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40 Cookie Gifts for Cookie Lovers and Bakers

You just can’t go wrong when you pick the right cookie gift. The only real question becomes what sort of cookies are their favorite. Choose from a large assortment of cookie gifts and you’re sure to pick a winner.

COOKIES! Who doesn’t love them? If you are struggling with a gift idea, here are some creative cookie gifts that all cookie lovers and bakers will enjoy.

Face Mug

Who doesn’t love milk, coffee, or tea with their cookies? I’d wager almost no one. This unique porcelain mug is designed with a face where the mouth serves as the perfect hideaway for your cookies. Never again will you have to worry about cookie snatchers!


Too Many Candles Cookie Flower Pot

This tasty pail of buttercream-frosted cookies and hand-decorated sugar cookies is guaranteed to delight the young and the young at heart. These birthday cookies are decorated to resemble birthday cakes and confetti and are sure to make any birthday special.


Silicone Baking Mats

Silicone baking mats are a cookie baker’s best friend. These special nonstick linings for baking sheets are the perfect way to ensure that your cookies come off the trays easily and in one piece. You can even use these nifty mats to roll out cookie dough on. They can stand up to 450ᵒ F heat.


Cookie Birthday Tower

This delicious birthday tower comes with a large selection of yummy cookies and other treats to tantalize the taste buds. It is the perfect gift for the cookie lover in your life and features an assortment of cookies as well as a mini cake and candles and deluxe pretzels.


Japanese Biscuit Gift Tin

This beautiful tin comes filled with an assortment of popular Japanese biscuits and is perfect to share with family, friends, and loved ones. Give the gift of a taste of Japan with these luxury biscuits and once the cookies are gone the tin can be reused for other items!

Prices Vary

Got Cookies? Gift Basket

The recipient of this gift will feel like they’ve hit the cookie jackpot! This keepsake milk pail is filled to the brim with 5 varieties of cookies and an adorable plush dairy cow. This makes the perfect gift for any occasion from a simple thank you to a happy birthday.


Baker’s Secret Three Tier Cooling Rack

The three-tier cooling rack collapses for space-efficient use, is made of sturdy steel wires, and provides the perfect amount of space for optimal airflow and even cooling. This is a cookie baker’s best friend and is the perfect gift.

Prices Vary

Thank You Gift Tin with Treats

This beautiful tin is filled to the brim with a variety of delicious cookies and is the perfect way to say thank you. It features fudge truffle cookies, pretzel clusters, fudge brownies, chocolate sandwich cookies, buttercream-frosted cookies, mocha latte cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, sugar cookies, and chocolate chip cookies.


Metal Fortune Cookie With Personalized Fortune

Give the cookie gift that will last a lifetime with this beautifully crafted metal fortune cookie. You can send your recipient your best wishes with a personalized fortune or message tucked inside. These make a unique keepsake for any occasion.


Cookie Pies

What do you get when you cross a cookie with a pie? A cookie pie of course! This makes the perfect gift for any occasion and is made of a buttery cookie crust and can be filled with a variety of flavors. These delicious mash-up confections are sure to delight the child in you.


Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter

For the Disney fan this is the perfect gift! It includes two Mickey Mouse cookie cutters that are great for cutting brownies and cookies. They are coated metal cutters that are designed to be easy release and built to last through the years of cookie adventures!


Cookie Beach Tote Gift

This assortment of frosted cookies is packaged in a beautifully woven and reusable straw tote. The frosted cookies reflect the colors and images of a beach and overall summertime festivities. These cookies and tote make the perfect gift for any beach lover!


Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Press

Ice cream sandwiches are a popular summertime treat and with this nifty press you’ll be able to make your own professional-looking ice cream sandwiches with any cookie of your choice. It comes in a set of three shapes: heart, circle, and star.


Gingerbread Men Already Chewed Cookie Cutters

These cookie cutters put a unique twist on the typical gingerbread cookie cutters. Rather than the standard gingerbread man you can stamp out partially “chewed” gingerbread men. They provide a distinctive way to change up your usual holiday cookies and are sure to make your guests laugh.


Japan White Chocolate Cookies

Shiro Koibitos are some of the most famous Japanese chocolate cookies sold in Japan. White chocolate is sandwiched between buttery cookies that come in a keepsake tin that can be used for other items once the cookies are gone. They are sure to be a hit with everyone!

Prices Vary

Cookies and Milk Salt and Pepper Shakers

There is almost nothing better than ice-cold milk and freshly baked cookies. These throwback salt and pepper shakers feature a magnetic sculpted stack of cookies and jug of milk. They are the perfect gift for the baker or cookie addict in your life!


Favorite Faces Personalized Cookie Jar

This cookie jar is made of chip-resistant stoneware and is the perfect gift for grandma or another loved one. You can personalize it with three photos and text of your choice. It features a traditional design with an airtight lid and ribbed detailing at the base.


Kitchen Aid Cookie Press

The KitchenAid Cookie Press makes stamping out cookies easy. It features a spring-loaded lever that easily presses out dough into one of the 12 cookie shapes included in the set. It is dishwasher-safe and the perfect gift for any baker.

Prices Vary

Cookie Beach Stripe Gift Pail

The cookie beach pail is overflowing with summertime treats and includes an assortment of frosted cookies with such tropical flavors as coconut pineapple and traditional favorites like layered chocolate sandwich cookies. The frosted decorations evoke the colors and sights of a beachside, which makes this the perfect summertime gift!


Happy Birthday Brownie and Cookie Gift

This wonderful edible gift features chocolate chunk and caramel pecan brownies as well as jumbo chocolate chip and molasses clove cookies. They are all packaged in a beautiful keepsake wooden box. This is the perfect birthday gift for a cookie enthusiast.


Mrs. Fields Assorted Snacks Classic Crate

Mrs. Fields is world-famous for their gooey, gooey cookies and other baked goods. Now you can give the gift of these delectable delights in a beautiful wooden cargo crate. It makes a wonderful gift for anyone and for any occasion!

Prices Vary

Cursed Cookies Cookie Cutter

These cookie cutters put a slightly darker spin on the everyday classic cookies. They offer up the recipient the potential to hope for revenge and then have a tasty treat afterwards. The Cursed Cookie Cutters are the perfect gift for the Halloween lover, or slightly darker person in your life!


Assorted Macarons in Souvenir Paris Box

There is an assortment of eight different flavors of macarons, each individually wrapped to help ensure freshness and the best flavor possible. Made fresh right here in the USA, these high-quality macarons are the ideal gift for the gourmand in your life.


Sugar Cane Lime Cookie Gift Box

Are you looking for a great summer cookie to give as a gift? Then look no further. These sugar cane lime cookies are the perfect blend of sweet and sour and are sure to tantalize the taste buds as they perfectly complement summer.


Gluten-Free Cookies

These delectable delights are the perfect gift for the gluten-free individual. With an uncompromising chewy texture reminiscent of homemade baked cookies, they are delectable treats for anyone who appreciates and enjoys cookies crafted with care. It features chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.


3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

These unique cookie cutters allow you to create interlocking cookies to produce 3D cookie creations. Let your Jurassic side take over as you create these deliciously edible 3D puzzles. This gift is sure to delight the young and the young at heart.


Family Characters Personalized Cookie Jar

This heavyweight chip-resistant stoneware cookie jar is designed with an airtight lid and ribbed detailing along the bottom. Choose from a variety of cartoon figures to match the family. It also features any family name of your choosing as well as the first name of every individual cartoon character on the cookie jar.


Medical Supplies Cookie Gallon

There is no minor emergency that can’t be treated with a large batch of cookies. The tin features a fantastic assortment of gourmet cookies that are sure to delight. This one gallon of delicious assorted cookies can turn any ordinary day into a great day!

Prices Vary

Personalized Making Cookies Jigsaw

Puzzles are a fantastic way to pass the time, and this delectable 400-piece jigsaw will make them want to get in the kitchen and bake to their heart’s content. You can personalize it with any name and it comes printed in high gloss for a perfect sheen.


Happy Holidays Personalized Photo Gift Tin

Cookies are a great way to ring in the holidays and share the holiday spirit with family and friends. Instead of sending the standard holiday cards why not send a personalized holiday tin filled with delicious cookies? Personalize it with any photo and message!


12 Month Cookie of the Month Gift

Want to give the gift that keeps on giving? Each month the recipient will receive a different box of yummy cookies that are sure to delight. This cookie of the month club is the perfect gift for friends and family!


1/2 Pound Jumbo Cookie

Why just send a standard greeting card when you can send it sweetly? This jumbo artisan cookie comes with a personalized message and is made with real butter and Belgian chocolate. Make anyone’s day extra special with this giant piece of deliciousness!

Prices Vary

Medium Cookie Scoop

This simple squeeze cookie scoop with a soft grip releases cookie dough easily and is a cookie maker’s best friend! It features a soft grip to help absorb pressure while they squeeze to release the cookie dough. This easy-to-use, dishwasher-safe cookie scoop consistently makes perfectly round cookies every time.


Cookies and Milk

Nothing quite hits the spot like freshly baked cookies and ice-cold milk. A Boston-based artist and illustrator captures the indulgence of their favorite guilty pleasure and celebrates the cookie’s perfectly browned, fresh-baked allure with a sophisticated palette. This sweet art elevates comfort food to a new level and can sweeten up any room!


Personalized Rolling Pin and Cookie Cutter

This specialized rolling pin can be customized with any name or message and is perfect for family or friends! They’ll be able to sign their name in their delicious cookies or even pie crust! It is made of environmentally friendly wood and then covered in natural oil.


Personalized Giant Fortune Cookie

This giant fortune cookie comes in a variety of flavors including caramel toffee, dark chocolate, florentine style, milk chocolate, Oreo cookies and cream, and white chocolate. They are baked to order and include a personal message, making them perfect gifts for anyone!


Award Winning Edinburgh Shortbread

This pair of tins is filled with hand-made traditional Scottish shortbread that is freshly baked in a small, family-owned bakery in Edinburgh. They only use the finest ingredients and have won over 12 Great Taste Awards, Britain’s foremost juried blind-tasting competition for specialty food and drinks. They’re sure to be a hit!


Perfect Measure Rolling Pin

This unique rolling pin will allow your recipient to roll out their precious cookie dough to the perfect thickness. The tiered ends of the tool give dough a precise 1/4 inch or 1/8 inch thickness every time! The sleek look and solid craftsmanship will give a homespun appeal to their cookie adventures.


Premier Gourmet Cookie Tower

This amazing collection of premium gourmet cookies is packaged in an unforgettable gift tower. As they open one box after another they’ll be amazed at the goodies they find inside. This elegant gift includes snickerdoodles, hazelnut cookies, marionberry shortbreads, double chocolate brownie cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, fudge rainbow cookies, ginger spice cookies, and peanut butter cookies.


Family Character Personalized Recipe Cards

These exclusive cartoon figure recipe cards feature any title, message, or name across the top of each recipe card. They are the perfect gift for any baker! Put a smile on their face every time they go to bake their favorite treats.


7 DIY Cookie Gifts

Twix Cookie Jar

This jar is loaded up with Twix-style cookies so you know they’ll love it especially if they love Twix candy bars. The best part is they’re so easy to make, and you’ll probably want to make a few extra for yourself.

Brownie Batter Cookie Jar

Here’s a jar filled with brownie batter cookies for the brownie lover in your life. They’re rich, chocolatey, and taste like actual brownies but in a handy cookie form. Cookie jar gifts are a thoughtful but easy way to go.

Gift Box Cookies

These cookies make the perfect add-on to the cookie gifts above because they’re just so cute. Each one comes with a little bow and looks like a gift box. The only thing that’s inside is some deliciousness for them to savor.

Lemon Shortbread Cookie Jar

Shake things up with these lemon shortbread cookies. They’re perfect for those that love the taste of lemon, and also love their shortbread cookies. They’re sure to gobble them up and thank you very much for this great gift.

Mason Jar Cookies

Mason jar cookies can come in a wide assortment, and they’re a fun gift to give because you provide all of the ingredients to make cookie batter in handy jar. Here are three different varieties to choose from.

Strawberry Cookie Gift

Strawberry cookies are just the ticket for those that love these sweet berries. Why not create this amazing strawberry cookie gift for them as a gift that they’ll remember long after the cookies have been consumed?

DIY Cookie Boxes

Everyone loves a box of cookies, especially when the cookies inside are homemade instead of store bought. Wow them with these awesome cookies and you’re sure to put a smile on their face as they dive in.


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