serve their guests along with their food so they can season it as they like.


Instant Fry Cutter

They’ll be able to make quick work out of a pile of potatoes, instantly creating homemade french fries with this specially designed cutter. A side of perfectly crisp homemade fries is a great partner to many dishes so this is a handy tool.


Smooth Touch Can Opener

They’ll be able to open cans effortlessly, and better yet it will make the cans safe to the touch so they won’t’ have to worry about cutting themselves on a sharp can lid edge. It’s an automatic device that will prove valuable time and again.


Immersion Hand Blender

This hand blender is perfect when they need something blended, but need to be able to feel when it’s properly blended. This hand blender makes it possible, because they are in completely control of how it is blending the food.


Kitchen Multi Storage Organizer

This storage organizer will help them keep track of some of the most-used kitchen items, including paper towel, plastic wrap, foil, and parchment paper. All of these rolls get stored out of the way, but are ready for use at a moment’s notice.


Cutting Board with Prep Tray

This cutting board comes with its own prep tray built right in. All that’s needed is to flip the board around and you’ll have the tray there, or keep it stored away when you don’t need it and use the cutting board as you naturally would.


Omega Juicer

This juicer is the answer when it comes to a recipe calling for freshly squeezed juice. Bottled juices will have extra sugar and other additives in them, so when a recipe asks for juice, they’ll be able to add in just the juice.


Sous Vide Water Oven

Let them experiment with the cooking method known as sous-vide with this water oven that has silent operation, but cooks food in plastic bags with water. It’s the sort of thing that chefs would love to try out, and would love to receive.

Prices Vary

Sensor Soap Dispenser

This soap dispenser provides soap without having to touch anything, so if they want to wash their hands they don’t have to get anything all over the soap dispenser. It’s part of the process of making their kitchen totally hands-free to keep it clean.


12 DIY Gifts for Chefs

Make a Chef’s Hat

When you make them a chef’s hat, they’ll totally appreciate it. It’s fun to put it on, especially if they’re just a home chef and it’s not their occupation. They’ll feel like a pro just by wearing this plus a chef’s jacket.

Recipe Inspired Apron

Here’s an apron that has their favorite recipe built right into it. It’s the sort of gift that money just can’t buy because you have to know what their favorite recipe is in order to pull it off. Once they see it’s personalized they’ll surely cherish it.

Chalkboard Spice Labels

These spice labels will help them keep things organized in the kitchen, and can help keep a meal from being ruined by using the wrong spice. A lot of the green spices look the same, so it’s important to keep them properly labeled.

DIY Marble Utensil Holder

Here’s a utensil holder that gives the appearance of being made with marble, even though it’s not. It will be a nice addition to their kitchen, but you should check to see if they have one already, if they’re in need of a newer, better one.

Copper Salt and Pepper Shakers

These salt and pepper shakers come out looking stunning, and she shows that you’re saving a bundle over store bought shakers, while still having them come out looking exactly like the original. The perfect companion to a perfectly prepared meal.

Distressed Letters Art

This artwork sums up things perfectly with three simple letters and reminds everyone what they’re supposed to do when it’s meal time. The finished product comes out looking like something you’d buy in a store, but luckily you don’t have to.

Chalkboard Skillet Wall Art

This is a great way to turn an old skillet into a functional piece of art. They’ll be able to write messages on it, and change the messages as they see fit. It’s a great piece for the kitchen area, and is totally in line with a rustic decor.

DIY Heart Cutting Board

This is the perfect way to show them that you love them, and is something that will surely make them feel good when they cut food on it. Don’t be surprised if this turns into their favorite cutting board, rising above the rest.

Paint-Dipped Utensils

Customize their utensils by dipping them in paint, or buy a new set of utensils and dip those so that they look better than before. Kitchen utensils get used daily, so this is a gift that will have them thinking about you often.

Handmade Lemon Poppyseed Kitchen Soap

Hands get dirty and smelly in the kitchen, and this lemon poppyseed soap is the perfect way to get them clean and smelling good again. They can use it after handling onions or garlic and other stinky foods that seem to linger on fingers.

Stylish Apron

This apron will have them looking fashionable while they cook, and is a great way to help them keep their regular clothes clean. They show you exactly how to make it, and you can customize the fabric to their particular taste, but still follow the other directions.

Decorative Kitchen Storage Jars

These jars add a little bit of pizazz to their kitchen, while also providing a useful piece to their kitchen ensemble. They can store whatever is needed, and have something that looks nice on their countertops at the same time.


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